❯ Death to the Heretics – King Kasen ( Chapter 5 )

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Micah was getting bored of the two males trying to beat one another when it was obvious they were equal matched. She hadn’t clicked right away to what Kasen had been up to, soon getting it whenever he deflected a blow, he was defending them both whilst she was to attack. Like Lucifer was going to be stupid enough to leave himself open, unlike his son he didn’t act emotions. Only on winning.This perhaps made it all the more difficult as Micah watched for a weakness only finding one, that barely could be used. Every time Lucifer hit down with his staff, his wrists would shackle and tremble with the blow, leaving his arms to be weakened for just a couple of seconds, would that be enough for the angel?Hell yes! She didn’t show signs that she was going to attack till her eyes followed the quick pattern noting when it was more likely that Lucifer would go for a hit, when he did… she acted quickly, Kasen’s stance meant his legs were parted, and as such like before she used it to her advantage, sliding between them to be in the middle of the two pulling out her sword as she slashed Lucifer across the wrist and up the underside of his arm, she screamed however when with the attack Lucifer dropped his weapon hitting her on the head, bludgeoning the angel into unconsciousness.
Lucifer let out a terrible roar, backing away a couple feet, staring at his wrist and arm. That little bitch actually cut him. And on top of that, he only had one good hand for his two handed weapon. He looked up, noticing that she was knocked out, but Kasen was quick to take care of that. He grabbed her with one arm, tossing her over his shoulder. The point of his blade pointed at his father, using the same fire tunnel blast he had used on Micah before. Lucifer’s good arm came up to block the attack, the fire hitting his arm but only his arm. It was strong enough to take his sleeve off and singe his arm.By the time he looked back up, Kasen was gone. « Damn you boy, stand and fight! » Lucifer yelled blindly. Kasen had taken Micah away from the battle but he had very intent to return. With his father’s arm damaged, he should be able to defeat him easier. He sat her against a tree, kissing her forehead. « I’ll be back, » he whispered before he was gone, back at the battlefield, picking up where the two had left off except with more attacks and less blocks
She groaned, not being able to stop the hands that grabbed her body forcefully and dragging her away. The knock to the head stopping eyes from opening, mouth from shouting out for help. All Micah did was grunt as her head hit many stones on the ground, her arm being used to drag her body as whoever it was seemed in no mood for being caring.Gabriel, by no means was a cruel man. But when his son had returned and told him of what his daughter had done, that she’d not only healed the demon but let him touch her intimately, kiss her even. That broke his control of being kind, he’d taken advantage of Lucifer fighting his son as he took it upon himself to teach his daughter a lesson. Kasen wouldn’t have her. She was pure, and… as far as Gabriel saw it. He sought to take the very last piece of purity that she had away. He didn’t classify it was incest merely punishing Micah, stopping at a meadow in the center of the woods far away from Kasen and dumping his daughter on the ground intent on taking advantage of her being so… prone. He was mad. Utterly insane as hungry eyes looked at the clothing she wore, knowing the delicate body that was for his taking. Oh he’d enjoy punishing his sweet daughter, even see if he could make it so Kasen had to watch, the thought seemed so thrilling.
