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Shattered Illusions

Chapter 43: Dark Master

By: Melissa Norvell


Copernicus stumbled around haphazardly after being released by the
cuffs, clutching his head. Pounding pains assaulted his mind, and
glowing rings around his irises flickered on and off as he tried to
will the possession away. Above anything, the vampire couldn’t let
Hizaki get into his mind. He was not going down so easily.
« No…This was all just your scheme, wasn’t it? »

« You may be a prodigy, but you have a lot to learn, » Hide smirked.
He quaintly got up, as if nothing bothered him and it was a normal
day at the office.

The Inheritor groaned and his body shook as his eyes slowly panned
over to the fallen girl that he had brought with him. « What did you
do to her? »

« She’s far too weak to help you. I nearly drained all of her
energy. The poor thing can barely speak, much less anything else.
She’s of no help to you. All she can do is watch as you fall under
my power, » Hizaki smiled, waiting with baited breath as his
possession slowly took hold of Copernicus’ mind. Today would be the
day that they finally were able to conquer the vampuric race. It
would be the day that they were able to put the humans in their
place and exact the Time of Ending.

Nothing was going to stand in their way.

« Tsubomi… » Copernicus’ voice was husky and tired as he mentally
battled the drag queen for control of his brain. « I’m so sorry… »
However, it was a battle that he was quickly losing. Soon, the
rings reappeared around his irises. They blazed a brilliant neon,
signifying his possession. The mighty Inheritor king fell to the
invasion and was overpowered by his enemy.

His body jolted, straightening up and assuming a subservient
position as he stood proudly with his arms to either side, looking
ahead with a blank expression.

« You’re highness…I’m so sorry… » Tsubomi’s eyes had cracked open
just in time to see her master overtaken by the two. Her body felt
like a led weight and she could barely move. It took all of her
energy to move only a few inches and even after that she was

There was nothing she could do.

Hizaki cackled, standing behind her with a look of pure elation
written on his face. « Your plan worked perfectly, Hide. Now the
king is under our complete control! This is bliss! » He clasped his
hands together in delight. « How I have waited for the day in which
you bowed to my feet, Copernicus J. Wittenburg! »

The brunette placed a hand over his chest and uttered a phrase that
Tsubomi never wanted him to say. « Yes, master, » he then
uncharacteristically bowed his head.

It pained her to see him submitting to them. The real
Copernicus would never treat them like that! He would never bow to
them at all!

‘What’s wrong with me? I can’t think. It’s like I’m clinically
brain dead or something. I can’t move and my body feels like jello.
Copernicus…I wanted so much to help you but, I have failed again
as your knight and donor.’
The moment that he needed her the
most, she wasn’t there. No matter what she did, Tsubomi could never
help him in the way that he helped her.

Hizaki turned, looking down on her with that same coy smile that he
had before. « Maybe you should have stayed possessed, then the two
of you could be together as slaves for us. »

« You’re sick… » There was no way in hell that she was going to go
back to that lifestyle.

« Thank you, » Hizaki primped his blonde locked and batted his long
eyelashes at the girl, « and thank you for being the one to
accompany him. You fell right into my trap. If it were anyone else,
I might have had a problem but your mind was already in such a
state that I could easily crush you. You’ll stay this way for a
long time so you’re not a threat to me. You’re just annoying to
deal with. » That girl had been the bane of his existence since he
had met her. It was time to get her out of the way permanently.

« What are you doing with him? Are you going to kill him? » Tsubomi’s
groggy voice reached the ears of the vampire.

« For now, he’ll be our puppet and we’ll use him to crush his own
knight organization. Now that we have him on our side, you’ll watch
him destroy your precious friends, » Hizaki was certain that Tsubomi
would love to see her world fall apart. It was about time their
perfect little union fell into ruin.

Tsubomi’s eyes widened in horror as she realized how stupid she was
for falling into such a horrible scheme. Copernicus was going to
have everyone’s deaths on his shoulders and it was going to be all
her fault. She felt so hopeless and terrible. If she had any
strength, she would have cried. ‘What have I done? I should have
stopped you. I should have kept you from coming here.
Copernicus…I really screwed up this time.’

