❯ Dawning Power – Chapter 4

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Sam smiled as he dropped their bags; their wedding gift from Dawn’s friends was a night in a Honeymoon suite of the Bellagio hotel. Sam was used to dingy motels and the dorms, the nicest place he could remember living was their apartment. But this place was in a whole other league.
“Wow. They really went all out.” Dawn commented and Sam smiled.
“They want you to be happy Dawn.” He answered, moving to hug her tightly.
“I am Sam, happier than I’ve been in a long time.” She told him and Sam smiled, hands moving to her hips.
“Have I told you how beautiful you look today?” He whispered and she smiled.
“Maybe, then again maybe you should say it again. Though you look pretty good yourself in that monkey suit.” She teased, turning so she could wrap her arms around him. Sam grinned, looking her dress over and then reaching around to slip the sheer wrap down and off her arms before reaching for the zip to her dress. In response Dawn reached up and undid his bowtie and then started on the buttons of his shirt.
“Hope Dean’s found something to do.” Sam admitted and Dawn laughed.
“I’m hoping he doesn’t piss Willow off by hitting on Tara.” She answered and Sam chuckled. He lowered the zip and then slowly pushed the gown downwards, being careful of the layers of material and long train. He then lifted her clear of the pile of cream material before picking it up and hanging it over a chair. Dawn smiled as she watched him, dressed only in silver heels and a satin shift. He turned to her and she beckoned him over.
“You Mr. Winchester are way overdressed.” She teased, pushing his shirt and jacket off together. He left them where they fell as he leant down to kiss her softly.
“You seem well on the way to fixing that problem Mrs. Winchester.” He answered when he pulled back to breath.
“Mrs. Winchester…I like the sound of that.” She said, hands going to his belt.
“Good.” He reached up and searched out the pins holding her hair up, letting it fall in a tangled mass of curls. He kicked his pants the rest of the way off and then picked her up, carrying her into the bedroom. She laughed as he gently tossed her onto the bed, wriggling out of her slip and kicking off her heels, leaving her in a pair of matching lacy bra and panties. Sam kicked his own shoes and socks off before joining her.
Dean sat with the man that had given Dawn away, Xander something in the bar watching the two women dance together.
“Don’t even think about it.” The younger man warned and Dean looked at him.
“Don’t blame me if you end up a rat.” He shrugged and went back to watching the crowd, ignoring Dean’s shocked stare.
“Rat? What do you mean?” He demanded and Xander sighed.
“Welcome the life of a Scooby. We’re an odd bunch, fighting nightly and saving the world over and over again can do that to you. The two you’re ogling? Two of the most powerful Wicca’s on the planet.”
“They’re witches?” He spat in fear and anger, just who had Sam married? He was suddenly pinned by an angry stare.
“Watch your tone. Those two and Dawn are about the only people on the planet I’d kill for. Those girls have fought and bled to keep this world spinning so take your prejudice somewhere else. Can’t believe Dawnie could get involved with you lot.” Xander finished, shaking his head.
“What’s that meant to mean?”
“Come on, you heard her vows to the Goddess? Dawn is Wiccan too. Could be scary powerful if she wanted to be but she’s happy with the training she has.” Xander told him and Dean paled, his brother had married a witch? But Dawn seemed so sweet and kind.
“A witch?” Dean started to stand, ready to run to Sam’s rescue when his arm was grabbed, he tensed, ready to fight but the anger was gone from Xander’s face, replaced by confusion.
“What have you got against Wiccans? Dawn only uses magic as a last resort in a life threatening situation. Well that and warding places. Relax, your brother is safe with her, I’d like to see any creature brave enough to piss Dawn Summers off on her wedding night. She definitely got her sister’s temper.”
“What does she want with Sam?” Dean demanded and Xander shook his head.
“I know neither of us is married but I don’t think you’re any stranger to what a newly wedded couple gets up to.” Xander drawled and Dean glared.
“What demon did she deal with?” Dean demanded and Xander frowned.
“Okay timeout, I think we have some crossed wires here. Why are you asking about demons?”
“So I know which one she got power from and whether it’s the one after Sam!”
“There’s a demon after your brother? Great, two demon magnets married to each other, the world trembles. As for getting power from a demon are you insane? Wicca is natural magic. Dawn’s power comes from herself and nature and stuff…. I don’t really listen all that much since magic tends to go screwing around me. But I do know there are no demons involved.” Xander explained and Dean stared at him, mind whirling. No demons?
“Dawn is….special. If you’re going to be with her than I guess you should know. Dawn better tell Sam herself though, I do not get between spouses. Okay, here’s the story.” Dean listened in shock to the story of one Dawn Summers, now Winchester.
“Morning Dean.” Sam greeted as he walked into the hotels restaurant and Dean just nodded.
“Okay, what’s wrong? You didn’t hit on Tara did you?” Sam asked, worried by Dean’s reaction.
“How much do you know about Dawn, Sammy?” He asked and Sam frowned.
“Why? Dean what’s wrong?”
“I had a really interesting talk with Xander last night and you should talk to her about it if you don’t already know.” Dean told him and Sam bit his lip. What had Xander told Dean that had his brother acting so weird?
“Has to do with her wedding vows.” Dean hinted and Sam frowned.
“What? The Goddess bit? I know Dawn’s pagan but I’ve seen her pray and all, nothing wrong with it.” Sam said and Dean shifted.
“Yeah, her exact religion Sam?” Dean pushed and Sam shrugged.
“Wicca, Dean there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s not like she’s worshipping demons or something.”
“Xander said he talked to you last night.” Sam nearly jumped as Dawn spoke from behind him.
“Dawn what’s Dean going on about?” Sam asked and she kissed him.
“Let’s have breakfast first okay? Not the sort of discussion we want to have in public.” She sat down and ordered pancakes and juice, Sam following her lead.
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