Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monster GX Fan Fiction ❯ Chronicles of Light Part 2 ( Prologue )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Chapter 7 Promotion and Premonitions
Following the events of the Britney and Blair; Brett found himself being led to school with Blair attached to his arm. When they arrived all the students were called to the front of the class right before the stage. Blair met up with Marcel in the front row, and Brett followed having been still attached to Blair. Brett never had met Marcel, but if he was Blair’s friend then he was his friend as well.
Professor Viper took the stage and got right down to business; “from this point, all students in the school are required to where a bio band.” The professor held up one of the bands some of the students already possessed. Viper continued to speak in a commanding voice. “The bio band will keep track of all your dueling information; you will all take part in mandatory survival duels every day till the end of the year. Any students who perform poorly will be demoted dorms, and if it you continue to show you’re lack of skills then you will be expelled. Also I will be monitoring your spirits as well.”
All the students were shocked about the news; but the chancellor showed no signs of concern. Brett jumped up on stage; he began to vocalize his concerns about he bands. “What a load of crap! There is something wrong with these bands, and I do not like them. I have noticed that when ever anyone with a band has lost a lot of energy. Explain this Viper!”
The statement caught Viper slightly of guard. “Well your results have been phenomenal so far, as well as anyone else who has been given the band. Every duelist with a band who has dueled has been putting all of their effort into dueling; that is why you are so tired.”
“The data we have collected so far says you are far more advanced then we give you credit for. The Chancellor has recommended you to be Obelisk Blue. After all you saved Blair from that madman and the Paradox Brothers, you disserve to be honored. If you do not accept you can leave Duel Academy for the sign of disrespect.” Brett paused for a moment, this was not right but he had no choice; he did not want to leave his new friends and Blair behind. “Fine, I accept this great honor.”
The Chancellor lead the crowd in congratulating Brett on his promotion; after the crowd finished its applause the Chancellor began to speak to Brett. “Excellent you have made the correct choice, Brett. You will be upgraded to an Obelisk blue. You will also be the male student rep from now on, and you will aid the professors in their tasks. This is quite an honor for your first year here; your father will be quiet proud when he comes here. Now everyone who does not have one, please proceed to the stage and receive your bio band.”
Class ended with each student being given a bio band to wear, and the instructions to return to their dorm. Brett left with Blair and Marcel; as they walked Blair praised Brett, but Brett was still concerned with this situation and diversion from his point. “Brett you must be amazing to be promoted two ranks at once; especially zince it has only been a few days into this school year.” Marcel finally spoke snapping Brett from his deep train of thought. “Sorry I zoned out. This is wrong; it was a total distraction from the bands. Oh sorry Marcel. Thanks for the compliment but you are probably great duelist as well.”
“No I’m not zat good;” Marcel’s head sunk down. Brett saw this quickly replied; “maybe I can help you.” Marcel was having trouble coming to terms with why a world class duelist would help him but shook his head yes. They came to the point where Brett separated from the Blair; he said his goodbyes and left.
The next two days the professors kept Brett far to busy to see any of his friends. Brett could not even get away to see Jaden when he was sent to the hospital after dueling with Axel. Brett was left to hear about the events transpiring with his friends. He missed his friends; sitting in his new dorm, hearing about events through word of mouth.
Mrs. Fontaine visited Brett; she comforted him telling him that his friends were probably missing him. She apologized for the fact the professors were taking up all her time. Brett was becoming depressed with how much he was missing. Mrs. Fontaine whispered to Brett about a massive duel event. Brett had enough of this; he was being kept away from his friends and he was not going to allow this to continue.
Mrs. Fontaine decided to help Brett sneak out; she distracted the bodyguards outside Brett’s room, allowing him to leave quietly. He snuck out the window dropping three floors below, he was out and free. Brett left for the event, his duel disk armed and ready. He had heard nothing from his friends over the last few days; he was starting to become concerned about his friends.
Brett arrived at the event, noticing the banner that displayed the title; “The first Duel For Jewels?” Brett questioned. Suddenly he heard someone coming up behind him; he turned fast grabbing there arm that was reaching out to him. “AH!” Blair screamed, and Brett realized what he had done “Blair I’m so sorry; are you ok?”
Blair calmed down; Marcel came out from hiding behind her. “You scarred me half to death and I was trying to scare you. I never knew you were that fast.” Brett breathed a sigh of relief trying to calm his heart down. Blair had questions though “where have you been? I have not seen you in two days; you missed a lot of stuff and none of us could get through to talk to you. None of the professors were aloud to talk to us about you. We were worried” as Blair’s expression saddened showing concern for Brett. Brett smiled trying to cheer her up; “yeah they have kept me busy. They never gave me a break once, but I’m glad you guys are here. I was not happy not seeing you Blair; so with Mrs. Fontaine’s aid I broke out of my room.”
Brett was happy to see her, and he was even happier to be with her. He was shocked that none of the professors except for Mrs. Fontaine had told him no one was trying to see him. Brett was beginning to get lost in thought when Blair grabbed hold of him; the three duelists entered the building that was hosting the event. Inside it was very bright and the host was none other then Adrian Gecko.
Adrian was in the middle of talking when he came to a very important announcement. “Now all of you know we have special new duelists here, but one has a gift with other cards as well. I would like you all to meet Mrs. Joan Saint-Claire from France. She is my guest here tonight, and she will read the futures of two duelists in the audience tonight. And she will be using her tarot cards; and I shall let her choose the two people.”
Joan came up on stage; she wore a fancy yellow dress and had long blond hair with blue eyes. She began to scour the audience looking for the right people; she was beautiful in her dress and a lot of the male population was immediately drawn to her. When she saw Brett and Blair she was suddenly drawn to them.
“Bonjour mes amis! I would like to call up that lovely couple in the back there. Please come up here!” A spot light shown down on Brett and Blair; Brett was hesitant to do this but Blair encouraged him. She led him up onto the stage, excited to hear if he wa destined to be in your future. “Well look at this couple here tonight, and one just happens to be the famous new Obelisk Blue student.”
Blair was the first to get her reading; and it was positive till mixed signs came up. Joan began to speak with a calm voice. “Your future is difficult to say, the cards tell much danger will be present. But there is an angel by your side who will protect you no matter what comes. Light and darkness surround you; but a mighty force shall awaken that shall change the future will be present in your life and they are very close to you.” Blair was shocked to hear this, but she smiled confidently and said “I know who the angel is and he will protect me.”
Song 08 Deep Darkness of Shinra
Blair turned to Brett but he turned away closing his eyes trying to ignore Joan’s prediction. Blair’s reading finished; she got up pushing Brett, forcing him into the chair. Joan was overwhelmed when she felt Brett’s aura. She leapt out of her chair; an expression of horror pasted across her face. “You have an aura of destruction about you. Your aura is so strong that it cannot be possibly real. I need no cards to tell me you will end up destroying many lives; tearing them apart.” Joan backed away before running. Brett was the most shocked of all; Adrian broke the tension by opening the event to the duelists.
