Ronin Warriors Fan Fiction ❯ Code of the Warrior ( Chapter 3 )

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Ronin Warriors: Dragon’s Wrath
Chapter 3: Code of the Warrior

« I can’t believe how horrible we’re doing against these guys! »
Kento said, slamming his fist into the table.
« Relax Kento. We’ve only been fighting them for a short time,
we’ll figure out what to do eventually. » Sai said.
« So optimistic are you? » Kento said. « We’ve faced far more
and we’ve beaten them easily! »
« Yes Kento, but remember; all our former opponents thought spandex
was a fashion statement. » Sage joked.
« Besides, these warriors are about as bad as Drakka was when we fought
him. And we didn’t have these high-tech suits of armor when we fought
him. » Rowen reminded him.
« Rowen is right. These enemies are significantly harder than
any of our previous adversaries. It may take time before we figure
out their weakness. »
« ‘It may take time before we figure out their weakness' » Kento
said, imiating Anubis. « Well I know who knows their weakness, but
isn’t talking. NAVCASE! »
« Leave him alone. He has his reasons for not telling us. »
Dais said.
« Well, if he doesn’t, we’re all DEAD! » Kento said.
« Guys, sorry to disturb you, but you might want to come see this. »
Mia said from the next room.
The nine heroes got up from their seats and headed into the living room
to watch what was going on on TV.
« Several people were rushed to the hospital early today after recieving
burns from what eyewitnesses described as acid. They reported seeing
a strange walking reptile near the waterfront demanding that the Ronin
Warriors be brought to him at once. Citizens of Toyama are advised
to stay away from this area. »
« What do we do now Ryo? » Rowen asked.
Ryo thought long and hard. This new opponent had been giving them
problems. They had scraped by their first two encounters with the
Draconai; the first they won by luck and the second by Navcase’s
assistance. He did not know why they became so disoriented when Navcase
appeared. He knew there was some secret to defeating them…he just
did not know what it was. Furthermore, how had Anubis protected the
Ronins from that head on blast? Something was definitely going on.
And then there was the voice he heard in his head. Tsubasa no Hi…what
was that supposed to mean?
« Ryo? What are we going to do? » Anubis asked.
« This guy wants us…so that’s what we’ll give him. Let’s go. »
Ryo said.
The nine Ronins summoned their mighty Mecha Armor and flew off to the
docks to deal with their latest problem.
Upon their arrival they came face to face with one of Ceiphied’s Elite.
As they had noticed before, his armor was cast and sculpted to look like
it was dripping with acid.
« Greetings Ronins. I am the one called Gekidoku. Learn it
well, for it will be the last name you hear. »
« Bring it on! » Kento shouted, charging blindly, his staff ready
for action.
Igniting the blade on the tip, he slashed down, but Gekidoku dodged
and backhanded Kento, knocking him away. He then took a deep breath,
and spit out a blast of acid, which Kento managed to block with his shield,
melting it a little.
« Poison is my specialty. » Sekhmet said. « I shall deal with
this warrior. » he said.
Sekhmet drew his swords and charged. He swung at Gekidoku, who
blocked with his claws time and time again. He spun around and nailed
Sekhmet with a roundhouse kick, knocking him back as well. He called
upon his breath weapon, nailing Sekhmet, but it did not damage his armor
at all.
« I should have warned you. I am the Warlord of Venom. » Sekhmet
said triumphantly.
Gekidoku roared and fired a Chi bolt at Sekhmet, sending him slamming
into a building on the pier.
« And I should have warned you, I can use Chi attacks like my younger
bretheren. »
He held his hands at his sides and opened fire Vegeta style, pummelling
the Ronins, causing them to fall backward and look for places to hide.
Sai and Kento held up their shields, but they were melting fast.
« What the? » Sai wondered.
« This is strange… » Anubis noticed as with every hit his armor
was also damaged.
« What’s going on? » Dais wondered.
