❯ Death to the Heretics – Fight to the End ( Chapter 4 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

She was furious, « You idiot! » Micah screeched, in half a mind to beat Kasen herself, pinching the bridge of her nose she sighed and looked around to where he’d managed to get them at, knowing full well this didn’t bode well if they stayed here. « When this is over, you and I are going to have a long chat » half hissed out as large white wings split from her back spanning six feet high as she lent down, hair tickling Kasen’s face as Micah scooped the damaged demon up and cradled him close to her body, the sudden screech as demon’s shot at the two having followed through the black hole, the angels wings encasing the two protecting them as Micah closed her eyes, the rumble from before seemed to only increase as she hummed, the sudden sound of waves crashing around them thrusting her into the air with Kasen safely held in her arms. Micah flew with urgency and speed keeping low to the ground as she moved with the grace of a dove.How long the angel actually traveled was unknown as she flew up higher, snow covering them both as Micah flew to the mountains knowing where to go as she landed into a cave immediately retracting her wings as her knee’s buckled, Kasen falling down beside her. Breathing heavily, she groaned looking at the blood on her hands, it wasn’t the demons. It was hers. She’d been flying in pain, the numbness of the snow stopped it from hurting to the point of agony, the weapons thrown at her had sliced and cut her wings. Now.. Micah had to suffer the healing process, as with unknown strength she dragged them both deeper into the cave. « You… are a complete idiot » the statement spoken out once more, sounding more pained.
Kasen just laid there on the ground, breathing heavily. « I… Know… » She was right, he was a moron. He committed high treason against his own kingdom, killed a guard and worst of it all… His dad would be looking for him. The cold was taking a large toll on his body. He was a demon from Hell, coldness was not his thing. « I couldn’t… Do it… » he tried to explain but gave up after his last sentence. So many thoughts raced through his mind… Like where would they go, how long could they run, how long he would last in a battle against his father.Groaning and stiff, he sat up slowly. Rubbing his hands together, he started a fire within them. It was small so it didn’t help much. After much work, he got the flame bigger and bigger until it took him over, he was completely on fire. « Much better… »
« Shut up » was all she said, leaning toward Kasen, Micah pulled him close to her, wrapping her arms around his fire covered body, tucking her head under his chin using the warmth of the flames to cover and consume her own body, it turning a shade of blue as the angel fell into a light sleep. « Rest, they wont look here…. » Micah’s voice barely whispered as the angel pressed flush against him, maintaining the link of the warmth, the reason for the flame turning blue… well, if Kasen acknowledged it, he’d realize his cuts slowly being healed as Micah’s weakened body set to fix them… one of the reasons to why she was half-asleep. « No one… comes, to… demon burial grounds… » the voice eventually fading as she finally fell to sleep. A face filled with concentration with keeping it so Kasen’s body healed together.
Kasen was shocked, needless to say. One minute she is upset and yelling because he saved her by turning against his kingdom for her, the next she is trying to get close to him. Kasen gave a sigh of defeat, wrapping his arms around her, keeping her close to him. His eyelids started to feel heavy. It had been so long since he had a good sleep and he knew he was way overdue. Still holding her, he laid back, her head resting on his chest. It didn’t take long until Kasen was fast asleep and being healed at the same time… Complete bliss.
She was aware of being watched, but since the eyes did nothing but watch it was fair to say that Micah was going to ignore it for as long as possible, more wanting to stay warm and sleepy than go and investigate to why they were being stared at. Of course it came to no surprise to the female that between the two they’d never get a break from those that seek their death.Still – Micah couldn’t deny the feeling of being safe and secure in the males arms, his broad and rough hands holding her close whilst his steady heart-beat kept her awake and yet asleep at the same time. Kasen had long since healed, allowing the angel to power up a lot quicker. She knew she’d have to get up sooner or later, those eyes had no intention of leaving or actually moving from their spot for that matter.~*~*~*~Indeed they wouldn’t be leaving… no demon spawn touched his sister! Even if she were considered a heretic.
