❯ Conflicted Hearts – Chapter 1 ( Chapter 1 )

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Conflicting Hearts

An Ah! My Goddess Fanfiction Story.

-First, a little about me. I’ve started writing fanfaction early this year, 2004. Most of my stories are based on the not so serious series, Teen Titans. Yes, the phony American Anime series. I’ve also dabbled into the Evangelion world (that at the moment, I admit is not good [too unoriginal at the moment since they are almost exact copies of the first two episodes. The third yet to be written chapter should be a lot better. But as it stands, it is not good]). Oh, and I like to do long author notes. Sorry about that. I hope to fix that with even longer stories!

-This is my first (possibly only?) attempt at an Ah! My Goddess story. This story takes place after the OVA, and deviates from there. This is also a Keiichi and Urd story. I hope to develop it past the OVA and introduce characters from the mangas. One problem though, I haven’t read any of the mangas. The only thing I’ve watched was the 5 episode OVAs. That’s not a lot to go on. And because of that, this story will not be updated regularly. However, since I do know what the first chapter will be like, and would like to at least get this out of the way, this is why I’ve started it now.

-Also, it has been a while since I watched the OVA. And since I don’t have it in my hands at the moment, I can’t readily go back to it. So if I make any of the characters OCC, or a plot point I forgot or messed up, I apologize. I will probably go back and fix it when the time comes (like, if and when I get my hands on either the OVA, the mangas, or better yet, both for that matter. Heck, lets throw in the movies too).

-Standard Disclaimer: I do not own Ah! My Goddess, or anything from that series, and I am not remotely connected to the series whatsoever. I’m just a poor (really poor) fan of the series.

-Now, on to the story…

Morisato Residence

“…and so, you, me, and Belldandy can finally return to Heaven!” Skuld enthusiastically told her plan to Urd.

The Second Class Goddess, who now has her license restored after it was suspended due to the incident a month ago, stares at Skuld for a few seconds, before she shook her head in disbelief. She placed a hand on her forehead as she can feel a headache forming. “Skuld, didn’t you learn ANYTHING from the past month or so?”

Skuld smile began to fad. “Um…but this will be different…”

“How so?” Urd scrowled. “Bell will still be hurt and depressed. Or did you already forget what her reaction was when Kami-sama recalled her during that whole incident?”

Skuld started to frown. “I know, but this shouldn’t…”

“Shouldn’t what? Hurt Bell?” Urd crossed her arms. She kept a stern expression before relenting slightly. “Look, I know you want what is best for Belldandy. But you need to see it through Bell’s eyes for once.”

Skuld looked down in shame and started to walk towards her room. Before she entered her room, she turned around and stared back at Urd. “It’s still not fair!” She slamed her door shut.

Urd sighed. “Time to drink more sake before Keiichi and Belldandy come back.”

Nekomi Institute of Technology (NIT)

Keiichi and Belldandy walked through the halls of Nekomi Tech. Keiichi took a glance at Belldandy and blushed. `Maybe we should hold hands. Yeah…’ Keiichi brings his hands closer to Belldandy’s, but stopped immediately. `Maybe that is too forward?’

Belldandy looked at Keiichi. `Maybe I should hold his hand?’

“Keiichi Morisato! I demand a rematch!” Aoshima Toshiyuki pointed at Keiichi as he yells his demand.

Keiichi sighed. It’s been nearly a year since they last raced. “Aoshima, can’t you wait till the next competition?”

“The last time was a fluke! If I didn’t have that freak mechanical failure, then I would’ve won, and the lovely Belldandy would be in my group!” Aoshima gives a smile directed at Belldandy. He then turned back to Keiichi. “This has to be dealt with now! So, what do you say? A rematch right now Keiichi?”

Keiichi shook his head. “I don’t…”

Unfortunately for Keiichi, his two `friends’ from the Motor Club decided to butt in at this time.

“He accepts!” Tamiya came in and placed an arm around Keiichi.

“N…” Keiichi was unable to get a word out.

“We beat you once, we’ll certainly beat you again!” Otaki gave a wide smile.

Aoshima smiled. `Yes, this is my chance to be with the lovely Belldandy!’ “Agreed. Now remember the terms?”

“Terms? You didn’t even tell us the terms yet!” Keiichi finally responded.