Blair comforted Brett; telling him that he was not like that. She tried to tell him that he the angel that was going to protect her, but Brett was just devastated by the fortune teller. Blair challenged Marcel to a duel but Brett was in no mood to duel. He was still questioning why Joan’s statement felt correct to him? He walked over to Blair when his gaze looked past Blair, seeing something that interested him. A man in a black cape stood near the stairs. Brett stopped at Blair telling her to stay here were it was safe; he took after the man, leaving Blair to wonder what was going on.
Brett was lead up the stairs till they reached the roof. There was nobody there; Brett went to the ledge as he saw Chazz dueling. While his back was turned the man he had been chasing dropped down behind him silently. “I do not know what to make of you?” Brett turned to see the guy he was chasing just moments ago, while the man continued to talk. “A thing like you having friends and possibly being in love; you are really confusing me?”
Brett looked on confused he began to question the man. “What are you talking about? Who are you?” The man looked to the stars as he said; “I have no identity; it was stolen thousands of years ago by someone who betrayed me. But I digress; I have seen the others like you and you all are so different. You should not exist because of your purpose in this life. The reason you were created was to destroy; but so far you seem to be defying your very fate. You with the other seven are the greatest single threat; she will betray you all and open the gates to chaos. To gain what I have lost, is to end your lives.”
He looked back towards Brett, spitting at the Brett before he continued to speak. “You have no memory of why, but you also have no idea of what seeks you, or what is really going on. For now you have not proven that you are the threat I believed you to be.” Brett became relieved relaxing and letting down his guard as the stranger continued; “I was betrayed long ago and gave my identity away; now I want it back. I will let you live for now; I want you to lead me back to her. Your death will come on swift wings regardless of whether I leave you a live or not. I will be watching you.”
A bright flash of green light emitted from the stranger; the light disappeared revealing the stranger, but Brett could not believe what he saw. The stranger now bore two angelic wings which were bright green and emanated a gentle green glow. In his left hand he held a long black and white blade; it was smooth and sharp on one side while it had large serrated look on the other side. Down the center of the blade where nine gems; all of the gems where the same size and color all embedded in the blade.
Without warning the warrior teleported forward and appeared before Brett; his right arm reached out grabbing Brett’s neck lifting him up off the ground. Brett struggled in pain; he could barely breathe trying to get any air. The stranger stretched his wings out wide; he spoke in a condescending voice. “I may not be with the organization, but if you become what fate has intended you to be, I will kill you.” He threw Brett into the air off the roof Brett watched as the man’s wings lifted him up before flapping down sending enough force to hit Brett as it knocked the wind out of him.
With one my beat of his wings the stranger took off like a shoot. Brett fell to the ground landing in front of Jaden, Syrus, Alexis, and Jesse. He crash landed on his left arm; experiencing a massive combination of pain throughout his body. It felt like it was broken from the impact alone. Brett caused a momentary pause in the duel; Chazz and Adrian looked at what happened. Jaden and the bystanders ran over to Brett. Jaden questioned Brett with a very concerned voice. “Brett are you ok? You did just fall off the roof.”
“I’m fine; some guy jumped me on the roof, but he is long since gone.” Brett looked back to the roof as there were still a few green feathers floating down from the sky, before they vanishing into thin air. Alexis tried to help him up; she spoke to him telling him where they were going. “Come on your going to the infirmary; now.” Brett quickly shook his head “no, something is wrong inside, we have to go check. I know something is wrong; I can feel it, and Blair is in there.” Brett had felt something coming from the inside, like a massive energy drain.
Alexis agreed without argument; she helped him up to his feet. Together they walked into the building; Brett trying to hurry things along. They arrived at the main hall to see all of the duelists passed out on the floor. Brett struggled against Alexis’s grip when he lay his eyes Blair; collapsed and unconscious on the floor. “Brett stop struggling, we will go back and get Jaden to come help; then we have to get you to the infirmary to see if your arm is broken.”
Brett thought to what Joan and the man with the wings said; he was going to fight his supposed fate. He broke free of Alexis before he ran over to Blair; he lifted her onto his shoulder. Brett turned back to look at Alexis; he smiled at her. “I told you I’m fine Alexis; I know you are worried but I refuse to leave Blair behind.”
Song End
Alexis walked over to Brett; she put her left hand on Brett’s right cheek. Slowly she leaned in kissing him on the other cheek; she got even closer whispering gently into Brett’s ear. “Just don’t forget that there are other people who love and care about you as well. I know you have very strong feelings for Blair; but do not end up pushing your self to the point your life is in danger.”
Brett blushed before he put his head down; he was speechless about Alexis having kissed him. She was indeed beautiful; but he had never thought of Alexis like that. “I never got that impression, I thought you guys had forgotten me. And thank you for the kiss.” Alexis looked shocked, but was blushing at the same time as well. “You never got are messages? We were concerned and tried getting in contact; but whenever we tried to see you, we were told you were busy. I’m sorry for not trying harder but we were told by Viper’s orders you were not to be seen.” Brett bowed his head “I’m stupid, I actually doubted my friendship with you guys.”
Alexis stood beside him; she put her hand gently on his free shoulder. “Just never forget we are you’re friends ok; what that girl said about you is not true. I know who you are; you are Brett, our friend.” It was what Brett needed hear, he snapped out of his depressed state. “Alexis I’m glad you are my friend; if there is anything I can ever do, just ask me. Come on let’s got but you need to get Marcel; I cannot leave him behind.” Alexis nodded to Brett before she picked up Marcel; carrying him in both hands.
Outside they met Jaden and the others; explaining what had transpired inside. Chazz had not yet finished his duel; Jaden offered to help Brett, but Brett refused his help stating that others needed the help more then him. Alexis and Brett left for the infirmary; Alexis glanced over to Brett every few moments to check on him. Alexis was still concerned; but she had already crossed a line with him. She did not want him to know the extent of her feelings; mainly because Brett was clearly in love with Blair.
When they arrived at the infirmary; Blair was put in a bed while Marcel was put in the other. Brett was examined by Mrs. Fontaine, but she found no evidence of injuries. Brett and the others stayed that night as they watched over their friends. Alexis continually kept an eye on Brett; he was constantly putting himself in danger, and she wanted to protect him.
On top of the school stood another man in draped in a black cape. He looked to the sky; his hand brushed his hair before he spoke in a strong male voice. “Numbers 13 and 22 have failed, but they were never good enough to be considered part of our organization. I shall wait for the proper time to strike him down. Unlike those morons I will prove my rank.; and that good planning and overwhelming an enemy is the key. I promise to you my leader, he will fall and his soul will be ours.”
Chapter 8 Changing the Rules
Brett and rest of the guys stayed at the infirmary for the rest of night. The next morning came; bringing many students to the infirmary for medical attention after the massive duel event. It was all to clear now to everyone that Viper was behind all of this. Everyone confronted the now acting head of the school Professor Crowler and Professor Napoleon. Brett was the first to begin an assault of statements; “what do you mean the Chancellor is gone?”