Kasen stirred with an unpleasant look on his face. His eyes shot open only to realize he wasn’t in Hell anymore. A sigh of relief escaped his lips. He still felt warm, which meant the fire was still going. Kasen was proud of himself, he never had a personal flame go on for such a long time. His eyes went to Micah in his arms, a small smile creasing his lips. « Well, at least she’s not yelling at me anymore » There was a strange and paranoid feeling in his gut but he dismissed it as paranoia of his father…
« I won’t be yelling at you for a while… » Micah commented offhandedly as she stretched and yawned, rolling not intentionally mind you, half on top of the other male, her body squashed down showing a clear cleavage from the undone buttons to her shirt, hair cascading down her shoulders as more alive crystal eyes with specs of black opened and stared up. « I’ll yell at you when you least expect it » an amused smile flitting her lips as she her fingers fiddled with Kasen’s top absentmindedly having not yet wondered why she was even allowing the demon to be so close to her, than again she put it down to warmth and the feeling of flames tickling her skin causing the natural instinct to giggle.
« That’s good to know. Now I can just block our your voice all the time so I don’t have to worry, » he tried to hard to keep a straight face but it didn’t work too well. Every since he got the idea to save her, while he was still in a cell, he couldn’t stop thinking about her; her eyes, her hair, her skin, everything about her made him feel under a spell.He couldn’t take his eyes off of her own. His hand came up to run through her hair, it was the softest thing he ever felt. « You’re… » he kept trailing off, unsure if he could bring himself to actually say it. « You’re… Beautiful, Micah, »
A faint gasp and her eyes returned to look up at him, shocked almost, her hand stilling from his chest whilst if on instinct she moved toward the hand that was playing with her hair, « But… I mean… god… what.. » quite clearly not knowing what to say as the faintest of blushes covered the females cheeks causing her to look away, turning to be a shy female that was more than a little bit awkward on what to say back, biting her lip Micah huffed and cursed herself, shyly taking a glance at him. « You’re crazy, but… I like that…. » in her own small way that could be classified as a compliment.Kasen rose a brow along with a smirk. « At least someone does… And I mean it, Micah… » he wanted to extend his smile but the paranoid feeling kept growing. He didn’t sense his father around, or another demon from Hell, so why did the feeling not subside? He slowly sat up, looking around, whispering to Micah « Is it just me… Or does it feel like someone is here watching us? » He kept looking around after he asked her, still not seeing anything with his eyes but felt something nonetheless.
She sighed softly, and rested her head on his shoulder, « Yes, we’re being watched… studied if you’d call it. » a hand rising as Micah hesitantly traced his ear, stroking the piercing seeming unconcerned, after all her brother no doubt was gaining information before he returned to his father with news of what he’d found. « Do you feel like giving them a show? Give them something worthy to tell my father? » she teased out, whispering against his chest knowing full well that already she’d pissed her brother off for the pure sake of leaning against the demon and touching him for that matter… »If your answer is yes, Kasen… then if you want, you can umm, do what you want…. » knowing she was going out on a limb, but the angel didn’t have a clue herself! Might as well learn on default, besides, Micah got a kick out of pissing her own family off. Now that she was considered an outcast of course. A shiver went across his body when she traced his ear, the piercing were like conductors to his nerves and… His eyes shot open wide, repeating what she said over and over in his head, making sure he heard her correctly. Kasen looked down at her, blinking a couple times. If she was really going to allow him, there was no way he was going to turn her down.Lifting her chin up so that he could get another good look at her lovely face. Again, for the second time, his lips met hers with a passionate heat, running his hand down the curve of her side. He pressed the kiss a little harder to let her know to go backwards and follow his lead…
It had the desired effect as if anything the eyes watching widened at the kiss that he knew was something knew entirely for his younger sister.She however, was feeling like she was on a high, eyes turning glossy as she eventually closed them, hands clinging to Kasen’s shirt as she followed the push moving backward not entirely sure of where this was going, well… Micah wasn’t going to pass up a chance of kissing a drop dead gorgeous demon. Faintly she whimpered as before the tingles shivered down her body, skin highly receptive to the hand holding to her hip. In the back of her mind she wondered how far he would go?
