Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monster GX Fan Fiction ❯ Chronicles of Light Part 3 ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Chapter 11 Shattered Souls
The smoke and dust cleared; everyone watched with great interest to see what had happened. Everyone held their breath and waited to see the result; no words escaped anyone’s mouths. No one had any idea who had won the skirmish; all of Brett’s friends prayed Brett was still alive. Blair slowly stood up with tears forming in her eyes; she did not want to lose him.
The three dragons flew closer and closer to the school, while the Chaos Emperor Dragon continued to build energy up; getting ready to self destruct. Even in the gym the duelists could feel the massive amount of energy building to an amazing point. Slowly the smoke cleared and Blair’s heart skipped a beat when she beheld what had happened.
The screen slowly rotated showing Brett and 2; they were right in front of another facing their opponent. 2’s sword had been diverted left and away from the center of Brett’s chest. Brett’s left hand held the card up in front of him and his bloody hand dropped to his side. Brett’s face was quivering from the pain, while 2 on the other hand had a complete look of shock across his face.
Mirror Force trap had activated; sending all the energy off 2’s Oblivion Crush back at him. His body was badly destroyed, still slightly resembling a normal body but with many deep cuts. His own energy had been fully reversed back to him and the power had torn him to shreds. His blade had pierced the trap, but the shear energy coming back at 2 had left him week and useless.
Brett slowly snapped out of the pain of that attack; he remembered where he was, and what he had too. He still had to save the school and he had to continue onwards.
Song Moment
“You have failed your organization. You have threatened my friends with death, and you tried to end my life. I will not let you hurt anyone else ever again, and I’m sorry to say there is only one way to do that.” Brett floated there motionless while he spoke. Brett grabbed hold of 2’s sword; he crushed it with his damaged left hand. He grabbed hold of 2 by his collar and he rolled in the air; tossing 2 up towards the Chaos Emperor Dragon. 2 collided into the dragon; and he screamed at his fate.
Brett flew downwards through the air quickly; gaining speed before he pulled up before colliding into the earth. He reached back grabbing a feather from one of his wings. He rubbed the feather down his arm to his hand; the wound glowed, and his left arm was healed the wound returning it back to normal. Brett whipped his hands to his side, and his blades reappeared. At that moment the Chaos Emperor Dragon exploded destroying the remnants of the once proud field spell; while 2’s body dissolved in the force and power of the dragon’s effect.
The blast came close to Brett, but he kept his pace and out ran the attacks radius. Brett lifted his arms; two of his wings shot out wards creating two triangles of light, which began to circle Brett. Brett flew faster then he ever had before in the previous portion of this fight. His determination was a flame; he had come so far and he still was finding amazing amounts of strength.
He slowly gained on the Red Eyes Darkness Dragon; the triangles fired beams of light at the dragon’s wings and body. It was pelted with blasts of light energy, and it lost control of it self. The dragon tumbled in the air and turned its head to see Brett close the gap; slicing off the dragon’s head with a single blade. Brett summoned his deployed wings back to his back; he used all four of his wings to propel him up to the next dragon.
Brett bolted forward coming down on the Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon, but it split into three Blue Eyes White Dragons leaving him to slice the air. All three newly formed dragons turned their heads as they flew away. Each fired a blast at Brett; he dodged by flying up out of the beams path. Brett moved in on one; slicing at it to which the creature roared, while the dragon dodged backwards.
Two other two flew away; the last of the three charged at Brett without mercy. The dragon bit at him; Brett flipped forwards in the air thanks to his wings. Brett flipped over it, and he tossed one blade into the dragon’s back. The dragon roared in pain and snarled at Brett. Brett stabilized him self in the air; the dragon turned launching another attack at Bret. Brett flew away from the blast to the other side while he dodged. He turned around in the air instantly; his wings pushed him forward moving in close and he relieved the dragon of its head.
Brett floated there for an instant catching his breath; his body became heavier and heavier but more power kept fueling him. He looked for the other two dragons, but could see nothing anywhere. Brett felt the temperature sharply rise in an instant; he looked up towards the sky and saw the Blue Eyes Shinning Dragon begin to use its effect. The temperature rose steadily; Brett immediately began to fly up into the sky. Brett stopped a hundred feet away from the creature, before letting his wings explode off his back; they exploded into thousands of feathers.
He moved his hands in front of him; he hung there in mid air, while the feathers swirled around him. The field of feathers expanded before they created a bubble shield of light around Duel Academy and Brett. Brett had trouble holding back the full force of the attack; each wave of heat caused pain to his entire body. Brett struggled and cringed to the pain from keeping the heat and force at bay. Then the attack slowly faded; Brett stopped hovering, his shield breaking back into feathers. He slipped in and out of consciousness while he fell towards the school head first.
While Brett fell his vision struggled to see anything. Then he saw the two remaining Blue Eyes begin charging up their attacks. Brett had not come this far to let his friends die by some inferior creatures to the ones he had all ready faced. Brett re-summoned his swords to his hands; he held them out away from his body. All of the feathers flew towards him; encircling his blades, and they turned into javelins of light.
Brett aloud the javelins to build up energy; he only had one last shot and it had to work. He focused in on the dragons and got ready for the last attack. Brett did a barrel roll and he thru both javelins a few seconds apart from the other. They both traversed right through the dragons. The javelins left through the other side of the dragons’ chests. The energy left the blades; leaving the blades to fly through the air and stick into the roof.
With his enemies all defeated Brett was left to fall; he could not summon his wings back since he had used all his energy. All of his energy was gone, but this horrible attack was over. Brett continued to fall; but as he did he grabbed another card from his pocket. He lifted it; holding it in front of him and he disintegrated into the air. The battle was over and everyone watched the hero fade from existence.
Pause for Song to End
Song Ignited Piano Version
Everyone in the gym and on earth watched Brett disappear; the screens now focused on his swords stuck in the roof. The magic allowing them to see the events faded; everything returned to normal with the desert still scared. Everyone fell deadly silent; was Brett gone forever?
People in the real world stood there; no one really knew what to make of what had transpired. Most recognized who was fighting, but had no clue what had gone on. People where left with so many questions, but the duelists in the gym knew all to well what had happened. Every one of Brett’s friends in the gym stood there not making a sound; they were not about to accept this reality that had been placed before them.
Blair however dropped to her knees; she cried out in pain trying desperately trying to let out all her feelings. “Brett? No he can’t be gone, he just cannot! I had so many things I wanted to tell him. I never thanked you for all that you did for me, this is just not fair. I wanted to repay you; and I wanted to be with you. Brett why? Why did this happen to you?”
Blair’s eyes were closed; she cried her heart out filling the gym with sound and sadness. The others looked at her but could not move; the pain was still too real for them as well. Everyone was sad but just could not express it. Then through the roof two objects floated down. A single card floated down in front of Jaden; it was his field card and was in perfect condition. The second object floated right in front of Blair.
It was a single white feather floated down just a foot in front of her. She reached out to get it, but it disintegrated into the air before she could touch it. Blair shouted to the roof above; “Brett I want you back, more then anything. Even if it is only for a few moments, I need you here; you promised you would come back to us.”
No one felt like doing anything, they all stood there saddened by the loss of their friend who had fought, and put his life on the line to protect them. The swords stuck in the roof disappeared and silence was broken by gusts of wind.
The swords reappeared sinking into the sand holding a warrior that struggled upwards. Two swords were plunged into the desert helping Brett to his feet despite his lack of strength. “I’m not done yet, there is still more I can do. I will go onwards!”
“I know I told you guys I would come back, and I will, but first I need to some last minute things to do. I can still do more;” Brett said while he re-summoned his wings back. “I have strength that I need to move, but not enough to heal myself, guess this will have to do. I will need time to rest and I think they are probably running low on supplies; I think I have the strength to do this, but I will do it for everyone.”
Brett looked at the school that was still filled with enemies; he took off into the sky, slowly at first till he built up speed. He circled the school looking to make sure that was all of the monsters that it was truly over. Then he laughed at the fact he had survived this; maybe he really was a hero.
Brett turned back before diving into the school where the glass was already broken from earlier. Brett entered through the hole perfectly and he landed near the infirmary on the second floor. Brett heard a voice from behind; he turned and saw Mrs. Fontaine staring at him chanting the word duel. Brett looked at her and he said to her in a soft voice. “Sorry no duel disk, but let’s see if I still have the strength to cure the doctor. I owe you this much for helping me so much.”
Brett grabbed another feather from his back and he thru it at her. It flew through the air like a knife, and it passed through her. The feather changed to light energy and melted into her; canceling the dark energy that controlled her. She collapsed to the ground, but Brett grabbed her before she landed on the ground. Brett quickly picked her up in both of his arms. He took off flying down the hall and he entered into the main hallway.
Strangely it was empty of anything living, but Brett did not have the time to question why. He landed by the gym’s entrance silently; trying not to alert anyone. He set Fontaine down to rest and recover. Brett took off again down hallways; he looked for a certain area that was going to aid him. He arrived at the vault where all the food was stored.
He landed; entering the room on foot staring at the guards. They chanted the word duel to Brett and Brett looked at them. “Sorry no time to duel; I need in to get some food for my friends and you guys are in my way.” Brett used his wings to create a gust of wind; knocking the guards against the wall and they were instantly knocked out.
Song Davy Jones
Brett ran over to the vault and he tore the door off the vault. Inside was more then enough food. Brett laid multiple blankets on the ground before putting as much food as he could on the blanket. When he was done he took the corners bundling it all up as he left; heading back to the gym feeling a sense of accomplishment.
Brett was back in the main hall again; his wings still collapsed behind him. He dragged the large sac of food and supplies to the doors. He entered the main hall and noticed there were no zombie duelists what so ever. Brett found this strange almost; like something was wrong. The entire main hall was completely silent; no sounds no anything; almost like it was sealed off from the rest of the world.
Brett looked at the entrance to the gym; Fontaine was still in the same place Brett had left her earlier. Brett placed the sac of food and supplies beside the gym door. He paused at the entrance; he was nervous about seeing them. They were probably worried about him since they had no idea of what had happened. Brett looked at the door; he began to try and work up the courage. “I don’t know if I can face them, they are going to let me have it for worrying them so much. Blair is really going to give me hell…”
A deep voice bellowed from down the hall; “it does not matter, for you will never make it back.” Brett turned around away from the gym to see a single hand come at him. It wrapped around Brett’s neck. He found him self being lifted off the ground, and his air supply was almost cut off. He could barely breath, and all Brett could do was struggle. The stranger who stood before Brett was tall; he was dressed in black and had ghost white hair that almost matched Brett’s hair.
“So you’re the one defeated number 2, a loss to my organization though there is still purpose to his death. To see you evolving so quickly is; troubling. You still continue to fight your true purpose behind your creation. I myself am still having trouble piecing together the events that have but you in this position. You were created by her, thousands of years ago. She took the time to make you and your seven counterparts; for lack of a better word, perfect. Listen well to what I say; you do not have any memories because you woke up a short time ago. Have you ever wondered why you have no memories? Because they are sealed away by something; but do not fear because I will free them so you can see the truth.”
Brett felt a small burst of energy run thru his mind, and memories were unlocked deep within his mind. Pictures and clips flashed through his mind of him in a glass container filled with liquid, images of data in another language, voices. But then the most horrible scene came into his mind that horrified Brett to his very core.
Brett looked onto a destroyed world, and there stood a giant creature, huge as an entire kingdom. The mysterious creature stared down onto a village destroyed; surviving women and children clustered together. Brett could sense the truth, that creature was him.
Brett looked on; while the creature shrunk down into what he looked like now. He summoned his blades to his side; he walked up to the remaining survivors who were all women, children, old and young men. Brett looked on while they begged his younger self for mercy. But Brett would hear none of it; his blades glowed white as he cut the innocent down without mercy. The Brett from the memories summoned his white wings, and flew up into space. He passed the outer atmosphere and transformed back into the creature from before. Slowly its attention turned back to the planet; it charged and shot a beam from its chest. The beam collided in the world and instantly the planet was destroyed.
Brett watched in horror at the horrific scene. The sad truth was told to him in a woman’s voice that sounded familiar from his past; “My perfect weapon.” It no longer mattered where the memories came from. Brett believed that they were real; and that is when Brett started to hate him self and he gave up on him self.
Brett’s wings disappeared entirely; Brett stopped struggling against his opponent’s grip; he just hung there lifelessly. After he had seen his memories; he lost all will to survive. He could not live with the horrible things he had done; he no longer wanted to return to his friends. He hung from the strangers hand lifelessly lost in his own hatred for him self.
“Now you know the truth, and so do I. You are a living breathing weapon created in a laboratory by another monster. Now that you have accepted the truth about who you really are; you can accept your death and go peacefully.”
The stranger summoned a long broadsword with arcane patters along the blade. He positioned it at Brett’s chest; he readied his blade when he heard another voice behind him shout. “STOP! If you strike him down then the creature you have been trying to destroy will be unleashed.”
The man holding Brett looked over his shoulder to see another man behind him. “You must be the original one they based the mold of this thing. Why would you make such a lame attempt to save something that stole your identity? I thought with all the rumors that you were trying to get rid of these abominations as well?” Questioned the stranger, while he let his blade touch the ground.
“Do not be mistaken! I despise these creatures that act like humans and stole my name; but you have crushed his spirit and rendered him almost useless. His mind is shattered by the truth of what he is, but his creator was no fool. She took her time and she scoured the farthest reaches of time and space looking for the perfect features for her perfect weapons. You have now caused a safeguard to activate; should the mind be damaged. If someone like yourself were to plunge your blade into his chest; it would activate causing his ultimate form to arise. All his power will be unleashed making him near invincible. Should this happen all you have fought for will be undone and you shall die as well. Besides I doubt your organization could afford to lose another member; aren’t you down to three members now.”
“You are far too over confident. Just because you have been around for such a long time. How do you know this?” the stranger questioned.
“I’ve seen it before; it happened to the Weapon of Wind under adverse or near impossible conditions; and then he became near indestructible with limitless power. They have powers from all across time, and I doubt their true and full potential will ever be tapped. But killing this one would be a mistake.”
“To let him live would be would be a scar on my organizations record. There is no other choice;” the stranger lifted his blade again before the voice from behind him continued. “There is always another way to get rid of them; seal them away the same way the gods did with the titans. You just have to research this magic a bit.”
“Very well” the stranger said tossing Brett’s lifeless body in front of the cloaked mysterious man. “I cannot allow their true power to awaken. He has given up on his life anyway; perhaps he shall do me the favor of killing himself, so that I will not have to return. I shall leave him for now; it is a shame he had such a powerful soul.
The stranger that held Brett up by the throat disappeared into a portal of black energy. Only Brett, Fontaine, and the cloaked man remained in the hallway; the cloaked man circled around Brett’s body. “Isn’t he an impressive liar; I swear he has almost bought into his own lies. You should feel honored “Brett”; he know considers you enough of a threat that he wants to kill you him self.”
