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[ P - Pre-Teen ]
After changing back into their regular attire, the others decided to do some sight seeing around Tokyo. « I don’t think we should do this. » Aelita said. « What if they find out we ditched them? »

« Aelita brings up a strong point. » Jeremy said. « A few of us should go back. »

« I’m going to check up on Rini. » Aelita said. « I want to make sure I didn’t say anything to upset her by mistake. »

« I’ll go too. » Jeremy said.

« I’m going to see how Luna’s doing. » Odd said.

« She’s at Raye’s. » Yumi said. « But be careful. Make sure her black guard birds don’t attack you. »

« Okay, thanks for the advice. »

The group went their seperate ways. Ulrick and Yumi were left alone. « Do you think you’ll move back to Japan once you’re done with school? » Ulrick asked.

« No way. » Yumi said. « I love where I live now. Besides, I could never leave my friends. » She got up. « Come on, there’s something I want to show you. »

« Hey, wait up! » Ulrick said. Then he lost her in a crowd. « Oh man! Where’d she go? »

« Ulrick… » Someone said.

« Who is it? » He asked.

« It’s just me. » He turned around and saw Lita. « What’s going on? »

« Yumi said she had something to show me but I lost her in a crowd. » He explained.

« There has to be a meeting point where you two could go to. » Lita said. Then he remembered.

« Of course, thanks Lita. » Ulrick said.

« You going to the dance tonight? » Lita asked.

« If my friends are, then I am. » He ran to the Tokyo Tower. Sure enough, Yumi was standing there. « Hi, Yumi. I’m so sorry, I got lost in a crowd and…

« It’s okay. » Yumi said. « I’m just glad you found me. » She smiled. « This is my favorite place in Tokyo. The sunsets here are really beautiful. »

« They are. » Ulrick said. « About the dance, are you planning on going? »

« Of course I am. » Yumi said. « I always keep a promise, especially to my friends. You know that. »

« Actually, I don’t. » Ulrick said. « One of the reasons I didn’t want to shut the computer off was because of… » He thought for a minute. « It’s just, I was afraid that if we shut it off I’d lose you. »

« Lose me? » Yumi repeated. « I’m a friend to all of you, you’d never lose me. None of you would. I might lose it sometimes, but we’re all still friends. »

« Well, what about William? You were really close to him. » Ulrick pointed out.

« Okay, for the one hundredth time, WILLIAM IS JUST A FRIEND! » Yumi said. « I’m as close to him as I am with Jeremy. »

« You’re the one who wanted to be just friends. »

« I only said that because I was afraid you liked Sissi.  » Yumi said.

« Sissi is just a friend, she’s like my William. » Ulrick said. « Anyway, I wanted to tell you how I really felt on the day of that field trip, but then William showed up and I was afraid… »

« That I was taken? » Yumi finished. « We really have been going in circles, haven’t we? »

« I think so. » Ulrick said.

« Okay, then let’s just start over, pretend William and Sissi didn’t exist. » Yumi said.

« So, would you go to the dance with me? »

« I thought you’d never ask. »

« I got this for you. It was supposed to be your birthday present, but Odd got the boxes mixed up. » He gave her the necklace.

« You know, when we first met, I was impressed. No one else at school had ever trained in martial arts until now. The almost cancelled the class. »

« I know. I always wanted to learn, so I signed up. I’m glad I met you, Yumi. » Ulrick told her.

« I know I usually try to hide my feelings sometimes, but I’m not going to anymore. » Yumi said. « Ulrick, I love you. »

« And I love you. » They both blushed at the same time, embassessed that one of them was going to reject the other.

« We have got to have more self-confidence in each other. » Yumi said. They both laughed. Then they both leaned in and kissed.

At the park, Aelita and Rini were watching the sunset. « It’s really beautiful out here. » Aelita said.

« I heard that sunsets are beautiful because something romantic always happens by them. » Rini said.

« Are you sure you haven’t read to many of Serena’s romance novels? » Aelita asked.

« Actually, it’s true. » Rini said.

Back at Tokyo Tower, Ulrick and Yumi were sitting on a nearby bench. « Let’s go. We don’t want to be late for the dance. » Yumi said.

Then a car pulled up. Amara was in it. « Hey, do you guys need a ride? »

« Sure, thanks Amara. » Yumi said.

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