“I didn’t? Well…” Aoshima smirked. “They are same as before. If you lose, then Belldandy will join my club. That isn’t a problem is it?”

“No! I mean…” Keiichi was again interrupted.

“Of course not!” Otaki and Tamiya respond in unison. They slap Keiichi in the back. “It’s obvious that we will win again. Why should we worry?”

“But Belldandy…” Keiichi turned to her.

“I accept.” Belldandy nodded, wearing her innocent smile. She turns to Keiichi. “You won last time, why wouldn’t you win this time?” Not to mention, she had the System Force on her side.

`Yes, yes, YES!’ He stared at Belldandy’s hope for Keiichi to win. `No, no, NO! Hmph. Well, once I win, she will forget all about this loser.’ “Good.” Aoshima placed his hands in his pockets. “We race this afternoon.”

Keiichi, Otaki, and Tamiya all face faulted. “This afternoon?!” They all screamed in unison.

“Yes, this afternoon.” Aoshima smirked. “Everything will be set up by then. See you there!” Aoshima starts walking off.

Keiichi, Otaki, and Tamiya watched Aoshima walk off.

Finally Otaki adjusted his sunglasses. “Ah there should be nothing to worry about. We’re ready! Right Keiichi?”

Keiichi shook his head. “I’ve just installed the new parts this morning! I haven’t even tested them…”

Tamiya again, slapped Keiichi in the back. “The reputation of this club is in your hands now.”

“But, but, but…” Keiichi fainted.

“Keiichi?” Belldandy stared at Keiichi.

Morisato Residence

Keiichi and Belldandy both returned home and started to walk through the entrance. Keiichi had a heavy burden on him. `I have to race again?’ Keiichi simply shook his head. `How many times do I have to beat him?’ Although he was well aware of the System Force, in the back of his mind there was still that possibility that it might be down, like that one time.

Urd walked in. “Heeeey Keeichi. Home early today?”

`Now Urd is drunk.’ Keiichi sighed.

Everyone sat down at the dining table and started eating. They discussed the events of the day.

“So, Aoshima challenged you again?” Urd took a sip from her sake. “Guess he never learns.”

`Maybe he will win this time?’ Skuld looked at Belldandy, then back at Keiichi. `No.’ “Are you ready Keiichi?”

“Well, I just installed new parts on the motorcycle today.” Keiichi took a bite of some fish. “But I haven’t tested it to see if they really give me a boost.”

“Don’t worry Keiichi. I believe in you.” Belldandy said in her cheery voice.

Keiichi sighed. “Yeah.” `But the last time they raced, he did luck out. If Aoshima’s bike doesn’t fail this time…’ Keiichi stopped that thought right there.

-Later that day…

Race Track

Keiichi, along with the three goddesses, brought the motorcycle to their tent near the racetrack. Tamiya and Otaki are also there as well. Keiichi started to check out the bike to make sure everything was in place. As they look around, they notice a pretty decent crowd for an unofficial race. They also notice that there are no other racers here…except Aoshima. He must’ve pulled the right strings to set all this up so fast for only one race. There were even judges on the sideline to make sure, nothing fishy happens.

Aoshima walked up to Keiichi. “Well, well, well, are you ready to lose this time?”

Otaki butted in. “He didn’t lose the last time we kicked your butt, and he won’t lose this time either!”

“Oh I don’t think so.” Aoshima walked over to his covered bike, and, well, uncovered it. “Lets just say I made a few more improvements since last time.” Aoshima smirked.

Keiichi gulped. `I hope this bike can pull it.’

Skuld frowned. `From the looks of it, Aoshima has the advantage.’ She looked back at Keiichi’s bike. `Its too late to do anything now. Guess we can always hope for…divine intervention.’ Skuld thought up a plan.

Aoshima smiled. “Well…” He gets up to Belldandy. “Lets get this race over with. The sooner Belldandy is under our tent, the better.”

Keiichi simply shook his head. “Okay, I’m ready for this. Lets start this.”

“Keiichi wait…” Skuld held her hand out as Keiichi took his bike and moveed it into position. `Crap.’ Skuld may not like Keiichi very much, but she also doesn’t want him to lose either. Especially when it involved Belldandy. `That loser better win!’

Urd doesn’t like the feeling she is getting. `Aoshima might actually pull it off this time.’