“Exactly what we said, the Chancellor has just left” Crowler said, Jesse just looked at him while speaking “well he picked a fine time to go a wall. I mean we have an entire school of students who are dropping like flies.”
Napoleon was sweating like mad; he had no idea how to run this school, or make an executive decision. “Fine then what do you purpose we do about this situation?” Napoleon questioned, but Jaden already knew exactly what they had do. “We have to find Viper and get him to pay for what he has done. Only when Viper is beaten will all of the bio bands stop draining our energy.”
Crowler looked worried, he was the adult in charge but he had no courage to hunt down Viper. “Very well you and your friends shall go hunt down Viper, which is my decision.” Crowler and Napoleon smiled knowing they had dodged danger and responsibility again. “Yes I agree with my colleague, you shall find this mad man. Now bonne voyage!” The two professors left the office saying they had important matters to attend too; leaving Jaden and his friends to find and deal with Viper.
“Wells that is just great they want us to find the crazed lunatic who is endangering lives” Jesse said with a sigh. Jaden got a call on his PDA; saying that Adrian was awake, and that he had information on Viper’s whereabouts. Jaden and the others began to run to Adrian’s room; Jaden looked back at Brett who stood perfectly still. “Brett you coming, I thought you would want to get even with Viper after what he has done?”
Brett looked up; he was incredibly conflicted about which path was correct. He could go defeat Viper or stay and help the students. “I think it would be best if I stayed here. I may be able to help more here, then if I go with you. Jaden you’ll be fine; you have Alexis, Jesse, Jim, Syrus, Hasleberry, and god knows who else will join you on your quest.” Jaden looked at him in question “you sure?” Brett just nodded; “Jaden this your fight; you are the person who has to end this. Not that I would not mind fighting Viper.” Brett turned leaving for the infirmary; Jaden and his group left in the other direction, going to see Adrian.
Brett arrived at the infirmary; he arrived to see an incredibly long line up of students who all looked in rough shape. Brett entered the infirmary; only to see Crowler talking to Mrs. Fontaine. “What would you like me to do about it; we simply have too many injured students hanging around. We simply do not have the supplies or manpower to heal this many students.” Mrs. Fontaine sighed, feeling vastly overwhelmed by the work ahead of her. Brett stepped up speaking in a confident voice. “I’m going to help if that is ok with you Mrs. Fontaine. I don’t know too much, but I’ll do what I can; I do know some things about the body.”
Mrs. Fontaine smiled at Brett; she was happy to hear him with confidence in him for once. “Thank you Brett, but where is Jaden and the others. Shouldn’t you be with them?” Brett looked out the window; he spoke in a quieter voice. “They went after Viper.” “They went after Viper?” Mrs. Fontaine questioned, with a stunned look at Brett. “Who let them go? That is far too dangerous for students to do; especially if Viper is really behind these duel incidents.”
Brett turned and pointed to Crowler; “he did, he gave them the permission to hunt Viper down.” Crowler freaked out at how much trouble he was in. Brett continued; he closed his eyes before he continued to speak. “It’s Jaden’s fight; he is the hero who will defeat Viper. He will be fine, I doubt we really have to worry that much. How is Blair?” Mrs. Fontaine turned looking at Blair “Blair and Marcel are fine, they just need more rest.” Brett nodded, happy Blair was alright; Crowler snuck out of room while Brett and Mrs. Fontaine, running down the hall to hide.
The next four hours, Brett helped Mrs. Fontaine through the army of injured duelists. Mrs. Fontaine could not believe how skilled Brett was; either he was shy about his skill, or he was a very quick study. Regardless, Brett quickly got through more students then Mrs. Fontaine did; he easily and quickly diagnosed each of the students that he examined. Soon the line was down too only a few students, but Fontaine was worried. Even she had taken a break; but Brett was barely showing any signs of fatigue.
Blair slowly awakened getting up feeling completely recovered; she sat up and saw Brett finished helping a student, sending the student on his way. But then it hit him, a aura that was powerful, and it was coming from the old research facility. The aura forced him to his knees, it felt evil. Blair and Mrs. Fontaine rushed to his side. Mrs. Fontaine spoke with serious concern in her voice. “You have been working for hours non stop; you need to take a break. I thank you for all your help but you are only hurting yourself now.”
“I’m not tired; something is about to be unleashed. I have to go now!” Brett got up running towards the exit Blair grabbed his arm pulling him back. Brett turned around to see what was holding him back; he turned around when Blair leaned in kissing him on the lips. Brett was speechless, but Blair was the first to break the scientist. “You saved me again; just promise you come back safe ok?” “Brett thank you for all your help, and be careful” Mrs. Fontaine said to Brett seconds after Blair finished. “I will, stay inside the school” Blair told Brett before he ran out the door.
Blair looked at the door; watching Brett leave to go help his other friends. “He’s been pushing himself too hard hasn’t he?” Mrs. Fontaine questioned Blair; her face smiling when she saw Brett was still the same. “Looks like that time alone with you did him a lot of good.”
“He has been straining himself a bit” Mrs. Fontaine spoke, but Blair looked to the door; starring into space, wondering if he would be ok. Only a few words escaped Blair’s lips; “sounds like Brett. He is always going beyond his limits; like he has an unlimited supply of energy. I can only hope he truly does; I do not want to see him injured again.” “I was surprised when he carried you in with a sprained arm, but today he helped me with a hundred patients, and now he is off to help Jaden.” Blair continued to stare at the door; almost like Brett was about to walk in at any moment. Mrs. Fontaine knew she could only comfort the maiden who was in love with Brett. “He will be fine Blair, he is special.”
Brett had left the school running as fast as he could, to the aid his friends. His senses screamed to him saying that something evil was coming from that research center. Brett finally arrived at the center; the entire facility was locked down tight so that no one could enter or escape. He had to find a way in; he searched the premises before finding a latter that led him to the roof.
Brett stood on the roof scouring for a way to get in. Then the roof began to move; splitting into two pieces. Brett quickly noticed; running to the separating center of the roof. He looked down to see a helicopter platform raising from the black abyss. Brett jumped in the widening hole; landing in the center of the platform, standing between Viper and Jaden. “Viper, what are you trying to unleash?” Brett questioned Viper; he laughed before he answered Brett, saying “wouldn’t you like too know.” “Viper I have had it with these games!” Brett yelled; he ran forward towards Viper launching a fist at Viper.
Brett’s fist landed right in Vipers palm doing no damage. Viper laughed as he grabbed Brett’s fist; swinging him around before he tossed Brett far back as far as he could. Brett came crashing to the ground; only inches away from falling off the platform. “This is between me and Jaden, and you shall get you’re answer one way or another.” Viper stated; Alexis ran over to Brett who was not far away from the edge. “You ok, I thought you were not partaking in this” Alexis said as she smiled at Brett. “Alexis were in big trouble. Something is coming is growing and I can feel its presence from the school.”