Hide walked over to Copernicus, taking slow, graceful steps as he
looked into the possessed eyes of his newest captive. « Despite it
all, you are still a foolish boy. However… » His red eye narrowed
as he stared harder at the king’s face. « You are a worthy tool.
It’s just regretful that I had to take away the use of that
marvelous analytical brain. We could have made use of that. Now… »
He glanced over to the girl that lay useless on the ground. « What
shall I do with this one? »

« I’ll take her, » Hizaki offered. « I want her to watch as her lover
kills her friends. » More than anything, he wanted that girl to
suffer like she never suffered before.

‘I don’t know how to get out of this. Please, everyone, be
careful of Copernicus. I don’t want any more of your to die.’

Tsubomi could only pray that her friends were careful and watched
themselves around her master. Right now, all she could do was put
all of her faith in them and their abilities.


Worry crossed Millie’s face as she glanced at one of the clocks on
the wall. The more time flew by, the more nervous she got and the
more she thought about the possible outcome of Copernicus and
Tsubomi’s predicament. Was it really such a good idea to just send
the two of them out to face Hide like that? No matter how much
faith she wanted to put in her friends, Millie couldn’t help but
think about what a mistake she had just made. « It’s been a while,
nearly the whole day, actually. Do you think that Tsubomi and
Copernicus are still facing off against Hide? »

« Who knows? » Horatio shrugged. « Shiva did state that the
card didn’t give an allotted time frame on it. » They could have to
wait for all they knew.

« Well, crap, how are we supposed to even know when to go and look
for them? I mean, when is a good time and when isn’t? How do we
determine that? » Millie wanted to know. How long was too long? When
should they act? How long did they have to be gone for them to
start worrying?

« I’m not sure, » and Horatio wasn’t helping at all.

« That doesn’t help any, » the school girl sighed.

« I know I’m not much help. I still feel badly about Prince Yale, »
Horatio looked at the floor in shame. Nothing hurt him more than
the moment he had to stare his prince down as his body hit the

« Yeah… » It was a painful subject for Millie as well. « I know…Me
too…Even if he didn’t talk, I miss him being around. He always
understood my problems. I still don’t even know how to act knowing
that he wanted to marry me. » It seemed unreal to her.

« I feel as if I have failed all of the Wittenburg family, except
for King Copernicus. I never knew him like I did the others, so
knowing him now was a great honor. To know the kindness of the
royal family is truly an honor, since I was not nobility when I met
them. » It was every commoner’s dream to serve under the vampuric
royal family, and the fact that Horatio got to live out that dream
was an amazing thing. He was truly lucky just to have the chance to
be in their presence, let alone meet them and stay be their

« How did you get affiliated with the royal family? » Millie was
curious. Horatio sounded a lot like her when she thought about

« You see, » he began to explain; « I was not always a vampire. I was
born a human boy, and when I was young, my mother was a donor so
she frequented her master. Once, however, when I came home from
high school I ran into something that no one wants to see their
parents go through. »

The horror of that day played in his mind with striking clarity. It
was a moment in his life that he would definitely never forget.
Horatio would be haunted by the memories of how he came to be for a
life time.

« Mom, I’m home! » A young boy with short, wavy green hair shouted
as he opened the door to a quaint little house with a wood
interior. Instead of being greeted with a bright environment, the
house was strangely dark inside. There were no lights, no voices,
nothing that made it feel like a warm home.

« Mother? » The child was worried. This wasn’t what his house was
usually like this at all. When he would come home regularly, his
mother would be doing chores, soft lights would give the home a
warm feeling and her oft humming could be heard throughout the
house. Horatio glanced through different rooms, searching for him
mother. In each one, he found nothing. Running through the house,
he frantically looked around the room. His eyes darted to every
nook and cranny.

