Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan Fiction ❯ Dunble Tuize ( Chapter 21 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]



Yami Yugi= Yami/Pharaoh=Paro

Yugi Motou= aibou= Abu/Udi

Ryou Bakura ( Hikari)= Ryou/Tenshi/Teni

Yami Bakura= Bakura/Batura tombrobber/tombbobber

Malik(Marik) Ishtar= Malik/ Koi=Toy

Yami Marik= Marik/tombkeeper/tombbeeper

Seto Kaiba= Kaiba/Dragon/Tiba

Mokuba Kaiba= Mokuba

Jounichi=Jou /Pup/Doey


//Yami to Hikari//

/Hikari to Yami/

**characters thoughts**

(Authors Notes)


« Hi this is Yugi hope you like the chapter sorry for the wait. Dark Sanctuary doesn’t own Yugioh.


« Hurby up ebyone bepore da boat doz away, » Marik said causing his light to laugh. « Marik the boats not going to go away, we still have to wait in line see, » Marik said showing his Little Dark the long line they were in. //Oh I don’t wanta waip in wine Malit// /I’m sorry Marik but you have to wait in line, there’s no way to move closer/ Marik then smiles evilly before putting something behind his back. / Marik what do you think you doing?/ //Notin Toy I Innotent weaby I am// Marik said smiling. **Uh huh** Marik thought as he looked at his little Dark. /Let me see, what’s behind your back/ //Notin is der// Malik then reaches around Marik and grabs his Millenium Rod. /This is nothing?/ Marik then started to curl his little lips, causing his Hikari to give in. /Okay but you can only do it for this ride okay, no other ones/ Marik thought for a minute… /Otay I onby pontrol da people’s minds in dis wide/


(5 minutes later)


**How did we get to the front of the line so quickly** Yugi thought. **Oh that’s how ** Yugi said to himself as he noticed Marik with his Millenium Rod. « Yami you ready to go on the Jungle cruise, » Yugi asked? « Yeah I tink to Abu der’s animables in da Dunble Tuize, » Yami asked?  » Well yes, but there not real, they animatronic, » Yugi told his Little Dark. « Oh, » Yami said as he turned to talk to Bakura.


« Tombobber Abu tez dat da animables are aminatonips, » Yami said to Bakura who was still holding Changie. « Reaby what’s animatonips Paro, » Bakura asked? « I dunno Batura, maybe der wike da dintotour duel monter tards, » Yami said shrugging his shoulders. ( they talk for a while)



**Finally it’s our turn** Jou thought as he got into the boat followed by Kaiba and the rest. « Abu I hundry, » Yami said from his lights lap. « Yeah Teni I hundry too, » Bakura said to Ryou who was holding him tight. « Marik are you hungry too, » Malik asked his little Dark who he bouncing on his knee. « Yeah I detting hundry,  » Marik said as his little stomach growled. « Hehe maybe we should go get some food Yugi, » Kaiba said as he heard three Little Tummies start to growl. « Yeah that would be good, what time is it anyway, » Yugi asked more to himself than to anyone else. « It’s 2pm, » Ryou said. **No wonder there hungry** Malik thought to himself as the ride started.


(Jungle Cruise/Dunble Tuize)


« Hi all of you my name is Psych and I’ll be your captain on this very dangerous ( insert Maniacal laughter) trip through these vast Jungle waters. »


« So how many of you are here for their first time, » Psych says scanning the passengers. « Come on don’t be shy I won’t bit, but maybe he will, » he laughs as a Crocodile comes up out of the water causing Yami to clutch his Hikari. /Yami it’s not real/ //It’s aminatonip?// / Yes it’s animatronic it won’t hurt you/ .  » I my purse time Marik yelled. « Well I hate to say this but it looks like it may be your last little guy, » Psych said his eyes twitching as he started to laugh. **Only a few more hours and I can go home** he thought to himself.


