Kuroshitsuji Fan Fiction / Ouran High School Host Club Fan Fiction / Soul Eater Fan Fiction ❯ Codename: Kidnap Ciel ( Chapter 2 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
« Kuroshitsuji World! » I yelled and a bright light led to a portal. We all walked through the portal. « Sakara, it’s your dream that you’ve always wanted! » I yelled. « No one touches Ciel! » Alois said jabbing his finger at both of us. « As if I’d want him! » I yelled crossing my arms. « Sebas-chan is the one I want! » I said dreamily. « Pfft I’m not listening to you! » Sakara said also crossing her arms. I rolled my eyes, « Sakara we all know you like Ciel just as much as Alois does. » At that moment I just about died, if ya know what I mean…

Anyway Alois came up with this totally crazy plan and we headed towards the Phantomhive mansion. « Okay now we all need to shut up because they have a dog. » Alois explained opening a window. « Then why the hell would we break in!? » I yelled a bit too loud. « Because Alois’ plan works better than yours. » I gave Sakara and evil glare and waited for a response from Alois. « Because it’s funner! » He yelled jumping through the window. « You guys coming? » He asked rather annoyed. « So here’s the NEW plan. You! » He yelled pointing at me. « Distract Sebastian somehow. Me and her will go up and kidnap Ciel. » We both nodded and headed our separate ways. I stopped after a bit, realizing what Alois said. « Kidnap?! »

**Sakara POV**
« Alois I think we’re lost… » I said walking through a hallway that I swear I saw just a minute ago. « Na I’ve been here more times than you ever have. It’s this way! » I rolled my eyes, this guy really needs a GPS.

**Alyssa POV**
I kept walking around the hallways with my blue bag in hand. I turned a corner only to see a dark, tall man about to turn into a different hallway. « OH SEBBY! » I yelled. He turned around. « LOOK I HAVE A CAT! » He came running down the hallway as I pulled my cat out of my bag. Yes, my cat was in my bag! « Who are you and who is this? » He asked taking the cat from me. »That’s Chewbacca and I’m Alyssa. » I said proudly. « May I pet him? » He asked and I nodded ‘yes’.

**Sakara POV**
We finally came to Ciel’s room and Alois opened the wooden door only to show a sleeping Phantomhive. « You grab his legs, I got the arms. » He whispered. He took a hold of Ciel’s arms as I held his legs. Well isn’t this awkward… « Ah Alois he’s waking up! » I whisper-yelled. Alois took a cloth and put it over Ciel’s mouth. « Let’s go! » He said and started walking out the door. What am I getting myself into?! Just then Alois almost dropped Ciel, « Eh?! » Ciel yelled.

[[CLIFFHANGER! Because I’m way too lazy to write anymore and I have commissions to do on I shall go die now]]

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