InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Dream Of Me ( Chapter 4 )

[ Y - Young Adult: Not suitable for readers under 16 ]

“Why did you let that bitch kiss you!?” Kikyo yelled and Inuyasha backed against the lockers.
“She… she…” He stammered, his face almost purple after Kagome’s joke. Ah, he knew it was a joke. He could almost taste her smirk. Damn bitch wants to play games, huh? He said as he listened to Kikyo’s rants. For reasons beyond him, Kikyo seemed ticked off with the new student.
“You liked it too, didn’t you?!” Kikyo stomped her foot and Inuyasha stared at her in amazement, he has never been subjected to something akin to possessiveness from Kikyo and the feeling both confused and exalted him. She’s jealous? He thought as he stared at the love of his life – fuming and beautiful.
“Ah….” Inuyasha attempted to open his mouth and Kikyo burst into tears — at least that’s what he thought.
“You like that bitch, don’t you? Why, Inuyasha? You like only me, why did you change? And her of all people?” Kikyo let out loud sobs and smiled to herself when Inuyasha looked guilty.
“I….I…that was….she….” Inuyasha stammered as he watched in horror as the girl of his dreams cry.
“How could you do this to me? I thought you love me?” Kikyo wailed and Inuyasha paled.
“Don’t you love me, Inuyasha? Do you love that bitch? Answer me!” Kikyo screamed and Inuyasha tried to hide his face as students stopped and stared at them.
“I think you’ve learned your lesson now. Pick me up at seven, we’re going out.” Kikyo’s wailing stopped much to Inuyasha’s relief.
“We’re going out?” Inuyasha asked in surprise.
“Yes, we’re going out on a date.”
“Dress nicely.” Kikyo smiled as her friends giggled. Inuyasha stood quietly unsure of what just happened.
Kagome stared at her half-eaten sandwich. She looked at Sango and Miroku who were busy doing their routine – Miroku copping Sango’s behind and Sango blushing and smacking Miroku on the head. Kohaku and Souta went home after she arrived telling her they have something to buy. The boys had grown closer just as Sango and Kagome are becoming inseparable.
“Stop that, you two. It’s boring.” Kagome remarked as she took a bite from the bland egg sandwich their cafeteria served. Does it kill these people to serve something that actually tastes like food? She thought as she idly put the sandwich down.
“Boring?” Miroku asked.
“He’s harassing me, Kagome!” Sango hissed.
“That’s why it’s boring, why sit close to him when we both know he’ll be copping your butt and Miroku, why don’t you just tell Sango that you like her instead of getting smacked on the head. You guys are so predictable.” Kagome sighed.
“Huh?” Sango and Miroku exchanged confused looks.
“Hello, love!” Kouga grinned as he sat beside Kagome.
“Kouga, still alive?” Kagome replied without emotion.
“Of course although being away from you felt like dying, you’re the water that feeds my thirsty heart…” Kouga grabbed Kagome’s hand and let out a breath of relief when he was not blasted off.
“You know what, Kouga, you’re good-looking, you’re smart, you got the height, you have electric blue eyes that would surely melt other women’s heart but you’re not my type. I’m really sorry but I’m not into men, I’m a lesbian.” Kagome said, her face serious as Kouga’s jaw dropped.
“You’re a what?!” Kouga said as he let go of Kagome’s hand.
“Yes, buddy, I’m a lesbian — I crave the company and love of women.” Kagome nodded her head at Kouga as Miroku and Sango dove under the table to laugh silently.
“But, Kagome…”
“See, Kouga, knowing that I like women, liking me would mean that… you’re gay….are you?” Kagome said as she watched in fascination the color draining from Kouga’s complexion.
“Are you gay?”
“Then stay away from me, buddy.” Kagome smirked menacingly.
“I’ve got to go. Catch you later, Kagome.” Kouga stood up abruptly.
“No buddy…I’ll catch you…” Kagome whispered loud enough for Kouga to hear as she watched the wolf demon ran as far away from her as he could. Sango and Miroku laughed their way from under the table.
“That was priceless!” Sango laughed holding her stomach.
“You’re good, Kagome!” Miroku laughed aloud, tears trickled from his eyes as he tried to breath.
“So…….” Inuyasha drawled as he sat beside a startled Kagome. Sango and Miroku stopped laughing immediately.
“So what?” Kagome said as she raised her brow at the boy.
“You tricked Kouga, huh?” Inuyasha grinned.
“I did not, I’m really not into men!”
“Oh, so that kiss you gave me meant nothing?” Inuyasha smiled as Sango and Miroku’s jaws dropped, their gazes swiveling to Kagome.
