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Chapter 4: Close cousins
“I’m going home.” Kagome said suddenly
“You’re not going anywhere! We have to train.”
InuYasha glared. “Fine go, see if I care.” He replied coldly
“What’s everybody’s problem!”
I dream of loving you,
In my heart and in my mind,
And boy I hate to say it,
But man you are so blind.

Kagome walked through the forest heading to the well. She was mad at herself for being like this. Why was she crying over him? She promised herself a long time ago that she wasn’t going to do this to herself. She wasn’t going to put herself through the pain of another heartbreak.
For you don’t see my love for you,
But it is right there,
I dream of loving you,
Your fingers in my hair.
“I can’t believe this…I mean look at yourself Kagome crying over a man you could never have. You’re horrible.” Kagome wiped the tears rolling down her cheeks furiously.
And when I sleep,
I think of you,
But you love somebody else,
And I always
I always
I always, wonder who.
“No I promised a long time ago I wouldn’t cry over you any more. I refuse to cry for the likes of you. I decided a long time ago it wasn’t worth it. It’s not worth it…right?”
I dream of loving you,
When I am asleep and awake,
My love for you Is way to strong,
And my loving you doesn’t stop, but it feels so wrong,

Kagome reached the edge of the well and placed a gentle hand on the edge. “It’s not worth it.”

I dream of loving you,

In my heart and in my mind,
And boy I hate to say it,
But man you are so blind.
“I have no right to interfere with there love. It has been over 50 years. They belong together.”
For you don’t see my love for you,
But it is right there,
I dream of loving you,
Your fingers in my hair.