Kasen growled into the kiss, she was delicious, this kiss having more meaning than the first one. His right hand on her hip slowly worked back up, going under her shirt this time, to cup her breast. He trusted her to tell him when to stop if she wanted to, but if this truly was going to be a show for their stalker, that just made it all the more fun. His lips broke away from hers, traveling to her neck, giving her small nips down the side of her neck sensually as his hand started to go behind her back, squeezing the clasp of her bra to make it come undone…
« Nuhh–Kasen… » she breathed out, not quite believing that he was so confident, here she was being fearful that he’d find her body inadequate, knowing that it would have been nicer to have bigger breasts, more curves even. And yet… the angel was finding it hard to mask the surprise that Kasen roamed her skin as if it were a tasty treat. « Stop, too mm much » shaken hands cupping the angular face pulling him back up to peck his perfect lips sweetly. Micah was officially bright red, eyes filled with glimmers of desire and awe as she traced his cheek not wanting him to move either. « Too good, I don’t think I’d want to be watched » a single finger stroking the males lips, pressing the tip lightly into his mouth just slowing down the sudden fast-paced passion… the feel of eyes long since vanished.
Kasen nodded, giving her another gentle kiss before sitting up next to her. He was a little disappointed but what man wouldn’t be? Nothing he could do about it if she said no, he didn’t dare force her either. Getting another look at her, he couldn’t hold back his grinning lips. « You’re very red, Micah, » he said with a little laugh in his voice. He interlocked his fingers and placed them over his lap to try and hide his excitement. « Do you know who the little stalker is? Not a demon, I know that much… »
She could feel his disappointment, and it perhaps hurt a little as she turned her gaze out into the nights air, her hands creeping under her shirt and re-setting the clip of her bra that he’d undone. « It was my brother » she stated, the blush having completely faded as Micah stood up and stretched her limbs walking a fair distance from the male feeling pathetic that she hadn’t been able to let him continue… she’d wanted him to, but for the angel, with everything being her first. Micah couldn’t help but want it to be a more mutual meaning, that it wasn’t because they were alone. That Kasen wanted it to be more than a fling – that was wishful thinking beyond everything.Holding herself the, the white haired female turned fully to the cruel harsh weather outside, hiding her fear of being nothing but someone to pass Kasen’s time. Heck – why would a gorgeous bad boy of a demon find anything vaguely good about a angel, who was pure. Nothing. « He’s no doubt already told my father what he saw, very convincing display… » her voice seeming detached.
« Your brother spying for your father… Well, that should be fun, » he smirked. He watched her, his lips twisting slightly in a small frown. « You’re going to get cold over there, » he opened his arms wide, the flames that danced on his skin jumped for a moment « And I’m still plenty warm over here, » He was trying to keep his mind off of her family because it was bigger than his. In his family, he only had to worry about his father, she had her father and a brother… « If you’re worrying about them… I can’t say it will be clean but you shouldn’t cloud your mind with that until the time comes »
« My brother can barely fight, he has a bone marrow disease, the only reason why he’s able to live is because angels are immortal. He’s weak. His only use is as a scout. » she shrugged seeming unaffected that her brother wasn’t up to standards, partly why her father was so dependent on Micah being the best. It was hard, she didn’t want to go to him like an obedient child, she hated it in fact. But still, Micah’s body moved back toward him, sitting back down and welcoming the warmth of his body against her cooler one. « You’re always warm » she whispered softly, not looking up at him, just laying partially limp but enough to not make it seem obvious that she felt so inadequate.
Kasen held her firmly, rocking her gently, knowing something was wrong with her. « Are you alright, my Micah? » he asked softly, realizing he asked her so sweetly. He used to be such a tough bastard, mostly from his father. When his mother was alive, she was his haven when his father was so hard on him. He knew he got his softer side from her, it was the only way she still lived on in his heart… His father knew this so she tried to turn him into a heartless bastard like him because Lucifer hated Kasen’s mother because she disagreed with him on many things, mostly on parenting styles.
The my rang through her mind, causing Micah to wriggle a little in a hesitant manner, not sure whether she should tell the truth or not…the truth seemed a lot easier to make, « I feel inadequate compared to you… earlier, you seemed disappointed almost as if I were pathetic with making you stop so soon. I– I like it, just didn’t want it to be a one off, that you’d think I was easy » speaking her fear as she looked away, blinking back the pooling water that wanted to leak down her cheeks. She was such an idiot, but, even so – Micah couldn’t help moving closer to the male. Would it have been better to lie?