Alexis helped Brett back over to the others. Hasleberry rushed over to aid Alexis; he put Brett’s other arm over his shoulder. Hasleberry asked Brett; “Is it Viper that you sensed?” “No it is something else” Brett was able to stand without aid; Jaden turned saying “Glad you came, but leave this to me.”
There was little Brett could do besides watch the duel take place. The duel was long, with each opponent trumping the other constantly. Viper summoned and sacrificed legions of snake monsters all for his victory. Soon though it came down to do or die, as Jaden pulled the card he needed to finish the duel. Jaden won as the bio band took effect draining both duelists energy. This time a pillar of light engulfed the research center. Everyone opened their eyes to view a glowing gold outline of a boy with a monster claw in front of Viper.
“My boy, you have come back!” Viper said as his eyes began to water. “This is your reward for serving me; it is just too bad you failed me Viper.” Viper’s expression turned to fear as he was engulfed in light. The field of light spread across more of the island; a bright flash forced Brett and everyone were forced to shield there eyes.
When the light; faded they were no longer on Duel Academy Island, but in a large desert that stretched as far as anyone could see. Viper was gone, and there was no trace that he ever existed. They were still a top the platform in the middle of a desert, but behind them was Duel Academy with part of the mountain attached. Jaden looked around; he tried to lighten the mood as he jokingly said. “I don’t think were in Kansas anymore.”
Brett looked off into the distance; he scanned the whole are before he replied added to Jaden’s comment. “I don’t think were on earth anymore.” Brett pointed to three suns in the sky, and it was obvious to everyone that something was very wrong.
“Duel Academy is still here though, and we are still a top the platform, and Viper is gone. Think it had something to do with that glowing figure.” Brett shrugged at Alexis’s comment; before responding. “That is not important; we have to get back to the school. There is going to be a lot of worried people, and confused about this state of affairs.” Jesse looked over to Brett; he knew why Brett wanted to get back. “Worried about Blair?” Brett nodded; then the tower sunk into the sand slightly putting it on a slight slant.
Everyone stabled them selves from the slight collapse; he walked to the ledge as he jumped of landing on his feet like it the drop was nothing. “Alright you guys before that tower collapses; jump!” as Jim, Jesse, and Hasleberry jumped off landing without problem.
Alexis was about to jump but she slipped on the metal surface she began to scream falling towards the earth. Brett heard Alexis; he ran under her catching her out of the air. He set her on her feat; she was slightly blushing but she thanked Brett for saving her. Syrus jumped down too landing in Hasleberry’s arms. Jaden who was still week slipped as well on the metal surface; Jaden yelled for someone to catch him.
Brett instinctively heard the cry for help and knew he had to help; he positioned himself under Jaden catching him. Jaden looked at Brett as he sarcastically said, “Oh my hero!” Brett was so shocked and embarrassed, that he just dropped Jaden on the ground. Jaden came crashing down. Recovering from the pain; Jaden looked up at Brett and asked; “what? Something I said?” Brett turned away, trying to regain his composure before he said; “come on guys let’s get moving.”
The group set out heading back to the school. They walked for a bit before the tower came crashing down behind them. Brett did not even bother to look back; but then he was able to hear moaning coming from nearby. He looked around and saw Axel under a pile of ruble. Everyone rushed over to help Axel; Jaden looked on concerned for Axel. “You ok Axel?” Axel looked up; trying to look tough; but he weakly spoke. “I’m fine but think you could get me out of here?”
Hasleberry and Jim tried to lift the ruble, but the large slabs barely move. Brett stepped up grabbing the slab as he flipped over the large slab holding Axel in place, almost effortlessly. “Wow Brett I never knew you were that strong” Jesse said; Brett looked at his hands before he answered Jesse. “Neither did I; this strength, where did it come from. Never mind; let’s get going.”
The now slightly larger group continued to travel; the heat from the suns was starting to become evident with each meter they traveled. They approached the school when Winged Kuriboh appeared clear as day; the creature motioning to the school before flying off. “That was weird the heat must be getting to me, I thought I just saw Winged Kuriboh” Alexis said; sighing from the extreme heat. Brett shook his head defiantly; “No that was real; and look that person is under attack. Come on Jesse we better go help!”
Winged Kuriboh had arrived and was distracting the real Harpy Lady; the distraction aloud Crowler escape from the clutches of the monster. Jesse ran in shouting “If that monster is real then so are mine, I summon…” but was cut off by Brett running in front of him. “Stop, remember the bio band, let me take care of this” as Brett drew a card; “Axe of Despair!”
The Axe of Despair appeared in Brett’s hand; he ran forward slicing at the Harpy who dodged the slash of the axe. Brett motioned the Kuriboh to get out of there; the Harpy swept in at top speeds. Brett rolled to the side as he swung his Blade as it clipped the monsters claws. The Harpy was afraid to lose; the force of the blow had hurt her slightly. She began to flee flying away fast. Brett was unhappy that he did not defeat her; since she probably had attacked first without being provoked.
Brett squinted; he focused in on the monster, “your not getting away that easy!” Brett hurled the axe at the creature; it flew at the creature, nailing the Harpy in the back. Everyone was speechless at the display of skill; Brett slowly calmed down, trying to slow his hearts pace. Jesse ran over “Brett that was an amazing throw!” “Huh what happened” as Brett held his head.
“That was cool Brett you fought a duel monster and won!” Jaden was his same old self; completely thrilled with the performance. Brett had no memory of what had just happened; but he shook his head dismissing the fact that he could remember doing nothing. “Come on guys, we should get to the infirmary.”
Everyone went by Brett except for Alexis who stopped beside Brett. She put her hand on his shoulder; trying to comfort him. “Brett are you ok? It looked like you lost control.” Brett was almost shivering; he spoke in a quivering voice. “I did… I do not remember what happened out there, or anything about the fight. I’m starting to worry about what I’m becoming. I lifted that rock like it was nothing and now I lost control. Was that fortune teller right?” Alexis but her hands on his shoulders as she moved behind him; “Don’t second guess yourself right now; you know we need your help. You are still you.”
Brett nodded before Alexis began to lead him away; and they all went to the infirmary. Jaden had taken Chazz’s spot, and Axel was put in another free bed. Brett went over to Mrs. Fontaine questioning where Blair was. She told Brett she left with Marcel but she promised she would not leave the school. “Come on guys, let’s round up all the students we can.” Only Jaden and Axel stayed behind resting in the infirmary.
Everyone split up; scouring the school for duelist before bringing them to the gym. Hours passed and Brett continually brought more and more duelists. The PDA communications were impossible; there was far too much static interference to get a clear communication line.
