Magic Knight Rayearth Fan Fiction ❯ Closer You and I ( Chapter 1 )

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Hikaru Shidou stood at the viewing deck of Tokyo Tower. Watching the dark, pink skies as the sun began to set and engulf by the darkness of the coming night. Hikaru, Umi, and Fuu had planned a reunion there at Tokyo Tower to celebrate their 4rth year anniversary of their never-ending friendship. It had been exactly 4 years since they were last summoned to Cephiro and they’ve already reached the age of 18.
Hikaru changed a lot on that short period of time, physically: From a petite, cute girl, to a tall (specifically 5’8′), gorgeous, slender young woman. She did not only change physically but psychologically as well. From a very happy-go-lucky, immature girl, to a smart, elegant, refined young woman. Still, her preppy ways has not been changed but she knows when to control herself when it is not proper.
Hikaru wore a red, sleeveless Chinese blouse with a high collar that has a slit on it’s middle and a black skirt that reached down just above her knees. Her fiery red hair lay loosely on her back, only accessorized with a gold, dragonfly shaped clip on her right temple.
As she stood there, waiting for the arrival of her two best friends, Memories of what had occurred on their return to Cephiro, came to her mind. She remembered everything as if it was just yesterday…
Remembering to see Cephiro on its crumbling state…
Remembering her first encounter w/ Lantis…
… How Eagle captured her…
…When Lantis gave her his precious mirror pendant…
…The battle with Nova…
Remembering…how Eagle died…
…The final battle with Debonair…
Remembering…the most happiest moment of her life…when Lantis confessed his love to her…
That last thought made Hikaru reach beneath her blouse and took out her most prized possession…Lantis’s mirror pendant. Hikaru held the mirror pendant lovingly in her hand as she whispered the name of her beloved. `Lantis…’
`I wonder how Lantis is doing…’ Hikaru asked herself as she tightened her hold on the mirror pendant. `Does he miss me the way I miss him now?’ as she began to think of Lantis, unshed tears began to form in her eyes. Just when her tears were about to fall, someone hugged her from behind. She placed her pendant back underneath her blouse and turned around to see Umi and Fuu with smiles on their faces but with tears on their eyes.
“Hikaru, I know that you miss him so much, but, can you please try not to cry…cause you’re making me want to start crying too.” Umi joked `uncheerfully’ and held Hikaru’s hand over hers.
“Now where have I heard that before!” Hikaru said to Umi, trying to sound funny.
Fuu ignored her attempt of sense of humor. “Yes Miss Hikaru, we all feel the same. We all miss our friends in Cephiro very deeply, but, it is futile if we keep on thinking about them, it will only hurt us in the end.” Fuu said as she put a hand on Hikaru’s right shoulder.
Hikaru was slightly hurt of what Fuu said. “But Fuu, it doesn’t matter if you’ll feel bad… By simply remembering the one’s you love, you’ll feel as if they’re near you. You’ll feel like they are just there, comforting you, laughing with you and so on. ” Hikaru said defensively at Fuu. Hikaru knew that Fuu was hurting the same way she was hurting now. She could sense it. Fuu would always act as if she doesn’t care whenever she feels sad. Just like what she is doing now.
“I’m sorry Miss Hikaru, I didn’t mean to say it that way. I’m sorry if I upset you.” Fuu apologized, her head slightly arched down.
“It’s alright Fuu, I know how badly you miss them too, hehehe…Especially you’re prince charming Ferio…” Hikaru joked as she began to poke Fuu at her sides. Fuu’s cheeks began to show a tint of red.
Even though `everybody’ in Cephiro already knew of her relationship with Ferio, she’s still just too shy on that whole matter. When Fuu was about to reply, Umi butted in.
“Hello! I’m totally feeling `left out’ in here!” Umi fumed.
“Oh, sorry Umi. Fuu and I just thought that you needed to be alone so that you can think about you’re mage Clef and your brave palu Ascot…hehehe” Hikaru laughed as she saw Umi’s face blush.
