❯ Death Changes Everything – Summer Day ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Juna opened her eyes, sunlight came pouring in through her window. She slowly sat up groggily. It was still too early for her own liking, but she got up anyway. It was summer, time to injoy her vacation as much as possible even if it did mean getting up early. But she didn’t mind, It meant spending time with her friends. The ringing of her phone startled her making her fall out of bad. « Damn phone. » she mumbled as she got up and walked over to her dresser where her phone sat. Picking it up she said « Hello? » « Why don’t you greet someone on the phone like other normal Japanese people? » came Takako’s voice. Takako was one of Juna’s friends. « Because I ain’t no normal Japanese people » came Juna’s reply. « Oh is that a fact now? » asked Takako. « It sure as hell is. » said Juna laughing and Takako joined in seconds later. « So what did you want Tako, I know you didn’t just call to say I wasn’t normal, but I could always be wrong. » said Juna. « Ju-Ju you know how I hate the nickname you gave me. » said Takako. « I know Takako but I love annoying you, now tell me what the hell you want. » said Juna. « Fine, damn, hold your horses. » said Takako as she went on into a full lenght story of her plans for today. « So hold on, you want me to go to the sea and hang out with everyone for the rest of the day? » Juna asked. « Yeah, pretty much. » said Takako. « Ok, I’ll get a ride with Tokio. See you there. » said Juna. « Bye » said Takako as she and Juna hung up. Juna then waked over to her closet, taking of her pjs and throwing them somewhere in her room. She then put on a light blue skirt and a white t-shirt with a red tie. She slipped on some socks and a pair of brown loafers. She put her mid-back lenght black hair up into a ponytail and ran out of her house.
« Please? » asked Juna who was starring longingly at the Coca-Cola can in her friend Kokomo’s hand. « No. » said Kokomo. « Oh come on ple- Oh my god look!!! » Juna said pointing and Kokomo looked. Juna than snatched Kokomo’s soda and started drinking. Soon after Juna was being chased by and angry Kokomo. Takako, Tokio, Natsumi, Yukiko, Takumi, Akira, Kuwabara, Keiko, Botan, and Yusuke watched as the 2 fought over a simple thing such as Coca-Cola. Juna then ran over and climbed onto the railing trying to keep her balance. « Stay back or the Coca-Cola and me gets it » she said finally gaining her balance. « You wouldn’t » said Kokomo, not believing that Juna would do it. « Try me. » said Juna. Kokomo took a few steps toward Juna and Juna jumped off holding the Coca-Cola can in one hand and plugging her noise with her other hand. Everyone ran over to the railing to see if Juna would come up. She didn’t.
« Where could she have gone? » asked Yukiko. « No clue. » said Takumi. « Think she died? » asked Natsumi. « Nah, maybe she just umm . . . .  » said Tokio stopping because her had to think. « Hey guys who you lookin’ for? » came Juna’s voice and everyone turned around to see her. She now had on a short sleeve button up plaid shirt that went down to her knees and she wore a pair of black shorts that were hidden bellow her shirt. She held an Ice cream cone in one hand and a Coca-Cola can in the other. « Juna!!! » everyone yelled angrily at her for scaring them and they all charged. « Uh-oh » said Juna staring wide-eyed at her charging friends. Trying her best to come up with something quick she pointed behind them and shouted « Chipmunks! » « Where?!?! » yelled her friends turning around expecting to see Chipmunks, Juna took of running. « HA HA you’ll never catch me I’m the ginger bread man!!! » she yelled laughing. « GET BACK HERE!!!!! » yelled everyone as the started to run after her.
After everybody cooled down they started hanging out again. « Oh yeah, Kokomo this is for you ’cause I took yours » said Juna tossing the Coca-Cola can over to Kokomo. « I still don’t understand how nothing spilled out of those Coca-Cola cans. » said Akira. Everyone just shrugged and got back to what they were doing which was sitting around watching the Seagulls catch fish. A few minutes later Juna spoke up, « Tokio? »she asked startling everyone. « Yeah? » he asked. « Can we go see the sunset sometime? » she asked. « We can see it right here. » he said. « No I mean up north » she said pointing to the mountains. « Well, I don’t know. » said Tokio a little unsure. « Please? » asked Juna giving her irresistable puppy dog look. Tokio just happened to look and sighed and answered, « fine. » Juna smiled and hugged Tokio who was sitting next to Yusuke so Juna had to lean over Yusuke to hug Tokio.
It was now night time and it was time for everyone to say their goodbyes and go home so they can injoy another day of hanging out tomorrow. When Juna got home she plopped down on her couch and started surfing through channels. When she found nothing that she likes on she got up to go look at movies and video games. She found nothing good there either so she went into the kitchen. Her mom and dad were gonna be gone for the whole summer so it was up to her to decide on dinner. She wasn’t going to eat dinner alone so she picked up the phone and dialed Tokio’s number since he lived right next door. « Hello? » she heard him ask. « Hey Jason this is Freddy wanna come over for dinner tonight. » she asked. She liked to call him Jason and he called her Freddy or Fred. « Hey Fred, sure, I’d love to come over for dinner. Whatcha havin’? » he asked. She shrugged then remembered she was on the phone and said, « I don’t know. » « Ok well when I get over there we can decide. » he said. She said ok and they both hung up.
After dinner, which was pizza, Tokio went home. Juna, knowing that she would wake up early again tomorrow went up stairs and took a shower, she put on her pjs and layed in bed. She thought about things for a while and then slowly drifted off to sleep.

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