❯ Down the Rabbit Hole – The Twisted Hall and the Talking Doorknob ( Chapter 2 )

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Chapter Two: The Twisted Hall and the Talking Doorknob
Hana continued to watch in a daze as the boy with the tail walked down the twisted hallway. Her feet began to slide down the wall and hit the floor causing her to snap out of her daze.
“H-hey, wait!” She rolled herself over and quickly lifted herself to her feet. Up until that moment she had forgotten that she left her shoes at home. Her socked feet slipped across the floor as he ran after the cat-boy.
The hallway that she was running through was very strange indeed. It began as a normal hallway, her feet remained on the ground the entire time she ran, but as she got farther down the hall she could see it was quite the opposite of normal. The checkered floor began as a normal floor, but as the hall stretched farther, the tiles began to twist and climb around the walls to the ceiling and fall back around to the floor. It looked like… In fact it did coil around the room.
“Hmmm, I wonder if the concept of gravity exists in this place..?” Hana said as she hung from the ceiling.
Hana paused for a moment to see where she had come from, but before she had a chance to turn around she once again met face to face with the floor.
“Why does this place continue to mock me?” She said as she rubbed her nose.
Once again she looked in the directing that she came from. “Huh?” When she looked down the hall, she saw it was a straight hallway, no twists, no turns, just a normal hallway.
She then turned to see where she was going and saw the exact same thing and sighed.
“I’m just not going to ask anymore…”
She just continued to walk in the direction of the cat-boy.
After making it to the end of the hallway, Hana found a doorway to a small room; a very small room in fact, she had to craw on her hands and knees just to fit through the door. Once inside the room her head was only about two feet from the ceiling. All of the furniture that was in the room, mostly just tables and chairs, could fit into the palm of her hand.
“It’s like I’m inside a dolls house.” She said to herself.
Directly across from the door that she came in from was another, smaller door with a large golden doorknob.
“Looks like that’s the only way out.”
Hana began crawling through the room on her hands a knees, being in a room so small made her feel very claustrophobic but she managed.
She sat hunched over in front of the small door which in fact wasn’t quite as small as everything else in the room; it was about the size of her head.
Of course the first thing she thought to herself was how she could possibly fit through such a small door which, at her current size, was impossible.
Hana got even closer to the ground, almost lying down on her stomach, and stared at the doorknob.
“Am I that fascinating to you?”
Hana bolted upright and hit her head on the ceiling. She stared at the door and came to the conclusion that, yes, it had just spoken to her.
“Pardon me?” She asked as she rubbed the newly acquired bump on her head.
“You’re pardoned.” The doorknob simply replied. “So why is it that you have been staring at me since the moment you entered the room?” The Doorknob asked, rather rudely in Hana’s opinion.
“Well… you’re the only thing… only one in the room.” This whole conversation seemed strange to Hana, after all she had never spoken to a door before.
“Quite the contrary. You are also in the room, and you are much too big to miss. You do take up most of the room after all.”
She was beginning to dislike this doorknob.
“Okay… well did you see a boy with a black tail pass through here?”
“Of course I did. This is the only way through after all.”
Hana was thrilled to hear that she was on the right track. But there was still one problem, a rather large problem in fact.
“If that’s the case, then how do I get through?”
“The door of course.” He said in a matter-of-factly sort of tone.
“… You mean you..?” That was the strangest question she had asked in her life. Asking a door if she had to crawl through him… not only strange but awkward as well.
“Naturally.” The doorknob didn’t find anything strange about the question.
“But I can’t possibly fit.”
“Of course not, you’re much too big.”
It seemed as though this conversation was going around in circles.
“But then how could that boy have gotten though?”
“He was the proper size of course.”
“But, he and I are the same size.”
“Impossible, he was the proper size.”
“Okay…’ She was tired of arguing with this doorknob, `But then how can I fit through?”
“Simply impassable, you’re much too big.”
“Well I wouldn’t be too big if you would just tell me how to become the proper size!”
“No need to yell.”
“Arrg! This is getting me nowhere!”
“Nowhere you say? Is that any better than somewhere?”
“Grrr…” Hana was getting very tired of this very quickly. She leaned against the wall beside the doorknob.
“Look, Mr…Doorknob. I just want to get through to find that boy with the tai-“
Before she could even finish her sentence, she had fallen through the wall that she was leaning on.
This fall wasn’t quite the same as her first however; this was more of a normal fall. Hana had only fallen about six feet or so before hitting the ground.
“Oouuch, why do I keep falling? Stupid gravity!”
“Whaa!” She opened her eyes and saw the face of a large yellow bird hovering over her.
“Bwark!”After hearing Hana’s frightened yell the bird ran several feet away.
“Huh, what?” The bird looked almost like a cross between a chicken and an ostrich that had been spray painted yellow. It quickly lost interest in Hana and stared pecking at the ground.
She stood up and saw that she was in a field with bright green grass, and not just fresh green grass, this grass was an unnatural kind of green, it looked almost like it could start glowing at any moment. She looked up into the sky just in time to see the door closing behind her. Once the door closed there was no sign that it had even been there, there was only bright blue sky.