Both Aoshima and Keiichi were at the starting line of the drag track, waiting for the green light.

“You can do it Keiichi!” Urd yells from the sideline.

This is followed by a few yells and cheers from the crowd. Most seem to be for Keiichi, much to the dismay for Aoshima. `They should be cheering me! All well, once I win, and have Belldandy by my side, none of that will matter.’

Keiichi revved up his bike. Aoshima followed. They looked at each other for a second then back at the starting lights.

Finally, the green light lights, and off they go.

Vrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrroooooommmmmm! Keiichi and Aoshima were neck and neck at the moment.

`Common! Keiichi you can do it!’ Urd watched the race with her complete attention.

“Yeah! We’re going to win again!” Tamiya raises a fist. “We’re the best! We’re the best!”

Suddenly, Aoshima’s bike started to pull away.

Aoshima could feel that victory is within his grasp. `Yes, yes, YES!’

“Nooooooo. I can’t look.” Tamiya and Otaki hugged each other.

Belldandy continued to smile slightly. Despite the turn of events, she is fully confident that he will pull through.

Urd on the other hand, was scared. `Keiichi is losing!’ “I have to do something.” Urd looked at her hand. Since her license has been restored, she could use her powers again. `I can use my powers…but…’ Thinking back at the time when she `tried’ to help Keiichi out, `my powers only caused problems for Keiichi.’ That’s when an idea popped up. `What if I use it against Aoshima’s bike?’ A mischievous smile appeared on Urd. `Keiichi will get a guaranteed win!’ So, with her mind decided, she decides to sabotage Aoshima’s bike. She cast her spell that was directed at his bike.

Except it didn’t hit Aoshima’s bike.

Sparks started coming out of Keiichi’s bike. Keiichi looked down at his bike. “Oh no.”

Urd’s expression changed to complete terror. “NO!”

BOOM! Keiichi’s bike exploded. “Aggggggghhhhhh.” Keiichi was now flying forward.

Belldandy’s eyes go wide. “Keiichi?”

Aoshima looked back at Keiichi’s exploding bike. “Hmmm. Now it is Keiichi that is having…” He looked forward again and couldn’t believe it. “You’ve got to be kidding me.”

Keiichi hits the ground and started rolling. “Ahhhhhhhhhh.” He rolled through the finish line, along with parts of Keiichi’s bike. He finally came to a stop, hitting a barrier.

Aoshima finally passed through the finish line.

“Winner! Keiichi Morisato!” The announcer boomed through the intercom.

“Yeah!” Tamiya and Otaki celebrate their victory. Still hugging each other. After realizing that they are still hugging, they separate immediately. “Ehhhh Hehehehe.”

Aoshima got up from his bike, and threw his helmet down. “But his bike didn’t even survive at the end!”

The judges simply shrugged at him. “He still passed through the finish line. Along with most of his bike.”

Aoshima simply crossed his arms in anger. “I can’t believe it. Its as if Kami-Sama is against me or something.”

Belldandy ran through the crowd and towards Keiichi. “Keiichi? Are you okay?”

Keiichi got up from his position. His helmet cracked. “Uhhhhh…” After feeling woozy a bit, Keiichi seemed to get his senses back. “What happen?”

Tamiya and Otaki ran up to Keiichi and started hugging him. “You won again!”

Keiichi, who was struggling against Tamiya and Otaki’s crushing hug, looked around the racetrack. “I…I did?”

Belldandy smiled and nodded. “Yes Keiichi, you won!”

Skuld walked up to Keiichi. “Though, so much for the bike.”

“The bike?” Keiichi looked at the racetrack. His bike was now in pieces, all over the track. Keiichi sighed. Keiichi was trying to contemplate what could’ve gone wrong, or…right. `I still won. I’m thankful for that. But the bike…’ Keiichi looked up and saw Urd.

Urd was standing to the side, and looked away from Keiichi. She was wearing a guilty face.

“Urd…” Keiichi looked at her with concern.

Morisato Residence

Keiichi’s head was all bandaged up. He started working on building, well, rebuilding his bike.

Belldandy was busy cooking up a cake to celebrate Keiichi’s victory.

Skuld was somewhere in the temple/house.

