Witch Hunter Robin Fan Fiction ❯ Dangerous encounter ( Chapter 5 )

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Chapter 5: Dangerous encounter.
Half an tour later, Robin was dressed with the typical earth kingdom clothing: Olive green pants and light green dress. Katara was proud of her job; the color was excellent with her eyes. Her hair was tied in two braids that went down her chest, making her blend completely in the crowd of the town.
Amon wasnt so easy to dress though; Sokka and Aang tried to find something that fitted his dark nature. Finally, they choose something dark green, approaching black (more like the dai lee clothing). Robin tried not to laugh at his appearance, but Amon did looked different! His black locks looked darker with the dark green clothing around his muscled figured. Man, he looks so good, Robin thought. What the hell? Amon was her partner, nothing else! Still…
She walked down the well in STNJ, turned around and saw Amon fall right after her.
He pulled a small piece of paper and put it inside her hair, grabbed her face and pull it close to his:
“If something happens to me, look for this person”
Robin couldnt believe he was so close to her. She was hoping that he would do something else, when the platform where he was standing began to rise. Wasnt he coming with her? He was going to get killed! She tried desperately to reach the switch, but Amon grabbed her hand and pushed her. She fell into the dark space:
“Robin, when we meet next time…”
Then there was an explosion, sound of bullets flying and finally, silence, followed by the sound of a body hitting the ground.
End of flashback
Amons reaction after that day hasnt changed. He still seemed very distant and cold, even though her watch dog kept his promise and protected her every day. Robins control over her craft have increased, but this terrible nightmares continue to haunt her. In them, she saw a terrible destruction happening, bodies lying all around her. When she looked up, she saw a man burning everything down with a evil look in his eyes, and right next to him, a teenage girl lifting Amon and sending a burst of lightning into his heart. She always woke up sweating cold and trying to convince herself that it was just a nightmare and nothing of it was real.
They kept walking out of the town and into the woods. She finally noticed the big six legged creature that was following them. She turned to Katara and said:
“What is that thing?”
“Appa? Hes Aangs flying bison. Dont be scared, Appa is very friendly to Aangs friends.”
“You consider us your friends already? Its too soon, we have just met.”
“Look, in this journey weve met a lot of people. Some good and some evil. I must confess you something, but from the moment I saw you, I felt like I knew you from somewhere. I know this sounds stupid, but I just cant help it.”
“Its ok. I think its nice that we are becoming friends. My only friend ended up getting really hurt because of me.”
“Why? What happened?”
“The organization I work with hunted me some years ago. She got caught in the middle of the fight and almost died,”
“ why in your time humans hunt benders? Or witches, thats how you call it right?”
“many witches lost control of their powers and hurt other people. Thats why we do it.”
“I bet they dont have masters to teach them how. My master was master Pakku in the North Pole, he taught me everything I know. The healing part I learned with Yogoda.”
“So thats how you healed Amon? Using water craft??
“Yeah, Im proud to say that waterbenders who can heal are rare, so I guess im pretty lucky in that part!”
The girls continue their talk, while Aang, Sokka, Amon and Toph walked silently ahead of them. Amon couldnt believe how fast Robin got attached to that witch girl. There were some things about her that he could never understand, but still, on the past years, after the Factory had collapsed, he felt like he was loosing control over his feelings towards her. On the outside he tried to remain cold and distant, but, sometimes, when Robin wasnt watching, he couldnt stop looking at her. In the past three years, his little witch had grown up. She was no longer a timid 15 year old craft user, but a mature and confident 18 year old woman. She still looked innocent, still in those weird clothes she wore. Amon hated to admit it, but he was feeling attracted to her.
Toph smiled to herself. The new guy was thinking about something that made his heartbeat increase its pace. Even if you are blind, as she was, she could sense that the bad boy had feelings for the … how was it that he called them?… Ah, witch! The poor bastard was loosing it for a girl that was one of the ones he said that must be hunted.
Suddenly, something stopped Tophs thoughts. She was feeling something weird with her feet. It felt like… Azulas thing! She couldnt deny it, it felt just like the last time…
“Hum, guys?”
“Whats wrong Toph?” Aang asked.
“I think you friend is after you again twinkle toes”
“Who? Azula? Where?”
“Shes coming right behind us, I dont think we can make it out of here fast enough…”
While she was still speaking, a dust cloud covered them. Aang, Katara and Toph took their offensive positions and, Amon and Sokka took out their respective weapons.
The dust cloud lowered, Azula, Mai and Ty Lee appeared right in front of them.
Robins heart stopped… The girl in the armor was the one from her nightmares!
Hahahaha! Another cliffhanger.
The fight, Robin`s true identity.