InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Disarm ( Chapter 7 )

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Chapter 7: Disarm

Series: Inuyasha

Universe: Ninja AU (NOT Naruto-verse, mind you! Sorry!
Traditional ninjas only).

Pairing: Eventual SessKag

Rating: PG-13 ( For now, suscepticble to change).

Disclaimer: Inuyasha and its characters are the intellectual
property of one Rumiko Takahashi. I only make bad fanfiction about



« For our very first lesson, we are learning
combat techniques. » Sesshoumaru explained, revealing an array of
arms and weapons hidden underneath the blanket. Kagome edged closer
to the table displaying the deadly instruments, and looked up to
her new master with smug conviction.

« I already know how to fight. »

Sesshoumaru sniffed through his nose, conceit
writ on his face. « So you say. But that is for you to prove and for
me to determine. » Kagome frowned at his clear misgivings of her
abilities. Sesshoumaru ignored her pouting, walking towards the
farther corner of the dojo, his bare feet padding noiselessly
across the floor. Kagome shivered, remembering momentarily that
this man who aggravated her to no end was a professional assassin.
It was evident enough in such a simple action as walking – even in
front of someone he did not perceive as a threat, his stealth-mode
was on. She could not hear his steps at all, his body weightless as
it seemed to sort of glide across the padded tatami

« Grab whatever weapon you feel most confident
in using. » He instructed, turning around when he was far enough and
facing her expectantly. Kagome continued to look at the man, this
time in confusion.

He growled in restrained annoyance. « What now,
welp? »

« Well…what about you, Lord Sesshoumaru? Won’t
you choose a weapon as well? »

For the first time since she had met him,
Sesshoumaru revealed the barest hint of a smirk. It was not as
comforting as she thought it would be.

« Girl, I do not need a weapon to disarm you. »
He drawled, confidence dripping from every word.

Kagome nearly rolled her eyes at his words of
bravado, but bit her tongue. Instead, she turned back to the table.
There were many weapons there, some Kagome had never even seen
before. Truth be told, the young kunoichi felt most comfortable
using a bow and arrow, but she knew it was not a practical weapon
for hand to hand combat. Finally, feeling daring and bold, she
chose a weapon.

Sesshoumaru raised his eyebrow at the long
dagger the kunoichi revealed, but refrained from commenting. Kagome
walked closer to the man, breathing levelly through her nose and
stopped just a few feet away from him. She settled comfortably into
a key position, one that Kaede herself had taught her –

-and the next second, Kagome found herself flat
on her back.

‘What the fuck’, she thought eloquently, her air coming out in sharp
breaths. The back of her head throbbed where bone had met floor,
and she tried to gather her bearings as she sat up.

« Too slow. » Sesshoumaru drawled from behind
her, looking every bit unimpressed.

« I wasn’t ready! » Kagome exclaimed, aggravated
at being taken down so quickly.

« One is never ready for an attack. An enemy
does not politely inform you when he wishes to kill you. Nor does
he patiently wait for slow kunoichi to get into a laughable example
of a ‘battle stance’. » Sesshoumaru droned lifelessly. He walked
around her, back to his initial spot, his stance casual and open.
« Get up. » He ordered, bored already at their match.

Kagome did so, this time less relaxed and a
helluva lot more angry. She held the dagger tightly in her hand.
Gritting her teeth, she charged at him.

Exactly twenty-six take downs later, Kagome
felt exasperated beyond belief. She lay spread-eagle on the floor,
having just been thrown around like a rag doll in the span of an
hour. It had been an embarrassing session, to say the least. When
Sesshoumaru, both brutal and graceful at the same time, wasn’t too
busy wiping the floor with her sorry ass, he was making annoying
comments about her lack of technique in 
this stab or her
inexcusable form in 
that stance. The
jabs didn’t bother her so much; she was used to much worse from
Kaede. The dry delivery of said casual commentary, though, was what
really drove her up the wall. She inhaled through her nose in an
attempt to calm her breathing and clear her thoughts of annoying
ninja lords with stupid, pretty hair.

« You almost had me that time. » Sesshoumaru
mocked from nearby, obviously amused at her frustration. Kagome
felt a spike of anger stab her sides. His figure loomed next to her
outstretched body, as pristine as when the lesson had begun. While
Kagome was a sticky, wrinkled mess of bruises and raggedy hair,
Sesshoumaru had not even broken a sweat. In fact, he looked as
beautiful as ever.

Kagome decided it was really unfair and,
pursing her lips, tried not to weep.

Sesshoumaru eyed the angry maiden at his feet,
seeming to ponder something. Finally, he spoke, face set in stern

« You are too hasty and loud, wench. Any enemy
would be able to see through your moves and kill you in an instant.
Do not think because I was going easy on you that this was not a
real lesson. There are many errors in your tecnique, and a ninja as
unkilled as you would endanger any mission, and as such, my
family. » The severe words sobered up Kagome, as the weight of their
meaning fell heavy into her, but Sesshoumaru wasn’t done

« You are too emotional, too honest and you
broadcast your intent with your entire body, including your eyes. »
He paused, golden eyes grazing over blue ones, then flitting away
to her feet. « You are also impossibly clumsy, and a newborn colt
has more grace than you. »

« So you’re saying I’m unfit to be a ninja? »
Kagome bit back petulantly.

Sesshoumaru leveled gazes with the panting
woman below him. Her chest heaved tantalizingly, her training
kimono becoming undone and offering a coy view of skin. Just a
sliver, really, but it was more than enough for wandering

« You were unable to defeat me even once, an
unarmed opponent too. So yes, I would concur with your statement;
you are unfit to be a ninja. »

Kagome’s blue eyes grew, then she quickly moved
her head to the side, hiding her face away from his. She bit her

Sesshoumaru closed his eyes, just as frustrated
with this lesson as his new pupil. He had not been expecting a
miracle by any means, but surely the Shikon clan could offer better
fighters than this one. If not, Kaede was getting too old for

« That is enough training for today. »
Sesshoumaru expressed with finality. « We will continue tomorrow
with the same lesson, and the day after that, and the day
that, until you
finally manage to disarm me. Is that understood? »

Kagome didn’t reply, but after a few seconds,
she nodded, her face still facing away from him.

Sesshoumaru was about to leave his pupil’s side
when a small voice piped up.

« Can you help me up, Lord
Sesshoumaru? »

Big, dewy blue eyes looked up from beneath a
fringe of midnight lashes. Those same blue eyes were coated with a
thin veil of tears, but pride kept those treacherous things from
falling and rolling down her pale skin. And she was pale,
Sesshoumaru noted, more so than many of the kunoichi he had met
before. As pale as the moon his clan revered.

The young lord huffed in annoyance, seeming
displeased, but stretched out his hand toward his fallen pupil.
Sesshoumaru tried not to focus on the delicate fingers that
intertwined with his own, or how small and fragile her hand felt in
his own calloused one.

Kagome smiled that moonflower smile at

And then Sesshoumaru found himself on his back,
his breath knocked out of him.

The little ninja sat proudly atop his
midsection, the long blade held firmly against his throat.
Sesshoumaru tried to focus on the life-threatening weapon instead
of that part of her body pressed against his lower abdomen that he
could suddenly not stop thinking about. Her mouth curved into a
perfect mimicry of the dagger’s shape, deadly and

« Ready for my next lesson, my Lord. » Kagome
uttered low and sweet.

Sesshoumaru could not speak, his mouth suddenly
dry. With creeping dread, he realized what had happened.

He had been disarmed.

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