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[ P - Pre-Teen ]
Dragon Bart Z

Yet another crossover short by the infamous « Meowch »

DBZ anouncer guy: « Previously on Sailor Simpsons, the diabolical Captain
Ginyu had zapped the souls of the Simpson family into the bodies of the
sailor scouts! This proved fortunate as the evil Montgomery Burns had
recently aquired the Negaverse in a joint venture with Microsoft. Using
their new found powers as sailor scouts the Simpson family made short work
of the dreaded monster of the day. But Monty Burns proved to be a sore loser
and retaliated against the town of Springfield by stealing the star seed
of the good Reverend Lovejoy! Again the Simpson scouts were called on and
Sailor Moon/Homer was getting ready to use her moon tiara attack to finish
Lovejoy off when Mercury/Lisa reminded her that killing a preacher is a major
sin, so instead Moon/Homer used her healing thingy and saved the day again! »

This story has a similar premise to Sailor Simpsons except that
this time Captain Ginyu zaps the souls of the Simpson family into
the bodies of the characters from Dragon Ball Z as follows.

Marge->Chi Chi

Luna is still stuck in the body of the family cat, Snowball
and Maggy is still in the body of Mina/Sailor Venus. Also
grampa Simpson has been zapped into the body of master Yoshi.

It was about 3:00 pm at the Simpson house, Homer/Goku was sitting
on the couch, his overeating had caused him to bloat up IMMENSELY
(he got so fat he made king Guru look like Kate Moss.)

Homer/Goku: « Oh, I’ve only been Goku for 3 days and already I’ve
gained 1200 pounds! » (gulps down a keg of Duff beer in one gulp)
Luna/Snowball: « Homer, you can’t continue to eat like Serena now that
you’re Goku! As a Saiyan your supposed to spend every waking minute
practicing your fighting technique or actualy getting into fights! »
Homer/Goku: « Exercize?!? Being a Saiyan sucks! » (opens
mouth 170 degrees and belches, tongue waggling.)
Grampa/Yoshi: « When I was A Saiyan we couldn’t afford weighted
clothing! We had to carry around anvils on our heads! Then
Frieza came up whith his 300% gravity tax! If you didn’t pay… »
Homer/Goku: »You were never a Saiyan! »

It is just then that Principal Skinner comes through the
door. His clothes are tattered, torn, and dirty and his
hair is all messed up indicating the obvious struggle.

Skinner: « Homer, today your son Bart talked
some kids at school into mooning him… »
Homer/Goku: « So what? You say that like it’s a major catastrophe? »
Skinner: « …causing him to turn into a 500 ft tall
babboon at which point he destroyed the school. »

It is then that Bart/Gohan and Lisa/Bulma arive home from school
Bart/Gohan: « Hey, Homeboy. Hey, Skinn… uh-oh! »
Homer/Goku: « I’LL UH-OH YOU, YOU LITTLE… » Homer/Goku fires up a happy
death ball and launches it at Bart/Gohan who scrambles out of the way in
the nick of time. The ball of energy knocks out the entire wall, goes on
to destroy Flanders’ house, then continues through several more houses on
the block. Off in the distance Ned can be heard beseaching God for mercy.

Marge/Chi Chi: « Homer, what’d I tell you about
shooting off happy death balls in the house? »
Luna/Snowball: « If you want to keep Bart from
transforming you have to remove his tail! »
Homer/Goku: « And how am I supposed to do
that braniac? I can’t even catch him! »
Lisa/Bulma: (sarcasticly): « Maybe you can put a beartrap under his chair… »
Homer/Goku: « Hey, yeah! Great idea honey! »
Lisa/Bulma: « Dad, I wasn’t serious about the beartrap… »

later that day…

Bart/Gohan can be heard yelping offscreen, he walks into the scene holding
his severed tail by the end, from the other end dangles a beartrap. In
the distance the voice of Nelson Muntz can be heard going « HAA-HAA! »

Suddenly who should show up but the diabolical Sideshow
Bob! And to make matters worse Captain Ginyu stuck
Bob in the body of Goku’s arch nemesis, Vegtea!

Bob/Vegtea: « Hello, Bart! I hope your ready to go to the next dimension! »
Bart/Gohan: « AAAHHH!!! Sideshow Bob! »
Homer/Goku: « Hey, nobody sends the boy to the next dimension but me! »
Bob/Vegtea: « Foolish oaf! My quarrel is not with you! Stand aside! »
Homer/Goku: « Over my dead body! »
Bob/Vegtea: « Well if you absolutely insist… » (begins
pummeling Homer/Goku and unlike Homer , Bob HAS been
spending every waking minute improving his fighting skills.)

Lisa/Bulma: « Bart, we have to help dad before Sideshow Bob finishes him off! »
Bart/Gohan: « He seams to be holding up pretty well on his own… »
Lisa/Bulma: « You know after Bob kills dad he will come after YOU next! »
Bart/Gohan: « UH-OH! Wait, I got an idea! »

By now Bob/Vegtea has noticed his fist were having little impact
and has resorted to walloping Homer/Goku about the head with a
steel girder, each blow bends the I-beam more and more out of shape.

Bob/Vegtea: « Why… »(bang) »…won’t… »(klank) »…you… » (bonk) »…fall?!? »
Bart/Gohan: « Hey, Homeboy! Over here! »
Homer turns his head to see Bart bending over waving his buttocks.
Homer/Goku: « WHY YOU LITTLE… » Suddenly he turns into a giant ape like from
the Halloween episode with King Homer. Being mooned is just the catalyst
Homer/Goku needs to transform. Bob on the other hand, had Vegtea’s tail
removed by Doctor Hibert because he felt it made him look « uncivilized ».

Bob/Vegtea: « Oh dear! »

Homer/Goku grabs Bob/Vegtea and swallows him whole
Homer/Goku: « Hmmmm…velveta…. »

Cutscene to inside Homer’s stomache, Bob/Vegtea is standing
knee deep in undigested doughnuts and beer, even his planet
killer attack proves to be no match against Homer’s iron gut.
Bob/Vegtea: « You may have won this round, Simpsons! But
when I get out of here I will be avenged!!! » (suddenly a
torent of Duff beer comes splashing down Homer’s gullet)
Bob/Vegtea: « Oh, no! Not again! »

Sailor says « If you ever run into a person who has a tail like a
monkey, whatever you do, don’t moon them because they might be a
Saiyan and mooning them would cause them to transform into a giant
babboon and destroy stuff which would be seriously uncool. »

Sailor Simpsons part 2