Lucifer let Kasen’s blade fall into his shoulder of his already cut arm so he could use his good hand to grab Kasen’s neck. « I’m going to crush you, just like I crushed the slut you call a mother, » he laughed, squeezing Kasen’s throat with enough force that, if applied any longer, would snap his neck.Kasen almost dropped his sword but the thought of killing his father gave him a rush like no others. His eyes were starting to go dark, so he took his last chance to rid the world of his father once and for all. His sword rose, slamming into Lucifer’s neck, going all the way through.He was dropped from his father’s grip, falling to the ground. The sword was still lodged in Lucifer’s neck as his blood coated the ground. It didn’t last long, which disappointed Kasen, but Lucifer ended up on the ground with a gray veil coating his eyes. Putting his food on his father’s head, he yanked the sword crudely from his neck. Now he was infused with rage and a sense of power. He wanted Gabriel next. His flash stepping was so fast, he was a blur as he made his way to where he left his angel. Seeing that she wasn’t there made him roar angry. « Gabriel! » It didn’t take that much longer to find the two, his senses were keener than ever now. What he found almost made blind with a rage he never felt before, even when his mother died « Get the hell away from her, Gabriel! »
He’d managed to rid Micah’s clothes off her body, laying her wanton with legs spread before him liking every angle to supple pale skin a neat set of curls between her legs holding the purest of parts whilst her chest lightly sprinkled with freckles moved slowly up and down. That was as far as Gabriel had got. Sadly he’d miscalculated how fast Kasen would actually be and as such was kneeling between his daughter’s legs stoking her thighs when he looked up and stared at the insane looking demon who’s sword was coated with his fathers blood.The almighty shriek caused him to wince as he fell backward trying to find the source only to find his daughter wide-eyed and utterly broken, her hands instantly trying to cover herself up as she kicked her father in the face and rolled away curling into a fetal position crying quietly with fear at what he’d been intending on doing, her head ached… numb and sore making the vision to what she saw seeming to be doubled over. « You little slut, you broke my nose! » Gabriel hissed out, angered as he stood up and glowed down at his whore of a daughter, « You were begging for it. Bet you wanted this foul demon to consume you, fuck you hard… like mother like daughter eh? » clearly both sides of heaven and hell had problems with the wives… is there any reason with what they were married to?Micah tried in vain to push his words out, whispering out ‘no’ over and over.
« I said to get away from her! » Kasen roared as he glided swiftly to Gabriel, his sword slicing down, aiming for whatever part of Gabriel he could come in contact with. At least Micah got one good hit in, with his nose broken his eyes would soon blacken, making them ache. Honestly, he hoped he cut him, even if it was a little. Just the thought of his father’s evil demon blood mixing with a royal angel’s blood made him almost giddy; that was sure to upset Gabriel.

Gabriel didn’t manage to get out of the way in time as Kasen sliced his thigh on the process of the angel flying into the sky, he hissed out in pain as demon blood soaked into his blood system but still the male went, he’d attack another time when Kasen wasn’t there. He’d get both of them dead before the month was over. Lucifer was dead – one thing less to worry about. »Kasen? » Micah whispered out, eyes clenched tight as the cooling wind enveloped her naked body to calm and relax, the threat was gone, for now.
Kasen growled low in his throat now that Gabriel was gone. « Coward, » he muttered, his blood lust for Gabriel would have to wait. Hearing his angel call his name, Kasen dropped his sword, the red veil vanishing from his eyes. Within a second, he was at her side, wondering how a father could even think about doing something to vile to his daughter. He lifted her into his arms as he sat on the ground, his hand stroking her hair. « We can’t stay here… We can’t stay anywhere safely until all those who come after us are dead… » he muttered. One of them was gone so far, but he wondered who would win the power struggle in Hell and come after the rightly heir to the throne, even though he didn’t desire it
« I know that » she snapped, for some reason pushing Kasen away as she crawled to her clothing ignoring the fact she was more than likely giving her demon a view of her ass, not that the situation asked for it to be noticed as she quickly pulled on her haphazardly thrown clothing growling the back of her throat. « You need to take rule of hell » the angel stated with affirmation, tying her hair up as before looking as if she were going to kill… and boy, that was her intention. « I have birds to fry and they aren’t the chirping kind, » The way Kasen had reacted made her mindful of the fear she felt for their future. Most certainly worrying was his rage. It was… horrible, « You’re right, the death of those who seek us would be better, that way I can live my life how I see it without being judged for what I did… » Micah’s voice fading as she looked to the ground and whispered a silent prayer to her mother.