After the girls came back from Cephiro from their second visit, Umi began to miss Clef and Ascot a lot. She didn’t know why she missed Ascot, but with each passing day, she realized that she was also in love with him. She also realized that she acted like a fool not only once but twice. First was when she claimed that she loves Ascot too the way she loves Caldina, Lafarga and the others when he confessed his love to her. Second, was when she didn’t tell Clef of what she truly felt about him before she left from Cephiro…
“Well Hikaru, if that’s what you think, maybe we could talk about the time when you’re`knight in shining armor’, Lantis, gave you his mirror pendant or the time when he confessed his love to you!” Umi teased as she began to tickle Hikaru at her sides.
The moment Umi and Fuu first saw Hikaru’s pendant, they began to qestion her of who gave it. She kept on evading Umi and Fuu’s questions, that is, until Umi threatened her on telling her brothers that someone was admiring their cute little sister. Well, the fact that her brothers are very protective of her, especially from boys, made her realize to just tell it to Umi and Fuu to avoid any blood shedding of whomever Umi will place the blame on.
“Hey, hahaha! Stop that Umi!” Hikaru began to squirm because of Umi’s tickles. Just then, Fuu began to join to tickle Hikaru as well. “Hehe…hey! Stop that! Ha…Stop! Fuu! Umi! Haha!” When Hikaru turned around in attempt to tickle Umi and Fuu, she saw many people gazing at them because of their behavior.
“Umi, Fuu, I think we should stop now. People are looking at us…” She whispered to Umi and Fuu. When she looked down, her perfectly pressed dress was now slightly wrinkled. She began to fix her dress with a slight blush on her face.
“Oh Hikaru, you’re so bashful. You’ve really grown more mature.” Umi said as she helped Hikaru in straightening her dress.
“Yes Miss Hikaru, I quite noticed that you are beginning to be more refined in each passing day…do you think it’s because of Sir Lantis?” Fuu asked teasingly at Hikaru.
“Fuu!” Hikaru yelled as her cheeks showed a tint of red.
“Oh Hikaru, you’re so cute when you blush” Umi teased while laughing.
“Uumii!” yelled Hikaru…again.
When Hikaru turned to see if someone heard her, she saw that a dozen more People started to watch the three of them. Hikaru’s blush became worse.
When Umi and Fuu saw that Hikaru became suddenly quiet, they too turned and saw that they were still being watched.
“Ah..hehehe…sorry” Umi apologized to those who watched them. After hearing her apologies, the people went on with their business.
Seeing that Hikaru was really embarrassed of what had happened, they decided to keep quiet for a while.
Hikaru stared outside the fiberglass window of Tokyo Tower. It was already dark outside.
Then it started to rain. `Hmm…rain…kinda reminds me of the time when…Lantis and I were outside the castle to search for people who didn’t get evacuated in time. He’s such a caring person, the way he covered me from droplets of rain that fell on me.” She reached underneath her blouse `again’ and took out Lantis’s pendant. Oh how she misses her Lantis so much…wait a minute… `her?’ `hehehe…I feel like I’m starting to sound like Primera now. Always saying that Lantis is hers…’.
–in Cephiro–
Primera: (Cough) (Cough)
Tatra noticed that Primera began to cough.
Tatra: Oh my, did ya know that when people suddenly begin to cough without certain reasons, means that there are people who’re talking back at you?
Primera: really? I’ll take a guess…aha! That short girl! Hikaru! You are sooo gonna pay!
–back in reality…I mean Tokyo Tower–
`But in my case… mine‘. Then another thought came to her mind. `Now I’m starting to sound like Nova! Hehehe’. Then her mood suddenly changed. She held the pendant tighter as she mussed again. `Oh, Lantis, if only you knew how much I missed you…’ she said to herself. Tears began to form on her eyes.
Fuu saw Hikaru’s unshed tears but kept still and quiet. She did not want to disturb Hikaru for she knew that she was thinking about Lantis. If she would disrupt her chosen solitude, this will only upset her.