« You… Thought I would think you were easy? » Kasen repeated, choking back a laugh. « That’s absurd, Micah, » he said jokingly. He placed a kiss on the top of her head. « You’re not easy… Remember I chased after you and you pushed me away? I still rescued you after that. Plus, you almost killed me so, » he walked his fingers across the air before gently tapping her nose « I disagree with you »

« I meant easy on the way that I was finding it difficult to make you stop… that, you were intoxicating to want to stop touching me… » a hue of rose playing the cheeks like before, « You… you pushed past the defenses, saw the submissive and needy side.. Kasen, why did you kiss me before? It wasn’t really a thank you… was it? » desperately wanting to know something that would indicate that she meant something to him, even if it was a mild infatuation. It was something!
It was Kasen now that tried to hide his face from her eyes. « No, it wasn’t… » he shifted nervously « I meant what I said when I said you were beautiful and when you were healing me, you still did look beautiful and graceful, like I was seeing you in a whole new light… And I was grateful you saved me because I knew how costly it was to do so… » It was hard for him to say that, showing any emotion besides rage in battle wasn’t allowed in Hell…
She’d cupped his chin and turned him back to her, kneeling up as she raised a leg and swung it around to the other side of his body straddling his lap wriggling to rest her head perfectly on his chest, « Could… could you hold me? » Micah asked softly, muffled a little when she’d nuzzled into Kasen’s broad chest, stroking his sides with her dainty fingers. « You’re handsome in a rigid kind of way, I’d say you’re beautiful as well, Kasen. » a faint giggle, as before the flame turning blue – not healing this time, just relaxing.
Kasen didn’t have to be told twice; he quickly put his arms around her, rubbing her back slowly. He kept his eyes on the entrance to the cavern. Her brother had to have told her father already, so he kept his eyes forward, anticipating his arrival… But her aura was so calming and soothing, it felt as if every muscle in his body was relaxed and his mind at peace.
Such things never seemed to last long, as Micah screeched out in pain, an electric current surrounding her as she convulsed and twisted gasping for breath until she was fully off the male, only then did she get the air she needed, « You were stupid to think you could get peace with your sick minds » a thick tone spoke out, but when looking to the entrance there was no one there. Her father, Gabriel, wasn’t physically there. Mentally he was – punishing her with the only weakness that his daughter had. She whimpered in pain, clutching her head as he shot another strike of energy to agonize her brains, if he continued… Micah could easily have a stroke. « You are a disgrace, ugly… unworthy… disgust and repulse… » the voice echoing the cave as the female cried out – everything he said, hurt her to the core only making Micah believe truly that she was a nobody.
« Micah! » Kasen hollered, rushing to her to stand protectively near her. His wings ripped from his back, his sword appearing in a black mist. « Show yourself, coward! » Kasen shouted into the air, keeping his eyes open, looking for someone to appear. « Leave her alone, dammit! »
The pain subsided as a laugh heard the empty threat, « I’m not a coward when I knew my daughters weakness, heretics never deserve second chances and you’d do well to hold your tongue. » the voice purred out as another thin strike hit Micah causing her to shoot up and cling to the demon eyes looking for something, anything that would stop the pain. « Why would I leave a betrayer alone, what can you possible want with HER……!! »
Kasen held her tightly with his left arm while his right hand tightened around the hilt of the sword. « I love her, » he barked « Now leave her the fuck alone! » Lucifer has been searching the grounds for hours until a massive power was detected « What do we have here? » he asked as he flew into the cavern. He ignored his son « Hmmm… Now, I smell Gabriel, but I don’t see Gabriel… Come out, come out wherever you are, »
A cave, a small one that at, with two demons both powerful in their own nature – and now… with the face Lucifer was here, naturally Gabriel reared his head looking similar to the demon king but lighter in contrast, eyes furiously glaring at the male and not at his daughter. « What the fuck are you doing on my grounds » he spat out, naturally Micah whimpered and hid behind Kasen not liking the anger that seemed to radiate of off him, Lucifer was the only one capable enough to rile him to the point of insanity. The smaller angel soon came to realize that Kasen had uttered words she’d never been familiarized with – love.
