❯ Double Trouble – Chapter 4

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Chapter 4
The three Winchester’s watched Xander pace the waiting room. Dean had finally been discharged the day before so they’d all spent the night at the motel with Xander sharing a room with John. They’d gotten the call that morning saying the results of their tests were in and Xander hadn’t stopped pacing since. They were finally called and they all sat except for Xander who stood with his arms crossed defensively in the corner near the door.
“Well?” John asked and the doctor smiled.
“Congratulations it’s a boy.” The man told them and John closed his eyes, trying to hold back his emotions. Alex, his baby boy was alive. He opened his eyes and turned to his son, noticing Sam and Dean were also looking at their brother. Xander swallowed and edged towards the door slightly. Dean stood up and slowly approached him.
“It’s okay Xander.” It felt odd calling his brother something other than Alex but he didn’t want to push since it looked like the kid was about to bolt. He reached out a hand and laid it gently on Xander’s shoulder, feeling how tense the younger man was.
“Welcome home little brother.” Dean whispered and pulled Xander into a brief hug. Confused brown eyes met his when he pulled back.
“I don’t understand. How is this possible? There are pictures of me being brought home from the hospital.” Xander muttered. The others tensed as the doctor froze but Xander knew who it was, he could feel her.
“Hallie?” he called and she appeared so that all the Winchester’s could see her. Dean tensed and put himself between Xander and the suddenly appearing young woman.
“Does this have something to do with you saying you were blocked from granting my wish as a kid?” Xander asked and she nodded.
“You did good when you blew Wilkins up. Before then none of us could really get into Sunnydale, even the boss. When you and Anya got together I looked into it more. There’s something fishy about your birth, it felt like heavy demonic magic. I couldn’t get through it so I asked the boss to look.” She explained and then vanished and Xander looked over at John.
“You didn’t give me away?” Xander asked softly since the doctor was still frozen.
“No Alex, I never would have done that. After the fire they couldn’t find you. You were so young they said the fire had completely destroyed your remains.” John told him.
“Lets head back to the motel, we can talk freely there.” Sam offered, still staring at Xander in shock. Sure he’d known he had once had a twin brother but to suddenly have him be alive and in the same room was mind blowing.
“So what happened to separate us?” Xander asked once they’d finished the pizza Dean had insisted they get. Xander was still nervous and Sam was still in shock but Dean and John were just happy their family was almost whole again.
“When you and Sam were six months old a demon came, it killed your mom. Pinned her to the ceiling above the crib and then set the place on fire. When I got to the nursery Sam was the only one in the crib. I gave him to Dean and made him run and then tried to find you but there was nothing. I barely got out of the house. After the fire was out they told us that…that being so young it wasn’t uncommon not to find remains after a fire.” John explained and Xander frowned.
“So how did I end up in Sunnydale?” He asked and the others also frowned.
“That’s a good question. The only one that could have gotten him out is the demon but why?” Sam asked. Sam turned to his newly found brother and smiled at him.
“Have you…I get visions of things and people connected to the demon. Another kid this thing visited was telekinetic. Have you…”
“Had anything weird happen?” Xander finished for him and Sam nodded. Xander shrugged.
“I grew up in Sunnydale, weird is actually normal there. Town’s pretty much vampire central not to mention a feeding ground for demons of all kinds. The Mayor was actually a demon but he’s dead now. Tried to end the world at my high school graduation, I got to blow up the school to stop him.” Xander explained and then took a deep breath.
“I’m really easily possessed. It’s happened twice so far, once by a primal hyena spirit and the other time it was a spell. A chaos sorcerer turned everyone into their costumes one Halloween, I went as a soldier. It’s how I knew how to make the explosives for graduation. Bobby gave me a charm that’s meant to help keep it from happening again. I could sense Dean when they nearly lost him in the hospital but I didn’t hear anything like Sam did.” He was almost babbling and fighting to stay calm. A warm hand on his arm made him look up to see Sam giving him a hesitant smile. Sam…his twin brother and wasn’t that a shock. He’d been a sole child his whole life and now he suddenly had two brothers.
“Nice town.” Dean commented dryly and Xander shrugged.
“So, you guys called me Alex? Does that mean my name is really Alexander?” He asked nervously and John nodded.
“Alexander Michael Winchester.”
“Better than Lavelle.” Xander tried to joke but it fell flat.
“So…so what happens now? I’m twenty two not two so it’s not like I really need another parent.” Xander said and only Dean saw his Dad’s slight flinch at that.
“We get to know each other. It’s not like you’re a civilian we’re having to say `hey by the way you might have demons after you because you’re related’.” Dean said and they all laughed a bit at that.
“Yeah, that’s why dating sucks. Having to explain why the mugger exploded into ash is not fun.” Xander told them and Sam chuckled.
“Dean wouldn’t know, he never sticks around long enough for it to be considered dating.” John pointed out and Dean huffed.
“I understand you’re an adult Al…Xander but you are my son and I want to know you.”
Bobby grinned as all three Winchester’s plus Xander appeared in his yard. He’d been so relieved when he’d gotten the call saying Dean had woken up and would be okay. Seeing Xander with them though…it was rather weird.
“Hey Bobby!” Xander called waving but there was something off.
“What happened?” He answered and Xander shrugged, slipping inside and up to his room.
“We need to sit for this one Bobby.” John answered. He watched as the three men sat, Sam and Dean continually glancing at the stairs.
“Want to tell me what has Xander so spooked?”
“His name is really Alexander Michael Winchester and he is Sam’s younger twin brother.” John stated and watched as Bobby’s eyes widened and his jaw dropped.
“What?” Was all he managed to get out.
“Never told anyone, it was hard enough losing Mary but our baby son as well? I thought he died in the fire Bobby so I never tried to look for him. Sam found out about him when he was eight and asked me about the photo. Dean obviously always knew. I didn’t think anything of the resemblance until Sam and Xander were standing next to each other after Xander saved Dean’s life. After that it wasn’t that hard to get the tests done.”
“Xander saved Dean?”
“He called someone he called a Vengeance Demon and made a wish for Dean to be okay. Apparently she said she owed Xander one so he used his free wish to save Dean before he knew he was his brother.”
“Vengeance Demon?” Bobby asked worriedly and John shrugged.
“He called her Hallie, said she deals with Lost Childhoods or something.”
“Her full name’s actually Halfrek.” Came a soft voice and Sam smiled at his brother, moving so there was room next to him on his seat. Xander hesitated but then sat next to him and Bobby’s eyes went wide again as he saw the two of them together, not identical twins but there was still a definite resemblance.
“Wow.” Bobby muttered and Xander fidgeted.
“So Halfrek?”
“Basically kids in bad spots make a wish and she grants it. Apparently she tried with me but was blocked. Plus I was dating her best friend who used to be Anayanka over scorned women. She ended up human in my last year of high school and ended up with us for protection. Hallie likes me for the fact I stuck by Anya and helped her learn to be human again.”
“Why did you make a wish?” Dean asked tightly and John frowned.
“None of your business.” Xander snapped defensively and both men instantly began picturing the worst.
“So we need to find a way to find out what happened between the demon getting into our nursery and Xander ending up in Sunnydale.” Sam tried to change the subject.
“How?” Xander asked and they all exchanged clueless looks.
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