Brett was heading back when he saw a disturbance happening in the gym. Duelists argued with each other on how to possibly handle the situation. Brett was in no mood; yelling as loud as he possibly could. “Silence! School may be out bet let me tell you two things I know for certain. One bio bands are active so no strenuous activity. Two, we know that if we want to get home we all have to stick together. Now no one is to leave this gym, and for the love of god sit down and shut up.”
The duelists all sat down quietly now; soon came the announcement that someone was approaching Duel Academy. Brett went to run but ran into Britney; her eyes lit up when she realized it was who it was. “Hey have not seen you in a while how are you doing?” Brett looked at her seriously; “not right now, we have problems. Just stay in the gym no matter what got it?” Britney shook her head in compliance.
Brett ran outside just in time to see the Topaz Tiger crushed another Harpy. The other two backed up before they swooped in again to attack. This time there path was blocked as a flying sword that flew past their faces; stopping their assault. “Like my Sword of the Deep-Seated?” Brett said; the blade reappeared in his hand when he finished his question. The harpy sisters fled as Brett stood there and watched.
The stranger had passed out; and the duelists rushed him to the infirmary. They put him in a bed as more room was made, but the infirmary was filled to capacity. Jaden was being commanded by Mrs. Fontaine to stay and rest. “So what are you guys going to do now?” Jaden asked Jesse. Jesse looked at Brett who was standing by the door; looking furious like he was depressed. “Well Brett, Jim, and I are going looking for the last of the students. We still have not found Blair and Brett is probably worried sick.”
Jesse felt a hand on his shoulder; he turned to see Brett who was smiling at him. “Thank you Jesse for helping me.” They soon left and began their search through the school. They checked every class, nook, and cranny looking for missing students. The search led into the night as Brett continued to move faster and faster; he desperately wanted to find Blair and see her smiling face again.
“Brett slow down, would you. It may be easy for you to walk fast but I have a crocodile on my back.” The crocodile growled on Jim’s back, when he finished his comment. “Sorry but I’m worried, I still feel that evil presence around here. If Blair or anyone gets hurt…” as Brett was interrupted by a loud blood curdling scream, and Brett knew it was Blair’s voice.
Brett took of down the hall at top speed; leaving his allies behind. Brett came upon Blair shortly after; he saw her lying on the ground with a bright orange scar on her arm. “BLAIR!” Brett shouted at the top of his lungs. Brett’s rage built as he began to form a fist, rage building up as he lost control to his emotions. His fist hit the ground cracking the floor beneath the fist.
Jaden, Axel, Jim, and Jesse arrived at the scene; Brett spoke in a voice that sounded as if someone else was speaking the exact same words. “I shall kill who did this.” Jaden went beside Brett grabbing his fist; “No Brett we need to get Blair to the infirmary, now.” Brett shook his head coming back to his senses; Axel began to talk a few seconds after Jaden. “Yeah, you and Jaden get Blair out of here. You will guys get Blair to the Mrs. Fontaine; and we shall go find who did this to her.”
Brett picked Blair up in his arms; he looked to Axel, Jesse, and Jim. “Thank you; you guys be careful.” Brett finished speaking; he took off down the hall as fast as he could go. Jaden watched him for a split second before yelling to Brett. “Hey wait for me too;” and Jaden took off after Brett.
They were halfway there when Blair began to talk; causing Brett and Jaden to stop. “Brett, Jaden you rescued me didn’t you?” Brett held her tight; “Blair who did this too you?” Blair passed back out; leaving Brett holding her tightly. Brett turned to Jaden speaking in quivering voice; “come on we got to move fast. Hold on Blair.”
In the library stood Marcel; who now had a monster arm and was acting very different. He was now possessed by the creature that destroyed Viper earlier. He smiled speaking with a happy and confident tone; “Jaden soon we shall play.” Silently a man in a black cloak appeared behind him from no where. “So you are the dark presence I have been sensing in this world. You have done me a great favor so far; but how about I make you an offer you could never refuse?”
“I’m listening, but who are you?” The new Marcel looked to the stranger; his level of intrigue constantly growing. “My name is meaningless, but you may call me 2.”
“That is a weird name, how did you get that?” questioned Marcel. “It is not a name, it is a rank. I prefer strategy and overwhelming my enemy. But if you aid me the rewards will be what ever you desire.”
The cloaked man flung a package of cards to Marcel. “You shall summon those cards, as you sit back and watch the show from here. So long as my target dies then it matters not what you chose of those to kill him with. Give them obstacles till the perfect time to strike him down. I shall show the world the world a show they will never forget; that will end with a hero’s death.”
“You speak of the one named Brett?” questioned Marcel. “Yes he is my target; we shall talk about the plan more in a bit, but first. I just wanted to thank you for injuring the girl. If I can make him lose control; then odds are he will lose his head, and he will fall to my blade. But we must soften him up. Do you have an ability to control people?”
“I could have this entire school under my control in a matter of hours.” Marcel laughed; his new ally continued to speak. “We have much to discuss, but first I need to know your name.”
“My name is Yubel, and this should be fun for the both of us!” The man drew a long blade and a pack of cards; before speaking to Marcel. “You have no idea how much this means to me.”
Chapter 9 Desert Peril: A quest To Save Blair
“So the plan is set; make sure you gain control of the student bodies minds. It does not matter if you get Brett’s friends; but make sure you have an army ready.” Yubel agreed to 2’s scheme; he was enjoying having partner who had promised him whatever he could desire. “How quick we forgot our promise” Adrian said; he entered the room with a very displeased look. “You had a promise with me to share your power with me!”
“You want power do you? I do not know who you are; but perhaps you could be of some aid to our plan. And the rewards shall be what ever you desire.” Adrian was intrigued by 2’s proposal; “What exactly would you have me do, and to who?” 2 turned away before responding to Adrian’s question. “You must get Brett away from this place. If he catches wind of my plan; then he will give me no quarter. I must have everything perfectly ready for his death to be certain.”
“What is so special about that kid anyway?” Adrian questioned again; refusing to be left out of the loop again. “It does not matter so long as we accomplish our goal. Serve us Adrian; and whatever you desire you shall obtain. Even massive amounts of power.” 2 turned to him; “follow them and make sure they leave Duel Academy. That girl’s injury will give us the opportunity we need. Send them on a search for aid, it matters not if the others goals succeed. Just make sure Brett leaves with you.”
“Very well, we have a deal but do not forget your promise;” Adrian left after finishing his statement. “Make sure once they leave you start gaining an army of duelists with monsters.” Yubel smiled while he responded; “one army of dueling zombies will be easy to obtain. Make sure you and your magic is ready; and do not forget my deal with you.”
Jaden and all of his friends had left to try and obtain permission from Crowler. All of them had found out from Adrian that there was a submarine hidden in the desert and it would no doubt have first aid aboard; everyone went to convince the professor except for Brett. He stood beside Blair watching her breathe heavily; her condition appeared to worsened every second. Brett was angry but still in control; he had almost lost it earlier due to his rage, but none of that was important right now.