« Ahhhhh Wud dat, » Bakura screamed as he saw something lurking in the water, causing Psych to laugh.  » Don’t put your hand out there or it might get eaten , » Psych said pointing to Bakura who was trying to reach in the water. « I wont det eaten your wying, » Bakura said. « I wouldn’t be to sure, »Psych said as a huge Hippo opened it’s mouth in front of the Little Tombrobber causing him to run to Ryou. /Aww it’s okay/ Ryou said as he soothed his Little Yami. ( the ride ends)

« Well you got to leave after all, » Psych said as the passengers left the boat.



« Geez I’m starving Seto, » Jou said as he leaned against his Dragon. « Pup your always starving, » Kaiba teased. « How bout this place Ryou said pointing to a Burger Place in Tomorrow Land. « Alright! » **Hehe I’ve never known anyone to get so excited about Food as Jou** Yugi thought as he took Yami out of his stroller. « Yugi, why don’t you Malik and Ryou get in line while me and the pup hold a table for us, » Kaiba said much to the disappointment of Jou who thought he was going to die if he had to wait a little longer to get food. « Thanks guys, » Malik said as he and Marik made their way to the line.


/What do you want to eat Marik?/ //I want a Wittle Yami’s Meal wit a pize// /Um hold on / « Uh Yugi where’s the Little Yami Meals, » Malik asked Yugi who was trying to find his Little Dark something to eat. « Hey guys the kids menu is over here, » Ryou said pointing towards the left of the menu. « Thanks Ryou, » Malik said. « No problem. »

/Bakura what do you want?/ //Um tan I hab a pize?// /Yes they come with a prize, but what do you want to eat Bakura//


« Wud are you detting Teni, » Bakura asked? « I’m going to have a Chicken Sandwich and Onion rings, » Ryou said. « Let’s see you can have a Hamburger, or Chicken strips, or Spaghetti, or Pizza, or Grilled Cheese Sandwich( comes with fries or onion rings or Fruit slices and a juice or soda).


« Um I dunno, wet me tee what Mayik is detting, » Bakura said as he walked over to Marik who was still trying to decide what to eat. « Mayik wud you detting, » Bakura asked the Little Tombrobber who was deep in thought. /Marik they have Spaghetti you want that?/ //Yay!!!// **Well that was easier than I thought** Malik said as he ordered his and Marik’s food. « I’m detting Spaspdetti Tombbobber, » Marik said. « Oh, » Bakura said as he went back over to Ryou. « Teni I want Tipen stips and Pries, » Bakura told his Hikari. /Okay Bakura/ //Tant you teni//.


/Come on Yami you have to like something/ //Um I don’t wike anyting here/ Yugi sighed in frustration, **why does my Yami have to be the picky eater**. Just then Kaiba and Jou walked up to order as Ryou and Malik were sitting at the table. « Hey Yugi what’s taking so long, » Jou asked? « Yami I can’t seem to find something he’ll eat, » Yugi said in a desperate voice. « Well what are you getting, » Kaiba asked? « Um I’m getting a Cheeseburger, » Yugi said. Kaiba then started to laugh, causing Jou to glare at his Dragon. « Um what’s so funny Seto, » Jou asked? « Watch, » Kaiba said as he went over to the Little Pharaoh.


« Yami do you want a Cheeseburger like your Hikari, » Kaiba asked the Little Dark. « Abu detting a tease burder, » Yami asked? « Yes and so is Jou, » Kaiba said. « Oh I wanna tease burder wike Abu, » Yami said. **Well that was easy** Kaiba thought as he told Yugi what Yami wanted. « How’d you get him to decide, » Yugi asked? « Mokuba use to be the same way, he always ended up wanting to get what I got, » Kaiba laughed. « Oh I never thought about that, » Yugi said as he ordered his and Yami’s food. (okay they are all at the table eating)



(An hour later)



« Oh wow there going to start the show, » Malik said as he held Marik in his lap reading to watch …



« Hi Dis is Yami Darp Santuary tays Tank you por da reboos. « Dey apowogize for any pelling ebbors but dey toudant hab any tuz I helped dem . » Pwease Reboo. »


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