And then, he walked into the kitchen to find that his every
nightmare came true.

His eyes widened in fear as he stood in the doorway of the
kitchen, Before him, was his mother laying on the ground and on top
of her were two vampires, feeding from her neck. « Mother! » He
exclaimed as the two vampires’ heads shot up and looked at him.
They jumped from their places, leaving her lifeless body. Before he
could try and run, they had already got to him. Their teeth sank
into his body as he let out a scream of anguish.

« I was turned by them when I was only fifteen, » Horatio finished
his story.

« Who? Was it your mother’s master? » Millie wondered why in the
world would change him.

« No, it was his enemies. They killed my mother to draw him out and
then he killed her master too. I was left confused, horrified and
convulsing in pain on the ground as my chromosomes converted and I
nearly died four times, » his voice lowered. These memories were
painful, and something he would never forget. He kept them in his
mind, locked away from the world.

« You mean…You had to deal with that by yourself? » Millie was
shocked that he was even alive. Horatio must have been really
resilient to put up with that.

« No one could help me. No one was around. » It was just him,
battling the odds on his own.

« What about your father? » His mother was the only one who died.
Surely, he had other people in his life.

« My father was a soldier. He was deployed to a foreign country when
my mother was pregnant with me and he died in a bombing with I was
two. » There was no one else. Horatio never got to know his father
beyond the image on a photograph.

« So, you really were on your own, » Millie’s head lowered. She could
only imagine what kind of pain that Horatio went through, and the
fact that he was all alone sent a whole new wave of pain through
her. She felt so sorry for him.

« Not only that, » Horatio added, « I had to deal with my urges. It
was so hard to deal with myself back them. I wandered through the
streets, half starved and consumed by bloodlust. I wanted to attack
anything that walked past me, and then I met Prince Yale. »

No one was there to teach him how to deal with his urges. No one
could teach him what to do, or about what he was at all. Most newly
turned vampires ended up turning into something beastly and
animalistic, only driven on bloodlust and that was exactly what
happened to Horatio. He lived a life as a parasite on the streets,
but of all of the encounters he had, the boy remembered running
into the prince with striking clarity.

The rain poured down from the sky, it soaked through his clothes
and matted his green hair to his face. His chest heaved as he
darted down the alley. He inhaled sharply; droplets of rain were
sucked into his mouth as his body burned. Horatio was wild-eyed and
seeking shelter from the storm. Glancing back for just a moment, he
suddenly felt something collide with him. His body jolted and flew
backwards as his feet slipped out from under him and he collided
with the wet, slick ground with a smack.

Prince Yale stumbled backwards, dropping his umbrella in the
process. Out of the darkness, two of his royal guards rushed to his
side, asking him if he was alright and picking up his umbrella to
hand back to him.

Yale blinked a little as he laid sights on the boy in front of
him. « It’s a boy…He looks as if he’s been starved to death. » With
a sympathetic look, the prince walked over to the fallen male and
knelt close to him. He reached forward and brushed a bit of hair
from his face. « He’s hungry and exhausted.’ Yale noticed that the
boy’s mouth was open and stared at it for a few moments.

‘What is this?’

« Is something wrong, your majesty? » One of the guards asked,
taking an unsure step forward.

« This boy is a vampire as we are, » Yale told them.

« He’s probably a newly converted vampire. What a pity, » the
guard shook his head sympathetically. « He’ll probably die soon if
he doesn’t get some blood. »

« I want the two of you to take him back to the castle, » the
prince ordered as he stood up. Both of his guards were shocked.
They couldn’t believe that he would take a rouge in like that. Yale
knew nothing about this man. He could be an enemy or a spy.

« Surely you can’t mean that! Your majesty! You could be making a
mistake! What if he’s from a rival group who wants to see you
dead? » One of his soldiers was concerned with the Prince’s safety.
He didn’t want anything to happen to the prince or the royal

« Then we’ll turn him to our side, » Yale replied.

« But, your majesty- » the soldier tried to protest, but he was
cut off.