The man looked down on Brett; shaking his head side to side. “You are so lucky that he is needs more then just your soul; other wise I doubt I could have stopped him. The organization of remnants has been around for over ten thousand years. Its goals are three simple things. One; to gather any remnants of races of creatures that are almost extinct. Two; to revive the founder of their organization through the collection of powerful souls and with those souls revive him. And last is their last goal is to wipe any possible threats that could come back at them later. I however am not interested in them achieving goal number two. He may end up being as big of a menace as you are; I have absolutely no interest in seeing that man revived. There is a way through every defense though; and this will do nicely. I will return and kill you; you can be sure of that.”
The cloaked man waved his hand; Brett’s body spammed and shivered when the wave of the air from the hand hit him. “That disease will cripple what is left of you; it will leave you helpless and weak enough for me to kill you.”
The cloaked man summoned his green wings and left on foot; leaving Brett crippled both in body and mind to die on the floor. He snapped his wingers as he left the area. The area flickered and sound came back to the area. Mrs. Fontaine slowly woke up as she looked around getting up slowly. She looked behind her as she saw the doors to the gym. She looked back in front of her as she saw Brett laying face down shivering on the ground. “Brett!” she yelled while running over to his side.
She lifted up as she able to see all his wounds when she realized how bad he was. She lifted him up in her arms and lifted him over despite how weak she was. Slowly she moved to the gym doors and she began to pound on the doors. “Someone please help now.”
Song Spirit of the Universe
Everyone’s ears perked up to the cry for help. Jaden and Jesse immediately ran to the door tearing down the barrier. Everyone looked on in anticipation of finding out who it was. Blair rose and her heart skipped a beat; she prayed to see Brett come thru the doors. Everyone stood up trying to get a good look; anything was a beam light in this dark hour.
Jim, Axel, and Hasleberry ran over aiding Jesse and Jaden, and soon they cleared the path. All five tarred down the barrier much faster together; they were eager too find out who was at the door. Soon the doorway was cleared as they opened the door; two people came into the light and everyone held there breathe. Slowly the light revealed Mrs. Fontaine as she helped Brett through the door and everyone watched. “Good to see you’re all still ok;” Mrs. Fontaine said as the gym erupted in loud celebratory cheers.
Blair, Alexis, and Britney ran over too the door as fast as they possibly could. Mrs. Fontaine set Brett down as fell into a kneeling position; allowing her to relax a little. Blair ran in rapping her arms around Brett’s neck as she pulled him in close and she began to cry on his shoulder. She pulled back to see Brett’s lifeless eyes, and his emotionless quivering visage.
“Brett you’re alive, I have never been so happy about anything in my life. I have so much I want to tell you, and I promise I will not let you out of my sight again.” Blair paused waiting for Brett to respond but no words escaped his mouth. Blair smile faded and she became increasingly worried, and she began to franticly question him. “Brett are you ok? Brett answer, say anything! Please, don’t give up now. Not after all of this; I want to be with you!”
“Blair he is not doing to good, he is in pretty rough shape. He has many wounds that I may not be able to help, and he is suffering from some kind of disease.” Hasleberry looked outside as he saw the large package outside the gym as he went out grabbing it and dragging it inside. “Wow supplies and lot’s of them too.” Britney ran over smacking him in the back of the head; she gave him an evil look. Alexis kneeled beside Brett; she looked at his dull eyes and at how much he was sweating; “what happened to you Brett? Please do not give up.”
“Mrs. Fontaine, you can help him right?” Jaden questioned as he stood in front of her. She looked sad and she responded in quiet voice. “I’m not sure if there is anything I can do Jaden. His body is in incredibly bad shape, and what ever is wrong with him is quickly getting worse.”
Blair expression turned to sorrow; she pressed her head into Brett’s chest and continued to sob. Suddenly a voice came from down the hall; a girl came running down the hall and she carried a case in her hand. “Wait; please wait! I can help.” She ran into the gym before Hasleberry and Jesse closed the doors.
“I’m sorry; I’m later getting here then I intended, but I can help him.” The new female looked at Brett’s wounds and she gasped. “No; the organization got to him first, I must act quickly.” She ran down the steps turning and yelling at them, “Bring him over here quickly!”
On the roof the man with the green wings stood as he watched the sun began to rise; enjoying the peaceful state of things. He thought about his next move; he looked to the sky and he said; “what an interesting night. I doubt he will survive longer then twelve hours in that state, but he will survive. I need to as chaotic as she is; it is the only way I can meet her again. Her creations will follow; I will set everything right. I shall fix the mistakes I have made, and Brett you shall help me achieve this goal.”
The next twelve hours Mrs. Fontaine and the new female worked tirelessly, while Brett’s friends watched without with little sleep. Blair struggled to stay up the whole time; she was too worried to sleep. The two girls patched Brett up; they removed the blade fragments in his chest and bandaged him. After all of Brett’s wounds were bandaged; the new girl took a needle filled with a blue liquid; she explained that it would stop the disease he was carrying. She injected Brett with the blue substance and his fever immediately dropped.
The new female came over to his worried friends; the sun had gone down and night was upon them. She looked at them with a smile across her face; “he will be fine. You all should get rest, and you can go rest by him if you want. His disease is not contagious and it will be gone by morning. In the morning we will have plenty to talk about, so get some sleep.” The new female walked away from Brett’s friends and Blair got up off the steps. Blair stopped the new girl and Blair spoke to her; “I never got the chance to thank you. Brett means a lot to me; I owe you so much for helping him.”
The new girl turned back; “there is no need to thank me at all. I have my reasons for helping him, and that is all you need to know.” She smiled, Blair ran over too Brett; she got down and lay beside Brett putting her head on his chest. She was so happy he was back and soon she fell asleep. While the man with the green wings stood a top of the school. He flew up into the air summoning his blade; he began flying into the sky but stopped when he felt Brett’s aura begin to recover. He stopped and paused looking down on Duel Academy; “more outside interference. Brett you will lead me to your creator, and there I will end all the mistakes I have made. The chaotic era begins now and everything shall change…”
He shook his head and he bolted through the air; disappearing into thousands of waves of green energy. This was just the beginning of a much bigger story…
Pause as Song Ends
Chapter 12 Friendship and Love
It was midnight when Brett came too; he still incredibly weak from the battle that came before. He could not m6ove at all; he was completely immobilized as he even had trouble breathing. Brett looked up at the roof above; he thought back on his horrible memories. Nightmares haunted him and cursed his min with their terrible truths.
Brett was no longer in the mood to be around his friends; he was fully aware of all his powers. Nothing frightened him more then the beast he now felt inside of him; the beast that could be unleashed any moment. It sat there in his mind; larger and with more frightening power; waiting to devour him when Brett lost control. He could never let that power out; for it would destroy far more then him self.
He closed his eyes as he wished for the strength to end the future nightmare. He had long since decided that he had to die, to truly protect the people he cared about. Then Brett felt something resting on his chest. He could just barely see his chest, but then he saw the back of Blair’s head. She was resting peacefully on his chest; she also had her arm across his chest and she gave a happy moan from her sleep. She was sleeping as close as she possibly could; unaware of how much of a danger Brett knew he was.
Brett felt weak and he slowly drifted back to sleep; unable to stay awake any longer. The smell of Blair’s hair drifted across his mind. He cared so much about her; enough that he never wanted to put her in danger again. If he lost control; would he hurt her? He could never allow that; nor could he allow any of his friends to be hurt. Brett passed out as thoughts that he had to end this forever became fixed in his mind.
Morning came and Blair woke up; slowly she turned back to look at Brett who was still sound asleep; he looked so much more peaceful and relaxed then yesterday. Blair sat up fully when she saw the new girl staring in her direction. “Who are you staring at?” “Oh no one in particular.” New girl said as she smiled; “You two are just so cute together; I could not help but admire that fact. Hurry up and get ready, ten minutes and were all going to get to know the full situation.”
Once everyone had woken up and was ready; they were all around Brett in a circle; “So first let’s get the introductions out of the way. My name is Samantha, I’m from an organization known as the Organization of Knolidia; a secret organization on my world that uses an advanced piece of technology to gain information.”
“Um, excuse me. Did you just say your from another world?” Jesse questioned while looking rather puzzled. “Yes; the group I’m with is from another world. The equipment my group uses is from another civilization, and to tell the truth we are not sure how it works. But we do know that it allows us to explore the universe through teleportation. But I should pause for a second; what are your names.”
Jaden, Alexis, Hasleberry, Jesse, Axel, Mrs. Fontaine, Adrian, Jim, and Blair all introduced themselves to Samantha. “Well it’s nice to meet all of you, but I guess I should tell you about Brett; and I know this will be a lot to take in, but please allow me to finish. Allow me to present the weapon of light, model number LGHT-X008. He is part of weapons created approximately ten thousand years ago. His power reaches far beyond what any normal person could hope to achieve by any means. But as far as we know; the weapons cannot be classed as human. They were meant to be the first biological weapons capable of evolving infinitely to achieve some goal, which is not clear to us. Brett here is the eighth in the series of weapons, and the other 7, we do not know there locations. They were created by seven people along with the person behind it all.”
Blair put her hand on Brett’s head as he twitched slightly. Jaden looked at Brett concerned for what this information would do to him. “Brett is not some weapon; who was the person behind this.” Samantha closed her eyes as she continued. “We know little about her, but the information we have collected has told us a bit about her. Her name is Jenova; she is from one of the races that existed at the start of time. She was the one who created the final weapon project; she is the one who truly created Brett, and sadly it was for destruction. Jenova is bad news, and we have no clue what her true goals are.”
“Brett is not a weapon; I know him and he is not some force of destruction. Everyone keeps telling him that he is a force of destruction but he is not!” Blair protested and all his friends agreed. “I know, he does not seem anything like that, but we gathered a notebook by a person named Arniath. It took a thousand years to translate what we have, and we know this to be true. The group tried to create eight weapons each with individual abilities; with some kind of special ability between the eight. It is for this reason that they are being targeted by galactic organizations. The one that has been trying to kill Brett is known as the Organization of Remnants. A group of creatures from different races from across time and space. We know that there were three at least from the information we have gathered, but this group is deadly.”
“We know; they have tried to kill Brett at least a few times. That is why Brett is in this state.” Jim said and he explained the battle in detail to Samantha, and what they had heard from 2.
“2? He came personally? He is the second to be attained by the organization; the second most powerful in the group, but if he died then the leader must have come. This group has only one main goal; to revive their predecessor. A creature from a race that disappeared long ago; this creature was the very peak of that race. They collect remnants of the civilizations of the past; they offer them power and immortality in return for there services. Those who would never join, like Brett, are killed; but that is not the end. They collect souls through two processes. Both are through the weapons they use; if it kills a person it takes their soul for the organization. The other is if the owner dies, it takes the soul of the user, and then they will use alchemy to fuse the souls together to bring him back. But if Brett killed 2, then the leader would no doubt try something, I’m only afraid of what he may have done.”
“He showed me who I truly am. A monster that should never have existed.” Brett said and every one looked over at him; his eyes were barely open. “Brett you’re awake! How are you feeling, do you need any water or food? You must still be tired still after how hard you fought yesterday;” Blair said with a smile.
“I feel like I want to roll over and die; but unfortunately I’m completely immobilized, otherwise I would have done it long ago.” Blair and everyone was confused about his statement; Blair grabbed his hand tightly. “Brett what are you talking about, you saved all of us. You risked your life and did more then anyone could have. You have no idea of just how much we all suffered when we thought you died.” Blair said while tears formed in her eyes.
“You do not know what I am, what lurks inside of me. There is a force inside me; a force that seeks freedom, and if it gets out I do not think I could contain it. It could destroy an entire world, and I’m the true monster; the only thing that the organization taught me, is that I killed innocent people. I destroyed a whole planet of innocent people without regret or second thought! What kind of hero does something like that?”
“But that’s not who you are Brett; I know you.” Blair said between sobs. and Brett shook his head in defiance. “No you don’t; nobody has ever known the true me. I’m no hero, and I’m no hero. Just leave me alone!”
Brett yelled loud while he closed his eyes. Blair put her head to his chest while she continued to cry. Slowly everyone got up, and Alexis pulled Blair away leaving Brett alone. Once they walked up the steps away; Samantha looked at the group and said; “So I am too late. The organization showed him locked away memories. But unfortunately they are most likely real; Jenova preformed tests on the weapons. So unfortunately he is right about that, but it just does not fit together.”
Hasleberry gazed at Samantha in a confused manor; “Ah, what does not fit together?” Samantha snapped out of deep thought and she said; “well, the information collected suggests that this was a huge experiment meant to do something big. So why would Jenova send these weapons across time and space. And even more importantly, why did she give them emotions and feelings; it does not add up. And now Brett’s spirit is crushed, and I cannot help with this; so I guess this is up to you and your friends.”
“What do you mean?” Hasleberry said even more confused. “You guys are Brett’s friends and the closest thing he will have to a family. If anyone could bring him back, it is you guys; unfortunately this is his spirit that is crushed, not just his body. So who is going first?” questioned Samantha. “I would but I do not know him that well; till then I will find another way to help.”
“I think it would be best if Blair was last;” Alexis said. “She needs to think long and hard about what she is going to say. She will have the greatest impact on him, and I know she needs time to think.” Blair looked up to Alexis thanking her for understanding how important this was to her; Alexis continued on while smiling down on Blair. “So Blair will go last and I’m going second last, and Britney is third last. That way all three of us can think about what to say together. This has to be well thought out.”
Jaden smiled and he shouted; “I got it! I’ll go first cause I know just what to say. I’ll have him back to normal in no time Blair.”
Jaden ran over sat beside Brett who was still laying down. “I thought I said I wanted to be left alone.” Jaden just smiled at him and he said; “still not in the mood to talk? That’s ok because I’ll talk and you just have to listen. I know you think you are evil, but I know you’re not. I mean if you were you would probably be wearing some evil disguise or have some over the top plan to take over the world. I’ve faced some pretty bad things, like Sartorius at the end of last year. Now he was over the top and kept saying that I was full of darkness and destruction, but he was the evil one. I mean come on, me evil! And when I faced the light of destruction; it felt way more harmful then you’re light. You were pretty different at the start of the year, but you have become a good friend to all of us. We do not want to lose you after all of that; besides you still got to duel me for that card.”
Jaden got up and he started to blush while he spoke. “Oh and sorry, but you’re going to have to put up with one of these speeches from all of us. Brett I know I gave you a quick talk, but I just want you to remember that we all care about you; especially Blair. The sooner you but this behind you the sooner we can get home; once were there we can just relax, so get back to normal soon.” Brett just laid there looking up to the roof of the gym while Jaden left; still unconvinced about why he should exist.
Moments of peace past before another familiar voice began to speak to him. “Hey Brett, how you doing? You must be still worn out after that wild fight yesterday so I’ll and keep this short;” said Jesse. Axel, Adrian, Hasleberry, and Jim followed behind him looking down onto Brett. “I know you have had it tough till now; you been put through more then you should have. But listen; we are not sure what you have been through, but we just wanted you to know that you are our friend. We are positive you’ll find you’re self again, after all many of the guys do not know you yet. We just hope you make the right choice; we will support you no matter what you do.”
