❯ Down the Rabbit Hole – The Twins ( Chapter 3 )

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Chapter Three: The Twins

Hana walked over to the two boys sitting by the log, but they didn�t even budge as Hana got closer. She crouched down in front of them and noticed that they each had strange spiky hair. One had long brown hair, poking up in all directions and the other had short blonde hair that seemed to swoop in one direction.

Her eyes traveled from their hair down to their arms. She noticed that they each wore a band around their arms right under their shoulders. The brunette wore his on his left arm with the word �Sora� written in lovely handwritten letters, and the blonde wore his on his right arm with the word �Roxas� also handwritten.

�Umm, Pardon me…�

She reached her hand out towards the blonde�s shoulder. The tips of her fingers merely brushed the armband when she jumped backwards and fall on her bottom. As soon as her fingers touched the fabric both of the twins� heads shot upright, causing a small yelp to escape Hana�s throat.

They both stared at her with their heads tilted together and their vibrant blue eyes stared right into hers. They even blinked in unison.

This staring contest continued on for at least a minute before Hana spoke up.

�Are you the twins?� A silly question.

The two of them stood up together, looked at each other then back at Hana.

�…Can you talk?� She asked the twins.

�Well we certainly don�t speak as much as you-�

�You speak much too much for us to get a word in.�

Hana was shocked by the way that they said that. The brunette began the sentence while the Blonde finished. It sounded very strange, not to mention they both spoke rather quickly.

�But I only asked a couple of questions.�

Hana was tempted to say; that with only one sentence, they managed to say more than she had since she arrived. But of course, she decided against it.

�A few too many if you ask me-�

�And of course you did ask.�

Hana didn�t quite know what to say in response to that.

�Um… I�m sorry?� She said as she got to her feet.

The two boys walked to either side of Hana.

They were both dressed in the same kind of clothing, but the colours were inverted.

The blonde was wearing layered pants; the bottom layer was a deep red with a black layer on top that covered about ¾ of his legs. He also wore a long-sleeved black shirt with a deep red, short-sleeved hooded jacket on top. And of course his arm band was black with the red word �Roxas� printed on it.

The brunette wore the same kind of clothing but in the opposite. He wore the same layered pants; the bottom layer was black with a deep red layer on top. His long-sleeved shirt was deep red and he had a black short-sleeved hooded jacket. And of course his arm band was red with a black word �Sora� printed on it.

�No, no, no you have it all wrong!� Shouted the brunette.

�The first thing to do is say: �How do you do?-�

�And shake hands!� Finished the Brunette.

With the two of them on both side of her, Hana had to cover her ears in response to the loud, and very sudden, surround sound.

They held out their hands on each side of her. She crossed her hands in front of her, her left hand went to the right, and her right hand went to the left, and she shook hands with the twins.

They began to jump up and down as they shook her hands, sending Hana off her balance and falling to the floor.

�Now that we have been acquainted-�

�Would you care to hear a story?-�

�Or a poem?-�

�Or perhaps both.�

Hana remained sitting on the floor, she had a feeling if she stood up she would just end up falling a few minutes later.

�Sure, I suppose I have time to hear one.�

The two boys left her side and walked over to the log, jumped up, and turned to face Hana.

�This story is called-�

��The Dormouse and the Key bearer.��


�The moon was glowing dull that night, to see it was quite a sight
But this was strange because it gave
A pale glowing light.

The dormouse and the Key-bearer were searching for a light
Something that will make the world radiant and bright

�Mister Dormouse,� said the key-bearer, �My brain begins to perk.
We�ll find this door in half a year
If you don�t mind the work.�

The dormouse fret at this new plan and sulkily replied:
�To find this door we must first find
Where the thirteen mushrooms reside.�

Of course this was a risky plan, it may not even work.
The mushrooms liked to trick people
And the darkness was where they lurk.

The dormouse and the key-bearer set out on their new quest
Finding thirteen mushrooms
And taking them from their nest.

They shined their shoes, equipped their hats, and got ready to leave.
They followed the key-bearer,
Attracted to his key.

They spun, and squeaked, and followed close at hand,
They were all amazed to see
This darkness-coated land.

�The time has come,� the dormouse said,
�To talk of other things.
Of Keys and hearts and Gummiships
Of nobodies and kings!
And while the dark is glowing bright
And whether blades are keys
Calloo! Callay!
We�ll find a way
We�re Somebodies and kings!�

The mushrooms cheered with clapping hands and squeaked a pleasant tune
They formed a line of two-by-two:
The door would open soon.

They found a door that held the light, to purge the darkest dark
The dormouse and the key-bearer
Said: it couldn�t be a lark.

