❯ Demons and Angels – the law ( Chapter 1 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Demons and Angels rule book #1

This is a world were there are only 3 races. Demons, Angles, and the oblivious/humans who inhabit a new planet known as Mana13. This world is filled with the cruelty of the demonic race, a family of reapers, tempters, murders, and Darksiders, the most cruel of all forms. Then there are the Angelic forces they are the oblivious protectors and Mana guards. The Oblivious are the human inhabitance of Mana13 they are not allowed to know of the 2 superior humanoid races. If a human finds out about said races that human and all members of his/her family will be eliminated or sold to the race of their choosing as household or military servants. This is for protection purposes ONLY. DO NOT give your race away to a human or you also will suffer these consequences. THIS LAW IS SUPREME TO ALL RACES!