Everyone in the group left except for Hasleberry; he told the others to go on ahead and leave him behind. He sat down beside Brett and began to speak to him. “How you doing soldier? Listen I just wanted to say thanks for taking care of all of; especially Blair. You and her are new to our group but we are all glad to have you aboard. I just want to say… Well to tell you to take care of Blair; she is happiest with you and I hope you take that seriously. I just want to see Blair kept safe, and I would like to get the real you, not that weapon thing. So I hope you stay with us; it would mean a lot to each of us.” Hasleberry left Brett’s side, but as he left Britney passed him and gave him a smile; “Nice speech Hasleberry.”
Britney came over sitting beside Brett; she lay down beside him; staring up at the roof. “Hey Brett, how’s it going, you know even though Blair won that duel I still care about you right? Maybe that’s why I cannot think of just what to say; I mean I never really got to know you or even got that close. So I guess I really do not know you that well, but I do know that Blair cares a lot for you. If you cannot chose to live to protect your friends then do it for her. We may be rivals in a way, but you better not hurt her because you are too weak!”
“What?” Brett said while he opened his eyes. “I don’t get how weak you are now; at the start of the year in the duel with Jaden. You were so much stronger, but know you’re afraid of something you don’t know that much about. I know I seem like a ditz at times, but if you live in fear of something, then you become weak. Your afraid of losing control of this power, and that you’ll hurt someone you care about? How can you hope to control the power that lies within if you act this weak? Like it or not we are involved now in this galactic event; if you’re friends are really that important then learn to use this power. I believe in you and so do the others; and Blair believes in you to much for you to abandon her. What ever happened in your past is not your fault, but who ever commanded you too do those terrible things. I believe in you, and I know you will pick the right choice; after all Blair does love you.”
Britney left Brett, and Alexis traded places; sitting right beside Brett. “You doing ok?” Alexis questioned and Brett sat up looking towards Alexis. “Why? Why does everyone believe in me; that I will make the right choice when the time comes? I’m not that strong; I never have been that strong.”
“Brett, do you even know how strong you are? You have proven many times that you are not just our friend; but our protector. Not many would jump off a cliff to save two people; not to mention while they are injured. Brett, we really look up to you, I know you think you keep putting in us in danger by being here; but that is just not true. Who ever behind the attacks is; no one has the right to tell you whether you disserve to live or die. The important thing is how quickly you jump in to save the people you care about. You are a hero to us because of just how far you would go to protect us. We will never get the chance to protect you the way you protect us, but all we can do is make this place like a home to you. Who cares whether you were born or created; you are here now and we are all glad to have met you. You are not some heartless weapon; because a weapon would never bother to save us as many as he could. I know you and Blair are close, but I just want you to know I have always had a bit of a crush on you; so just remember that we all care about you.”
Alexis gave him a light kiss on his forehead before she got up and left. Brett was left think; he had no clue why they were trying so hard to stop him. He looked at his hand while the words of all his friends passed through his mind. He could still feel the memories of his weapon form. Brett struggled with many ideas behind this; what was he to do. His mind split in two; both with different of ideas what he should do. When Blair came over to sit beside Brett; she sat there for a while not saying anything. Then she lay down and put her head on his shoulder.
“Brett, what have you decided?” Brett looked straight a head as he spoke; “Blair, I’m not sure about what I should be doing. I know everyone wants me to stay, but I killed a whole planet of people who disserved too live; how can I live with that?”
“Brett, stop talking about that!” Blair shouted and Brett looked over at her as she continued to shout. “I don’t care about what you did in the past! That was not the Brett I know now! You are not some monster, the people you fought were monsters; they are the ones who have done all of this. Brett you are the one I care about; I could not bare to lose you again. It hurt to much when I thought you died in that last fight. I prayed to see you one more time, and when I got my wish, and you came back; I just never want you to leave me again.”
“And what do I do when all of this strength comes out? What do I do if I hurt someone I care about? What if I kill someone else who does not disserve to die? What if I cannot control it, and then I lose control. I could never allow that to happen; no matter what the cost.”
Blair’s eyes watered as she got up off the ground in front of him. She pulled Brett off the ground and hugged him with all her strength. “Brett stop playing the hero for once and listen! I know you are afraid of that power, but I promise I will protect you from it; no matter what I will bring you back to normal. All of you’re friends will protect and help you no matter what you face. Stop worrying, because I will protect you from what ever you are afraid of; I will save you and be your strength when ever you need strength.”
Brett felt all his tension disappearing when Blair said she would protect him. “But what if…” Brett began as Blair squeezed him even tighter; `No. there is nothing else, we are here for you and will support you. This is your home and we will not let anything hurt you. I will be there for you when you need me.”
“Thank you Blair.” Brett said while they hugged together; “Brett so does that mean you will stay here with me.”
“I will; but if the power is unleashed…” Blair squeezed him again and he stopped in mid sentence. “I will bring you back, no matter what I have to do. You don’t have to worry about it any more, because you just do not have to. Just believe in us, as much as we believe in you. If that power is unleashed I will save you from it and you will continue you life with your friends and me.”
Blair and Brett pulled away, and she wiped the tears from her eyes. Blair was smiling now that she had convinced Brett to stay. Samantha walked over to them with the rest of Brett’s friends who sat near by. “So I guess she got you to stay, well that is some good news. Brett I know you have had a rough couple of days, but I need you to look at this.” Samantha passed him a note before continuing; “We have never came across a language like it, and cannot begin to decode it; can you read it?”
Brett stared at the page in his; he could not make out the language but then the page almost began speaking to him. “If you are reading this then you are the Weapon of light. Only you can understand this series of messages, because I created them to be that way. My name is Arniath, and I am one of the group of people who create you so long ago; and let me be the first to apologize. At first I cared not about what we were doing, but soon I realized the truth behind the project. I decided to go against Jenova and the others and when on to change what the weapons are. I gave you each identities and sent you through time and space in the hope you could be free from your fate. I gave you all characteristics of your elements; and gave you everything a normal being would have, so you could choose your own fate. Jenova crossed a line when creating living weapons just to kill. I know not where you are when you read this; I can only hope you have found a true home and family. I pray Jenova never finds you, but I have given each of you control of your powers. No matter what you choose to do now, just know you have the choice. I will no doubt be killed for these actions, but it is worth it to save more people. Find my remaining notes; for there is more information you may need. Remember not to waste your new gift I have given you; protect your new family, because that is what I want you to have.”
Brett jus smiled when the message finished, and the note disintegrated into the air and everyone watched. “Did you understand it Brett?” Samantha asked and Brett shook his head. “It is a note from Arniath; he says that he is the reason that I am not what I was intended. He gave me the choice to be what I want to be. He gave his life to give me and the others freedom;” Brett closed his eyes as he made a promise to protect these people; his true family, his home, and the girl he loved.
“I’m sorry all of you; I made you all worry about me. I guess I’m just a fool for being like that. I never realized that this is my home, and you are all my family.” Brett closed his eyes and firmly gripped the blanket. Blair put her hands on his shoulders; “Brett stop regretting it ok. Just go back to the way you were; I’ll go get some food for us ok?”
Brett nodded and Blair ran off to get some food and drinks for Brett and her. Jim looked at Brett as he said; “so what are we going to do about our situation? We still have no clue about how to get home and we have all those students out there still under control of someone.”
Blair got back with food and water for her and Brett and she sat beside him. Jaden sat there when an idea entered his head and he blurted out; “Hey no problem! Those wings of Brett’s have the power to heal right, so he could just use his power to heal everyone in the school, right?”
Blair got mad as she shouted “No Jaden, were not going to put anymore strain on Brett. He has done enough and he going to do nothing but stay out of any danger and recover.” Brett looked embarrassed while he commented; “sorry but I can’t do it. I do not even have enough energy to summon my wings right now let alone heal another student. The best I could do is duel, and even then I doubt I could finish a duel. I used all my energy earlier on the last battle.”
“You see! Brett is not doing anything for a bit, now hurry up and eat” Blair said as she broke of small pieces so he could eat. Alexis sighed; “unfortunately Brett is still in pretty bad shape, and we are only going to last so long in this place.”
Samantha shook her head, “yeah we are in bad situation, but do not worry about Brett. His body will heal itself at a much more incredible rate then any normal person. So all we have to do is get him to get sleep and eat and he will be fine in a couple of days.”
Brett shook his head as he swallowed what he was chewing, “I wish we had that kind of time, but we do not. I’ll be fine by tomorrow, and then we are going to have to move out. If we do end this soon then we are going to run out of food and water.” Blair looked at Brett with a concerned look as Brett told her he would be fine.
Jaden got up stretching as he said “so were going to be stuck in this gym for another day? Man this is so boring, we cannot even duel to take are minds off of this situation. I’m going to go nuts.”
The rest of the day the group talked, planned, and just visited between them. Soon night came and the lights went off; and everyone prepared to sleep. Blair was getting ready to set her new bed beside Brett when she heard him say; “you know we are short of supplies. So I thought; maybe you should share with me so someone else can have a bed too.”
Blair’s eyes lit up as she gave her stuff to a near by student; Brett slowly slid over letting Blair have more then enough room. Brett put his hand under her neck and she got close to him. Blair looked at his face as she smiled “now don’t get any ideas, ok!” Brett blushed a bright red and Blair laughed.
Soon everyone was sleeping peacefully, Blair and Brett close together; both happy that they were together. Yubel awoke in the library feeling very weak from his involvement in the last battle. “2 you failed me; I will have to think of a new way to get what I want. I never should have trusted him at all.”
Meanwhile in the desert where Brett had struck down 2; a charred body lay in the dessert. The leader of the organization stood over it; starring down on the remnants. “Thank you Brett; you may hate me but you have still aided me. 2 had a very powerful soul, and now we just need a few more souls and my goal will be complete. So many forces are moving for power; and you Jenova will play the greatest role of all. At this point they shall die eventually, but I wonder. Why is Jenova being so patient in retrieving the weapons; so much is stirring and my group has grown so small. Jenova he waits to meet you again, but this time he will make me a god as well, and smite you to oblivion.”
Chapter 13 The Weapon of Light’s Rage
“Hail Weiss;” a man shrouded by darkness said to a monitor before him. “Nero; report on the current status of you mission.” The man on the monitor sat a perched a throne surrounded by green energy; his spiky silver hair shown in the green light.
Nero stood there; perfectly still while he reported to Weiss. “My brother; I was able to recover the information we need; despite the mental blocks that were in place. Whoever put them there was ensuring that no one; not even the Weapon of Light could access the information. It took many hours to slip by it.” Weiss laughed in his deep mighty voice; “Excellent Nero. We now have the information that we need to be free from that demon.”
“Yes my brother; I have the information, but no way to re-create it. Their creator made sure that only he could do it; to cure us, we need the weapon of light to cure us from our aliment. This will be difficult to achieve for many reasons.” Weiss scowled at the statement of his brother; “how is this so? What exactly is making this so difficult Nero? You are the only one I would trust with this mission; I trust you can finish this mission.”
“The mission has become complicated; another group has been trying to kill off the Weapon of Light. I was forced to destroy the darkness shrouding his power and his memories, so that he could awaken and defend himself. This has proven to be a double edged decision; he has the strength to fight off anything that threatens his friends’ lives, but I can no longer be in his mind with his light protecting him. And every time his friends and that girl he loves are in trouble; he will evolve beyond what he once was. I unlocked his evolution; and it is proving to be a blessing wrapped in a burden…”
“So Nero; do your power have no more effect? Can we even get into his mind and control him?” Weiss questioned Nero, who turned his head to side while waves of darkness circled his body. “You give me no credit brother. His light is strong but I can still be his shadow; waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike and regain control. If his power was to diminish even slightly then I would easily be able to control him for our purpose.”
“Excellent Nero! I commend you on your confidence; with a weapon on our side we will be able to achieve so much. We will crush anything and rule everything without mercy. Is this Weapon truly as mighty as Balance tells us he is?” Nero looked back to the monitor; his eyes fixed with Weiss’s; “He truly is brother. His power must surely be stronger then all of the other Weapons; and with his heightened evolution path he may be stronger then all combined.”
“What does he know about himself?” Weiss asked causing Nero to laugh with an insane style. “I left him with nothing but doubt and fear of himself; but he will to survive. His mind has so much knowledge that it would kill me if I tired to absorb a small fraction of its contents. His power and mind are locked away behind a suit of Black Armor; who ever did it knew that his light could become a destructive force if he did not learn what was right and wrong. I had to crack the armor to get the info we need; he has the ability to destroy it and become so much more, but it will take much to break it.”
“He has Black Armor in his mind? What is this armor?” Nero rotated his head around; he let a small chuckle before continuing to speak. “The armor is simply invincible; it blocks everything inside, and everything out. His power is seeping out the crack in the armor; commanded by the Weapon when the people he cares about are in trouble. He will always try to throw his life away for that girl; that train of thought will unleash its rage form. The form of limitless power; but his true from will not be revealed. His true form will be incased in the same armor that blocks him from everything; the same armor I now know how to create.”
“Wonderful Nero! You have truly done a magnificent job; this is much better then expected.” Nero nodded in agreement; “yes I thought you would enjoy the idea of invincible armor. Till then I shall stay with The Weapon. I will stay his shadow till he weakens; then I shall take control and we shall be free…”
Brett awoke in the middle of the night; his eyes slowly opened to see the ceiling high above. Brett’s mind was killing him; pulsing with furious pain with each beat of his heart. He could now move his right arm; he moved it up to his head trying to stop the pulsing. He could not tell if what he had experienced to this point was truth or fiction; the battle before seamed like a dream that he could never live up to. Everything came flashing back to Brett; different sides of him, and he was questioning who he really was.
Brett turned his head to his left when he saw Blair peacefully a sleep next to him. She looked so happy and peaceful; a smile was across her face with. A arm under Brett’s neck and the other over his chest. Blair moved slightly in her sleep; she came even closer to Brett pressing her forehead to his chin. Blair gave a slight and small sound of content when she touched Brett; causing him to smile as well.
She was so happy to be with him; he could feel Blair’s body so close to him. This was what he had dreamed about for so long; and for once he thought he might disserve it. Nothing he ever did seemed good enough for her; and yet she was so happy to be with him. Brett fell back a sleep; he was completely a drift in a happy feeling that he felt nothing could destroy. He was going to repay Blair for saving him from himself, the only way he thought could possibly work. He was going to stay by her and keep her this happy forever if he had too.
The next morning came and the students pushed outwards into the school. They took what places they could, and slowly they were retaking back the school with few problems. Everyone was helping and doing their part in recapturing the school, or building barricades to ensure areas were taken back. The only person who was not helping was resting from the battle he had previously fought.
Blair, Jaden, and Jesse all watched over Brett while he slept. He was still sleeping more peaceful then ever they had seen him last little while. Everyone was quiet around him; he had earned this brief period of rest from all that he had been going through. Jaden and Jesse conversed between one another; but Blair just sat their watching Brett with a sad expression.
“This is my fault; everything so far that has happened has been my fault. If it wasn’t for me then…” Blair started to say when she was cut off by Jesse. “It’s not your fault Blair. You shouldn’t say things like that; that’s Brett’s line anyway. He is always blaming himself for stuff that he did not cause; Brett just does not realize that he does not have to prove himself to us. We will eventually get it through his thick head.”