« It’s not your job to question his highness’ orders, » the other
guard glared at his comrade with a look that seemed to just scream
shut up.


Horatio woke up in a large, exquisite room. For a moment, the
boy thought it was a dream that he would end up in a place like
that. The air smelled of roses and fresh linens, and the soft
playing of a classical tune played in the background. Soft, silken
covers touched his cold, wet skin and for once, he felt rested.
Turning his head, he saw the prince sitting beside of him. Yale was
perched on an intricately carved chair and stared at him with eyes
of relief.

« You’re awake. I’m glad. You had me worried, there, » Yale held a
hand to his chest with a quaint smile.

« Don’t move too suddenly. You’re still malnourished. To answer
your question, I’m Prince Yale Axis Wittenburg. May I ask who you
are? » The prince put his hands up, not wanting the wounded and
starving man to move more than he had to.

« I’m Horatio Pendragon Greenchapel. »

« You have such a distinguished name for a commoner, » Yale was a
little shocked at that.

« You’re a prince, really? » Horatio could hardly believe

« Of course, » the noble nodded.

« Where am I? »

« You’re in Mordred Castle in Ramada. »

Horatio looked over to see a large glass full of a dense, red
liquid. The smell of metal wafted to his senses, driving his
desires crazy as they heightened. « That’s… »

« Yes, it’s blood. It’s for you, » Yale gestured to the glass as
the green-haired vampire snatched it, gulping it down as quickly as
he could. The red essence poured down his throat, cooling his
heated esophagus and quelling his lusts.

« You really can’t control your urges, can you? » The prince noted
at how hungrily he lapped it up. Horatio truly showed no finesse
when it came to gobbling down the fresh liquid. He was so
animalistic in his actions. Yale had never seen anything like

Horatio immediately felt shame as he realized just what he had
done. Looking down, he thought about his actions. Why did he act
like a raging animal with no manner in front of a blue blood? Had
he no class? « I don’t know what to do. I was turned into this by my
mother’s killers. I have nothing to hold on to anymore. »

« What if I taught you to control your urges? » Yale offered him
the chance to become something more than an animal. « I am also a
vampire, so I know how it is. »

« You are? Were you turned by me? » Horatio felt a sense of panic
run through his blood. What had he done? Had he really turned the
royalty of Ramada into a vampire?

« No, I was born this way. »

« So, » Horatio blinked, « you’ve been living with it all of your
life, haven’t you? » He was actually shocked to know that,
considering the life expectancy of an inheritor vampire.

« Yes, I have. I know how you must feel and I want to help you, »
Yale was being genuine. He had always had someone who was there to
talk to him about his urges, to understand him when he had
questions. He wanted to be that to Horatio.

« Thanks, » the green-haired vampire cracked a smile, « I don’t
know how I could ever repay you. »

« You can stay at my castle until you can be on your own. » From
this moment on, Yale would try and rehabilitate the other vampire
and teach him how to live on his own. He wanted his people to
thrive and the newly turned to learn to adapt to their surroundings
so that they didn’t wander around like vicious animals, disrupting
the natural flow of society and trying to bite anything in

Horatio bowed in his sitting position, his head nearly touching
his legs as he thanked the prince. From that moment on, he would
become his knight. When he sat back up, he threw his covers off,
kneeling before the benevolent ruler and kissing his hand. Yale
smiled and Horatio pulled his lips back.

« When Prince Yale got hurt and became mute, you took care of him
because he did the same thing for you, didn’t you? » That
realization just came to the school girl. It all made sense

« It was more than that. The Prince and I became friends when we
were younger. He was like family to me and he was the only one I
had back then, » Horatio would have done anything for the other
male. Dare he even say it? They were more like brothers than

« How sad, » Millie’s eyebrows knitted in concern. « You must have
caught such crap for being a vampire. People are so prejudice. »