“I did not kiss you! Baka!”
“Yes, you did. I’m so hurt, to think that was my first kiss and you stole it from me.” Inuyasha bowed his head and pretended to look sad.
“The nerve, I did not kiss you. I kissed my hand!” Kagome hissed.
“No, Kagome. You kissed me in front of Kikyo and her friends. Are you denying our little intimacy, now?” Inuyasha gasped as he clutched at his chest. He took Kagome’s soda and drank from it.
“Ewww, why are you drinking from my can?” Kagome asked her eyes widening.
“Come on, we’ve kissed, what’s the big deal. It’s just saliva…?” Inuyasha taunted as she watched Kagome’s face turned sour. Hahahaha! Got you! He thought.
“You asshole!” Kagome stood up and glared down at him. Inuyasha stood up smiling as he brought his face a breath away from Kagome’s.
“What another round?” He whispered at her as he intentionally allowed his gaze to linger on Kagome’s pink lips.
“You…..!” Kagome leaned back as she gathered her things from the table.
“Running away?” Inuyasha taunted and he laughed silently at Kagome’s frantic actions. Kagome stopped as she looked at him with unreadable eyes. Deliberately, she slowly pushed aside the Styrofoam plates and notebooks on top of their table and leaned sensually against it. Inuyasha’s brows quirked as he watched Kagome unclip her hair, letting the waves fall around her, seductively. He swallowed convulsively as Kagome wet her lips.
“Yes, I’m running…but not away.” Kagome smiled invitingly at the flustered hanyou as she deliberately pushed away from the table to walk closer to him.
“Oi…” Inuyasha uttered as his heartbeat raced, he swallowed again when he smelt the angry spike in Kagome’s scent.
“Afraid?” Kagome taunted as she put her arms around Inuyasha’s neck.
“Ah….” Inuyasha stammered.
“You should be…” Kagome smiled before she kneed Inuyasha’s groin. Inuyasha dropped to the floor as waves and waves of pain wash over him.
“Bye baby, love hurts, doesn’t it?” Kagome smirked and gathered her things hurriedly.
“You’re scary…” Miroku said in awe.
“That I am…” Kagome replied as Sango laughed behind them.
Inuyasha cursed as he hastily sprayed perfume on his wrist. His hand automatically went to his crotch as the memory that afternoon burned fresh on his mind. That bitch! He hissed as he adjusted his polo. Kikyo told me to dress nicely. I hope this is nice enough for her. Inuyasha could not believe that Kikyo actually wanted to have a date with him. He smiled fondly when he remembered how Kikyo acted jealous when Kagome `kissed’ him. Kikyo and Kagome, — two different girls with two extreme personalities. He admits he’s intrigued by both – Kikyo because he grew up with her around and Kagome because he just knew her and yet….
“Inuyasha?” Mrs. Hirohito peeped inside her son’s bedroom.
“Yes, Mom?”
“Going out?”
“Yes,” Inuyasha grinned sheepishly.
“With whom, if I may ask?”
“With Kikyo.” Inuyasha smiled at his mother who frowned.
“Yes, she initiated the `date’ actually.” Inuyasha could not help but blush.
“Inuyasha…:” Mrs. Hirohito sighed as she adjusted her son’s collar.
“Mom, I like her.”
“You like being around her because you grew up with her.”
“No, Mom. I like her because she makes me feel….” Inuyasha frowned. What does Kikyo make me feel?
“She makes you feel like a man?”
“I…I think so.”
“That’s a wrong reason for going out with someone.” Mrs. Hirohito combed her son’s silver hair. At fifteen, Inuyasha is taller than his mother and almost as tall as his father.
“Mom, trust me on this, okay?” Inuyasha held both his mother’s wrists as he kissed her on the cheeks. Mrs. Hirohito sighed.
“Okay. Don’t forget to bring her a rose. Women love roses.” Mrs. Hirohito smiled as she exited her son’s bedroom.
“Arrghhhh! Whoever invented Chemistry deserves to be crucified!” Kagome muttered under her breath as she massaged her temple.
“Nee-chan, are you okay?” Souta asked as he put the tray he was carrying on top of Kagome’s study table.
“I’m okay, brother. My head hurts. Too much chemistry.” Kagome smiled as she ate one of the cookies Souta brought.
“Is there something I can help you with?” Souta asked his older sister. Kagome laughed and kissed Souta on the forehead.
“You’re a darling, Souta. But I’m okay.”
“Are you sure, nee-chan?”