Jaden was about to throw his two cents in when Brett slowly came to. Brett sat upright; he held his chest when he was fully upright from the pain from his wounds. Blair, Jaden and Jesse all rushed to his side; they tried to get him to lie back down, but Brett brushed off the concern. The pain receded when Brett felt a rustle at his feet before he whipped off the covers to see Jaden’s and Jesse’s duel spirits fighting.
Jaden and Jesse scowled their spirits for misbehaving when a little roar came from behind Brett. Red floated came right to Brett’s side giving little roars; he turned his head to see his duel spirit coming towards him. The spirit circled around Brett before heading over to Blair and staying by her; “where have you been Red? I really could have used your help a while ago.”
“Brett how are you feeling; do you need anything?” Blair asked Brett getting close to Brett’s face; but when she tried to get really close Red got in between them. The little dragon roared at Blair; although a tiny roar it was with all the effort that was in the small dragon. Blair backed off from Brett when she saw how angry the creature was; Brett watched and tapped the dragon’s head. The dragon spun around looking at Brett looking very angry; “what Red? Why are you being so mean to Blair; you better leave her alone. Red you are going to have to except that Blair is the most important thing to me…”
Brett cut his speech off when he realized what he said causing both him and Blair to blush; Jaden and Jesse laughed a little. The little baby Dragon got angry and flew off and out of the gym; Brett stood up so fast that he stumbled in pain. Blair and Jesse got up to support Brett from falling back to the ground. “He is mad at me; that dragon does not like to share me with anyone. He is going to be mad for sometime; but he is going to have to learn to share me.”
Brett smiled at Blair and Blair smiled back; they both knew how the other felt and they were happy to be together with a little time of peace. They all sat down by the wall; letting Brett rest against it. Jaden and Jesse filled Brett in on what was going on; Brett was starting to feel a little like dead weight. “Wow you guys are really taking command; I got to say I feel bad for not helping with the efforts.”
Blair grabbed Brett’s hand, gently squeezing it when Jaden began to speak. “You have done more then enough for all of us. You have also been through enough; you just relax with your girl and leave this all to us.” Jesse agreed with Jaden; Blair was just happy to be with him still. “Brett you are just going to relax; I promise you are not going to lift a finger. We will find who ever is doing this and stop this madness. You are going to get better and leave every thing to us.”
Brett protested but no matter how much he wanted to help, Blair and every one was not going to let him do anything strenuous. Brett eventually gave up on the subject; time passed and the four conversed with one another about things that crossed their minds. Brett soon found him self enjoying the company of all of them. Time passed and soon Brett started to rest a little and Jesse and Jaden left him and Blair to rest together.
“You know, it’s good those two are finally having some time together. Hopefully Brett gets left him alone from anything so he can fully recover.” Jesse finished whispering to Jaden when Jaden began to speak. “Well Brett and Blair have been through a lot even though they are new to this school. They should not have to deal with anything else; but hey now that Blair has a boyfriend so maybe she will leave me alone. It’s time for the rest of us to be the hero.”
Brett woke to the sound of Axel yelling for everyone to stop fighting; then Blair’s voice came from the silence. “Hey move out of the way; Brett disserves a banquet after everything he has done for all of you.” Blair squeezed through the crowd getting to the front of the line; Ms. Dorothy gave two plates to Blair. The young girl turned around only to see her path blocked by large men from higher dorms.
“Hey why should she get two plates; she probably going to eat both for her self!” shouted an Obelisk Blue male student. Jaden and Hasleberry cleared a path for Blair; she ran through before she got back sitting down beside Brett, smiling at him. “Please; that guy is no hero. He even has admitted it was his fault that all of this has been happening. He is the reason all of this is happening; and he did nothing but rest all day, some hero.”
Blair yelled to them to shut up before she told Brett not to listen. He knew it was his fault; he had tried to forget everything but this was just another reminder. “Brett please do not listen to them; he is just mad because he can do nothing to really help anyone.” Brett was not interested in eating anymore; “you eat my food then. I’m not that hungry anymore, so why do just go…”
Blair put her finger to Brett’s mouth; he was silenced with that single motion. Blair began feeding Brett and he soon began to eat; the crowd dispersed after getting their food. Blair kept forcing Brett to eat; he ate in order to stop Blair from worrying about him but he was truly unhappy with the sad truth behind matters. “Brett please do not listen to him; you really disserve to eat more then anyone. I promise I will take care of you till you are better.”
“She is right Brett!” Brett heard Jesse’s voice; he looked up to see him, Hasleberry, Jaden, Alexis, and Axel coming towards him. Blair forced another bite into Brett’s mouth while the others sat down. Alexis smiled as she watched Blair feed Brett; “so how is the hero?” Jaden smiled and said; “He is doing alright; Blair is taking care of him and he is getting better. Just wish that guy would have kept his mouth shut. We really do not need that kind of talk at a time like this.”
Brett wanted to do more but his body was still weak from before. “Well Brett you just rest and we will keep you safe all night. Eventually things will be back the way they were;” Hasleberry said to him. Blair gave him the last bite of his food before he fell asleep.
Everyone laughed a small bit; Hasleberry continued his statement. “Geez he is out like a light after that; he must still be one roughed up soldier. Good thing he has us looking after him.” Blair put his plate down before she finally started to eat her own meal. “Guys could we keep talking; I’m not in the mood to sleep just yet. Tomorrow I promise I will help out with every one out.”
Everyone chatted and talked to one another about things that took their minds off the danger they were experiencing. Slowly Blair and Brett fell asleep together; they both sat up against the wall with Blair resting on Brett’s shoulder. Everyone left but Alexis; she got up and put a blanket over the two and put pillows behind their heads. Alexis wanted them to sleep peacefully even though she still had some lingering feelings for Brett.
“It’s nice you do care about them.” Alexis turned to see Samantha coming into the gym towards her. “I have been busy all day and I had hoped to get back here sooner so I could see how he is healing. You like him don’t you; its ok I’m not going to tell anyone. I know because I like him too; that is why I came to help him.” Alexis looked at this new girl not really enjoying her presence; “so you came here just to get close to him? You better not try and break them up just for your own reason.”
“So you really like him too? You must have a bit of a crush on him, don’t you? That is sweet that you care for him enough to let them be together; but you must have another guy you like other wise you would go for him too. That must make you their guardian angel looking after them.” Alexis was starting get angry about the threat implied in Samantha’s statement. “Just leave them alone; you act sweet but you are never going to be with him.”
“And neither will you; you know you keep your feelings for him and you may lose that other guy you like. Just a warning; if Brett breaks up with him then I’m going after him. Just a friendly warning for their protector.” Samantha gave a slight smile to Alexis before going off into the distance to sleep. Alexis set up her bed by Brett and Blair; she kept an ear on her surroundings all night, just in case and soon most everyone was asleep.
“Their breaking through the door!” shouted a male student. Brett slowly came out of his sleepy state; he was still weak from his fight but he had more strength then before. Brett felt a palm on his head before he heard a familiar voice. “Brett stay calm the Duel Ghouls are breaking down the door, but I will protect you. I made a promise to Blair that you would be safe.”
A red flag went up in Brett’s mind; he fully woke up before he scanned around him. Mrs. Fontaine was at his side with her palm on his head; crouched beside her was Britney and Samantha. But Blair was no where to be seen and neither where any of his other friends. “Mrs. Fontaine where is Blair?”
“She went to go help Jaden and the others stop Marcel; he is behind the whole thing!” Shouted Britney; Brett slowly got up, despite his weakened state. The girls tried to stop Brett, but he was far too stubborn. Mrs. Fontaine got up and got in front of Brett; “Brett please stay back; I promised Blair I would keep you safe and that you would not do anything dangerous. I cannot betray her…”
Before she could finish her statement Brett pulled her behind him. “No; I have to help and protect everyone. I have the strength to stand and I can protect you all. I will end this madness no matter the cost.” All of the girls could find no word to express their amazement at Brett’s commitment and dedication.
Brett watched a few brave duelists that were trying to keep the others safe. Brett asked for his duel disk and Samantha gave it to him. Brett equipped it and set it; he knew he was not going to be able to put up a prolonged fight. He had to do this quick and go protect all of his other friends.
Ghouls surrounded Brett and the girls; they covered behind him while Brett waited for the right time to strike. Suddenly gunfire came from above; multiple shots hit the zombie duelist legs. They fell to the ground; “such a weak dark power controlling them. I doubt they can recover so quickly from that.”
Down floated the man Brett had scene in his mind. Black waves of energy circled his body; darkness emanated from the man, pushing the ghouls back away from Brett and the girls. “You; you are the man that I saw those times. Why are you helping us? Why are you out here now?”
The man gently landed on the ground; he rotated his head before looking at Brett. “You should be grateful I saved you; I rarely ever help someone other then a select few. I was forced out by your light; my darkness does not enjoy your light.” Brett starred at the man; he was still shielding the girls since he did not trust this man. “I want to know why you are helping me; you have helped me several times. You have been with me for so long but you have been helping me so selflessly.”
Slowly the man took a single step forward; “My name is Nero. It is true I have been with you for some time; I slipped aboard you when you battled Jaden, but your power of light forced me out. It is true I have helped you to this point, and now I will continue to help you. I gave you the power you needed and have unlocked your evolution. This time I need your help; and I will continue to aid you if you aid me.”
“What do you want from me?” Brett asked; prompting Mrs. Fontaine to whisper a warning to Brett. Nero stood there; perfectly still with no emotion showing on his face because of his mask. “I shall take you to all of your friends; and later you will give me something of great value. Do not worry though; I will not harm any of your friends or you. You simply agree to this and I will take you to her.”
There was no need for any though on Brett’s part; he simply nodded to the man. Nero metal wings collapsed into themselves; he gave a motion with his head and darkness pored from underneath Nero. The darkness surrounded and swallowed the girls, Brett, and Nero in mere seconds.
“We have to get to that rocket and get that Rainbow Dragon card or we will never get home.” Jesse stated just when Nero’s darkness swirled behind them, sending chills down Jaden and the others spines. They all turned to see Brett, Britney, Samantha, and Mrs. Fontaine appear from the darkness.
Blair saw Brett and at the first instant of the sight of him, she ran towards him. She jumped at him hugging him; “Brett you are ok! I’m sorry I left you; but I had to try and help Marcel, please forgive me.” Brett shook his head at Blair’s remarks; “it’s ok Blair. I know you were just trying to help him; but this has to end. I’m glad your ok; I was pretty worried about you, I was ready to duel those Ghouls to get to you.”
Nero came from the darkness causing Jaden to warn Brett, and Brett turned and began to explain about what had happened. “He saved you all; then he has my thanks” Blair said, causing Nero to respond. “You are the one he has always been protecting; you are the key to his strength. No my dear I must thank you; you are the reason he has survived, I owe you my thanks. I am here to help Brett achieve his true power; that scientist had locked it all away.”
With no warning Duel Ghouls appeared from every side of the group. Brett set his duel disk; “everyone go on ahead. I’m the weakest so I will stay behind and keep these zombies at bay. I will be right behind you;” but no sooner then Brett stated his noble intentions did everyone protest.
“No offense soldier but you are in no condition to duel; you go with everyone else and leave this to me.” Hasleberry said before summoning a dinosaur to his aid. Alexis was next to jump in and aid Hasleberry, followed by Jim. Everyone else took off down the pipe; Jaden and Blair helped Brett with moving.
Brett protested to leaving some of his friends behind; but Blair was not going to leave him again and neither was Jaden. They came out of the pipes into the desert outside of Duel Academy. Jaden could see the monument and knew that is where he would find Marcel. “Alright Jesse you go find that rocket and the rest of us will stall Marcel and give you time.”
Jesse nodded to Jaden; Axel told Jesse that he was coming to help him. Nero looked at them from behind; “you are all truly something, but I’m afraid I will be no use to you in this fight. My methods are not desirable to you, so I will come only upon desperation or if you or your girlfriend needs me.” Nero vanished into a wave of darkness before the team split up.
Axel and Jesse left to find the rocket; while the others went to the monument. Duel Ghouls came across there path every so often but their friends stayed behind so the rest could move on. Only Brett, Jaden, and Blair reached the large monument while the others stayed back to do what they could.
All three of them reached the top to see Marcel standing their with his demon arm. “Stop” Brett commanded to his friends. “What’s wrong Brett?” Jaden questioned in a concerned voice. Brett stood up on his own; with no aid from his friends. “Jaden go duel that thing inside Marcel. I need to help everyone else; this is your fight, I have to do what I can.”
Before anyone could say anything, Brett drew the top five cards from his deck. “Time to do my part, and I use my Polymerization magic card to fuse Queen, King, and Jacks Knight. Now they form my Alkana Knight Joker; and get out there my knight!” Brett shouted to his duel monster and it left out into the field.
Each attack it made sucked energy from Brett; after only a few attacks Brett removed the card from his duel disk. Brett fell to his knees; nearly all of his recovered energy was gone. Blair and Jaden dropped down behind Brett; Brett looked out onto the battlefield feeling like he failed. “Brett you are still too weak. You really need to stop putting yourself at risk; we can protect you to.” Jaden stated with Blair nodding in agreement; “Brett please do not strain your self. I do not want to see you in a state like this ever again.”
The voice of Marcel shattered the moment between the two; he had snuck up behind the group while they were distracted with Brett’s collapse. “The mighty Weapon of Light. I’m still trying to figure out why you are deemed as such a threat. That man who came to me for aid was so terrified, but it seems like you could not even protect that girl from me.”
Marcel reached and grabbed Blair with his right arm; he lifted his arm and but one of his sharp claws to her throat. Brett turned around and cried out Blair’s name; “Let her go whoever you are. Please I will do anything, just let her go.” Marcel laughed manically; “don’t you ever tire of being the hero? All I ask is that the mighty Weapon stand by him self.”
Brett forced him self up; Jaden offered his help but Brett needed to do this one thing. His mind commanded him upwards; but his body was heavy and useless. His body slowly moved upwards in a desperate attempt to save Blair. Gravity seemed almost ten times stronger then he could ever remember; but soon he found him self on two legs. He had done the task, but his body was completely unresponsive beyond that point.
Marcel laughed and threw Blair over into Jaden’s arms; Brett breathed a quick sigh of relief as he closed his eyes, till he felt his chest explode. He heard Blair scream and Jaden gasp; everyone in the area froze. They all looked upwards to see Marcel’s demonic arm through Brett’s chest. Blood dripped off Marcel’s arm and Blair was in tears; while Jaden was completely speechless. “Now I think I will kill Blair so you can die together” Marcel said to Brett.
Song Chaotic End
Marcel swung his left arm; throwing Brett’s lifeless body off the monument to the sand below. Blair screamed and Jaden was still completely in denial; Blair ran to the edge to go be by Brett when Nero appeared and stopped her. Marcel backed away from this new man who looked like he was incredibly bad news. Nero looked down onto Brett with the hole in his chest; “stop Blair. Marcel I believe they call you; you have just unleashed the creature I have been waiting for. Now you can repay me Brett; follow my plan like the slave that you will inevitably become.”