« Yes, » Horatio inwardly flinched. He was a newly turned vampire
that existed among humans. The life of a vampire was an underground
thing, nothing that was brought to the surface and something that
was widely accepted as a myth or folklore by people. « I know this
more than anyone. Many painful and horrible things have happened to
me as a result. »

The screams filled his ears, screams of terror and obscenities
of hatred. Rocks slammed into his body as groups of people
surrounded him. His body bled and was bruised, and a frown
plastered to his face. His life was a series of horror-filled
nightmares and a rumor that wasn’t quite as it seemed. His wild
eyes glanced around to their evil faces, twisted with malevolence
and hatred. He clutched his arm as rocks bounced from his form with
loud thunks. His clothes were torn and blood seeped from his
wounds. All around him, he could hear them talking, shouting at

« Damned vampire filth! »

« Monster! It’s a monster! »

« Why? Who do I exist? » He wondered aloud and darted off into the
darkness. He wanted to get away from them all. Horatio ran from the
pain and curled into a dark corner where he thought that he
belonged. Tears streamed down his cheeks and a sharp pain resonated
in his heart. « Why didn’t I just die like my mother? Is this my
punishment? But…What did I do to deserve it? Why? Why does
everyone hate me? I don’t…understand. I’m alive, just like they
are and yet, I’m treated worse than a stray dog. »

Millie couldn’t help but feel the vampire’s pain. Most people
thought the life of a vampire was glorious, mysterious and
wonderful. Horror movies and romances didn’t help by giving it a
forbidden and taboo appeal. She had to admit that a part of her in
the past was enamored with such a life without realizing just how
hard it was for a vampire to survive. « How horrible. Humans and
vampires should get along. They could learn so much from each
other. »

« Sadly, there will always be the fear and hate. For that reason,
your wish is only a wish. Humans and vampires must learn to like
their own kind before they can like one another. » That was
something that would probably never come to pass. It was a sad
reality for Horatio as well as the countless other vampires that

« Maybe someday the world can be like that, » Millie could only live
upon that dream. ‘It would be


Shiva, Teru, Horatio and Millie, as well as Zino gathered in
Copernicus’ bedroom. It had been a long time, far too long, since
the two headed off towards Hide’s base and they had yet to return.
The worry spread from being illegitimate and assuming defeat too
soon to something much more. They should have been back by now, and
the only reason that they wouldn’t would be because they were
captured, killed or worse.

« So, they still aren’t back. Is this normal? » Zino knew something
was up, and he hadn’t even been there that long.

« We’re not sure, » Millie clasped her hands at her waist and looked

« Well, we can’t just wait all of the live long day, »
Teru was tired of waiting. There wasn’t a doubt in his mind that
something happened, and he wanted to spring into action and kick
some Hide ass.

« It’s been too long in my opinion. We should head out to Hide’s, »
Shiva agreed completely.

« What if we go and something bad happens to his highness because we
arrived too soon? » Horatio posed an important question.

« What’s the lesser of two evils? » Millie asked.

« Well, even if we do arrive early, at least we’d be there, » Zino
saw it on the more positive side of things. Who cares if they got
there only to realize the game was still going on? They would be
ready to spring into action if they needed to.

« We’d get imprisoned, I’m sure, » Shiva replied.

« Nu-uh! » Millie held her hands out and instantly protested against
it. « I’ve been there too many times! I don’t want to go
there again! » She had too many memories of her times spent with
Estella Nu in her cruel grasp and she’d be damned if she was going
to go there again.

« Well, crap… » Zino sighed. He was unaware that the girl had been
captured by Hide before.

« I say just go. If we stay here, we’re just going to keep sitting
here going ‘hmm, what will happen to Copernicus’? Oh, come
on! If we don’t go, we’ll never find out! Sheesh! »
Teru was going crazy just thinking about all of that. Not to
mention, listening to everyone standing around wondering where
Copernicus and Tsubomi were was really grinding on his last

« He’s right, you know, » Millie agreed.