Fuu stared outside the window of Tokyo Tower. `Hmm…It appears to be raining outside’
Then a voice inside her head scolded her `Way to state the obvious Fuu!’. The voice that shouted, `to her’, seemed like it was Ferio’s. `Well `duh’ ‘ Fuu slightly chuckled as she remembered the two things that Ferio will always tell her whenever she stated the obvious. Then, she remembered the orb that her beloved Ferio gave to her. (blink) (blink) `Oh my, I seem to be sounding just like Miss Primera.’
–in Cephiro–
Primera: (Cough) (Cough)
Tatra: Oh dear…did ya do something bad ta the Magic Knights before they left?
Primera: Grr… I bet this time it’s that girl with four eyes! She’s so gonna pay!
–Back in being serious…I mean Tokyo Tower–
Fuu never leaves home without Ferio’s orb. `To her’, that orb appears to be the only memento that Ferio gave her. That’s why she always brings it anywhere she goes…except when she bathes that is. She took out her orb, and held it lovingly in her hand. `Oh Ferio, I wish you good health’ she whispered to her orb. Just like Hikaru, tears began to form on her eyes.
Umi noticed that Hikaru and Fuu became suddenly dead silent. She did not wish to disturb them for she too is mussing about something. She `too’ stared outside the window of Tokyo Tower. `Huh, It’s raining. Grr! This is just too darn depressing!’ she told herself. Then she remembered the bracelet that Ascot gave her before she went in to the final battle. The bracelet was a ring of gold with an aquamarine stone on it’s middle.
Ascot said that it was his only keepsake from his real parents and that she deserved to wear it because it would suit her best because of that aquamarine stone. He said that it would bring out the color of her eyes…he also wanted to say something else but he was just too shy to say it. `Hmm… I wonder what my darling Ascot wanted to say to me?…’ Then a thought came to her. `Whah! `my’? I’m sure I was starting to sound like that irritating, stubborn, blue haired pixie who keeps on warning people to stay away from Lantis!’
–in Cephiro…again–
Primera: (covering her mouth and trying her best not to cough… but suddenly…) (COUGH!) (COUGH!)
Tatra: Oh my, did ya know that when ya cough “that loud” means that someone’s back talking ya and “insults” ya as well?
Primera: (punches the wall and pretending that it did not hurt) GRR! I bet that THIS time it’s that `Prissy’, `Sassy’ Blue haired girl who’s back talking me! I’m so gonna get THEM all for this! (touches her wounded hand) Owie…
–BACK TO THE DRAMA! Ehem…I mean Tokyo Tower–
Umi: (cough) (cough) hmm… wonder what that means…
Umi held up her left wrist where the aquamarine stoned bracelet lay. She touched the stone warily. `Oh Ascot, Clef…I miss you so much’. Just like Hikaru and Fuu, unshed tears began to form on Umi’s eyes.
–Hikaru’s POV–
I looked at the pendant and caressed it with my fingers lovingly as I felt a tear slid down my face…I saw the tear, drop…
“Oh Lantis, my love, I want to see you again” I said, at the same time my tear fell onto the mirror surface of my pendant…Then suddenly…
–Fuu’s POV–
I looked at my orb and gently held it tight on my right hand as I felt a tear slid down my face…I saw my tear, drop…
“Oh my darling Ferio, I wish I could be with you again” I said, at the same time my tear fell down on the gemmed surface of my orb…Then suddenly…
–Umi’s POV–
I raised my left wrist, on w/c my bracelet lay, and gently let the stone touch my chin as I felt a tear slid slowly down my face…
“Oh my Brave Palu and my darling mage, I want to stay beside you once again” I said, at the same time I felt my tear slid down my chin, I caught it with my bracelet, letting it drop on the stone…Then suddenly…
–Normal POV–
…A bright light shone from where their tears, dropped. The light from Hikaru’s was Bright red, Fuu’s was Bright Green, Umi’s was Bright Blue. The Light became more and more intense until the light finally engulfed them. Leaving only empty spaces on where they once stood…

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