Urd, Urd was in her room. Drinking down another bottle of sake. `I…I hurt Keiichi. How can I face him again?’ Urd sank her face into her pillow. She rolled over in her bed. `I…I have to apologize to him. There was no other way around it.’ She got up, her hair all messed up, and stumbled a bit as she approached her room door.

Urd was walking through the house as she looked for Keiichi.

“Hi Urd.” Belldandy smiled at a passing Urd.

Trying to clear her head, Urd shook it a bit. “Hi Bell.” She turned to Belldandy. “Have you seen Keiichi? I have to talk to him…”

Belldandy continued to smile at her semi-drunk sister. “He’s in the front yard working on the bike.”

Urd nodded. `And it’s all because of me.’ “Thanks Bell.”

Belldandy watched Urd walked away. `Urd seems a little down since the race. I wonder why?’ Belldandy did feel a power during the race. `Was it Urd that caused it? If so, I’m sure Keiichi will forgive her.’ Belldandy decided not to dwell about it at the moment, as she returned to the kitchen.

Keiichi wiped his bandaged up forehead after installing some parts.

“Keiichi?” Urd said in a barely audible voice.

Keiichi heard this and looked up. “Urd?”

Urd turned her head away from Keiichi. “I’m…I’m sorry.”

“Urd?” Keiichi thought back to the race. “It was you wasn’t it?”

Urd nodded her head. “I…I didn’t mean to…I was trying to help and…”

“It’s okay Urd.” Keiichi closed his eyes and smiled a bit. “In fact, I think I should be thanking you.”

Urd was shocked by this. She instantly turned to Keiichi. “Thank me? But…why?”

Keiichi opened his eyes and glanced at Urd. “If, if it wasn’t for you, I would’ve lost. Aoshima did have the better bike today and Belldandy would be in Aoshima’s club.” Keiichi frowned at the thought. “While it wasn’t exactly the win I had hoped for, it is still a win.” Keiichi chuckled to himself. “You shouldn’t blame yourself.”

Urd blushed a bit before smiling. “Thank you Keiichi.” Urd got close to Keiichi. “Now, about you and Belldandy…”

Keiichi sweat drops. “Ummmm…”

-Later that night…

Urd felt like drinking some more. Well, she always felt like drinking, but now, she was feeling better after her talk with Keiichi. With bottle in hand, she walked, or at least, what was close to walking, back to her room. “Keiiiiichiii is suchhhh a nice guy.” She took another drink as she stumbled a bit towards her room. “Belldandy is so lucky. Ittttsss too bad that theyyy are toooo shy to mmmmake the next mmmmoves.” Urd chuckled a bit. “Hehehhehhe. If…ifff this continues, mayyyybee I should go afterrrrr him!” Urd stumbled into her room.

Skuld listened to Urd as an idea formed. “Urd and Keiichi?” Skuld smiled a bit. “Belldandy wants Keiichi to be happy. If I can get Urd and Keiichi together, then Belldandy should be happy to right?” However, doubt entered that line of thought. “But Belldandy would still be hurt…” Then a new thought entered. “Still, with Keiichi happy, and Urd happy, Belldandy will be happy in the long run. If Keiichi is with Urd, then the contract will be revoked, and Belldandy will return to heaven! By that time, all the bugs in the system should be gone, my probation will be over, and I can go back to heaven too!” Skuld smiled at this line of thinking. “After all, what can possible go wrong?”

——-End of Chapter 1

Well, this is the first chapter of my Ah! My Goddess story. I apologize to mischaracterization, OCC, missing or incorrect plot point, or other mistakes that I’m bound to make. Like I said, all I’ve seen were the OVAs, and even then, since I don’t have them in my hands right now, I can’t go back to fix the characterization any.

Also, like I said, this story won’t be updated regularly. One of my long-term hopes for this story is to bring in characters that haven’t showed up in the OVA. Namely, Mara, and Peorth. This is going to be hard since the only thing I’ve seen is the OVA. One day I hope to come across the manga or the Ah! My Goddess movies. But…unfortunately, that day is not today, and being poor and all, probably not in the near future either.

Oh yeah, and in case you haven’t noticed, I’m not exactly an expect when it comes to motorcycles. Hopefully, I was able to wing it enough so that it isn’t a problem.

Next chapter…ummm…don’t know. But I’m certain that it will involve Urd, Belldandy, and Skuld somehow. Not much to go on at the moment huh? 😛