« I also should have warned you. My curiass allows me to pump
poison through my Chi blasts, harming you, but not as bad as my breath
weapon does. »
The Ronins charged him one after another, each one being knocked back,
and slammed into something one way or another.
« Perhaps we should switch our strategy and use our other armors. »
Anubis said, his armor slowly melting.
« No. We wouldn’t be standing if it wasn’t for these things on
us. » Ryo said.
« Pathetic. Completely pathetic. Is that the best you can
do? I’ve fought demons that put up more of a fight than you nine. »
Gekidoku taunted. « Besides, I’m only interested in Wildfire. »
« If you want me… » Ryo said, charging at him and leaping into
the air, « YOU’VE GOT ME!!! »
With a double kick to the face, Ryo knocked Gekidoku to the ground,
and as he got up, he swung with his left sword, but Gekidoku parried, swung
it down and slashed his armor with his claw. Ryo knocked him away
with his machinecannons, before retracting them and whacking him with his
shield, sending him flying backward. Before he made contact with
the water, he spread his wings and hovered in the air.
« You’re mine Wildfire. » he said, taking a deep breath.
« RYO LOOK OUT!!! » Anubis shouted.
As Anubis dove for Ryo, the blast hit Ryo, causing him to scream in
pain as his armor took more than the usual blow. Weakened by the
attack, Gekidoku began to attack Ryo relentlessly, each blow sending Ryo
reeling. He charged up for a blast, Anubis tried to get in the way
to take it for Ryo, but he knocked Anubis aside, nailing Ryo head on.
He charged up and uppercutted Ryo, sending him crashing into the ground.
« We’ve got to help Ryo! » Kento shouted.
« He can’t stop all of us! » Kale shouted.
Everyone brandished their weapons and went through their katas.
« Iron Rock Crusher! »
« Arrow Shock Wave! »
« Super Wave Smasher! »
« Black Lightning Slash! »
« Snake…Fang…Striiiiiiiiiiike! »
« Web of Deception! »
The attacks lashed out at Gekidoku, but he put up his AT Field, and
blocked all of them.
« Fools. » he said, aiming his hand at the group and firing, knocking
them out. Now only Anubis and Ryo stood between him and victory.
Gekidoku walked over to Ryo, who was still trying to get up despite
his weakness. Gekidoku grabbed him with his strength and lifted him
« You’re mine Wildfire. Ceiphied will be pleased to have you in
his ranks. Any last words? » Gekidoku asked.
« Yeah! » Ryo said, kicking him in the groin area and then grabbing
on to him with the last of his strength, « YOROIJETS, MAXIMUM BURN!!!! »
With that Ryo rocketed skyward.
« What is he up to? » Anubis wondered. Then he realized.
« Oh dear, he wouldn’t…DAMN! »
Anubis fired his own thrusters up and rocketed skyward after Ryo, who
was climbing faster and faster.
« Ryo! You’re going too high! The air’s too thin! Even
you’ll suffocate without your faceplate on! » Anubis shouted as he
got closer and closer.
« Anubis, get away from here! Now! » Ryo shouted.
« I’ve got to! I can’t let him win! » Ryo shouted.
« Ryo, this is suicide! I won’t let you do this! » Anubis
shouted, aiming his buster shield at Gekidoku. « I’ve almost got a
shot… »
« No Anubis! You might miss! » Ryo shouted. « Now get
out of here before you get hit too! »
« No Ryo! Not that! » Anubis pleaded. « Please!
I beg of you! »
« I have no choice. A samurai gives his life so that others may
live. » Ryo said.
« RYO PLEASE!!!! STOP THIS MADNESS!!!! » Anubis pleaded again.
« Take the buster rifle, you’re in charge now! » Ryo said, disconnecting
the weapon and dropping it into Anubis’ hands.
« No Ryo! Don’t do this! I can’t accept this responsibility! »
Anubis shouted back.