Kasen tilted his head slightly as he slowly rose from his kneeling position. « What are you saying, Micah? Sounds like you’re saying you would rather not be around me, » he spoke lowly. If it was so, he would be hurt and confused, after all he had been though for her… »I don’t want Hell, I never wanted it. I would rather they fight for 100 years before someone takes over, » he explained, moving a couple feet toward her, reaching his hand out to touch her. He took a look at his hand before retracting it. It was rough and had caused so much damage, he couldn’t touch her with it
« Oh grow up Kasen » the angel muttered as she took his hand uncaring to what it had done and dragged him out the meadow, « I’m a ‘fallen’ angel, not one that flinches at the sight of demons » she commented, sighing as she tied her jacket tighter eventually turning to the male with a soft smile. « I didn’t suggest that I don’t want to be with you. You should know I do. I don’t make it a habit of normally putting my life on the line for another. » teasing Micah prodded the males nose and looked around wishing that they wouldn’t have to deal with the next wave that would come at any given time. « What would you suggest we do? I don’t like the idea of being on toes the rest of eternity Kasen. I want to be free of this… » waving her hands at the destruction that followed the two where ever they went.
Kasen sighed with a thought that could keep them safe, at least more than they would be if they kept running forever. « We could go to Hell and I would be king… Since you’re fallen now, you’re one step above demon so it isn’t like you’re that upsetting to the common demons, » he suggested « And if Gabriel decides to come for you, there would be a demon army standing in the way, » Demons were blood thirty and cruel, yes, but they were loyal to a good leader and he knew he could be better than his father. It was worth a try. « Would you come with me? »
That was a big chance… biting her lip Micah nodded. It seemed insane! But it would be worth a try if it meant she could be safe for a while and not worry about being attacked by her own kind. « If you’re willing to do it, we stick together. Remember? » knowing that there was no going back on this.What was perhaps more daunting was the fact she’d be considered… Queen, would she though? Micah wasn’t sure. Or a council even, anything that meant she needn’t worry about fighting. Demons were an entirely different breed when it came to rules, so no doubt she’d have to learn a lot. « What do I need to know on the basis of rules? I mean I take it, it would asking for trouble if I walked around as a lonely woman? »
Kasen was glad she agreed to come with him, even though having a fallen angel in Hell was new, there shouldn’t be that much trouble. « Oh yeah, never travel outside the castle alone, that’s the number one rule… And since you’re a female, you shouldn’t look at a ranking officer or a council member in the eye unless spoken to, it’s viewed as disrespectful, » Unless she was queen, but other than that, she was a guest in the castle to the other demons. »But before we head there, I should bring back the crest, » he thought out loud. « Come on, » he gestured, leading her back to the area where he killed Lucifer. From around his neck Kasen removed Lucifer’s necklace crest and put it on. « Now we’re ready, » he took her hand as a black circle opened under them, the two of thing sinking into the ground.On the other side, Kasen stood outside the large castle. No one noticed Lucifer was missing yet, it had only been about a week or so in Hell. « This is it, » he grumbled to himself, leading her up the stairs and into a great hall. At the end of the hall, a long table sat with the demon council sitting there, staring at Kasen, who quickly approached them before they could call the guards, showing them the crest. »You are a traitor, Kasen, you don’t deserve to be king, » they started, giving him a fierce list of reasons he was banned from hell
The hit on the head had easily made Micah’s temper more volatile and as such, with them all arguing amongst themselves it left the angel in no mood.At first, she’d stepped back and let Kasen do his thing, leaning against the wall looking to the ground thinking about the life that would be led living in hell compared to heaven. It didn’t surprise her by the rules that he’d told her, they were the same in her realm. Unless you were Queen. Eventually the bickering caused her to gain a migraine as a low growl emitted from the confines of Micah’s throat. « Enough! » she snapped, her voice echoing as the angel pushed off the wall, sporadic colors covering her eyes as she walked around Kasen, smacking her hands onto the table as she lent over, locks of white hair falling across her shoulders. »Who else would be a better king! What bullshit you spurt when you know Kasen would lead Hell to new limits. Oh boo who, he’s considered a traitor but last time I checked it didn’t change ones royal line! If anyone should be considered King it should be Kasen and I’ll be damned if I deal with anymore bickering when you guys need to shut the hell up and remove those bloody tridents our your asses…! » she paused and pushed back, leaning a little into Kasen for some semblance of control. « Wake up and smell the corpses boys, you owe respect to your King… » even going as far as giving a bow in respect to Kasen as she stepped back and behind him.