Mrs. Fontaine approached Brett’s side; “she will be ok Brett.” Brett just stared at Blair “there’s no need to lie. I heard what you said earlier, her condition will only get worse. DAMMIT! I should have been there to protect her.” Mrs. Fontaine saw how much pain Brett was in; she could only try and comfort him. “It’s not your fault Brett, you had no idea this would happen.”
A ghostly figure appeared across the bed; 2 appeared before him smiling. “To bad you cannot help her; you have the ability, but not the knowledge of how to use your abilities.” Brett looked at him, “what are you talking about?” Mrs. Fontaine try to tell Brett to not listen; but Brett was too focused on this new man. “Perhaps I should aid you with this; if you were to remove that scar, she would suffer less.”
“How? Tell me now!” Brett yelled. “Place your hand over the scar, and focus your thoughts on saving her.” Brett did just that removing the blanket, before placing his hand over the scar. Mrs. Fontaine expressed concern; she told Brett to stop and not do something so rash. Brett ignored her words; he focused his thoughts, and then the scar faded from existence and from Blair’s arm.
“Heroic foul, you continue to make my job easier. Have fun paying for your heroic nonsense.” 2 finished speaking; he offered an evil laugh before he vanished into a swirling black portal. 2 reappeared in front of Yubel; “the mark is on him. You may begin to weaken him.” Soon as the scar faded from Blair; Brett found himself clutching his left arm in pain. Mrs. Fontaine removed Brett’s sweater revealing the scar was now on Brett’s arm causing him pain.
Brett’s ears perked up, he could hear someone approaching. Brett put his sweater back on turning to Mrs. Fontaine; “not a word to anyone; ok?” Mrs. Fontaine agreed despite her rising concern for Brett. Jaden came bursting in the door; “we got the green light to go Brett. Well be back soon with all the medicine and supplies we need.”
Adrian came through the door; almost on cue to Jaden’s words. He immediately confirmed his presence with his words. “I’m coming as well.” Jaden looked over; “you sure? You were not looking to good a short while ago.”
“Trust me I’m fine; but you should come as well Brett. I mean were going to need as much help as we can get. I mean we cannot really risk anything happening out there to the medicine. Blair will be fine with Mrs. Fontaine, so stop worrying and come lend a hand.” Jaden looked to Brett; Brett responded to Adrian’s statement after he thought about his words. “You’re right Adrian I cannot stay here and just wait. Mrs. Fontaine make sure Blair is safe for me; please let me do this to redeem myself to her.”
Mrs. Fontaine watched Brett leave; she could easily tell Brett’s arm was causing him a lot of pain. All three boys left the infirmary; soon they would leave Duel Academy for the Submarine. Mrs. Fontaine walked over to Blair; she put her hand on Blair’s forehead. Blair’s fever seamed to be much lower then before; she still needed the medicine aboard the submarine to pull through. “Blair; I hope you know how lucky you are to have him. I just pray he stops putting him self in so much danger. Brett; you always save Blair from harm; but if you die then you will hurt her far more then any villain ever could.”
Jaden, Brett, and Adrian left for the entrance to meet up with Jim, Axel, and Jesse. Brett and the others were now all at the gate. Jaden looked at Chazz, Hasleberry, Syrus, and Alexis who were staying behind. “You guys look after the school and we will be back shortly with all that we can get.”
2 and Yubel looked on from a high level of the school; “now that Adrian is watching those fools I can concentrate on making our army of duelist slaves.” 2 looked down upon Brett with a large smirk across his face. “Yes things are going as I expected. Before you go off to have a little fun setting up part 2 of this plan; send Brett and those fools a small going away present. We will do everything we can to ware him down before the final fight.”
Jaden, Brett, Jim, Jesse, Axel, and Adrian, all set out for the submarine in the middle of the desert. They walked over the sand dunes; the heat of the three suns was the same intensity that they experienced the day before. Axel began to drop PDA’s leaving a trail that they could track back to the school. Brett however was still clutching his left arm where the scar was; the pain emanating felt like acid in his arm.
Jaden looked back at Brett; he noticed Brett was falling behind. “Brett you ok what’s holding you back. You think you would be leading this.” Brett just smiled to Jaden trying not to let on how much pain he was in. “Nothing, stop worrying about me and let’s keep moving ok.” Jim went back besides Brett “that is the worst lie I have ever heard mate. You still are just as bad of a liar as when we met; now what seems to be the trouble with your arm.” “Seriously guys stop worrying about me, there’s nothing wrong and we have bigger problems.” Brett continued to smile; still content on lying to his friends so he could keep the truth hidden.
Everyone in the group stopped and turned around to look at Brett. Axel looked at him “out with it. Tell us now or we are not moving, you have been holding that arm since we left Duel Academy. If you have something to tell us; and you do then tell us now.” Brett conceded to his friends; he removed his sweater revealing the scar on his arm. Jaden got in close staring at the scar; it was very familiar to him, and then he realized why. “That looks exactly like Blair’s scar, when did you get that?” Brett paused for a few moments before coming clean; “I took Blair’s, I’m not sure how but I wished it, and it happened.”
“You should have told us sooner, we need to know this. Your weakness could cost people their lives;” Axel sounded very aggravated with Brett’s deception. “It’s ok Axel calm down; Brett you still ok to keep going” Jesse asked as Brett quickly responded “I’m fine; I promise I will not hold us back and that I will be my own burden.”
They continued to walk; but this time Brett kept up walking at a much faster pace, though still holding his arm. They came over the next ridge; Jaden could see the submarine imbedded in the sand. Jaden ran towards the submarine; till a giant sinkhole opened up underneath him. Jaden began to be sucked into the sinkhole; yelling at the top of his lungs. Axel quickly got out a rope; tying it around him self. Axel tossed the other end of the rope to Adrian before he leapt into the sinkhole grabbing Jaden.
Adrian thought for a second about letting go of the rope when Yubel sent him a telepathic message; but Jim grabbed hold of the rope. “You almost let go there.” Jim said to him as Adrian was quick to respond. “Sorry; must still be weak from that duel.”
Then when the group was in enough danger already; a tall small stone pillar raised from the middle of the sink hole. “So you all have made it this far but you shall go no further;” said the mysterious creature rising out of the sink hole; his duel disk readied itself. Brett knew this duel monster “So you want to duel, what does a Rock Spirit monster want with us. Forget it, I’ll duel you!”
“You have to learn when to concede boy; I have no intention of dueling you. You are going down thanks to that scar on your arm.” The spirit monster clenched his hand;and Brett’s arm began to burn. The pain was now excruciating, a thousand times worse then before; causing Brett to drop to his knees. Jesse jumped in yelling; “You will leave us alone; I’ll duel you!”
