Naruto Fan Fiction ❯ Deaf ( Chapter 24 )

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Hello! I read my reviews and have decided to answer some sort of questions. The reason Hinata could throw around Hanabi like a rag doll as Hiashi said is because now that Naruto has, well… finally noticed her; her confidence has shot through the roof. I personally think that she was always stronger than Hanabi, but her issues held her back. And as for why Naruto’s eyes impressed Hiashi is because Hyuugas are infamous for their skill at reading people, right? Well, when Naruto glared into Hiashi’s eyes Hiashi could see even without the Byakuugan Naruto’s determination and spirit. Or the same eyes the Yondaime had. Even the Hyuugas acknowledge that the Yondaime rocked. And finally I ended the last chapter the way I did for kicks.
‘Where am I?’ Naruto awoke in some sort of cage with several seals on it.
‘Shut up, Kyuubi! Hey, how come the Snake-bastard didn’t use that weir five-point seal of his?’
BREEDING, PROBABLY. Naruto felt sick.
‘Oh come on, I finally turned the pheromone off! And I ain’t breeding with anyone but- Oh dammit, you can hear me, huh?’ The Kyuubi just chuckled under his breath.
« Awake, Naruto-kun? » Naruto peered through the cage bars to see Orochimaru. Naruto flipped him off.
« These bars won’t hold my, Shit-for-brains! Rasengan! » Naruto’s attack blew right back at him. Orochimaru laughed.
« Fool, the seals are there for a reason. It is most excellent that I did not acquire you for your brains. » Naruto shook his fist at Orochimaru and swore at him. Only then Naruto noticed that his Foxgloves were lying on a table several feet away from the cage.
« What the Hell do you want with me, you freaking’ pedophile? Aren’t I a little old for you? » Naruto had to force back a shudder as he made his statement.
« I am NOT a pedophile! And I wish to have a new body both with your Bloodlines and the Sharingan! »
« Love to break it to you, Snaky, but neither Sasuke nor I are a chick so you are out of luck. » Orochimaru chuckled villainously.
« Foolish boy, I can wait for as long as I have to capture both of you and you produce offspring who will then reproduce with each other. »
« Would you stop thinking about doing that with Kabuto! I can see what you’re thinking, you know! » Orochimaru’s face contorted into the slightest frown.
« I hope Tayuya makes it very painful for you, Naruto-kun. » Naruto raised an eyebrow and felt a pang of panic.
« As you wish, Orochimaru-sama, » Tayuya said as she entered the room with an ominous suitcase and a leather dominatrix outfit.
« Shit, » Naruto mumbled under his breath. Orochimaru smiled evilly.
« Indeed. » With that Orochimaru disappeared in a poof of smoke, leaving S & M Tayuya alone with Naruto. Tayuya smiled at Naruto and sauntered over to his cage and set her suitcase down.
« Something’s different about you… Oh well, you’re still pretty cute. » Tayuya’s arm shot through the bars and touched Naruto’s arm before he yanked it away. « And you have plenty of muscle. » Tayuya smirked again and flooded Naruto’s mind with her mental images.
‘You’re not helping, Kyuubi!’ Naruto focused all of his attention on Tayuya. « How on Earth do you intend to make me do those things? » Naruto felt a little confidence. There was no way in Hell that she could overpower him on her own and her oni wouldn’t work on him. « You’ll have to open my cage. » All of his confidence rushed out when he saw Tayuya smile mischievously/evilly. She opened her suitcase and pulled out some sort of blowgun and loaded it with darts.
« The chemicals in these darts will make you’re muscles almost useless. Well, accept one muscle, that is. » Naruto paled and started running circles around the cage frantically, trying to make sure she would miss. Naruto knew that none of his foxes powerful enough to takedown Tayuya could fit through the bars so summoning was out.
« Help! » Naruto cried out both verbally and mentally. Tayuya seemed to relish in his fear as she prepared to fire a dart. CRASH! The entire compound shook and the dart went askew.
« What the Hell!? » Tayuya shouted in anger. It had been a long time since she’d gotten this kind of opportunity and was not going to pass it up. The ceiling started to crack and suddenly a downpour of nuts (A/N: the tree kind, you perverts! And I know what I’m talking about when it come s to perverts!) and rocks crashed through the ceiling and Tayuya barely dodged getting crushed. Following the cascade of nature came several bears, foxes, raccoons and squirrels through the wall While the animals attacked Tayuya who was caught without her flute, Naruto summoned a small fox that slipped through the bars and picked the lock before poofing away. Once he was free Naruto mentally said thanks to the animas and told them they could leave. The animals charged back out from whence they came and left Naruto alone with Tayuya. « Shit, » she said as she tried to load another dart but Naruto was right next to her and crushed the blowgun with his hand before knocking Tayuya with an elbow to the head. Naruto pulled on the Foxgloves and ran through the door that Tayuya had originally come through. Naruto immediately noticed the trees and animals that were attacking the outside of the base.
‘Thanks,’ Naruto thought to them before summoning some of his foxes to support them. ‘Beasts Within!’ Naruto’s eyes slit and his ears pointed. He sniffed the air and quickly found Orochimaru’s location. Following his nose he burst through a door where Orochimaru was sitting on a throne, definitely not happy.
« You, brat! I will hurt you for the damage you have caused! » Orochimaru leapt down from his chair and summoned Manda. « You will have as many sacrifices as you want, just kill him! » The giant snake boss lunged at Naruto who transformed into a three-tailed Hanyou mode and managed to throw Manda into a wall.
‘I can’t hold this form long enough to fight both of them.’ Naruto performed a summoning and with a huge poof of smoke Kyushen appeared. « It’s about time you actually showed up for when I summon you! » Kyushen just snorted and without needing to be told charge the recovered Manda. While the two boss summons fought Naruto glared at Orochimaru with crimson eyes and sent waves of killing intent. « Souryu Endyan no Jutsu! » Orochimaru dodged the lightning and fire dragons but was nailed in the back when Naruto dashed behind him and used the Uzamaki Roar. Naruto smirked in satisfaction until ‘Orochimaru’ turned into a pile of goo.
« Hyaah! » Four snakes shot out of Orochimaru’s sleeve and bit into Naruto who did not turn into a log as Orochimaru had expected, Naruto had read Orochimaru’s mind, but instead used them to yank Orochimaru into him to meet his Foxgloves. Orochimaru managed to release the snakes and was only grazed, but he was still sent reeling to the ground with a severe injury.
‘I hope this works,’ Naruto thought as he saw Orochimaru start running at full speed and his own energy start to leave him. « Hiraishin! » The last thing Orochimaru ever saw was that yellow flash.
‘Damn you Arashi!’ Orochimaru plopped down dead and Manda, who had been losing anyway, disappeared. Naruto collapsed but unlike Manda, Kyushen could stay with an unconscious or dead summoner and picked Naruto up to take him home.
« This will turn into quite the pickle if the approaching ANBU see me, » Kyushen grumbled.
Orochimaru is dead and Naruto’s cherry is saved! Yay! Please read and review, flamers will be burnt, eaten, spit out and then eaten again. Thank-you for reading!
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