The elder demons stared at each other after her speech, completely taken back by the angel’s words. At first they muttered and whispered to each other, the word « fallen » being mentioned a couple times. Furthermore, they admitted he was Lucifer’s only son and had the crest around his neck.Kasen cleared his throat as they whispered to each other. « I believe your heads are still higher than mine, » he pointed out, matter-of-factually. The council stopped their whispering, their eyes now on the demon in the center of the table, whose eyes were concentrated on Kasen. The head council demon bowed his head. « King Kasen, » »Thought so, » Kasen sneered as he turned around, taking Micah, surprisingly gently, by the hand and leading her though a large archway to the right of the council table. In this room was the throne room that set between two large stair cases. « I’ll show you where you will be staying, » he chirped happily, leading her up the stairs and into another hallway fill with many doors. At the end of the hallway was a large, hellishly elegant door. Though that door laid a massive room, complete with everything. It was his room when he was price and would keep it now that he was king. His father’s room had been on the other end of the castle and he would soon have that section remodeled to get rid of his father’s old image.
Micah didn’t pay attention to the foundations of the castle, finding nothing of the ordinary and intriguing for that matter, it was very similar to heavens design, perhaps more gothic and darker but the similarities were rather… surprising to the angel. »What should I consider myself whilst I’m here? » she asked attentively looking at the way he elegantly held her hand in such a fashion that a King would hold his Queens, either Kasen chose to ignore the looks they got with the way he held her or he’d not realized. Not that Micah minded – she just wanted to know where she fitted in the whole equation.Now that he was King, would he change? Become corrupt with power like his father – it was a little worrying as she stole glances up at the handsome male, things were turning smoothly.
Kasen was silent for quite some time. He wanted her to be by his side as more than someone of the court, something much more. « You are… Technically… » he dropped her hand, taking a couple steps ahead of her, looking around his room. It had been so long since he saw it. He placed his hands on the wooden foot of the bed, leaning slightly. He wanted to ask her, he really did.. But the fear of rejection she had already shown him twice loomed over him. « What title did you want? »She looked a little taken aback as Kasen dropped her hand, bowing her head Micah feared that he didn’t want this and as such simply shrugged as she looked dejecting away, « What would you have me as? » was whispered out meekly, the instinct to move away from the rigid male was creating a turmoil in her mind as she fully turned and walked away having to sit down otherwise she’d have thrown up. The fear that pitted in her stomach caused the angel to naturally dry retch coughing for breath, « Kasen… I can’t do this if I’m nothing to you » sounding more than a little choked up.
Kasen whipped around quickly, but not as quickly as he returned to her. « No, it’s not that, it really isn’t, » he tried to explain but was lost for words. « Micah, I just don’t want to be made a fool of, » The new king feared no horrible demon, no crazy angel, nothing in the entire world… Except for her words and how they affected him so deeply. His hands took hers gently, holding them up enough that he could kiss them. « I would wish for you to be nothing less than my queen… But I do not wish for you to feel forced, » his voice was shaky and low, but his feelings behind the words were not
Lips trembled as Micah nodded giving a gorgeous smile as she blinked back the tears and shook her head with a nervous giggle, « Kasen, I only rejected you the first time because I was scared. How would you react if you’re innocent from everything and a hot handsome demon swoops down and turns you into putty? » stroking his cheek, the angel rested her forehead against his, eyes closing as her smile turned to one of pure excitement, « I’d be your Queen, if you’d be my King » Micah whispered, her voice a little shaken as pure crystal looked right into Kasen’s eyes.

Death to the Heretics – Fight to the End