Blair looked at Nero for a second before her attention returned to Brett. Brett’s body glowed with a pure white light; a chain shot down from the heavens above and wrapped around Brett’s neck. Brett was bulled up into the air before another ten chains warped around his body. Pieces of black armor came together; all bonded by the chains forming a knight that was easily ten times the size of Brett. The hole where the eyes were flashed red briefly, before the knight summoned a long sword to his hands. Last; a red cape formed around its neck that went down to the sand below.
Nero was quick to notice that the hole in the knights back was still there. “You see what you have unleashed upon you. It will not stop till every threat has been exterminated.” Blair looked onto Brett; “this is his true form?” Nero shook his head in response; “no this is a binding to stop his true power. The real thing is bound by those sealing chains; the real rage form still lies in wait and he will have control if you stay by him. You are the key to all his strength.”
The knight moved quickly and swiftly; it scanned the area looking at every person in the area. Threats were chosen amonst Brett’s friends and were targeted. The knight gave a mighty swing of its sword; sending a torrent of wind that kicked up sand with the wind. The sword span in the knights hands before being plunged into the ground. The massive arms traveled upwards before sending massive beams of light out of his arms.
Two beams hit the desert floor kicking up wind and sand with violent force. Only Brett’s friends were spared from the blast; while the Duel Ghouls were sent flying in every direction before they crashed to ground below. The knight gave no pause between beams; every hit was followed with the Ghouls rising, and every time the knight would continually pound them with more. It was as Brett feared; he had lost complete control.
Nero stood by; he let his arms free from their restraints and put one to Blair’s shoulder. “He has lost control Blair; you must stop this form or he will eliminate everything that is a threat. He will use that sword if he must to extinguish their lives; even Marcel over there, and the only way is to get is to the hole in his back.”
Hand connected with blade’s handle and was ripped from its earthy placement. The movement of the cape revealed to Blair’s eyes the hole; it was at eye level and she could see the chains. She gave no pause; she ran back a meter before running forward and jumping off the monument. Jaden shouted for Blair to stop when Nero blocked his path; “I need this to happen. Brett owes me and I intend to collect; she is the only one who can free him. I will later and finally be able to claim the Weapon for my self; my plan has almost come to pass.”
Blair was able to grab onto the open whole with both hands; she tried to pull herself up when the knight shook violently. Blair screamed when she nearly lost her grip, but managed to hang on. Alexis, Jim, and Hasleberry had summoned their strongest creatures and were trying to fend the knight off.
The knight slowly began to move forward; each footstep and each attack made it difficult but Blair persisted. She remembered Nero’s words about how only she could stop Brett; she also remembered her promise to Brett. She was determined and set on being the hero; slowly she pulled herself up and was able to slip through the hole in his back. Jaden was puzzled about Nero’s words and began to question; “what do you mean your plan? What are you really after?”
Nero pushed Jaden back; “you will not interfere with my plan. I have worked far too hard to achieve this. She will awaken him and destroy the armor; their by allowing me to collect a piece of his armor. I will later capture his soul and claim him as my own; I never once had any plans of truly helping him, but I could never let him die. Hail Weiss; my brother soon we shall be invincible.” Nero finished by raising his guns and pointing one at Marcel and another at Jaden.
Song end
Song Terminus
Blair crawled through the hole in the armor; she dropped down on the other side into a room that was far different from her expectations. She gazed at the wide open space that surrounded her; the horizon stretched beyond forever. She turned around to see the hole she had crawled through, in the middle of the air. Nothing existed beyond the borders of the hole; it simply floated there not attached to anything. She poked her head underneath; but the hole had no depth.
She turned back around; there were absolutely no visible boundaries to his seemingly infinite space. Blair tilted her head upwards and beheld the deep Blue sky; it only had a few clouds and they slowly moved in a hypnotizing fashion. The effect was so calming that Blair forgot completely about her reason to be here for a moment, before snapping back to reality.
The chain she was able to see earlier hung above her; she looked behind her, and the chain traveled into the sky. It appeared that the chain never stopped; it only continued onwards into the endless heavens. The other direction it traveled downwards into the floor. Blair eyes continued downwards till she was looking at her feet; the floor rippled around her feet like she stood in a pool of water.
The floor was un-darkened; it shown like liquid diamond; perfectly clear and illuminated to Blair’s eyes. It was not water, but it was not solid either and Blair had no idea of what to make of it. She took an unnerving first step forward; her foot touched down and the surface rippled outwards from the imprint of her foot. It felt like she was walking on water and every step felt as dangerous as the last. Blair soon came to the conclusion that what ever this floor was made out of; it was safe for her to travel on.
Silver chains traveled onwards beneath the surface; they shown with the illuminated depths beneath the floor. Multiple chains traveled under the surface to a single destination. Blair began to follow the chains like a path that would lead her to Brett. Soon more chains became visible and appeared to be converging on a single point a head of her.
Blair continually walked forwards in search of Brett amidst this strange dimension. Her head gazed upwards to the sky again; the calming skies all around her seamed to south her troubled soul. The clouds almost seamed to be putting her in a trance; she began to wonder how all of this could fit inside a Knight so small. She wondered if she could stay here forever with Brett away from all of the trouble and hatred. Blair’s mind snapped back to reality when she remembered the others; she had to find Brett immediately.
She arrived at the point where all of the chains gathered; bellow the surface she could see Brett. He was still ensnared by all of the chains; his head was still visible but he was completely unconscious. Hundreds of chains held him in place; Blair looked around for some king of switch to release him. Nothing was in the area and she needed to free him quickly.
Blair wandered into the direct center when something under her shirt began to shine. She removed the necklace with Brett’s ring still attached; the gems all glowed and the ring began to float upwards. The necklace attached to the ring broke at a segment; the ring traveled high into the air.
When the ring stopped floating upwards; it shot nine beams of light out from each gem. Eight pierced the water while the last shot into the sky; slowly the chains began to lift Brett from his tomb. Blair backed up till she found a place where the chains would not disturb her. Brett was raised to her level before she ran forward.
Chains stopped when Brett was fully free from the liquid surface. His face was covered in small black symbols that had no meaning to Blair. She ran up to him and called his name, but there was no answer. Brett slept there and did not answer at all; Blair immediately checked his pulse on his neck to see if he was alive. Strangely he still had a pulse; Blair breathed a sigh of relief when a mysterious voice came from above.
The Language was unlike that which Blair had ever heard before. It finished its sentence giving a brief pause before restarting again. “Let me have Brett back!” Blair shouted to the empty heavens. Eight symbols appeared in the sky; the voice returned but this time in a different language. “You called him by his first name. You must care for him the way I did; you may be the one who he is destined to be with. You must prove yourself though; I could only protect him this way. I could only contain him; that was the only power I ever had over him. You must show me your power over him; wake him and set him free, and I will entrust his safety to you.”
Outside the strange dimension; Alexis, Jim, and Hasleberry were struggling to keep the knight at bay. “I’m going to help” Jaden stated but Nero only shook his head while his gun aimed at Jaden’s forehead. “No; you two shall no interfere with this. Time must continue and you two must duel; so go ahead and start.”
“Jaden you have to duel Marcel and get us back to our dimension; you cannot waste energy on this. We soldiers can handle this knight by ourselves.” Hasleberry said before sending his Ultimate Tyranno in for an attack. Marcel walked to the other side; “come on Jaden; I have been waiting to play with you for some time.”
Jaden cringed at the thought; but he had to buy time and keep Marcel occupied. The knight renewed his attack upon the three duelists; he pushed the giant dinosaur backwards and high into the air. The knight had just stood there taking the beating till now. The knight gave a mighty battle cry and swung its sword crushing Alexis’s Cyber Angel Dakini.
The force of the attack nearly knocked Alexis unconscious; Mrs. Fontaine healed her with a spell card before Britney took over. “Normally I would not feel right about harming Brett; but you are not him.” Britney summoned her Black Luster Soldier and then commanded him to attack. The knight leapt forward while Britney searched through her deck. “This is not a duel; and I have a real treat for you.”
She took six cards and held them up high to the sky; the Five God Dragon formed from the cards giving a fierce battle cry. Britney pummeled the knight with attacks while the other duelists recovered from their failed attempts. The Knight could not swing his sword fast enough to get the soldier and could not reach the dragon above.
Jesse and Axel returned safely with the Rainbow Dragon card safely in their possession. Jesse could not believe what had happened while he was gone. He glanced away from the knight to see Jaden dueling his hardest to buy time. He wanted to go aid him but Axel held him back; “sorry but you will never make it past. You are to important now that you have that card; let me distract him then you go to Jaden.”
Axel left without another word being said; Jesse did not even have time to protest the plan. Axel ran forward and used his duel disk to summon his Blaze Accelerator; the machine began by firing a Volcanic Shell into the knight. The knight did not even budge; it only lifted it’s sword before lightning tore Britney’s monsters apart.
Song Last SND
Britney fell to the ground; all of them soon realized that there was no chance that they could defeat it. Every attack hit with as much force as possible; yet no damage was visible on the black armor. “We cannot give up; if we do then we die!” Alexis yelled at the top of her lungs before drawing another card.
Blair stood there unaware of what to do; she could not think of what power she had over Brett. Then she heard Alexis’s yell from outside; Blair had to think fast to save everyone, but then it hit her. The only power she had over Brett was the fact that he loved her; she knew what she had to do. She put one hand behind Brett’s head and the second on his cheek; she took one last deep breath. “This woke him up once; Brett please wake up. I need you back with me; I never want to lose you again.”
Blair began to move forward and get ready to awake him from his sleep; when black chains began to wrap around her left arm. The chains came from below and quickly began to wrap around Blair’s body. Pulling her away from Brett; she struggled against them with all her might trying to get to Brett and wake him.
The ropes began to pull harder and harder against, negating Blair’s strength. She whipped around and struggled while more chains wrapped around her incasing her. With all of her remaining strength she leapt forward and broke free of the chains. She wrapped her arms around Brett’s neck before their lips met; Blair’s eyes closed as she fell into a deep kiss.
Brett’ eyes opened to see Blair in front and their lips together; all the chains fell off Brett like they were to lose. The symbols disappeared and Brett closed his eyes and pulled Blair into the kiss. They had never felt happier in their lives; then dark chains wrapped around them sealing them together in darkness. The voice returned from nowhere; “I shall not let the weapon be free. The weapon will stay sealed away from his creator for all time.”
Brett and Blair were together snared by the dark chains; they pulled away but still hugged one another. “Blair; you came for me.” Blair’s eyes watered when she heard his words; “of course I came for you. I promised I would protect you; know you have to go destroy this armor and save our friends.” “No Blair we are going to destroy this thing.”
Song Longing
Light shown through the black chains; the light then shot out of the hole in the knights back. A powerful aura emanated that everyone could feel; the symbols disappeared along with the light that emanated from the room. The knight stopped dead in its tracks; not showing any signs of life. The entire area collapsed in around the chains before the chains around Blair and Brett exploded.
A beam of light shot out from the explosion; the beam traveled upwards and swallowed the ring inside of it. It traveled out wards at high speeds; eight wings grew out from the beam of light. Chains tried to ensnare it but were melted by the intensity of the light. The beam stopped and the light faded revealing Blair in Brett’s arms.
She had the ring in her hand and her head was over Brett’s shoulder. Brett landed on the ground momentarily and asked Blair to get on his back. She ran around and put the ring deep in her pocket; she jumped on to Brett’s back in between his wings. She firmly grabbed onto Brett and checked that he was ok. Brett nodded before taking off into the sky and summoning blades of light around his hands.
Chains shot out from other directions trying to recapture Brett; each approached and was slashed away by Brett. Blair watched her guy fiercely slashing chains; she held on tightly while Brett slashed the chains away. The floor turned pitch black and shadow figures of warriors formed from the ground. The new figures wasted no time, before the new knights jumped into the air with weapons formed from the dark abyss.
Brett’s wings continued to shine their gentle yet harmful light to the shadows. Blair was able to hang on with no problem; each time Brett moved was fast but seemed to be slowed down for her. Brett had no problem though with keeping up with the number of enemies. He sped up and collapsed two of his wings around Blair so she would be fine.
He began to attack at the speed of light; his swords crushing the shadows before they could come close. Blair tried to stay back but she was amazed at his skill; no one was guiding him this time. Nero was lying; he had never been giving Brett aid on how to fight, it had always been him. Beams of light shot out from his wings, and traveled into the hordes of shadows below him. None of the shadows survived the assault and Brett continued to move faster and faster through the attackers.
His wings gave a mighty thrust downwards and sent Brett and Blair into the infinite heavens. Shadows evolved more and more into massive beasts and dragons; creatures flew and chased Brett along the ground. Their power and speed somehow seamed to match his. A dragon flew down onto Brett; but he simply thrust his wings to evade the dragon’s teeth. He passed the mouth and shoved his blade into the dragon before it exploded from the light.
More shadow dragons came from every direction; Brett collapsed all of his wings before he dropped from the sky leaving the shadow beasts to collide into one another. Brett approached the ground and beat his wings before he landed safely. Snarling shadow beasts growled and snarled bearing their fangs to Brett and Blair, but Brett was doing the same.
Two blades of light were slammed together to form a single long sword; Brett jumped forward slashing through the beast in front of him. His wings still were collapsed and held Blair tight against his body. Beast came from every directions and Brett turned to meet each one wit his blade. The sword continued to cut through beast after beast.
Shadows consumed the sky; wails of doomed souls came from every direction. Blair was not afraid now that she was with Brett, and he was never afraid. His wings lit the area around them; he could sense each shadow beast and strike them down. He was determined but still in control and he was not going to let Blair get hurt.
Brett flapped his wings and took off into the air; he let his blade disappear to boost the light from his wings. He dodged airborne enemies by going closer to the ground; then was forced to dodge the beasts that jumped at him. Brett boosted his wings to illuminate further and further away. “Brett we need to find the crack in the armor; it is way to dangerous to stay here.”
Brett nodded in agreement; “I know Blair but it is hard to find it. We are going to get out of here, so hold on tight.” Blair nodded and Brett took off in search of their exit. Brett continued to dodge between enemies but more continually came and there was no exit anywhere.
The number of enemies multiplied every second; Brett was forced to re-summon his blade and renew his attack. His vision ability dropped and he slashed through a dragon; he turned when he heard a fierce roar from behind. He turned to have a dragon land a front pair of claws into his upper chest. Brett screamed in pain before he whipped his long blade and separated the beast from him.
Brett took off in the opposite direction and avoided the next set of shadow creatures. “Blair are you ok back there?” Blair was fine and the claws did not make it through to her. “I’m fine but you are hurt badly; we cannot stay here. We have to find the exit quickly.” But Brett knew the truth; the exit was gone; what ever created this was not going to let anyone escape.
Suddenly Brett stopped and looked around; “Blair there is only one way out; but I will have to enter rage form. You will be fine no matter what…” Blair did not even give Brett a chance to finish. “I know Brett; and you will not lose control because I’m here to protect you. You do not have to worry; let’s end this thing and go save Marcel.”
