Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan Fiction ❯ Ders A Monter In Da Coset ( Chapter 57 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Yami Yugi= Yami/Pharaoh=Paro
Yugi Motou= aibou= Abu/Udi
Ryou Bakura ( Hikari)= Ryou/Tenshi/Teni
Yami Bakura= Bakura/Batura tombrobber/tombbobber
Malik(Marik) Ishtar= Malik/ Koi=Toy/Mayik
Yami Marik= Marik/tombkeeper/tombbeeper
Seto Kaiba= Kaiba/Dragon/Tiba
Mokuba Kaiba= Mokuba/Motuba
Jounouchi=Jou /Pup/Doey
Mana- Girl
Kirara ( pronounced Kilala)- Girl
Ms. Rose: Teacher at Tiny Blue Eyes

//Yami to Hikari//
/Hikari to Yami/
**characters thoughts**
(Authors Notes)

« Hi Dis is Mayik and Darp Santuray doent own Udioh. »

/So do you understand what we just talked about?/
// Dat sect is spetial hug dat grownuts gib to each oder.//
/Yes and what else?/
//Uh Dat you should onwy hab sect when you realby wuv someone.//
/So how much should you love this person?/
//Um more den pontroling peetles minds dat mutch.//
/Yes I think you got it ,you want to have some more cake and icecream too?/
//Yes pwease.//

Ten minutes later Marik,Bakura and Yami were enjoying cake and icecream while their lights enjoyed some as well.

« Well Kaiba it looks like the party went very well, no one was sent to the shadow realm, » Jounouchi said as he took another bite of chocolate cake.
« Well yes but I was pretty confident that everything was going to go smoothly,Pup, » Kaiba said as he ate some cookies n cream icecream.
« Well how did you figure that Kaiba, » Jounouchi asked?
« Let’s just say that three certain little Yami’s were talked to before the party started, » Kaiba said glancing at Yugi, Malik and Ryou who nodded.

Flashback before the party.

« No sending anyone to the shadow realm at all. »
« But what if dey play with our toys Abu? »
« No Yami not even if they play with your toys. »
« Toy tan I pontrol da mommies and daddies minds den? »
« No Marik you can’t control anyones minds at the party. »
« Teni but I need to adds to my bictims correction pwease. »
« No Bakura you can’t add anyone at the party to your victims collection got that. »

« Why? » ( All three ask in unison.)
« Do you remember what happened after the candy store? »
Kaiba then noticed the little Pharaoh rubbing his rear getting teary eyed as he recalled that day
« Well it »ll twice as long understand. »
« Nooooo we tomis we be good, » Marik,Bakura and Yami said as they recalled their punishments on that day.

End Flashback

« So whose going to clean this up, » Malik asked glancing at the party aftermath?
« The cleaning crew will get to it tommorow so just relax, » Mokuba said.
« Ya know I can’t believe it’s been almost a whole year since all this started,  » Yugi said as he wiped Yami’s face and hands.
//Abu swifer is done wit his itream too.//
/Let me see slifer so I can wipe his face and hands too./
//Otay Abu// Yami says as he hands his slifer the sky dragon plushie too Yugi.

« I know what you mean, » Ryou said as he picked Changie up from the floor handing the plushie to Bakura
/Bakura you need to watch Changie more carefully he could of gotten hurt./
//Otay Teni changie wikes to go by himtelf sumtimes.//
** Like a little tombrobber I know** Ryou thought to himself as his little dark began talking to Changie.

« Changie oh no I hapta change your dyper, » Bakura tells Changie as he proceeds to pull out a diaper and some baby powder from Changie’s diaper bag.
« Ewww dats realby tinky Changie, » Bakura says as he changes his plushie.
« Otay Changie now we tan go pway in da bounter  » Bakura says as he runs with Changie to the bouncer.

//Teni tan you throw Changie dyper pwease be carepul tuz Changie did nunder chew.//
/Oh my…I’ll be very careful then./ Ryou mindlinked his dark as he took changie’s soiled diaper and tossed it in the trash.

« Uh Ryou you do know that you threw a perfectly good diaper away, » Malik said laughing.
« Hehe well you know how it is, « Ryou laughed back.
« Yeah I guess I do know how it is, » Marik said as he watched his little dark play with Mr. Tweetums. ( YGOTAS reference).

« Miter Tredums you ready to go pway wit Da Paro and Batura? »
« Oh Realby….. des I tan ask Malit por you. »
//Toy Miter Tredums wants some tandy.//
/Oh I see well tell Mr Tweetums not to make a mess and he needs to share the candy with Bakura and Yami too./

« Batura,Yami I hab tandies, » Marik said as he climbed into the bouncer.
« Tombbeeper I want reeses peabut bubber tups, » the little tombrobber said as he laid Changie down.
« Malit I wanna hab milty way, » Yami said as he set slifer down.

( 15 minutes later)

The entire bag of candy that Ryou had given Bakura was gone . The bag didn’t really contain much candy but Bakura had snuck in some extra pieces of candy in the bag without his light knowing.
So now there was three very hyper Yami’s bouncing and running around in the bouncer.

« I tummon Kboh, » Yami said as he summoned Kuriboh into the bouncer.
« Paro did Udi tay dat Kboh tan pway wit us? »
« Shhh no but I wike Kboh, » Yami said.
« Otay I won tell Udi but dont tell Teni dat I tummoning dis monter, » Bakura says as he calls forth his man eater bug.
« Hey I dunna tummon my swime depender monter, » the little tombkeeper said just before his monster appeared in the bouncer.

The little Yami’s had managed to summon quite a few of their duel monsters into the bouncer. Surprisingly none of the lights noticed the darkness surrounding the bouncer as they weren’t paying any attention to their little darks at all.