« Searching for some lost property of mine and I happened to come across you… So, how have things been in Heaven? Still boring? Do you guys miss me? » Lucifer was toying around with him by making petty small talk. Kasen looked down at her « It’ll be okay, » he whispered, even though he was scared out of his wits that his father had shown up…
Gabriel narrowed his eyes, sounds of lightening striking outside as the male brought back-up, wanting Lucifer out of the grounds, warriors standing outside, power eluding everywhere causing Micah to inwardly shrink as she grabbed Kasen and pulled him close to her. « We need to get out of here, this doesn’t bode well » she whispered out, staring as her father stepped forward, « My daughter would be with me if your son hadn’t tainted her… you bastard! » clearly blaming everything on Lucifer… like before, « You just couldn’t get it through your thick skull, oh no! You had to destroy other people’s lives and you call yourself a king. No king murders his own wife… »
Then Lucifer lost it. The space around him turned red and black, his horns growing slightly larger. Kasen nodded « Right night we should really leave, » Kasen’s sword disappeared again as he took a running start out of the cavern, taking to the skies with her in his arms.Lucifer ignored his son flight, Gabriel was his problem. « No one is to mention that wrench as anything but a whore, » He did everything in his power to erase her from history, even their marriage. « As for Kasen, I applaud him, » he retorted, meaning to strike Gabriel’s heart with his words first
Gabriel sneered, « That wench you so call her was my aunt! You kill family and now you take my own girl. What are you? You don’t change, who would have thought your son would be so like his mother » he knew the words would cut a lot deeper than that of his daughter hooking up with a demon of all beings. « Did you hear what he said… mentioned LOVE » laughing wickedly, the angel left Lucifer alone in the cave, he’d seek his daughter once more, it was only a manner of time before she landed down once more.She cried, clutching to Kasen, « Why does it have to be so difficult, I’m a failure…. »
Lucifer made a mental note to make Kasen suffer when he finally caught up with him. He stood there alone, taking a minute to calm down and retract his horns slightly. « Oh that Gabriel, such a jokester, » he laughed to himself, brushing off his clothes. « Now, to find the two star crossed idiots, » then he was off but Kasen was suppressing his energy. « You’re not a failure, don’t listen to them, » he reassured her, soon finding a thick patch of trees to hide in.
« I am! If I hadn’t gone to heal you, we both wouldn’t be in this state, you wouldn’t be hurt…  » babbling incoherently as she wriggled out of his embrace and looked up wide-eyed, « Kasen, I’m scared, this isn’t you fault! What if, what if I go to your father, sacrifice myself. You wont be harmed will you? You’d be safe.. » crumbling to her knee’s she stared at the ground. « You can’t get hurt again. I won’t allow it » trying to find some way of keeping her demon from getting hurt at all, and yet the idea seemed… so difficult.
Kasen grabbed her and pulled her to her feet. « Listen, Micah, you’re not a failure and I would rather have died by your hand than to never have kissed you and felt this way for you, » He knew what he was saying but didn’t care « No matter what, I’m not leaving you and you aren’t going back to him nor am I going with Lucifer, understand? »
She blinked, mouth opening and closing as she tried to gain some semblance of what he was saying. « You’re mine? You wont leave » the angel whispered out, tilting her head to the side, a soft hand stroking Kasen’s ear like before playing with the individual piercing as her other nimble fingers stroked down his jaw, feeling the touch chin as she traced everything wanting to remember for reference in future. « Beautiful » Micah mouthed, both standing in the middle of a forest – it was only a matter of time before they were found again, like cat and mouse. Sooner or late they would come unstuck.