“Of course, I just need a break. I’ll go out for fresh air. My brain stopped working.” Kagome smiled affectionately at her brother as she took her pink jacket off the hook.
“Be careful, nee-chan.”
“I will, tell Mama I’ll be back in fifteen minutes.” Kagome smiled and waved as she scampered off.
Inuyasha fidgeted with his seatbelt nervously.
“Scared?” Toutousai, their family driver, asked the boy.
“A little.” Inuyasha truthfully replied.
“First date?”
“Good luck, young master.” Toutousai said as they pulled into a stop.
“Keh!” Inuyasha said but smiled. He was about to step out of the car when Kikyo came out of the gate but she was not alone, she was in the arms of Midoriko High soccer team’s captain. Inuyasha’s breathing stopped when the couple, unaware that they were someone was watching, hugged and kissed.
“Inuyasha?” Toutousai called.
“Let’s go, Toutousai.” Inuyasha said as he put his seatbelt back.
“No, somewhere else…”
Kagome pulled her jacket closer to her body as she walked down the shrine steps. She idly kicked at a pebble as she hummed softly to her self. The air was cold but it cleared her mind off chemical formulas and symbols.
She smiled at the old couple she passed by as she crossed the street. This is life. She smiled to herself as she saw the park where she used to play in when she was a child. She ran towards the swings and giggled to herself. I wonder what Mama would say if she sees me now. Kagome thought as she kicked the ground lightly with her feet.
She shrugged her hair loose loving the wind on her hair. She stretched her legs in front of her and the swing moved faster. She sighed and she closed her eyes wishing she brought her MP3 player with her. The silence was too much. Why be sad, I could just sing. She thought as she steadied the swing by bracing her foot on the ground.
Inuyasha walked quietly down an abandoned park. His heart aching. Was it a joke for you, Kikyo? Was I a joke to you? He sighed as he looked at the single red rose he had intended on giving her and his eyes burned. Don’t cry, Inuyasha. Don’t you dare. He admonished himself as he fiddled with the rose’s stem. I should just probably go home and sleep. He was about to turn and walk towards where Toutousai parked his car when the wind brought the sweet smell of lavender and roses to him. Someone’s here? He thought as he tried to sniff the air. The air smelled familiar… he was vainly trying to recall the smell when he heard her…
Let me sleep
For when I sleep
I dream that you are here
You’re mine
And all my fears are left behind
I float on air
The nightingale sings gentle lullabies
So let me close my eyes
And sleep
A chance to dream
So I can see the face I long to touch
To kiss
But only dreams can bring me this
So let the moon
Shine softly on the boy I long to see
And maybe when he dreams
He’ll dream of me
I’ll hide beneath the clouds
And whisper to the evening stars
They tell me love is just a dream away
Dream away
Dream away
Dream away
A dream away
So let the moon
Shine softly on the boy I long to see
And maybe when he dreams
He’ll dream of me
Dream of me
Kagome opened her eyes when the song finished. A twig snapped and Kagome’s barrier automatically erected.
“Who’s there?” She called as she tried to look past the pink glare surrounding her.
“Don’t come near.” Kagome called as she watched the figure walked towards her. Her barrier glowed bright pink and her heart raced. By instinct she opened her palm and the white energy ball formed.
“Please don’t come near…” Kagome prayed. She watched as the figure stopped and extended a hand towards her barrier which sizzled and glowed. Whoever this is, he or she will be repelled. Kagome thought and watched in fear and fascination when her barrier quivered. A second later a silver-haired boy with fuzzy white ears stepped inside it.
“Inuyasha…?” Kagome said as she clenched her palm and the white energy ball disappeared.
“Kagome,” Inuyasha smiled as he drew the single red rose from under his coat and extended it shyly towards her.
“Sing for me…” Inuyasha said and Kagome’s barrier faded. She watched Inuyasha’s hand which held the red rose warily.
“Please…” Inuyasha said and Kagome looked at the boy’s sad face. She sighed as she took the offered rose. Inuyasha sat on the swing beside hers.
“Please, Kagome…” Kagome glanced sideways at Inuyasha and sang…
Let me sleep
For when I sleep
I dream that you are here
You’re mine
And all my fears are left behind
I float on air
The nightingale sings gentle lullabies
So let me close my eyes…
Inuyasha sighed and Kagome watched as his tears fell…
Author’s Note:
This chapter really made me cry…Listen to Kirsten Dunst’s `Dream of Me when reading this chapter and you’ll feel it more.
Come on, you guys, I need inspiration. Review. Hehehe!
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