Brett was helpless; the pain crippled him completely, so much that he could barely think. Jesse quickly defeated the Rock Spirit with the crystal beast cards. Jim and Adrian pulled Axel and Jaden to safety; Brett recovered after the spirits defeat. Jesse’s bio band sucked more energy from him. The scar’s pain disappeared almost completely; Brett stood up rushing over to his friends. “You guys ok?” Brett asked. Everyone’s attention turned to him; Jim was quick to question Brett. “The question is are you alright? You were down on the ground in pain a minute ago; you looked like you were dying.” Brett shook his head; “I’m fine now; we should get moving before anything else comes after us.”
Brett took off running to the submarine; each of the group of duelists entered through the top hatch of the sub. The group decided on who was going where and for what; but Brett heard whispers coming from down the hallway. Brett slipped away while the others were still deciding on who was getting what; not noticing Brett’s absence till he disapeard into the shadows.
Brett found him self in the middle of the submarines infirmary. Brett was almost drawn to a cabinet by a mysterious force. Brett grabbed a bottle of medicine before everything slowly went dark.
Brett woke to find him self back in the same white room when he last lost consciousness. Nothing but white surrounded him till a pool of dark energy came from nowhere. From the dark ball of energy, emerged silver metallic wings. They looked more like a structure of wings then actual wings. Then a body emerged; a man came forth with hair as black as the night. A mask was across his face and his arms looked like he was in a straight jacket.
Brett could feel a dark aura infecting him; this man reeked of darkness and was no doubt the thing that spoke to Brett the last time he lost consciousness. “So Brett; you have came to fight for the girls life? It is too bad you cannot possibly win this fight by yourself.” Brett looked at the stranger; he was completely unaware if he was friend or foe. “What do you mean?”
“Right now you are being targeted by another evil that intends to claim you for its own purposes. I cannot allow this to happen to you; your true power has been starting to awaken; but at too slow a rate. I cannot last against your light; but I can tell you if you think only of protecting others, then you will be victorious.”
Brett did not trust this stranger one bit. “Why would you help me; you do not look the kind of person who would be my friend.” The strange man with the mask head rotated around in a circle while he spoke. “I am part of you; I was ordered here to aid you by someone who values your life. I only have appeared now because you need me. I cannot allow you to die or I will die as well. Just remember to think only about protecting others and you shall be fine. Your power has awakened; now Brett wake up!”
“Brett wake up; you ok?” Jesse questioned as Brett slowly came to. “Looks like you went off in a hurry to find the medicine, well don’t worry it’s all in the case over there so we can get out of here. How’s that scar treating you?” Brett slowly got up by him self; Jesse gave him room by getting out of his way “It’s fine, it does not even hurt anymore. I’m not sure entirely why.”
Brett removed his sweater and the scar was still there. Brett just shook his head; “let’s go Blair is waiting for this medicine and I’m ready for anything.” The others were already at the entrance to the sub; and had all achieved their goals. Brett ran right by them; shouting to all of them. “Come on guys let’s get back to Duel Academy” Jesse followed behind Brett; more then a few seconds back. “He sure rebounded huh. Brett was already out side the sub; he searched the area as he saw another Rock Spirit with a duel disk.
Brett jumped off the sub and down to the sand below; he set his duel disk in place. “Let’s try this again.” “You never learn do you boy” as the Spirit clenched his fist; this time though it had no effect on Brett; he stood proud and tall waiting to start the duel. “You are you going to continue to waste my time! Let’s duel!”
The spirit monster got angry and started the duel; he summoned a Sand Doodlebug. The creature began to cause the submarine to sink into the sand. Brett drew six cards and confidently spoke out loud. “You shall not succeed; someone’s life is depending on me and my friends. And it is unlucky for you that she is more important to me then anything else. I summon my Red Eyes Black Chick as I activate its effect; changing it into my Red Eyes Black Dragon. But I’m not done; I now special summon my Red Eyes Darkness Dragon by sending my Red Eyes Black Dragon to the grave. Red Eyes get that sub and save my friends!”
“Fool now you are wide open!” the spirit creature said overconfidently as Brett smiled back. “I’m not done, and I’m not letting my friends get hurt either, because now I activate my Black Luster Ritual allowing me to summon my Black Luster Soldier. You see I summoned my dragon first so he could save the sub; but I had no intention of leaving myself open. And now Red Eyes Darkness and Black Luster finish his monster and get rid of him.”
The dragon fired a blast of dark fire as the dragon’s fire was blocked by a sandstorm; the soldier jumped through the barrier, destroying the Doodlebug. “That was pretty good but I think I shall play my Book of the Moon putting your Dragon face down defense position.
The dragon disappeared and the submarine came crashing down to the ground; Brett looked onwards as the sub came crashing down. “The guys are not going to like that one bit.” “You should focus on yourself; I play one monster face down and place two more traps face down.”
“Hope you were not going to end this with those traps, because I’m done with you. I play my newly drawn card. I activate my Heavy Storm magic card destroying your traps. Now I re-summon my dragon, in attack mode, and now finish this duel!” The dragon and soldier destroyed the face down monster before destroying the spirit.
Brett breathed a sigh of relief; he ran back to the submarine and he jumped down the hatch. Jaden and the others were all in a pile on the floor from the impact of the submarine crashing to the ground. Brett helped each one up; he then checked the med kit, inspecting all of the medicine. “The medicine is alright; let’s go guys, now!” Brett began forcing the others up out of the submarine hatch and into the desert.
They were now all out side; Brett looked at them wondering if they were indeed fine. “You guys good to go?” They all nodded; Brett handed off the medicine to Jesse; he spoke to Jesse like he was slightly different. “I’ll scout ahead; I entrust the medicine with you.” The others talked about why Brett had done a bit of a change in personality; but Brett waved to them yelling to them. “Come on guys, we got people depending on us!”
Eventually they were able to see the school; they closed in on their target when a loud roar billowed in the sky. Brett turned to see a Red Eyes Black dragon flying towards them and the school. Brett gritted his teeth; he ran back past Jaden taking a few cards from his deck; taking his duel disk off and tossed it to Jaden. “Jaden go save Blair, leave this to me.” Jaden looked back at Brett “what?” but Brett just yelled at Jaden. “don’t worry, I’ll be right be right behind you Jaden, please go do what you must to save her, I have no intention of dying here. I trust you guys can save her; I am the only one who can stop this creature.”
Jaden and the others hesitantly left Brett behind; the Black Dragon closed in on Brett, teeth and claws bared at him. Brett looked up at it; he began to speak in a calm collected fashion. “Jaden please keep Blair safe for me. I do not know if what that dream told me was true; but I will protect the people I love to the death if I must. I will do everything I can; and I will do my very best to make it back to you Blair, but if I do not then I’m sorry. I’m sorry I cannot be there by your side.”
Brett held a card to the sky; the Sword of the Seated materialized in his hand giving Brett more strength to fight. He threw another card up; this time the Megamorph spell activated. The symbol on the card appeared on Brett’s forehead; he felt his strength double, his entire body pulsing with power. He then had one last card to play; he held it high as a Y Dragon Head appeared beside Brett. Brett turned to the monster; “ready?” The Y Dragon Head nodded to Brett; he took his cue and jumped onto its back.