« Hehe dess what I hab, » Yami grinned as he pulled out his Winged Dragon Of Ra card.
« Paro did Udi wet you pway wit dat tard, » Marik asked?
« It my tard Mayik to I tan tummon it. »
« Paro your Abu is dunna be uptet tuz you owny tupposed to tummon Ra when your dueling ebil peetles. »
« Shh be tiet don you wanna pway wit Ra too, » Yami asked his fellow Yami’s.
« Yah wets pway with Ra, » they all whispered.

« Almiby proteter of da sun and ty, I beg of dee pwease heed my cry »
« Trantorm dytelf from orb of wite and bing me vifery in dis pyte. »
« I beast dee, grapes our hunger games. »
« But pirst I tal call out dy name.
Wingded Dradon of Wa! »

Five minutes later a loud pop came from the direction of the bouncer causing Yugi, Marik and Ryou to jump up from their sleep. ( they had fallen asleep on the table.)
« What in the world was that noise, » they all said?
« Uh guys why is Ra up in the sky, » Jou said.
« Er why does it look like a shadow game is being played where the bouncer is or was, » Kaiba said.
** Do I even wanna know** Ryou, Marik and Yugi thought.
/Yami are you okay?/
/Bakura are you okay?/
/Marik are you okay?/

The three lights mindlinked their little Yami’s when they received no response they began to get worried.
« Are you guys alright, » the lights called out through the dense fog?
After another ten long minutes the dense purple fog cleared up there in the middle of what should have been the bouncers floor sat the unchibified versions of Yami, Bakura and Marik.

« Aibou what happened to my clothes, » Yami asked his light as he tried to cover himself up wth his hand.
« Pharaoh you have nothing that I, Jou or Ryou haven’t seen » Kaiba said laughing.
« Aibou what’s Kaiba talking about?

« Tenshi why are you crying did someone hurt you? »
« No Bakura it’s just I really missed having you like this? »
« What do you mean like this Ryou? »

« Malik what’s going on why are we here at Kaiba’s house? »
« Marik you don’t remember? »

The three darks looked at each other puzzled until an errie realization hit them causing them to gasp.

« Well it looks those three just remembered, » Jou said trying not to laugh at the startled darks

Inside Kaiba’s living room Yugi, Malik and Ryou sat with their darks as they sipped on warm tea.

« I’m sorry Aibou did those two cause you guys much trouble, » Yami asked his light?
« Actually all three of you had your tantrums and good moments, » Kaiba answered.

« Pharaoh if I remember your Hikari spanked you a couple of times for misbehaving, » Marik and Bakura said causing Yami to rub his rear at the memory.
« You better shut up about that or you’ll be sorry, » Yami said as he glared at Bakura and Marik.
/Yami stop that now!/
//But Aibou they started it.//

« Surpisingly Marik was the most behaved of you three, » Jou said.
/He’s right Marik you were a very good chibi/
//Hehe so do I get a reward for being good Koi?//
/We’ll see maybe later,/

« Tenshi thank you for taking care of me, » Bakura told his light as he gave him a hug.
« Bakura it’s getting late and it’s been a long day we should get some sleep, » Ryou said.
« Well I can’t argue with my light so we’ll be heading of to bed.

« We’re going to sleep too, » Marik said as he and Marik got up from the couch.

« Yami we should be going to sleep now too it’s been a very long day, » Yugi said as he took his last sip of tea.

« Well goodnight you guys, » Jou and Kaiba said as they got up to go to their bedroom,

(Marik and Malik)

/Marik I’ve missed having you next to me like this/
//Koi I’m sorry for everything that you went through but I’m very grateful that you really cared about me//
/Your welcome Marik I’d always take care of you no mattter what./
//Uh something’s missing Koi.//
/Is this what your missing?/
//Mr Tweetums!//
/Hehe now can you go to sleep Marik?/
//Yes Koi now everything is just perfect my Hikari.//

( Bakura and Ryou)

« Tenshi thank you for taking me out to add to my victims collection. »
« I’d do anything for you Bakura I love you. »
« So do you still need to Changie to fall asleep? »
« No Tenshi I’m not a chibi anymore I can sleep without that plushie. »
( 5 minutes later)
/Ryou are you awake?/
//Here Bakura now lets get some sleep.//
/Thank you Tenshi/ Bakura says as he cuddles with his change of heart plushie and his light.

(Yami and Yugi)

« Aibou I’m sorry if I caused you alot of trouble. »
« It’s okay Yami I love you no matter if your a brat or not. »
« Aibou! »
« I’m just messing with you Yami. »
/We need another pillow can you go get one from the closet?/
//Anything for my Aibou wait right here.//

Sixty seconds later a very startled Yami jumps under the covers without the pillow.
« Yami what’s wrong where’s the pillow, »Yugi asked his dark.
« Aibou there’s a….. »
« Yami why are you shaking please tell me? »
« Aibou there’s a….. »
/Yami what is it?/
« Aibou Ders a monter in da coset. »

« Hi this Yugi and well Dark Sanctuary hopes that you enjoyed reading their fic Shadow Magic Gone Wrong. »

//Aibou the monsters still in the closet.//
/Yami just send it back to the shadow realm./
//But Aibou it’s really scary.//
/Don’t be a scaredy Pharaoh./
//Your being mean Aibou.//

« Anyway Dark Sanctuary would like to thank everyone who ever reviewed their silly fic. »
« They’d like to thank anyone who ever read their fic too. »

( Chibi Marik, Bakura and Yami run in)

« Tank you ebyone por reading dis pic pwease reboo. »


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