« I don’t like going against his majesty’s words. He’s trusting us
to stay here and wait for further orders, besides. Tsubomi is with
him, » Horatio didn’t like this at all. As knights, they should wait
behind until they were given orders. Interfering with the plans
could get them killed, or worse, get Copernicus killed or

« Tsubomi could barely function. She was in no condition to go with
him. » Even if Copernicus was in trouble. Shiva knew that Tsubomi
couldn’t handle herself if Copernicus was in trouble, not against

« You can’t tell her anything. Besides, she loves him and she’ll do
anything for him. Wouldn’t you want to be with the one you loved if
they were in danger? » Millie knew how that felt. If it were Prince
Yale going against Hide, she would want to be by his side.

« You have a point, » Zino agreed.

« One of us could have went. She needed rest, » Shiva insisted that
it was foolish of them to let her go alone.

« Yeah, but would she? Seriously, I’d be up and jittery all over
just knowing something could happen to them. I’d feel like it was
my fault if something did happen. » If it was a girl that Zino
loved, he’d be a bundle of nerves worrying about her if someone
else went in his place. Tsubomi, no doubt, would be feeling the
same way.

« Then it’s settled. Let’s go and look for them, » Teru decided that
he was going to make up everyone’s mind.

Millie looked to the excited red head. « We don’t have a choice, do
we? » Then she glanced to Horatio as a bead of sweat ran down her
forehead. She hated to go against him, but she knew Teru was

For a moment, the knight looked cross, then he sighed in irritation
and defeat. « This is against my will. » He mumbled.

« I really am worried about him. I think this is for the best, »
Shiva tried to console him on the matter.

« Should we all go as a group or should we split up? » Millie
wondered which choice was better.

« We are all going to Hide’s right? Isn’t that where he’s
supposed to be? » Teru’s sarcasm bled through his words. Why
split up? Why not just show up there all at once?

« Let’s try there first, if we don’t find them or run into a trap,
we can wing it from there. » After all, they may have started out at
Hide’s place but they could have moved. Horatio wanted to make sure
they covered all of their bases.

« Let’s get a move on! » Millie commanded as her team mates all
shouted ‘right’ in unison.

They all moved out, setting their sights for Hide’s base. Together
they traveled the same path that Tsubomi and Copernicus had. For a
while, all that could be heard was the sound of footsteps as they
advanced towards their destination. They decided to stick to a
group, rather than split up. The group of vampires and humans
couldn’t help but notice how eerily somber and quiet the atmosphere
was. No wind blew, which resulted in humid temperatures, and more
importantly, the normal sounds that consisted of birds and insects
weren’t present. It was as if everything in the forest had

« It’s creepy, » Zino glanced around.

« Yup! » Teru sang out as he glanced through a group of trees that
was ahead of them.

« Look out! » Shiva shouted out of nowhere and popped out her
umbrella in front of her. Everyone scattered away as they heard
something cut through the foliage of the forest. The
lavender-haired vampire stood her ground as the unknown weapon came
barreling towards her.

The blades of the Rigatama revealed themselves and clattered as the
bounced off of the force field that her umbrella created. « What’s
going on here? Is that what I think it is? » Shiva didn’t want to
believe it, but right now, she had no choice. The proof was
undeniable and in front of her face.

« What the shit was that? » Teru asked on his hands and knees, in
front of a thick bush.

« I almost died. » Zino held a hand to his strongly beating heart. He
swore it was going to break through his sternum and flop out onto
the floor.

« No way! » Millie’s eyes widened as she stared at the blades that
lay scattered on the ground. She recognized that sword. She’d know
it from anywhere. ‘The Rigatama…’

A figure walked through the darkness, coming through the trees. His
head was down and in his hand he clutched the Rigatama tightly.
Slowly, lifting his head up the man leveled them a blank expression
with the same possessed eyes that Tsubomi had so long ago.

« Your majesty! » Horatio was taken aback by the sight of his king,
standing before him. Shock ran through his system as he stared into
the king’s eyes. Something wasn’t right, and he feared that their
once strongest ally would become their most dreaded enemy.

…To Be Continued

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