After taking in all of her surroundings she looked at the bright yellow bird again.
“That’s a Chocobo.”
“Chocobo? Huh, wait who said that?” Please don’t tell me that the bird is talking now.
“You really do ask a lot of questions don’t you?” After that question she knew who it was.
“Oh, it’s you again. The boy from the well.”
She looked around again and saw no sign of the boy that she was talking to.
“…So are you going to let me see your face?”
“I suppose I could~” A shudder went down Hana’s spine when she felt a cat tail touch her spine. She stumbled forward and turned around to face the boy standing behind her, with his back facing her.
He was waving his tail back and forth behind his back as he tuned to face Hana. She was stunned as she surveyed the boy.
He wore large black boots with three spikes on the front of each foot, and plain black pants which were tucked into the boots. He also wore a plain black t-shirt on top of a long sleeved dark grey shirt. On his hands he wore black fingerless gloves which had four pink circles and one large pink circle on the palms of the hands, resembling cat paws. Finally he had short silver hair, the only colour that stood out against all the black that he wore. His hair covered the right side of his face, covering one of his blue eyes. Along with the black cat tail, he also had black cat ears.
She was actually quite stunned by the boy’s overall appearance, whether it was the over-use of the colour black, the cat-like appendages, or the fact that he was surprisingly quite an attractive person.
“Satisfied?” He asked with a grin.
She shook her head and broke her eye contact with the boy.
“…Um, yeah. It’s good to talk to someone face-to-face rather than the blank space in front of my face.” She found herself staring into his eye again. “Oh that’s right I’ve been meaning to ask, what is this place?”
He put his index finger on his chin and made a strange face, to show that he was thinking.
“I’ve never really given it much thought before… I suppose you could call it `The World That Never Was’.”
“’That Never Was’? Like… it doesn’t exist?”
“Oh, of course it exists or else you and I wouldn’t be here right now, would we? In fact, if this world didn’t exist then, in theory neither would you or I. But I know that I exist… do you exist?”
That long winded question puzzled Hana for a moment. She shook her head and managed to answer.
“Of course I exist.”
“It’s good to hear that you’re so certain of yourself.”
He took a few steps closer to Hana and looked into her eyes. After a pause he asked another question.
“So what’s your name anyway?”
“Hana Fujioka.” Hana was feeling a little uncomfortable with him so close to her face.
He quickly pulled away with another strange look on his face.
“That’s a silly name.”
“You think so? Well what’s your name?”
“I, of course am the Cheshire cat, Hana Fujioka.”
“Okay… do you have a shorter name, like a nickname? By the way you don’t have to call me by my full name; you can just call me Hana.”
“Alright Hana Fujioka. As for me, myself, personally… people occasionally pronounce my name as Zexion.”
Hana thought for a moment.
“Wait how do you pronounce `Cheshire cat’ like… you know what, never mind.”
Hana looked around at the field that she was standing in.
“So where do I go from here?”
He just stood and waving his tail innocently back and forth.
“Have you ever heard the phrase `curiosity killed the cat’?”
Hana didn’t understand why this was relevant to the conversation but she answered the question anyway.
“Yes I’ve heard that phrase before, but what does that have to do with anything.”
“Perhaps you should take that phrase into consideration.”
That sounds almost like a threat…
“Well I think it’s about time for you to meet the twins.”
“The twins? Why would I want to meet…?” Before Hana finished that question, she decided that the boy would only scold her if she asked another question. “Okay, I’ll go see them then.”
“Hmm you’re not even going to ask why? You know you shouldn’t just blindly follow what others tell you to do, you could get into a lot of trouble that way.”
Hana crossed her arms across her chest.
“But you said I shouldn’t ask so many questions.”
“Who did?”
“You did.”
“Did what?”
“Told me to stop asking questions!”
“What questions?”
“Why do conversations like this always happen here?” Of course this time she quietly asked the question to herself, without the Cheshire cat hearing.
“Well I’m going to go see those twins now. However I do have one more question before I leave.”
“Of course.”
“Which direction do these twins live in?”
“Why, the forest of course.”
She looked around but she didn’t see any forest.
“What forest?”
“Are your eyes by any chance… broken?”
“What? My eyes?” Hana instinctively touched her eyes.
“Look behind you Hana Fujioka.”

She sighed.

“Alright… but I told you to stop calling me-“ She turned around just as the Cheshire cat had instructed and sure enough there was a small forest.

“But how?” This was all just too confusing.
“There was nothing… There… Just three second ago. Garr, this makes no sense!” She angrily stomped away, still mumbling to herself.
The Cheshire cat just stood and watched, his tail still waving back and forth.
“What a strange girl…”
Hana had stopped complaining and continued to walk through the forest. She made it to a small clearing. In the center was a hollowed out log with a pale light shining on it, most likely from the sun through the trees, but of course in this place it could have been something completely different.
As Hana got closer she saw two boys sitting back to back in front of the log. Their heads were tilted downwards, so Hana just assumed they were sleeping. Zexion said she should speak to these two so with a deep breath, Hana began walking towards the two boys.
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