Song Summoning Alexander
The knight had long since stopped its rampage; everyone looked on waiting for the behemoth to do something. It’s back began to glow bright blue when the back shattered in a hundred pieces. Two long wings spread out and stretched out; Each wing was twice the size of the knight. A dragon’s tail also was sticking out of the suit of armor that whipped from side to side.
With a single flap of the wings, a ball of light traveled high into the sky. It came to a stop high above and it just hovered there for a few seconds. The creature emitted a bright light that was far too intense for any to make out what it was. Every one shielded their eyes from the creatures light. The wings glowed a bright blue, and the feathers in the wings rippled violently.
The wings stretched as far as possible before shooting out millions of tiny beams. Each beam locked in on the half destroyed suit of armor and hit it. The armor dissolved into the beams of light and disappeared from existence. The beams continued onwards; they separated into two groups. One group passed through Duel Ghouls on the outside of the school; while the other group of beams went inside and passed through every other corrupted duelist.
Steam came from the mysterious ball of light before the light faded. Brett and Blair fell from the heavens above together. Brett looked below him to where they were going to land. Then he realized Blair was going to be the one to hit the ground; he tried to flip but had lost to much energy to have the strength. Brett quickly though of his only option to stop Blair from getting hurt; he tucked his wings in on one side and he slowly span around.
Everyone watched Brett crash into the sand behind Jaden. Brett took the major impact; Alexis was the first to run to his side. His wings slowly disappeared into the wind revealing Blair in perfect condition on his back. Alexis dropped onto her knees just as Blair woke up. Alexis helped her up to her knees. They both turned to their attention to Brett who gave no signs of being alive.
Everyone else except Jaden and Jesse made it to Brett’s side. Alexis flipped Brett up onto her lap. She flipped him up to see her arm covered in blood; everyone gasped at the sight of the three holes in his chest. Mrs. Fontaine dropped down and checked his pulse; “he is still alive.”
Jaden and Jesse breathed a sigh of relief when he saw everyone else looked relieved at the news. Nero walked slowly over to a fragment of black armor that had survived. He slowly reached down and picked it up; “finally my reward is given to me. Brett I will return for you later; till then enjoy these last moments with your friends.”
Nero disappeared into a black wave of darkness just when Brett woke. His eyes opened to the sight of everyone; they looked a little rough but still alive. “Is everyone ok? You all should stop worrying about me; we need to get back to our world, right?”
Jesse was glad to see he was alive but he had to go get them back to their own world. A single grey feather floated down onto Brett’s chest; his body glowed a gentle blue before the wound healed. The blue light faded and Brett was perfectly healed again; Blair was in tears and so were the other girls; “sorry about worrying all you guys. But this should finally be over.”
Brett stood up like almost nothing had happened; Blair got up protesting against it, but Brett was fine. “Did you enjoy that healing feather of mine? I cannot let you die; your creator would just kill me.”
Brett and everyone turned to see a scantily clad girl with long grey hair flowing down her back. Brett was thrown into a state of shock when he saw her; “you… you are my creator; Jenova!” Brett shivered at the mere thought; the woman offered a slight sensual chuckle to Brett and Blair grabbed onto him. “I’m not your creator; just a remnant of hers. You have grown so much in such a short time; it is almost impossible to believe.”
Blair got in front of Brett; “What do you want with him?” The woman’s face changed rapidly to a serious expression; “I’m here to bring him to her. She needs him to perform a task; and in return I shall stay here and make sure that things transpire as they should. You have drawn many enemies that should never have been here; join me and I shall guarantee none of those enemies shall interfere with your friends.”
Brett though about the proposal for a minute’s time; it was a difficult choice. He had been the one who had brought these enemies to his friends. “I will come with you; but you must leave with me as well. I do not want you ever to set foot on this planet again, and that includes any of the Jenova clones or the real thing.”
Blair turned around and grabbed Brett’s arms; “you are not going to leave us again. I do not want to lose you.” Brett looked to the monument and saw the Rainbow Dragon for the first time; “you have all been great friends. Blair you are the best thing in my life; but I cannot stay here; I have to do this so this world will be at piece. Just promise me you keep that ring and I will my way back to you.”
Brett quickly jumped over Blair without even allowing his words to sink in. He landed on the other side and ran over to the clones side. “You have made a wise deal and now let us leave.” The clone melted into a puddle that Brett began to sink into; Blair turned to see Brett vanish into the puddle before she screamed out his name at the top of her lungs.
Everyone still conscious turned there attention to Blair, and quickly realized that he was gone…
Chaos Rising:
The Aria Of The Weapons Awakening
Book Nine
Chronicles of INFINITY
Chapter 1 The Gathering and a Journey
The Weapon of Light was the last to arrive; to the dry and desolate world. The eight of them each marveled at the other weapons; each had the same hair and eye color. They all had different lengths of brown hair, and slightly different color in their eyes. None of the weapons were pleased seeing near identical people to them selves. Their identities felt stolen; despite the fact that they knew they were all different in many ways.
One woman appeared in the center of the eight weapons; “Welcome to all eight of the weapons here today. Soon you all shall embark on a journey to meet your creator. You are not aloud to use your powers to fly. Your master wants you all too truly experience what the gods have done to this world. After that you will all meet you creator; enjoy this reunion.”
Siarnaq steeped forward; beginning to question the woman. “What is so important that we have to walk through this land? What do you want to prove to us?” The woman turned looking at Siarnaq square on. “She wants you to see the cruelty of the gods. This land was once presided over by three goddesses; but they abandoned the world to it’s fate. Each time Evil rose from the ashes, and a single hero was forced to save everyone. The gods do not interfere with mortals; or so they say. This land is proof of the gods’ ignorance to their own rules.”
“Why does it matter? What does she want to achieve?” Siarnaq continued questioning the woman; the other weapons stood there and listened carefully trying to gather information. She turned slowly around looking at all of them. “You will soon understand why we are doing this. Your creator, my master; Jenova waits at the end of your journey. You shall learn everything there and then you will learn your importance. But remember you have all agreed to do as my master commands. Should you go back on your promise; then your friends and loved ones shall experience a fait far worse then death. We shall kill them slowly, creating as much pain as possible till they can take no more…”
“Stop it! We get the message and we will not break our promise;” yelled Theus. “Oh do you get it. I want to make sure you all have it memorized. We will kill them slowly then bring them back and repeat the process till their mind is lost into the dark abyss that all fear. We know how to make people suffer and we will do what we must. The gods’ tyranny must be put to an end. You all shall grantee this. Now leave on your journey.”
The woman finished speaking; pointing to a large formation of cliffs, before vanishing into the winds. The eight weapons looked at the path before them. Siarnaq and Fayt began to lead the weapons into the dessert before them. The journey was going to be long; and while none knew the outcome that awaited them; they all marched forwards for their loved ones.Chapter 2 The World the Gods Forgot
The weapons traveled across the desert; they hardly spoke to the others. None of the weapons felt very close to the others; they felt worlds apart and not connected in the slightest. They were the closest thing they had to a real family, but some were worried about what they were helping. Some feared for their love ones; they prayed that this group would indeed keep their promises.
Fayt led the group; traveling at a heightened pace with little concern for those falling behind. Siarnaq followed closely behind; he was suspicious of Fayt. “Why are you rushing Fayt? I believe you call yourself that.” Fayt turned his head slightly; “What is the matter? Do you not trust me? Who else is going to lead this group you? This group needs a leader and I will fill that position; this group needs a strong leader and I’m the one to do it.”
Siarnaq looked at him carefully; “I care not what you asked for, but do not betray us. The others have something special; make them lose that, and I will kill you personally. You do not wish to have me as your enemy; you may think you are that tuff but I can sense your strength. You are nothing compared to me.” Fayt laughed turning his attention back to the path in front of him. “I would not betray anyone; you see my reward is worth staying the path. Jenova does not want any of us to die; and betraying her does not bode well for my reward.”
Theus and Aeolus looked at the weapon of light; who was falling behind the group. Theus tilted his head backwards; Aeolus got the message pulling on the weapon lightning in his pilot suit. The three slowed their pace, till they were sided by side. The weapon of light did not even note that three others were walking beside him; his mind saddened by his departure from his friends.
Theus looked at him; putting his hand to the Weapon of Light’s shoulder. “So why are you so glum? You look pretty ruffed up to; what happened. Oh and sorry we did not catch your name. I’m Theus the Weapon of Water, that is Brett the Weapon of Lightning, and last that is Aeolus, he is the Weapon of the Wind.”
“Huh? Oh sorry my name is Brett as well.” The Weapon of Lightning looked at the others before turning back to the other Brett. “Funny that we got the same name huh? It was just the first thing I could remember about myself, but considering our origins it probably is not that difficult to believe. The name just popped into my head. Listen, you like you are having a hard time; so we will just call you Brett. I will just be called Lightning ok? So if you do mind how about you tell us what is bothering you.”
Brett looked at him; curiously wondering why he cared. “Well, I was in a fierce battle before I came here. I had no knowledge of why I had my power, just that I could protect the people I cared about with my power. A person revealed a past that was better left forgotten. I began to hate myself to the point that I wanted to die. My friends stayed by my side; they brought be back; but it was mainly this girl. She was the real one who never stopped supporting me, and now that we are separated I just keep worrying about her.”
Lightning was about to open his mouth; when Brett continued on with his story. “I left them to go forth and stop the evil I could not; my body could not move. I kept pushing my body harder and harder till my enemy seized my weakness and struck me down. Then I lost control and unleashed a near invincible power onto my friends. I was lost in a sea of madness till Blair brought me back from the abyss a second time. Then she showed up and brought me here, leaving her behind. I had to leave all of them behind to keep them safe but I fear something that is after me will come after them!”
Brett shouted; hanging his head in shame when Aeolus spoke up. “The same thing happened to me. My girl got pierced through the heart and I reached deep inside my looking for what I needed. I found it and saved her; but I lost control till she brought me back. The difference is I do not regret what I did; I will make amends to the people I hurt but I will not let the people I love get hurt.”
Theus spoke up next; “I ignored what happened with others for so long. Then my mistake came back to haunt me; there I saved these Generals and fell in love with the female one. I fought and protected her and then fixed my error; now I just want to finish this and return to them.”
Lightning was waiting for his turn patiently; he immediately began to speak when he was certain Theus was done. “That clone saved me from death; the problem is none of my friends know I’m alive; so I have to return soon to them. Brett I think you need to stop your way of thinking immediately; that kind of thinking will not help you out.”
The others nodded in agreement; Brett looked puzzled at why the others all thought he had to change who he was. Lightning spoke up again, this time his tone of his voice was much more serious. “Look it is great that you care about your friends and that girl this much. But if you keep beating yourself up about stuff that is not your fault; you will tear yourself apart because of it. You are doing everything that you can; pushing yourself far beyond what you should be capable of. I warn you that if you keep doing that; you are simply guaranteed to lose everything you care about. Either you will go power mad or simply push others away to protect them.”
Brett stared down to his feet; “that is what she told me. I do not want to lose her in any way, but…” “But nothing!” Aeolus shouted before he went dead silent, letting Lightning speak again. “He is right Brett; she is a smart girl and you would do best to stay by her. Loosen up a bit and enjoy what you have been given. Do not blame yourself or you will lose her; just think about it ok. So anyway lets lighten the mood; anybody want to tell us something?”
Terra looked over to Atlas who stood beside him. “You want to bond?” Atlas turned his head to the other knight quickly responding; “No; I would rather just finish this stupid quest.” Terra laughed a bit before saying to the other knight. “Good. Cannot believe those four are starting to bond and become friends.”
Song The Legend of Zelda
The Weapons were about to exit the desert canyon, when Fayt ordered them to be quiet. They exited the canyon to view another baron wasteland; but in the distance was a large castle. There was no evidence that life had ever existed in the land in front of them, expect for some ruins of a castle.
“What is this place? What could possibly have happened here to this land?” Siarnaq questioned; he and the others all gazed across the land.
A female voice came from the sky above; the voice sounded very similar to the women’s voices who had gathered all to this point and place. “This is the land of Hyrule; for so long this land has been dead. Abandoned by the gods who created it; they left the world behind, leaving fragments of their power behind. Men fought and died over the limitless power the goddesses left behind.”
“The goddesses left this power behind? Why would they do such a thing?” Fayt questioned to the sky. The voice returned from the sky, to answer the Weapon. “What other reason do the gods have; they care only for themselves. They leave proof of their existence to stir hatred and malcontent for their entertainment. They will not interfere in the affairs of mortals; but anything left behind is fair game; some perfect creatures they are. View what has happened over the course of this planet’s history.”
A large circle of light formed underneath them; it shown brightly as a symbol formed beneath them. They were lifted high into the air; any sand fell through the symbol, returning to the earth below. The circle traveled high into the air; it circled around the kingdom.
The sun, shown high above them began to travel backwards in the sky. No sooner did the time begin to reverse through the planet’s history, before the woman’s voice returned. “Life cycles through the course of time; this world is a demonstration of that thesis. Through this planet’s history, many great calamities have fallen upon this world. The three goddesses played their game constantly summoning a hero to end the calamities. This is the best example of why the gods are our enemy; watch time pass.”
All of the Weapons watched time rewind at an incredible pace. Time re-winded to the point when the goddesses left the world they created. They collided into a single point, forming three golden triangles. More time passed quickly, showing the world’s history.
Time after time, the Weapons watched different enemies appear putting the world in danger. Every time the princess and a blond haired hero saved the world. Time after time the hero of the gods came to save this world. Each time the world seamed to fall into more peril; but without fail the hero cam and stopped the tragedy from continuing. People celebrated the hero’s salvation and the cycle continued to repeat.
The voice returned from above, speaking slowly as time passed. “The people of this world suffered constantly because the gods played with it. They were the ones who brought the evil back every time; giving it more power from the goddesses themselves. Then they would send the chosen hero time after time. Countless souls have suffered because of this game. For a time the goddesses would manifest themselves as humans; watching and experiencing life as others suffered. The gods are the most selfish things that have ever existed; this shall change soon enough.”
The time line continued to progress; showing thousands of years in mere minutes to the Weapons. Most of the group was conflicted about what they had seen; there was no doubt that they were viewing an entire world’s history. They began to wonder if Jenova was truly evil and about her goals.
“Watch, after such a long time; the gods simply abandoned the world. Evil returned, claiming the world with no opposition. The world slowly was torn apart leaving nothing behind. This happened because the gods chose to do nothing. The king of the gods does the same thing; he sits on his throne, allowing countless atrocities to be committed. Souls are torn apart for meaningless reasons; what kind of king does that? But once you all aid me; then the future will be saved from the greatest threat of all time. But enough about this world; I wish you all a fond welcome, back to your home world.”
No sooner did the speech end; then the world return to the way it was when they arrived. The barren world disappeared into darkness; the Weapons felt a force pass through there whole body. They steadied themselves looking at another world.
