❯ Confessions – Mikagi ( Chapter 2 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Confessions: Part Two

Disclaimer: All Ayashi no Ceres and Ceres: A Celestial Legend characters and plot belongs to Yuu Watase.


Mikagi’s POV

I despise you.

Really, I really do. If you gave me a knife, I’d probably stab you so much that you’d be nothing more than a bloody mess on the floor. If you gave me a stick, I’d probably beat you until you were black and blue and no other colour.

I-I-I… I love you so much.

Don’t you believe me?

Want to know why I needed your power? To protect you, and to always protect you. You always came first.

But then… but then I got power hungry. I had to prove to you that I could protect you and our children. So I killed them. All of them.

Didn’t you realize that they could have taken you from me? Didn’t you realize that they would have been awestruck by your beauty? Don’t you think you would have gone with them?

I had to show that you were mine, and all mine. You. Are. Mine. And you will be for ever. You married me, didn’t you? Marriage is for life. And until you stop reincarnating yourself, I’ll chase you for ever. Because you are mine. And don’t forget it.

God, I want to slit your throat. You little slut. You kissed that-that fat, ugly swine! That stupid, idiotic, let-me-use-my-idiotic-cooking-utensils-to-fight Yuuhi!

My God, I really do despise you! I hate you! I hate you! I hate you! God, it makes me soangry that I can’t strangle you!

You love it, don’t you? You love to be the one to tease the boys, don’t you? You love to be the one to make the boys swoon over you, don’t you!

God, I want to kill you! But… I can’t. `Cause… I love you. Tell me you love me, too. Please.

Didn’t I take care of you? Didn’t I give you things? Didn’t I give you children? God damn it! You piss me off! You really piss me off!

Look at me. Are these the eyes of a crazy man? Or are they the eyes of a man in love? They should be the second. Because I love you so much it hurts.

Did you have to run away? I mean, really. I was taking care of you! And, don’t get angry, but the child was asking for it. I mean, no. I didn’t mean to hit our baby. I meant to get to you. You had to stay with me. You’re mine.

Lying here with you reminds me of those days back in the grass field. The days when we used to just lie around like this because we had nothing to do. I love lying here in your lap. It’s so… comforting.

He, I can feel it. The mana earrings feel so… interesting. I could run my fingers over their intricate designs all day. Er, I mean, all eternity. That’s the time we have in here, right? Eternity with you… I wouldn’t mind that.

And you ask me if I loved you. Pfft. Like that was even a question.

Couldn’t you tell? I never talk about my emotions, but I thought you knew. Didn’t I show you with my actions? I-I can’t believe I didn’t.

There’s nothing more I’d rather do than spend eternity with you.

Ceres, if there’s anything I ever do that confuses you, tell me.

And, Ceres? I love you…



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A/N: All in all, I think I sucked with Mikagi. And if anyone’s wondering, Tooya’s name is spelled correctly. His name means 10 days, and in Japanese, the 10th is spelt `tooka’. Get it? For this one, I sort of just threw a bunch of stuff in the middle to at least get some more length. Meh.

Confessions – Ceres