❯ Double Trouble – Chapter 5

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Chapter 5
Sam found his younger brother, and wasn’t that just a weird thought, out back tinkering with a car. It was obviously being rebuilt, even Sam could see that much and from the look of utter concentration on Al…Xander’s face he was new to the work. He bit his lip absently trying to figure out if he should interrupt when brown eyes met his and he managed a rather lame wave.
“Hey.” Sam greeted and Xander nodded, putting the wrench down to shove his hands in his pockets.
“See Bobby put you to work.” Sam was trying to figure out to interact with his twin, weren’t twins just meant to know how to get along or something?
“He’s been teaching me on this, said I can have it when we’re done since mine ended up scrapped.” Xander finally spoke. He shifted so he was leaning against the car and Sam moved over to stand beside him.
“You okay with…well all this?” Sam asked hesitantly and Xander laughed.
“Which part? The `my parents aren’t my parents’ bit or the `ready made family’ bit?” Xander asked and Sam shrugged.
“Knowing I’m not a Harris, kind of a relief really. Getting a brand new family…it’ll take longer.” He admitted and Sam nodded slowly.
“We’re not exactly the easiest family to get along with. Put me and Dad in a room together and we’re usually arguing within a few minutes. Dean was always stuck trying to play peacemaker between us. Then I left for college and Dad pretty much said if I went to stay gone so I did. Dean called for the first two years and then nothing till he turned up saying Dad was missing. Some bad things happened and I hit the road with Dean. Been hunting again since then. It’s just…it’s all about hunting for Dad, getting the demon but…”
“You didn’t have the burning need for revenge he did?” Xander asked and Sam nodded.
“It’s not like I remember Mom or you, when we thought you were dead. I didn’t even know about you until I was eight; it was too painful for Dad to talk about. I just wanted a normal life.” Sam whispered and Xander nodded.
“Can’t speak for yo…our Mom but I know that if I was dead I’d want you to move on and live your life. Revenge gets you nowhere.” Xander told him and Sam looked at him.
“Talking from experience?” He asked and Xander sighed but nodded.
“After…after Jesse died I wanted to kill them all. They’d taken the one person who saw me for who I was, my best friend and I wanted to make them pay. Wasn’t very practical or smart but that was what I felt. I was fifteen years old with absolutely no experience past trying not to be beaten to death by the school bullies. The want for revenge faded to where I just wanted to make sure no one else lost someone if I could stop it.”
“And now?”
“Now I’m tired of saving the world. Been there too many times, lost too many friends. You know what sucks? It wasn’t even a demon that got Tara a few months back, it was a stupid kid who thought we were in the way. He wasn’t even aiming at her, it was a wild shot. Willow tried but she was pretty much dead on the spot and then…they’d just gotten back together and Willow lost it. So I ended up facing down the oldest friend I have left, trying to stop her ending everything in her grief. And if I couldn’t…I had a gun with two bullets. She’s in England now, getting help and I just couldn’t stay any longer.” Xander admitted and Sam had to fight from saying something he had no right to say, yet. But the thought that he could have lost his brother so soon before meeting him scared the hell out of him. There was no way his Dad was hearing that him from him, or Dean. Dena would feel guilty for it even though he hadn’t seen Alex since he was a baby and who knew what Dad would do if he thought there was even a chance of Xander being suicidal.
“So why hunt with Bobby? Sounds like you want out.” Sam asked and Xander smiled.
“I was originally here to get a car, didn’t know Bobby was a hunter till I walked in on him reading some very interesting books. It was rather comical actually. We’d both been hiding things with no need. Anyway Bobby had a few hunts that really did need two people so I tagged along, couldn’t let him go alone and get hurt. I’m just tired of doing it nightly and then working a full day after.”
“Kind of sad that even away from us you still got dragged into all this.” Sam whispered and Xander shrugged.
“It’s not all bad, you meet the most interesting people in this line of work after all.” Xander grinned and Sam couldn’t help laughing.
Dean watched his brothers talk, smiling when Xander got Sammy laughing. The kid didn’t laugh enough anymore.
“Good to see Xander having fun, the kids too serious most of the time.” Bobby commented as he joined Dean.
“I was just thinking the same about Sam.” Dean admitted and Bobby nodded.
“Xander hasn’t told me everything, he can be pretty closed about his past but that kid hasn’t had an easy life and I don’t think it’s just hunting daily that did it. At least Sam had you and John for the most part. I don’t think Xander’s really had anyone the last few years.”
“He’s got us now.” Dean assured Bobby who stared at him.
“What are you going to do? Shove him in the backseat? He’s worn out Dean, only reason he’s gone with me is because they were two man jobs and he didn’t want me hurt. Maybe in a few months he’ll be up to hunting but he’s lived in one place all his life, handling its problems, it’d be a big change to give that up for a life on the road.” Bobby hated having to be the voice of reason but he would not let Dean or John push Xander into going along with what they wanted.
“But…but he’s a Winchester.” Dean argued rather lamely and Bobby chuckled.
“Trust me that’s obvious, kids as stubborn as all of you and just as loyal to those he chooses. But he also has his own life back in California; he was only on a road trip after all. You have to let him choose Dean but let him know he is wanted.” Bobby said and then left Dean to his thoughts. He ran into John in the hallway.
“Eavesdropping?” He asked and John shrugged.
“You think he won’t come?” John asked.
“I think if you push you’ll lose him John. He’s had enough of people ordering him around; his friends wanted him out of the fight for his own safety. Try the drill sergeant act with him and he’ll be gone. They’re your children John, not soldiers. You have a chance to know all three of them, don’t screw it up or else you will get the shotgun treatment.”
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