❯ Concrete Kiss ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Ok, I made a small little mistake in the prologue of Heist, of which this one-shot is interconnected with. When Balmung’s father shows Balmung the team Aeturnum Vale, instead of a girl with green eyes, black hair, etc., its a girl with auburn hair, red more than brown, and brown eyes, hints of red in her eyes as well. Sorry for the confusion and the change, but in light of a new inspiration, I’ve decided to change how the fic started out, rather who the fic started out with I should say, and this should explain why.

On the second week of my final job, long after finally finding out everyone so far had been using code-names and told me their real ones, I never thought I’d make the biggest fool of myself, then just slowly redeem myself to the same person after almost two months.

But I did.

I was walking down the sidewalk, cars honking and flying by faster than I could look over my shoulder at the sound of one nearing and I was in a daze, wondering what the hell I was supposed to do with three members of Aeturnum Vale out pulling the first part of our job. I would have gone, but I didn’t feel like wasting my time on a simple combination lock that would take me only around two minutes. Pointless. So I let Rena go for the job.

Anissa, the hyper blonde who knew what must be six languages fluently, was in some casino playing poker with some spanish immigrants.

And Taryn, the fastest driver I’d ever met, and ever would, was in some small racing tournament trying to bring in an extra seven-hundred dollars.

And I was left in that hell-hole business building that was a branch of my father’s company, alone, with nothing to do but read stock reports every 4 hours.

How the hell did I get into the position, when I was team leader, being the one slacking off?So what did I do? I left. I didn’t feel like looking at all the faces that were fooled by my father and being used, and decided to take a stroll down a street which was called Sakura Blossoms.

About three blocks down from the building, there was this huge crack, raised up about three and a half inches above ground and……I tripped on it.

I never felt more bigger a fool than ever before. I landed on my face fast and hard, my bottom lips splitting open on the rough concrete. The first thought that came to my head when I started to get up was, ‘Thank Kami no one is around…’ But there was.

It was the same person I was going to be working with for the next six weeks.

And she just so happened to turn the corner right before I fell, seeing my great display of poise. I must have made the best first impression a guy could make.

« Never seen a guy fall in love so hard… and for concrete nonetheless. »

And she just so happened to be smart, with a sharp and quick tongue I’ve been the brunt of many, many times, and, to say the least, very beautiful. She had the type of face you couldn’t just look at and not feel as if she wasn’t looking inside of you. And she wasn’t short, under five feet tall like most japanese citizens were. Like I wasn’t.

« How would you know when someone falls for concrete? Are you speaking from personal experience? »
Hell, if I had known who she was at that moment, I would have kept my mouth shut and just ignored her ass, but no, I had to be the stubborn, stoic, smart-assed punk that was as spoiled as hell and didn’t know it.

But I didn’t even know that she was Anissa’s sister, and if you actually look at their faces, instead of just talking to them, they really look it. Both of them have the same face, save the eyes and hair.

« No, the way you kissed the concrete, it was pretty obvious there, buddy. Would be more civilized if you showed your affection in private, though, wouldn’t you agree? » All of that was said clearly, not even a smirk from her face to show any amusement in shooting me down, or even from seeing my fall flat on my face.

Watching her walk away, hands in her black hoodie with some band symbol on the back, I figured it was the last I would see of her. That I would never have to deal with her ever again. Or her remarks about my wonderful Concrete Kiss.

After spending about two hours of just aimlessly walking around, getting to know the area, I guess, I went back to the mansion reluctantly, finding Taryn polishing her red mercedes and Anissa turning the speakers up loud, playing some rock, or emo band that was her favorite from America.

It was dusk outside, bugs were starting to fly, and Shugo was trying to scale a wall while Tengaki had more than enough fun pulling on the rope attached to his harness. Rena was inside, looking up some information on Aura Hikara and what possibilties were open to set in evidence of illegal corporation, like my father asked of her. Too bad we weren’t setting the right evidence my father wanted.

I figured heading up to my room would be best, I could take a gun and fire at the wall at whatever the hell I wanted to and get away scot-free. Being the son of the most feared man alive did have one little perk. Only one.

Halfway to my room, already up a flight of stairs and three hallways, I saw the same girl from earlier conversing with some secretary who worked in the building. Walking up to them, within haering range, I realized they were speaking some jumbled language; English.

The girl I’d seen earlier glanced over her shoulder, eyes narrowed calculatingly, but not dangerously, and said one more sentence to the girl. The only thing I understood her say was, « Sayonara, Jackie. »

After saying their farewells, they went their seperate ways, the black-haired girl walking past me, and I went to my room, reading some book about how a computer cracked codes and a virus destroyed the system the computer feeded up for around an hour.

On the intercom that went out to the whole building, regardless if someone slept in it or not, Kirasha or Rena called me back down to the bottom floor, which was underground. Down there in five minutes, I saw Rena typing madly on the computer. I guessed she uncovered something or had one of those brain-storms of her that arrive at the most ridulous times.

« I can’t believe I didn’t think of this before! We just finished off McCausland! Aura wouldn’t know anything about it until a good amount of time has passed! »

« So, tonight, or tomorrow? » Anissa asked someone I didn’t see at the time, not fully anyways.

« Tonight is our best option. They won’t expect such a quick return after you all just took all the ammunition from the McCausland bust. At the most, they expected a weeks time to pass before the assault on Marion. They would be started the extra safety precautions late tonight or early tomorrow. »

Blinking, my attention to a person behind the open hood of a car, Shugo in the Driver’s seat, revving the engine right after she spoke with a familiar voice I dumbly couldn’t place who’s it was.