The earth shook violently; the earth cracked, breaking apart. The land had massive gaps that were quickly increasing in size. “This world is crumbling to pieces!” shouted Theus. The voice returned with a much more sinister sound accompanying it; “welcome home weapons! To the world the gods destroyed! This is the testament to the arrogance of the gods. They destroyed this world and its people leaving an empty shell of a world. They even destroyed the Lifestream of this world; this is the birth and massive grave site of the entire Alterran race! I welcome you home, to the place where you were created.”
Chapter 3 HOME?
All of the weapons were speechless; this world was on the brink of destruction. They looked around realizing they were on a slim pillar of earth. Fayt walked to the edge of the cliff; there pillar extended downwards for quite a distance. He could see nothing bellow him; the dark abyss created by the night sky only made the chasm seem infinitely deep. White lightning crashed above their head; the black clouds let a lightning bolt go almost every second.
They all looked to the only path they could take; it led upwards to the mountain cliffs. The path was only a couple of meters wide; it was fairly straight with only a few curves along the path. Every one of the weapons began to walk the path that lay in front of them. They looked from side to side; gazing across the land.
Brett was walking a long the long narrow path when his foot slipped on the edge of the path. Brett began to fall down into the dark abyss and he closed his eyes. A hand wrapped around his wrist; Brett’s eyes flashed open to see Lightning struggling to hold him up. Theus grabbed onto Lightning and helped both back to a steady stance. Lightning laughed after they were both safe and everyone’s attention turned to him. “I get it know! This place’s gravity field is going berserk; gravity must be ten times stronger here. It would tare us apart if we tried to fly high into the air. Long story short no one fall off or you might be gone for good.”
Everyone nodded before continuing up the path; leaving Brett and Lightning behind. “Thank you Lightning I really appreciate you saving me there.” Lightning finally caught his breath and regained his composure; “do not worry about it. Someone has to take care of you till you get back to that girl’s side. She sounds like some one you really do not want to lose and no doubt she will take real good care of you. I got someone really special at home, and so do some of the others. I will make sure you all get back home.”
As the weapons rose higher; they looked left to behold the remains of a metal structure. “What is that thing?” Aeolus questioned; the voice came back immediately answering his question. “It is an Alterran ship; or at least the remains. The gods say they cannot interfere in the affairs of mortals; so they instead unleashed a plague upon on the entire ancient race. That is their idea of not interfering.”
The weapons continued to travel upwards; stopping only to watch the land beneath an ancient ship sink into the earth. The Weapons paid little attention; they only wished to finish this journey and return to what they desired most. The higher they climbed the more they saw how destroyed the land was; the devastation knew no end on this poor world.
They reached the summit of the path; expecting to find more mountains on the other side, but hey found something else. The Weapons beheld a giant city of epic size; the city was nestled in an ancient crater. The Weapons looked closer at the abandoned city; the city was badly damaged and had massive gaps in the streets. The city had an advanced appearance; the society obviously had possessed great technology before its destruction.
Aeolus, Brett and Siarnaq beheld something they could relate to; massive shells of huge creatures were frozen in the streets. “Those are Weapons!” Aeolus remarked, simply sensing what was there made it obvious. The shells still emanated small amounts of ancient knowledge trapped in the shells.
“You are correct Weapon of the wind; those are the shells of dead weapons. When the planet is first inhabited by the Lifestream; the planet creates its guardians from material in the planet. Sadly these weapons were no match for the plague the gods unleashed upon this world. They are protectors of entire worlds; but this plague sucked the very thing that gave them strength. The plague destroyed the Lifestream in this world; leaving what you see. The weapons activate only during a calamity in an effort to save the Lifestream. It is sad to think of all the souls that died that day; an entire civilizations souls and people wiped from time.”
“That is horrible! How can the gods have done that; what reason could they possibly have for this!” Brett shouted to the very heavens. He received no answer; standing in that spot, he wondered if they would kill everything he cared about. The other Weapons were a drift in a sea of confusion and mixed feelings. This world and the last were plenty of evidence.
“How do we know the gods did this? All we have is you word so far.” Fayt asked the sky, demanding an answer from Jenova. “Everyone knows about this legend. Atlantis was the capital of the Alterrans; and the gods’ wrath destroyed it so long ago. It is truly up to you to believe me or not; but that does not change the fact you all still must aid me. I have no interest in harming the ones you care about; but things must change, or the gods will lead every soul to their eventual demise. Now proceed to the volcano at the edge of the city; you must walk there, for the lightning is more then powerful enough to kill you.”
The voice faded away leaving the Weapons to go on the final stretch of this journey. They descended the cliffs; they slid down the edge, stopping at the edge of the city. They began to walk forwards to the higher mountain in front of them.
The city was incredibly damaged; windows were broken and small remnants of a once great civilization lay in ruin. The Weapons walked through the city; starring at all the destruction, knowing what ever force id this was far to cruel. The skeletons of people were no where to be found; it was clear that this world was indeed ancient.
Brett was still following up behind the others; he was dead silent till he though of a question. “What exactly is the Lifestream?” Siarnaq turned his head slightly, before beginning to speak. “The Lifestream is what makes life possible. It is present in all life; from plant to human. When you die the Lifestream returns to the world and takes your conciseness and experiences with them. Lifestream is the most primary element of life, understand?”
Song Zanarkand
Brett nodded to Siarnaq; as he nodded the entire city began to shake violently. Everyone of the weapons turned to see the earth crumbling in a wave formation near where they use to be. The weapons saw the wave heading towards them at an incredible pace; the wave causing the remains of the city to sink into the earth.
Siarnaq took a single look at the crumbling city remains, and knew this was going to be massively bad. He quickly turned around yelling to the others with alarm in his voice. “RUN!!!”
All of the weapons turned running towards the ancient Volcano. They dodged through the obstacles in the city; using only the lightning to light their way. The wave moved forward swallowing everything its path; the very mountains being swallowed up into the earth.
Brett was falling behind and the chasm was gaining on him. Siarnaq slowed down to grab Brett’s hand pulling him forward. Siarnaq jumped forward sling shooting Brett up to the front of the group. Siarnaq burst forward at lightning speed; he looked to Brett telling him to summon his wings.
Brett looked confused for a second; he dodged through the obstacles, before he summoned his eight wings. Immediately as the wings appeared on Brett’s back did the entire city light completely up The street was bathed in a gentle light that illuminated but did not hurt any of the Weapons eyes. Lightning complemented Brett on his abilities; but it was interrupted when Siarnaq pointed out a huge Weapon blocking the street.
Siarnaq’s back exploded with dark energy that formed nine long arms. Each armed stretched out; the arms each found one of the other seven Weapons, before they wrapped around them.
Once Siarnaq had all seven Weapons, he quickly summoned two spears into his remaining free hands made of darkness. Siarnaq leapt into the air taking all seven other Weapons with him. The arms with spears pierced the tall ruins of the buildings, allowing Siarnaq to move forward at high speeds. The gravity was immense on Siarnaq but he was able to compensate easily for the extra weight.
The group moved quickly forward, changing paths when required because of lack of buildings or places to grapple onto. Lightning came down from the sky, tearing through the arm of darkness that carried Brett.
Brett fell to the ground, hitting his head hard, knocking him out. Theus creamed to Siarnaq to go back, but there was simply no time. Lightning dug deep with in himself; he but his hands to the arm that was carrying him. From his hands lightning tore the arm apart; Lightning dropped down, rolling on the ground before standing up.
He was not going to let this kid who was so brave die. His entire body pulsed twice; his body emerged from the light, on his back were four bright yellow wings. He reached to the sky; lightning came down in-between his fingers, creating three kunais in each hand. One kunai formed between each of fingers.
Lightning wrapped his hands around his body before he whipped them out in a semi circle. The kunais flew forward landing behind Brett’s back. The wave was nearly upon him when the kunais exploded, sending Brett flying into his arms. Lightning turned after catching Brett; he carried him in both his arms, starting to run at full speed to try and catch up.
Lightning dodged and jumped over obstacles in his way. He used his surge of power to give him a massive boost in speed. The wave picked up more speed though; almost trying to swallow the Weapons into the earth. Lightning pushed himself beyond what he thought he was capable of; he did not want to die, and they’re many people counting on him.
The sky erupted with rage; sending hundreds of lightning bolts across the sky. Lightning focused on his goal keeping his speed up, still aiming for the Volcano. Siarnaq landed at entrances that lead into the Volcano. His arms disappeared releasing the Weapons that turned back to see Lightning giving it his all.
Theus and Aeolus jumped forward running towards them. Lightning came down from the sky, causing anything it touched to explode. Lightning came towards the Weapon of Lightning; he was not going to let his own element kill him. He threw Brett over his shoulder as he let his wings disappear.
Lightning used his free hand to push the lightning from the sky away, diverting the path into a nearby building. Altering the path of the blast slowed Lightning down. Another blast came down from the sky on top of Lightning; the air formed a shield above saving them.
Theus spun in the air, landing into a crouching position sending a wave of ice across the street. Lightning jumped over the wave of ice, the air shield still above protecting him. Lightning came down on the ice, quickly balancing him self letting him slide into the entrance to the Volcano.
Theus and Aeolus turned running inside as the doors shut from behind. The volcano emitted a bubble shield that stopped the wave of destruction in its tracks. The eight Weapons breathed a slight sigh of relief. They all waited for Brett to regain consciousness; when he did Lightning asked how he was feeling.
“I’m fine. Thank you for saving me Lightning; I could sense your aura protecting me.” Lightning just laughed a bit before responding to Brett. “No problem, you wanna see that girl again anyway right? You just got to promise me that you will take to heart what I said earlier, ok?”
Brett nodded in agreement, when Siarnaq took notice. “Good you are up; were going on then.” Lightning and Theus helped Brett up into a standing position; Brett was fine to walk by him self in the last stretch of their journey.Chapter 4 Why
The Weapons came to the only door that was not locked; they opened the door slowly to see a laboratory in front of them. They had at last arrived where they were created, and the evidence was all before them. They spread out; inspecting the equipment around the lab. They were all dead silent; they walked around, finding the tubes they remembered in the deepest part of their memories. Large and strange equipment was all around them; each machines purpose was alien to them.
Siarnaq inspected the equipment in complete disgust of this abomination. He examined a space between the machines, finding a small notebook hidden in the space. Siarnaq removed it, slowly hiding it away so he could examine it later.
The doors behind the Weapons swung open; a grey haired woman entered the room. Her body was covered in grey clothe armor. The Weapons all stared at her; she looked at all eight of the creatures that had led them to this point. A gentle smile was across her face and she looked so happy but not in a menacing way. “Hello my Weapons, my name is Jenova. I would like to thank you all for coming here, to aid me in my goals.”
Siarnaq and Brett were in complete shock; this was surely not Jenova that was their creator. She had no aura what so ever and was beautiful, unlike the monster they theorized to see before them. Atlas and Terra looked at her extremely worried; she had no aura, was it even possible she could completely mask it. Could she be this powerful; her appearance had only caused a thousand new questions.
With a wave of her hand all of the equipment melted away into the ground. “It means so much to me that you are all here today. I know I have done terrible things to get you here; but you must understand why. I have owed you for an explanation for a while, but it is difficult to do anywhere since my enemies are everywhere. When you exist beyond the end of time you tend to make a few enemies.”
“Jenova; what are you trying to pull here. We had to travel across this world, why? Why would the real you appear before us now?” Siarnaq questioned Jenova with a very serious expression and tone.
“I want you all to understand what I’m doing here. I hate the gods; they took everything away from me. You see I went through the timeline once; the gods killed the civilization that considered me a god. We had no interest in war till another of the three races attacked. We were punished for surpassing the gods, and even I was forced into hiding from the plague that swept the galaxy. My race was destroyed and wiped mercilessly from the galaxy. I hid away; my power keeping me alive forever; that is till the gods own creation grew a mind of its own. It gained a new mind from the creatures that were underestimated.”
Jenova paused for a brief instant, waving her hand as a large circle appeared on the floor. “The universe fell into chaos because of the gods. Only when everything had perished the gods finally began to fight back. That Chaos will not begin for some time now; but it is so powerful that the gods could not stop their own creation. If I ever revealed myself then I to would have died myself. So I hid and watched as the gods let everything fall into Chaos.”
“So if you know all of this how; did you get here? Time travel would require a massive power and you do not scream of that power.” Theus questioned the woman, just as the circle finished forming the symbol below them. “Near the end the gods were forced to bring forth the ultimate item; the only thing that can break the rules of existence. They formed the philosopher stone from eight key elements. I took careful note of how it was made; it is pretty easy to make if you know how. Before they could activate it I used all my power to travel back to the peak of my civilization. There I fused with my previous self; merging back into the time stream with all the knowledge still intact.”
“So you had all the power and knowledge from the future you, but know you were in a position to change the future. Does that mean that the Weapons are…” Theus tried to finish his next question when Jenova interrupted.
“Theus, you are very smart. I had what I needed to change the timeline forever, but I needed all of your aid. I enlisted four more Alterrans, two of the Magi, and last was a single member of the Cetra. They were all members I though I could trust. We worked tirelessly on the final Weapon project here. We ran so many simulations and did so many tests, but it was worth everything we had sacrificed. I was going to change the future, but then I was betrayed.”
“You were betrayed by Arniath right. He gave all of us a mind and a soul. He was the one who separated us to stop you.” Brett exclaimed and Jenova shook her head. “He was worried what I was about to unleash by playing with gods power. He delayed my plans putting me in this position. You see all of you are not truly Weapons; you are a combination of the three races that originally existed. You were cloned off of a man named Brett; he was part of the Magi civilization even though he was something unique.”
“Wait! What do you mean we are not the Weapons?” Aeolus questioned. “Simple you are not Weapons; you never were supposed to be Weapons. You were the first step in a line that would create the last Weapon I would ever need to kill the gods. This is all about killing the gods. You are part of a new race; a combination of all three races with powers and evolution capabilities beyond imagination. Inside each of you is an entire planet’s Lifestream; you are all immortals that shall never age; and eventually you would have gained a soul. Of course you are not invincible; but I gave you powers to ensure your survival.”
“We are not Weapons, then why do I remember killing an entire planet of innocents?” Brett asked. “That was implanted by that worthless Cetra; all a ruse to destroy my plan. He never could accept that the gods would lead us all to obliteration; his conscience told him to betray me. I’m sure he had his reasons but they do not matter; the Cetra became my enemy that day.”
“Is that why there is a clone of you sitting in a building on another world; one that tried to kill the Cetra of that world?” Jenova nodded before continuing; “yes I do hate them for that simple fact. No, none of you are Weapons, but you are my legacy to all time. Each of you is a key piece to forming the ultimate tool of creation. You all are part of the Philosopher Stone; an item that can breaks the rules of all creation. This is why I need all of your help; then you can go live however you want. And you shall spread a new race across the galaxy. You shall create the final Weapon; the Weapon that shall defeat Zeus; the king of the gods.”
It was a lot for anyone to take in; most of this new race was completely surprised. Jenova was the first to brake the dead silence; “so you all know the truth now. My true goal is to destroy the gods, and finally let mortals control their future. You all can proceed to you symbol on the ground; by the way I’m eternally grateful to all of you, for your aid. Now please to your symbols.”