« Like it or not, you’re in charge now! Okay Gekidoku, GIVE MY
REGARDS TO YOUR FORMER MASTER!!!! » Ryo shouted, engaging the self
(A Parting Eternal kicks up)
Anubis continued to scream for Ryo to stop his suicide attempt, as the
timer slowly counted down. Nothing could be heard. Ryo closed
his eyes, waiting for the end to arrive. Gekidoku laughed evilly,
Anubis screamed, tears streaming, for Ryo to stop. But now it was
too late.
Ryo’s armor exploded in a enormous display of Pyrotechnics, causing
Gekidoku to fall to the ground enflamed. The other Ronins and Anubis
shielded their eyes from the attack.
Gekidoku landed with a thud, just as a saddened Anubis landed.
Tears were streaming from his eyes. Gekidoku slowly struggled to
his feet.
« No…NO!!!!!! » Anubis shouted. « HOW COULD YOU HAVE SURVIVED!!!!
AAAAAAAH!!!! » Anubis screamed, charging with his blade lit.
Gekidoku spread his wings, and went airborne, with Anubis barely scratching
him with the blade.
« NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! » Anubis screamed, so loud the heavens could
probably hear. The other Ronins got up, and walked over to him, weakly,
while Anubis stood there, standing contemplatively over the buster rifle.
Ryo’s last words to him echoed through his thoughts.
« Is he…? » Kento asked solemnly.
Anubis nodded. Kento began to swear every profane word he knew.
Every one of the Ronins began crying. Even the other Warlords, strong
as they were, were unable to hold back their tears.
« Goodbye…Ryo. » Rowen said sadly.
« You fought well…Wildfire. » Dais added.
Ryo’s charred helmet then fell to the ground. Rowen walked over
slowly and gathered it up. The others said their solemn goodbyes
and headed back to Mia’s…to tell her the bad news.
« Hey guys, why so sad? » she asked. Then she seemed to understand.
« What happened? » Mia asked.
Rowen stepped into the room, and showed her the helmet.
Mia’s eyes filled with tears, and she burst out crying. Yuli came
in, and saw what remained of Ryo, and he ran to Mia and cried as well.
« It’s my fault…it’s all my fault! » Anubis shouted.
« Anubis, it’s not your fault. » Sai tried to explain.
« YES IT IS!!!! If I…If I had just been a little faster…I
could have saved him…WHY DID YOU HAVE TO BE SUCH A FOOL? » Anubis
« Anubis, calm down. » Sage said.
Anubis stormed off to his room.
The Forgotten Souls came in and also learned the sad news. Placing
Ryo’s helmet on a makeshift funeral pyre, they burned it as the others
flew over in the Missing Man Formation, saluting their brave ally.
Anubis was not there to watch. Staring out the window towards
the docks, he whispered, « It’s all my fault… »
Standing on a building near the scene, Navcase surveyed the situation.
« Well done, Ryo of the Wildfire. You are truly a Samurai. Farewell… »
Navcase said before flying off.
A knock came on the door of the lab to Osaki Industries. It had
begun to pour out. Kinjiro opened the door to find Navcase standing
« Navcase… » Kinjiro said.
« Yes. It is I. I do not have much time. Ryo has been killed.
And I fear the others may die as well if my armor is not brought up to
date. »
« Wait, who sent you here? » Kinjiro said. « I’ll call security… »
Navcase removed his robes, and Kinjiro put the reciever down and gasped
as he saw the effects of the curse.
« As you can see, the curse is spreading faster. The Ronins need
my help, but my armor is far too outdated. I heard that you made
their Mecha Armors and that of the She-Ronins, is that correct? »
Navcase said.
« Yes, it is. I was a part of that. But I don’t know about
your armor. I’ll see what I can do. » Kinjiro said.
« Hurry. It will not be long until I am one of them… »
Navcase said.

To be Continued…

(A Parting Eternal continues still)
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