The key-bearer walked up to the door, he pulled and found it locked
His key could not unlock the door
So he hit and kicked and knocked

The large white doors had soon unlocked and opened with a creak
He saw no light come from the doors
So of course he took a peek

He stepped inside, saw only dark and shed a bitter tear
It was a trick, the mushrooms squeaked
And jumped up as they jeered

�We mushrooms of course prefer the dark; in fact it�s where we thrive.
There was no light behind this door
Or else we would burn alive!�

The mushrooms jumped and vanished in a vortex of black
Leaving the two adventurers
Staring at a crack

�Little mushrooms..?� asked the key-bearer, but answer there came none
And this was scarcely odd because
They had vanished
Every one.


�What a peculiar story, I suppose the lesson would be that �the light is in your heart, not behind some door.�� Hana said rather proudly for having thought of it.

The twins looked at each other.

�That�s a silly thought-�

�How can light be in a heart?�

�The lesson here is-�

�Never trust a mushroom.�

Hana sighed.

�I suppose that could be a good lesson too… though I�ve never met a mushroom before.�

�Never met a mushroom?�

�They really are quite fascinating-�

�Very fun to talk to-�

�Thought they don�t often speak. �

�But if they don�t speak then how can they be fun to talk to?� Hana asked.

�Well you would have to do all the talking or course.�

Hana laughed. She was beginning to understand the state of mind here.

�What is that!?� Asked the brunette in a voice choking with passion. This sudden change of character gave Hana quite a shock.

�He stole my Shade Archive!� He said as he pointed towards the blonde�s neck.

�That�s preposterous, how could I have taken your necklace,� he looked at the brunette�s neck, �When you�ve stolen mine?�

Hana looked at both of their necks and saw that they were each wearing the exact same necklace. Hana was a little surprised that she hadn�t noticed it in the first place but each of the twins was wearing the same necklace.

It was quite a simple piece of jewellery, just a black chain with what looked like a small black book attached to it. She didn�t understand why they were making such a fuss over such a superfluous accessory.

�But you�re both wearing a necklace right now; in fact, both of them are the same!� Hana said trying to calm them down.

�Don�t be silly, of course he stole it from me, who else would?�

�No, no, no why would I steal your necklace when I have a perfectly good one of my own?�

�Shall we settle this with a battle, perhaps?� asked the blonde.

�Will you be the judge?� They asked Hana in unison.

�I suppose I could, but is a battle really necessar-�

�The winner of the battle will get both accessories.� They both agreed.

This whole thing was getting a little ridiculous. Firstly, they were fighting over a necklace, when they were both already wearing one of their own. Secondly, they were both the same accessory, and finally, why would the winner get both? If they each already had one then wouldn�t this battle just be unnecessary?

This whole situation just confused her.

Both of the boys stood across from each other in the clearing each holding a soft-looking blue club, which Hana didn�t even see them get, and stood at the ready.

�Wahh!� Both of the boys yelled. They jumped up in the air and dropped their weapons, running in the direction of the forest, in the opposite direction of Hana.

At first she didn�t know what they were running from, and thought that it could possibly be her. She looked to the ground and saw a small black creature right in the middle of where the two boys were standing.

The thing was very small with antennas on top of its head, and glowing yellow eyes.

She wasn�t quite sure how anyone could be frightened of this little thing. In fact, Hana thought it was quite cute. It looked at Hana for a moment and skulked after the twins.

�They were frightened of that little thing?� Hana said as she began to walk in the direction the two boys ran. She wondered why Zexion had wanted her to meet those two… they seemed a little foolish to her.


Jenn�s Thoughts:

Hooray Chapter three :3

Personally I think this chapter is a little strange. As you probably know Sora and Roxas are playing the roles of Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. And those two are pretty strange ha ha So I had to try and compete with that by making a strange little poem (which I tried to keep kingdom hearts-y but it�s still quite awkward and I don�t really like it XD I�m super not good at writing any kind of poetry, as you�ve all probably noticed XD) and they had to have some kind of battle. In Lewis Carroll�s novel, the two of them have a battle over a broken old rattle.. So I just made it something simple and silly :3 (By the way, the necklace that they are fighting over is an accessory from final mix +. I can�t read Japanese so I just used the internet for the name of the particular item, so I apologize it its wrong. But it�s one of my favourite items, it looks just like Zexion�s book :3 on a necklace! Pretty smexy X3)

Again, I�m sorry for spelling and grammar errors, yadda yadda yadda….
And If you liked the story please leave comments, even if you didn�t like it I don�t mind constructive criticism.

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(P.S. Just another little bit about the Story/ Poem I made. In case some of you are wondering what the little mushrooms are about, they�re supposed to be the XIII Mushrooms from Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix +.
I love those little guys, especially when they squeak X3)