None of the former Weapons were crazy about this idea; but hey all knew what was at stake. They all proceeded to their spot, finding their symbol beneath them. Only Siarnaq did not move; “Why Jenova? you cannot play god! This is far too dangerous for you to be choosing the path for everyone.”
“No it is not; I have the knowledge and shall prevail. Please go to your spot, I do not want to go back to that world and kill that young blond girl.” Siarnaq backed down, quickly understanding the threat that was implied.
Siarnaq took his place; the ground shot up, encasing each of the eight in a cocoon of earth. Each cocoon glowed its respective elements color. Slowly the cocoons rose up off the ground; light connected each one together. The cocoons each turned into a different colored gem; the Weapons inside frozen and helpless. Their true power was no at the will of Jenova.
“Now, Philosopher’s Stone come forth and do my bidding! Create for me the Perfect Weapon to change the future!” The stones reacted, energy shot from each stone; in the center the beams met. The beams touched sending massive force destroying the mountain and the shield.
Jenova opened her eyes to see a female creature with long white hair standing in the center of the gems. Jenova was so incredibly happy with the sight before her eyes; this was it. The gems descended to the ground; releasing the Weapons trapped inside. Jenova walked over and waved her hand at Metal; the former Weapon disappeared into the wind.
“I’m sorry but I needed to destroy the stone. With a single link done the stone will never be used against me again. The rest of you are free to leave; but first let me introduce the Weapon of Infinity. This Weapon will destroy the gods and forever change the reality we live in.”
All of the Weapons slowly struggled upwards to look at Jenova; the shear horror of her power over the Weapon of Metal was terrifying. “How the hell could you do that to him! The Weapon of metal was your creation too!” Brett questioned with rage apparent in his voice; Jenova looked at Brett with great interest. “You are truly something special, Brett. You now have the quickest evolution; you could become a bigger threat then Infinity. But regardless you all shall never be called that ugly word again. Your race will be known as the Exia.”
Jenova was completely enthralled with the Weapon; she walked forward slowly disappearing into a portal that formed beneath them. Everyone could not believe what they had done. Their knowledge of what they were was completely wrong.
They stood there speechless; Terra was gone with a single wave from their Creator. No one knew what to do or how to make something like this right. “I don’t know if what we did was right, but we are still alive at least. We should probably go home.” Brett stated to the group; wanting to return to Blair after this failure. It was his only consolation; and little was consolidating the other Exia.
The others all nodded; it was far too dangerous to stay where they were. The planet had been fragmented by the force of the Weapons creation. All the pieces of the planet were held together by remaining atmosphere and electrical energy. Atlas stopped behind the rest of the group; “This is wrong; we have to do something.”
Just when the others stopped to turn around and look at Atlas; they heard a sinister laugh come from the distance. “What can you do?” questioned a voice from no where. Atlas felt a hand break his armor; every turned to see the frightening sight.
Atlas was thrown to the others feat after mere seconds of being impaled. Brett went down to check Atlas, only to find his comrade was completely dead. Brett looked up questioning the cloaked man. “What did you do to him?” The man looked down at him; “My original name was Brett once. When I lost my identity to all of you I gave that name up; and now you bear witness to the original. My name is Váli, named after the god of revenge. I took his Lifestream and left only an empty shell. He is gone forever, and soon the rest of you shall join him. The Weapons die here; I will no longer live with my sin!”
Chapter 5 Originality
“I’m so tired of being called a Weapon; every one keeps telling me that I’m a Weapon of destruction. But now I know that I’m not some Weapon; I will never think that I am again. You are not going to be forgiven; I have no intention of dyeing here today, and no one else will die here either. If anyone is going to die, it will be you; I will get back to Blair!” Brett shouted; re-summoning his eight white wings to his back.
Song What Shall we Die For
Everyone was surprised; this was nothing like the depressed kid that traveled with them. Lightning now understood why that girl had stuck with him; Brett was truly a hero. “Then what are you exactly?” Váli asked.
Brett looked at him with determination and strength in his eyes. “We are the Exia; I’m not some Weapon someone can manipulate. I’m the Exia of light; if you think we do not disserve to exist then I will kill you where you stand. You are the same person that I have met twice. I was not ready for you last time but this time I am. I do not care if the name is from Jenova herself; I will take over the title of Weapon.”
“Tech Form!” Brett shouted; his body being replaced with a human size machine form with blue wings. “I am ready to fight for what ever I choose; no one will manipulate me again. I will make it back to Blair, even if I have to go through you!”
Siarnaq was next to speak; “everyone into your Tech form now. The atmosphere is leaving and everyone fights. Tech Form!” Siarnaq disappeared; in his place stood a red robot with a giant backpack attached to its slim body. “I will no longer be called a Weapon either. Our race needs a new name; we are not just clones.”
Aeolus stepped forward next; speaking in a normal voice. “I’m tired of being considered a Weapon; I’ve got a lot to fix when I get home. Tech form!” Aeolus vanished into the wind; a grey machine took his place with a backpack that was split down the middle with large spikes coming out of it. “Besides, Exia of the wind is so much cooler.”
Theus stepped up; “I will not die here, my friends are depending on me. Tech Form.” Theus was replaced with his blue machine form; the long spear returned to him the blade emitting a laser. “I will no longer be considered a Weapon; I’m the Exia of water. I may be a new species but I will use my power for good. I have made my choice.”
“Well I do not care about others; but you will be a challenge. Tech Form!” Fayt’s body was wrapped in metal; his new form equipped with wings that emitted a pink glow. Fayt reached back grabbing a sword that extended to twice the original length, with a glowing edge of the blade. “I am the Destiny Exia; just give up and I may go easy on you.”
Lightning looked at the familiar machines in front of him. “These are all Gundams; all of these guys have Gundam forms. Let’s try mine, TECH FORM!” Lightning was replaced with his Epyon Gundam serving as his Tech form. “No way I’m the Epyon. Fine let’s do this; I need to get home anyway. I’m the Exia of lightning and you will fall Váli.”
Song Narvas
Váli laughed maniacally; his arm moved outwards. A long sword appeared in Váli‘s hand; it was serrated on one side, and smooth on the other. Váli threw off his cloak, revealing his green metal armor underneath. “I’m the one that needs to die? You can never beat the original! That is the way it was intended to be, and you shall all perish so I can truly be free from my sin. Who cares if you die; you should not exist and I will fix what has been broken.”
Brett looked to the other Exia; “Today we fight for our survival. Not one of us shall die here today; we shall all survive this fight. He may think that the original will always win, but we are going to prove him wrong. We are more then clones of him! Are you with me?”
Each of the warriors shouted that they were. Theus grabbed his spear readying it at his side. Fayt held his long blade so it touched the ground in front of him. Aeolus took his twin laser blades and put them together; they formed a long laser bladed, double sided sword. Siarnaq pulled out a single sword to go with his huge shield in the other hand. Lightning pulled his large laser sword out holding it in both hands in front of him.
Brett used the full power of his thrusters to blast forward into Váli. Brett approached spreading his wings apart before he took his twin laser sabers out. Brett crossed his arms, bringing both sabers out; meeting with Váli’s blade. The swords all locked together before Váli forced Brett back through the air with his strength.
Brett stopped in the air, using his thrusters. He looked upwards to see Váli coming down on him; Fayt flew into the path, his wings emitting a pink glow. Fayt swung his sword with all his might; the blades clashed together sending both warriors backwards.
Váli cursed his opponents; spinning his blade, which emitted a green wave of energy that traveled towards Fayt. Lasers shot down from six spikes; cutting through the wave of green energy. The spikes returned to Aeolus’s backpack; he dashed forward trying to stab his enemy. Váli aloud the blade to pass underneath his left shoulder; he swung his blade with his right hand.
The blade approached Aeolus; but Aeolus quickly moved his left hand up, before his hand emitted a shield of energy. The sword was easily blocked; Aeolus let his laser sword disappear before he flew upwards. Váli looked in front of him seeing Brett returning with his sabers.
Váli readied his sword for the coming strike; but Brett flew upwards at the last minute. Váli had no time to react when a large laser blast and several other lasers were fired. They all hit they’re mark; Váli was sent backwards, his feet dragging in the ground. Theus landed and recovered from his burst attack.
Váli took the opportunity; lifting his left hand to Theus before a green beam fired at Theus. Siarnaq landed in front of Theus blocking the blast. Váli was in shock still moving backwards when he saw Lightning coming at him from his side.
Váli summoned a shield to his left arm, just as Lightning brought his large saber across, hitting the new shield. The force sent Váli flying off in a new direction; he collided into a large piece of the destroyed world.
The Weapons readied themselves for the next bought; fragments of the planet shattered as six small green beams passed through. Each beam targeted a different warrior. Each of the Exia flew off the large solid piece of planet; leaving the beams to destroying what was once a battlefield.
The six warriors floated in the space within the fragmented world. They all waited for the next attack from Váli; but it did not come. Váli teleported behind the warrior, slowly clapping his hands; the remaining atmosphere allowing the small sound to be heard. “You are all first class truly you are; you have even impressed me. My power extends from the Lifestream itself; to fight and stand against my power is a marvel. You have all developed so much since I last saw you all; especially you Light! I have been watching you all for a while, but now is the time to kill you all.”
“Why are you so interested in destroying us? What do you stand to gain from our deaths? What have we done to disserve this? Killing us will only hurt more people that care about us; and it will not fix the past.” Brett asked and stated, switching out his twin sabers for a shield and laser rifle. “I was born a half breed; half Cetra, half Magi. It turned out I was a perfect mix that combined the two races perfectly. But I was the only one; all of the Magi including my father disappeared one day. We are not so different; we are both nearly the only ones of our kind. The fact is you all screwed up; you gave Jenova all that power. I will stop you all from becoming a greater threat.”
“How can you justify killing us with that reason. Does it matter not to you that we have people who care about us? Does it matter that we have homes and we have feelings? Well? What gives you the right to choose?” Brett furiously questioned his opponent, giving no pause to let him explain.
“I do not care what you think; I will destroy you no matter what you have done. Jenova created you to create the final Weapon; she will rule everything with that much power. There are many reasons I can use to justify your death. I am set on my path; so stop trying to reason with me. You all still have no clue what is set against you.”
Lightning approached Brett; they hovered side by side. “Brett, there is no way to change his mind. Besides this guy is losing already in this fight; he will fall to us. You are nothing compared to what I thought you would be.”
Siarnaq was not amused with the insulting; “stop fooling around Lightning. He may be more powerful then we give him credit for. Over confidence can easily be the reason why you die; and I rather we did not give this scum the pleasure. I have no one to return too; but I want these guys to return to their loved ones. If I die then it would be worth it to see the others survive.”
“You all have bonded and feel like a family; which is good because you are all that is left in your race. That is funny; but I suppose it is appropriate that you die here. This is you’re birth place and the place where you shall die. Now enough talking; its time to fight.”
Váli began to glow green; from his body shot five green orbs. One orb flew near each of the warriors, except for Brett. Each orb formed a copy of Váli that glowed green; each one with a weapon just like Váli’s. “You are mighty together, but you will fall when I split you up. Brett you can fight me; you have earned that right. You are not the family I have desired; nor do I want you around.”
Váli motioned to Brett; he took the bait by firing laser blasts at Váli. Váli dodged each one by summoning green waves of energy that extended from his back. Váli used them like wings; pushing him through debris, dodging attacks from Brett. Váli turned sharply flying right at Brett; Brett reacted to the sight, tossing away his blaster.
He grabbed a saber; quickly deploying the laser blade. Váli’s sword collided with Brett’s shield, and Brett’s saber collided into Váli’s shield. The warriors pushed the other back with all their might. “You will die Váli” Brett shouted, before pushing off Váli.
Siarnaq fired multiple laser shots at the clone of Váli. The clone kept its distance; Siarnaq was far more accurate then Brett. Váli’s clones seemed much faster; but Siarnaq adjusted, pelting the Clone multiple times with his lasers. The clone got furious, turning and heading towards Siarnaq. Siarnaq’s tech form launched its backpack; it fired its engines traveling into the clone, taking him flying away from Siarnaq.
Theus’s spear clashed with the blade; both warriors pushed the other back with their strength. The clone faced Theus; his anger surging getting ready to charge forward. Lightning flew in from behind, cutting the clone that faced Theus in half. Lightning trusted upwards; leaving the clone behind him to run into a burst attack by Theus. Multiple lasers tore the second clone apart. Lightning retuned to Theus’s side in time to watch the clones regenerate. “Let’s do this Theus.”
Fayt destroyed his clone multiple times with his huge sword. The clone regenerated quickly every time; the distance between them getting smaller each time. Fayt grabbed the clones head, before firing a laser from his palm destroying the clone. It regenerated in time for Fayt to repeat the process. “Persistent bastards, DIE!”
Aeolus’s spikes moved around the clone; firing lasers into it. Every time the clone approached, a laser fired downwards into the clone. Aeolus watched the clone regenerate each time; “Enough of this, I’m going to get you myself.” Aeolus traveled forward deploying his sword; plunging it into the clone before it could fully regenerate.
Brett fired his thrusters, stopping him from traveling backwards. His wings spread out behind him; the canons in between the two sheets of metal flipping up. Brett’s cannons fired into Váli sending him backwards at high speeds.
Váli’s skin broke apart; Brett noticed thinking it was over as Váli exploded. Green energy pored out before it began to form an entirely new creature that towered in front of Brett. “Now you all die; Omega obliteration!” shouted a telepathic voice.
Each clone disappeared into the large behemoth of a creature; All of the warriors took immediate notice of the large creature. Massive amounts of cosmic energy entered the beast. Its body surged; forcing the warriors backwards from the shear force. Brett knew it was going to have more then enough force to kill all of them.
Brett pored all of his energy into his thrusters; slowly closing the distance in between him and Váli’s new form. Brett pushed himself harder and harder; the others amazed at his effort and determination to save them. Brett was giving his all; the force tearing his machine form to shreds. The machine body Brett possessed was slowly disappearing with the force that emanated from the creature. The armor cracking and disintegrating but Brett would not give up.
Brett gave one last fierce battle cry, before he slammed into an invisible barrier when the creature fired its attack. The entire dimension was consumed with the energy of the Lifestream; consuming all in a blinding light that was felt in dimensions away…
Blair suddenly woke; she looked up to the sky from the grassy meadow she lay in. Marcel looked at Blair while he lay on the grass; “What is it Blair?” Blair just starred up at the sky; “I just felt a shock. Like something huge just happened deep out in space.”
Marcel sat up and put his hand on her shoulder; “you think it had something to do with Brett?” Blair looked over at him with sadness in her eyes; “everything is still just such a mess. Jaden and most of the others are gone to search for Jesse, and we have not heard from Brett in over a week. Every day I wait for him to return, and nothing.”
“Do not worry Blair; I’m sure he will be just fine. If he is half as tuff as you say he is then we shall see him again.. Brett would not leave us.” Blair held the ring tightly in her hand and looked down upon it and smiled. “You’re right Marcel; Brett will come back to me. He will be fine and he will come back. After all I’m in love with him.”
Chronicles of Light Part 2
Chapter 1 The Ones I love