« So… lets load up, then. » Sliding off the hood of her car, Taryn walked to room with all our clothes, ropes, gadets, whatever you want to call everything needed for a heist. « You want your old stuff back, Kayane? Or you outgrow it already after three damned months? »

« Old, and leave the subject of my absence alone, Taryn. It’s not something I’d prefer to talk about. If you hadn’t promised the guy I’d be his partner until my half-birthday, I would have made sure you guys finished this whole damned job already, the framing Beyoneisu part, too. Senior, not junior. »

« Yeah, we’d be in Cuba, sitting in the sun, and relaxing until we got sunburned, » Tengaki interjected, standing behind Rena and watching the screen intently.

« We wouldn’t be laying in the sun for long, Tengaki, » both Kayane and Anissa said. Walking out from behind the hood, I recognized the voice finally to belong to the same girl I’d saw earlier.

« Whatever. Just go get your stuff together and lets go. »

« Oh yeah! Balmung! » Anissa turned her attention to me in a split second, sprinting over to me. « This is my sister, Kayane.

The two obliged, exchanging what I would later come to learn was their mishievous look that meant to stay clear of the two. Especially when they were on opposing sides.

Surprisingly, we flew to England, took the antiques worth over a billion a piece, and were back in less than twelve hours. Mainly because, and I hated to admit this at the time due to my selfish pride, Anissa, Kayane, and Tengaki did all the work, getting us to the vault in under two minutes upon arrival and out in four, with all the antiques intact. All I had to do was open the vault then carry something. Shugo drove around, distracting over half the guards while Taryn pulled a few maneuvers and got herself inside the parking lot and driving us out faster than it had taken us to open the vault. Which was under a minute, by the way.

I’d expected Tengaki, Taryn and Anissa to act out of control like they did with me and take twice the time it really did.

A month passed by, after I had been told that each and every member of Aeturnum Vale were being used and wanted to turn the tables. We went as guest to one of his pointless and ridiculous parties inside his mansion and stole his most precious items; the worksheets with all of his future plans as well as past ones, and most of the stuff that had been stolen.

Only Kayane and I went in, I was the safe-cracker, she got me in and was my ‘date’ to the party since you couldn’t come without one.

We got in and out fine, minus a few scratches here and there and my father seeing us a little to late, Kayane grabbing my sister to boot.

But Kayane didn’t think we were safe enough.

« What the fuck were you doing? Now that your father knows its us he’s going to fucking trash us! »

« If you hadn’t have been so damned careless with knocking out the guards and leaving two of them awake, it never would have happened! »

Kayane snarled at me, the black dress she was wearing, the bottom hiked up to her knees so she could run, made her seem less dangerous to me and less truthful. « If you hadn’t have taken six minutes to open the safe, we would even be standing here arguing! »

After staring at her for a moment after she spoke, I laughed, knowing full well she wanted a fight back. And the fight I had had in mind wasn’t the same one she wanted. When I took a step forward, she jumped back two feet and her eyes went wide.

I couldn’t blame her, I was the son of the man they just stole from, I could turn on them and just return the stuff along with the most wanted member of Aeturnum Vale who practically ran the whole operation and get away scot-free with stealing from my father.

« We need to get out of here, » I reasoned when we reached the window we were supposed to exit out of. She was scared to even look at me, the way I snapped at her when I spoke to her last leaving her quiet.

When we got to some warehouse that was abandoned except for the seven of us, now eight with Cecilia, we split up to do our jobs; getting things set up and packed so they could leave at any time.

Kayane had been ordered by the rest of the team to get some rest since she was the most likely target and stubbornly refused until Tengaki threatened to take her car for a midnight drive.

Following her, knowing full well that she knew I was behind her, I decided it was as good a time as any to talk to her. I’d noticed the way she flinched big-time when she saw my father and jumped when my father’s voice ran out angrily. And, more often than not, seen her flinch at my own voice.

I wasn’t any idiot, I knew how much I looked like my father, same hair, eyes, frame, everything, even our voices sounded alike. So, I wanted to see what happened when I had her alone, not on a job.

When I leaned on the door frame into her room, I saw her turn around with her arms crossed, glaring at me. « What do you want? »

I said nothing, deciding to be quiet like my father would.

« Well, you gonna stand there like some damned fool who doesn’t know when to leave, or what? » I could see her getting confused by the way my eyes never left hers, and as much as she wanted to, she couldn’t risk turning her back.

After ten minutes of silence, both of staring at each other most of the time, I walked forward, shutting the door to muffle an unnecessary screams Kayane might have made, and she scowled at me, backing up to the wall. When she glanced at the small paper with the address to my fathers banquet thing, I figured it was time to show I wasn’t my father. And that I wasn’t just another guy who didn’t care, but the guy she had talked to, sparred with, and teamed up with against the rest of the team for fun, and who listened to her cry when she brokedown after her mother visited and said something to her in English that I didn’t understand. Doesn’t that say that I’m more than just a fuck or a asswhole?

Grabbing her shoulders, receiving a few knees in my stomach, I kissed her. Honestly, after doing all those things that usual people do while in love or while they liked each other, wouldn’t you start to think?

Obviously she did because before I had time pull her toward me, she was cupping my face and deepening the kiss. Things led to another and next thing I knew, I woke up the next morning, our foreheads pressed against one anothers, underneath the covers of her bed.

And it all started with a Concrete Kiss.