And when I sleep,
I think of you,
But you love somebody else,
And I always
I always
I always, wonder who.
—————————————————————— ————————————————————————— ————————————————————————–
She threw herself head first down into the well and spread her arms.
`Is this how it feels to let go of all your troubles? To be carefree?’
She was then engulfed in a pinkish-purplish light and landed safely on her feet on the other side of the well. Kagome wiped her face on her sleeve. She hoped she didn’t look as bad as she felt.
She opened the well hose door and sighed. It smelt horrible here. After being in the unpolluted forest for so long she was used to the fresh sent of pine trees and grass. She pinched her nose in disgust.
Walking across the lawn she slowed to a stop in front of the Goshinboku.
She patted the trunk of the tree. “Hi old fella. Whatcha been up to.”
Kagome reached up and touched the mark from Kikyou’s arrow. It crackled at her touch. Kagome pulled her hand away surprised.
“What the…” she backed up and looked up at the spot. She sighed and started to walk away “I’ll figure it out later.”
“Mama I’m home…Mama? Souta? Grandpa?” She walked into the kitchen. “Guys. You home?”
She found a note stuck on the fridge.
Dear Kagome,
Went to visit your grandmother Genkai at her shrine in the next town. Were going to be staying for about a week. Mai should be home at 5pm. I brought supplies. And don’t forget to feed Josage. I hope to see you soon. ____________________________________________
` Love, ____________________________
Mom, Souta and Grandpa________
Kagome sighed for what seemed like the 50th time that day.
“Oh well I guess I have the house to myself for the next two hours.” She mumbled as she ascended the stairs to her room.
She opened the door and stood in front of her bed.
“Hmmm…I could change or take a nap…decisions, decisions…I vote nap.” Kagome jumped onto her bed and fell asleep as soon as her head touched the pillow.
———————————-Kagome’s Dream———————————
Kagome was standing in a large forest filled with trees and flowers. Mist hung heavily in the air, blocking the sun from any glimpse of life. A soft wind rippled through the trees, sending some autumn leaves drifting helplessly to the ground.
The air was thin.
Every now and then, a bird whistled or called into the silent air, and when they did, their calls echoed for miles. Other then that, the woods were silent and no sound came from the land. It was as though someone, or something, had cast a spell on the lands, and all words had been taken away, flung into nothingness, and left there to do, well, nothing. It was as if something had blocked all thought, so that nothing could get in, and nothing could get out. And perhaps that was the case, seeing that no one, and nothing had moved, spoken, or anything else for that matter…except, save the birds, who sat on their perches, not moving, just cawing or crowing now and then.
`Where am I?’
Kagome looked around confused. Then she sighed.
`Well it’s better than being with InuYasha. Yup this is the life…no empty clay pots, no loud mouth hanyou’s and no stoic demon lords to give me `the look’.
Kagome gave a refreshing sigh. She suddenly had the urge to do cartwheels.
“Cartwheels eh? Very…interesting”
Kagome looked around trying to pinpoint the exact location of the voice.
“Who’s there? Show yourself.”
A beautiful woman garbed in traditional priestess clothes with a strong aura around her stepped out from behind some trees. She had a small smile on her face as she walked toward Kagome.
Kagome looked at the woman with a mixture of shock and surprise.
“Mid-Midoriku? What are you doing in my dream.”
“You are quite right my dear. I am indeed Midoriku.” Her face grew solemn.
“And I am here to tell you something very important concerning your cousin Mai.” Her eyes widened before she smiled at Kagome again.
“Is everything alright Midoriku?”
“Yes my child but I think you should wake up your cousin has come home and she is calling for you.”
“But Wait!” Kagome yelled, as everything became dark. “I have questions!”
“The answers will soon become clear to you. Just wait.”
Kagome looked around in the darkness.
——————————————-End Dream———————–
Kagome’s eye’s fluttered open and she threw off the covers. She grabbed the clock off the desk and stared at the numbers.
The number’s blazed into her eyes.
“Crap I should have left a half hour ago.”
“Kagome are you home?”
“Mai is that you?’
“Hai Kagome where are you.”
“Up stairs.”
Kagome could hear Mai’s soft footsteps as she ascended the stairs. Mai was Kagome’s cousin. She got adopted into the family after her parents were involved in a terrible accident involving a drunk driver.
——————————–Flashback (3 years ago)——————–
Kagome, Souta, Mai and Kagome’s mom and grandfather were standing at the burial site of Mai’s parents. Mai was sobbing quietly while Kagome and her mom let silent tears roll down there cheeks.
“Why did it have to be them.” Mai kept repeating to herself as she kneeled at her parent’s grave. “Why’d they have to go. Did that man wish to kill them did he do it on purpose…Why?”
Mai kept asking question expecting no answer but her new family’s silence.
Mai’s parents, Usage and Jomei Mitsu were killed by a drunk driver while coming to pick up Mai from Kagome’s house, where she spent the night. Kagome had offered to take Mai through the subway so her parent wouldn’t have to drive but they declined telling Kagome they had a surprise for their daughter. The surprise was a puppy that survived the accident because of the cage they kept him in. She had named him Josage.
Kagome knelt down next to the girl she called a sister trying to console her. “Sometimes there are accidents.” She said while wrapping an arm around the girl.”
“Actions set in motion by different forces and things happen. No one means for anyone to die. Everyone wants what they want but not for anyone to die.” She hugged the girl closer to her body.
“Set a seal upon your heart for love is as strong as death”
It took a minuet for Mai to fully understand what Kagome was saying. When she finally understood she began to sob clutching on to Kagome’s clothes as if she were a raft in the middle of the sea.
——————————-End Flashback——————————–
Mai reached Kagome’s door and knocked.
“Come in.”
Kagome looked up from her sitting position on her bed into Mai’s startling emerald eyes.
“Hey Mai.” Kagome grinned at the cousin she always called a sister.
“Hey Kags, I wasn’t expecting you home.” She walked across the room and sat on Kagome’s bed.
“Yeah I got to get going soon though.”
“I’ve just gotten back from work.” Mai taught at a local dojo. Kagome gave her lessons on everything she knew and Mai was a great student. Mai had decided to start working to help pay for the expenses on the house. Kagome’s mom, Yuka (A/N: idk her real name srry) had told Mai that it was fine but Mai insisted.
“So what’s been going on in Inu’s time?”
Mai’s smile fell when Kagome frowned.
“Is everything ok Kags?
“No……InuYasha never liked me Mai. He was just……faking it so I would always……always come back. And it worked…no matter what I always came back…I fell for it Mai. I fell for it.”
Mai’s face contracted into shock then anger as she fully grasped the information. She pulled her cousin into a hug surprised there were no tears.
`She must have given up on tears…like me.’
She held Kagome at arms length staring into her eyes.
“I suspect dog boy wants you back soon, right?”
“Yeah but wh-”
“Get dressed we don’t want to keep him waiting…do we.”
“Alright but Ma-”
“No buts. I’ll meet you down stairs in 5 minuets.”
“Alright bu-”
Before Kagome could finish her sentence Mai stood up and walked out of the room.
Kagome sighed.
`What is she planning.’
She pulled off her T-shirt and jeans and pulled on a white tank top and green army pants. She put on white sneakers and put her hair into a high ponytail. She strapped her kanta, Nozomi, to her waist using a white belt. Kagome walked over to her full-length mirror and sighed at her reflection.
She turned away from her reflection and walked out the door to her room.
Kagome walked into the kitchen and found Mai looking threw the cabinets with her brown backpack filled with extra clothes, medicine, bandages and weapons such as daggers. She also changed her clothes. Now she wore a black tank top, brown army pants and black sneakers. Her dark forest green hair was up in a high ponytail.
“Mai…what are you doing?”
“Why what?”
“Why are you packing.”
“So I can kick InuYasha’s ass.”
Kagome sighed
“Mai don’t you think-”
“Yes Kagome I do think. I think I’m going to kick InuYasha’s ass.”
`No stopping her now.’
Mai handed Kagome her green backpack and a smaller pack that holds daggers. She grabbed her own smaller pack and clipped it around her waist and put her pack on her back.
(A/N: think of the ones in Naruto)
“Lets go.”
Mai grabbed her own kanta and placed it in her belt as she walked out the door.
Kagome sighed for the 100th time and followed Mai out the door and into the well house.
“Alright then.” Kagome said as they reached the well. “Grab my hand and don’t let go. I don’t want to loose you in the time stream.”
“I hope this works.”
“Me to Mai. Me to.”
Mai grabbed Kagome’s hand and gave an encouraging squeeze.
“On the count of three.”
Kagome “One.”
Mai “Two.”
Together “Three!”
They jumped into the well and hopefully into Feudal era with Kagome thinking about Midoriku’s words…
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