Kasen nodded « I’m with you… It’s just my promise, » He gave her a kiss before he heard flapping of wings. « Dammit, » he cursed, taking her in his arms and taking to the skies again. He wasn’t up there long before a black arrow shot through his wing, forcing him to make an emergency landing before ripping the arrow out.Lucifer landed before them. « Kasen. Home. NOW! » he shouted an order. Kasen, for the first time stood up for himself. « No, I’m done with hell, I’m done with the empire, I’m done with you! »
The moment she saw the arrow, the way it stuck from his wing… Micah blew up, eyes filled with rage as she growled in the back of her throat, narrowing completely with utter devastation that HER Kasen had been wounded, « You won’t hurt him » she said outspoken, pressing a hand to her demon’s side and moving him out the way standing protectively in front of him, eyes closed for a second or so the arrow being literally forced out and thrust into a nearby tree, Kasen’s wound instantly closing. The angels power looming in dark tendrils as her eyes never left Lucifer, « You might be a heartless bastard, but your son is still your blood. What right do you have at stopping his will, you were once like him and don’t you dare fucking deny it… » the first time a swear word of such kind came out of Micah’s lips. It was certainly something new.
Kasen was shocked at out she stood between him and his father, it was brave, very brave. Lucifer looked at Kasen « Having a woman fight your battles? » before looking back at the angel « It doesn’t matter, angel. He is my son and there are rules to be followed, if I let him go with this, then who will I make an example of? Thinking about it now… Your father would be a nice example… » he pretended to drift off into thought, just wanting to see if she would sell out her own father
« You think I would sell out for my father? » she exclaimed, crossing her arms with an unimpressed grace, « My father only saw me as one thing, to bring you down. It’s all he would ever talk about, I was trained, forced into this ridiculous war that was and still is between only two people. To be used as a pawn in your never ending game, well… checkmate. Neither of you will win » eyes narrowed as a long nailed hand rose, wind dancing around it as crystal eyes flashed to Lucifer, « The people who need to be made example of are you and that of the man who calls himself Gabriel » a faint glimmer of mischief played to the angels eyes as a lob-sided smile took form from the one straight lips, « As for fighting, well… it surprised your son when he came across me, » turning to look over her shoulder with a coy look not keeping long from being way of Lucifer as she returned to fixate on the elderly demon.
Lucifer shook his head. This girl really was a whack job, talking to him like that, who did she think she was. « Okay, girl. If that is the way you feel, » In his hand appeared a black staff, skulls on each side, their mouths opened slightly with a large red gem inside. « I’m prepared to kill you both here, »Kasen made his sword appear in his hands. « I’ve waited for this for so long. Ever since you killed Mom, I’ve hoped for this day, » he growled, standing beside Micah. He would leave his emotions out of this battle, one thing he learned from Micah.
« Naww, there was me hoping we could have tea and a good chat about things. So much for thinking he were a tea loving man » sighing exasperated as if this was all an effort to fight Lucifer, almost as if she’d rather be doing better things. Which no doubt Micah actually did. The smirk that passed her lips for a few seconds, completely vanishing as Micah presented her body back to the fight mode, exactly like she’d been when fighting Kasen, it was a different part of the angel as she took her stance, the sword that had been hidden remained sheathed by her side. « So, are you going to cheat. Or play fair? » flicking her white hair out of her face as a look of concentration seemed to take form over her face, eyes glittered with anticipation almost as if fighting was more thrilling than something to be wary of. No she wasn’t too big in her shoes, the female knew better than to think Lucifer would be rubbish, he had to be great to get to where he was after all…
« Cheating to me IS playing fair, » he remarked before Kasen made the first attack. He knew his father was going to block it, in fact, Lucifer had thought Kasen everything he knew, but that was his plan. He was going to keep attacking him with blockable attacks so Micah could make quick work of finishing him off. Lucifer wasn’t going to play fair so Kasen at least wanted to beat him to it first.Bringing his sword down swiftly, Lucifer’s staff blocked the attack, pushing him off again. « Come on, boy, I taught you better than that! » Kasen’s sword came down on Lucifer’s right side, the skull of the staff catching the blow, both pressing as hard as they could to overpower the other one. « Before you killed her Mom had planned a rebellion against you, » Kasen remarked just before they pushed each other off. The mention of his ex wife threw Lucifer into a fit of rage. Kasen and his father’s attacks and blocks only sped up, becoming almost invisible as they attacked and countered, attacked and countered, attacked and countered to no end and no first blood drawn yet.

Death to the Heretics – Escape from Hell
Death to the Heretics – King Kasen