The Dragon flew past Brett; he and the machine dragon took of behind the black dragon. The dragon had its sites set on the school. Brett was not going to let anything happen to his friends or Blair; he commanded his creature to go faster at the top of his lungs. Brett’s determination was on fire, but he was in full control. Brett slowly gained distance on the dragon; closer and closer upon the dragon till he stood up and readied his blade. Brett was nearly upon the dragon when it created a sudden burst of speed; it blasted past the school.
Brett was confused, until a mighty Blue Eyes White Dragon appeared from behind the school. Brett attempted to dodge, but it was too late for him to avoid the coming attack. The dragon’s tail came crashing down as Brett was sent flying into the roof of the school; he came busting through the roof, falling down into the main hallway.
Brett landed a few meters away from Jaden and a few of his friends. Brett slowly stood up; he looked around viewing Jaden and other students that acted like zombies. Brett looked back up to see the ferocious Red Eyes staring at him, right through the hole in the roof.
Brett looked over to his friends; they were speechless from him crashing through the roof. “I told you I was right behind you guys. I’m not giving up, I will never let anything happen to anyone I care about!” A fierce light emitted from Brett’s body; bathing the main hall with light. Jaden and the others shielded there eyes from the intensity wondering if he was ok.
The light faded as Brett emerged still holding his sword, but now bore two angelic wings; which shined with pure gentle light. Brett clothes were tarnished with dust and dirt from the roof rubble, and were slightly ripped. Still Brett showed no signs of weakness; Brett looked at the dragon with anger in his face.
Jaden and the others looked on in disbelief at Brett and his new wings; Jaden yelled out to Brett trying to warn him of the new dangers. “Brett be careful; the students are under someone’s control.” Brett looked over to his friends; “thank you Jaden. Jaden go now and save Blair, because I’m counting on you. Hope your ready to lose; no Red Eyes is going to beat me!”
Brett lifted his new wings; he sent them pushing down pushing him up through the air like a bolt of lightning. A few feathers were all that left behind from Brett. Brett blasted through the hole; he blasted past the dragon and slashed across the dragon’s face. The black dragon chased after Brett; the white dragon circled looking for the perfect opportunity to strike.
Brett dodged the Red Eyes attacks, as he countered with his sword. Brett turned heading back towards the school as the Black Dragon chased him. Brett suddenly stopped and he turned slashing the dragon across the chest. He used his wings to fly high into the sky after attacking the dragon. He flew up twenty meters before collapsing his wings; he came down with incredible force on the dragon’s neck. The blade cut through the neck of the dragon before it exploded into a cloud of dark smoke.
The white dragon finally had its chance; it gave no pause and fired a white lightning attack into the cloud of black dust. The beam of light ripped through the black dust, but Brett flew out of the cloud just as the beam ripped through. The Blue eyes soon gave chase to Brett, but Brett was leading him further into the desert. The dragon was faster then Brett and was gaining distance on Brett.
Brett used his wings to pull a 180; he turned heading right towards the dragon. It bared its teeth at its target and was ready to strike. Brett narrowly dodged the teeth, but he got close to the chest and took the opportunity. He slashed across the dragon’s chest leaving a long scar. Brett cleared the tail as he flew towards Duel Academy.
The dragon turned bellowing a loud roar across the sky; it fired another wave of energy causing Brett to fly closer to the ground. The famous white lightning attack could finish him in one shot, and all he could do was dodge the attack. The dragon once again gave chase to Brett charging up another blast.
Brett flew close to the sand dunes not giving the dragon a clear shot; he dodged from side to side through the dunes. Brett passed another sand dune he beheld five Oni Tank T-34 tanks, but on their backs were large chain guns. Brett had barely no time to react before they began to unload loads of bullets. Brett quickly improvised using his sword to block bullets so he could get in close.
A bullet hit his elbow forcing Brett to land close to his targets by foot. Brett ran as fast as he could. He jumped up into the air when a stray bullet ripped through the side of Brett’s leg. Brett overcame the pain and came down; destroying the tank with his sword with a single slash.
He quickly moved on destroying each of the other tanks; Brett was far to close of the tanks guns to be a huge threat. Brett came down on the last tank he took of like a shot as another white lightning strike plowed into the ground where he once stood. Brett looked back to see the Dragon right behind him almost upon him.
The dragon gave one last powerful push of its wings; sending it ahead of Brett. The dragon stopped and nailed Brett with its tail; sending Brett through the outside glass of Duel Academy. Brett crashed into the wall of Duel Academies’ second level. Brett looked around and saw a group of Zombie duelists pounding the door to the infirmary. Brett got up running over before using his wings to create a torrent of wind; sending the duelists flying away from the entrance.
Mrs. Fontaine was trying to hold the zombies back when she heard Brett’s voice. “Mrs. Fontaine are you and Blair ok?” Mrs. Fontaine shouted to Brett; confirming that they were fine for the moment. Brett turned to the window seeing the dragon hovering outside the window. He turned his head when he heard footsteps approaching; Jaden and Jesse came from around the corner carrying the Medical supplies. “Brett you ok? You look terrible.”
Brett turned his attention back to the dragon; “go save her! I have to take care of that creature.” Jaden and Jesse where a little surprised to see that Brett was fighting against a legendary Duel Monster, but even more surprised that he was not afraid. Fighting it in a game is one thing, but here the monsters were real.
Brett took off leaving through the hole in the glass that he had crashed through earlier. He and the dragon began attacking the other. Brett slashed at the dragon, and the dragon countered with its teeth. The dragon pulled back, launching another blast into the air to show that it was getting angry.
Brett flew back through the air; he still was in between the dragon and Duel Academy. He looked at the dragon before uttering a few short words. “I’m done with this battle; I need to be by my friends’ side.” He held up the Ring of Destruction trap card to the heavens above; the ring appeared around the dragon’s neck, before exploding with incredible force. The blast hit Brett and sent him flying back into the building; shattering more glass with his body.
Brett crashed through the wall, and flew past Jaden; he crashed into two zombie duelists causing everyone’s attention to be drawn to him except Jesse. Jesse jumped in grabbing Blair out of the bed; he pulled her to safety before part of the ceiling collapsed. Brett got up from his collision and looked at were he was and saw Blair was safe. He looked at Jaden’s opponent, and was only able to find a few short words. “Mrs. Fontaine I’m sorry I could not save you.” Jesse looked at Brett; he still had his wings, but his cloths were singed and had a few open wounds.
Brett ran to Blair’s side; his wings light weakened, and the dark control of Yubel faded for a brief moment. Mrs. Fontaine uttered a few words, before she fell back under the dark powers control. “Jesse; Jaden, I owe you big time for this.” Brett said while he picked Blair up; he moved her out of the room. The room was in bad condition and it was unsafe for anyone to be in; Brett motioned with his head to Jaden and Jesse.
Jesse and Jaden got the message as the roof looked ready to collapse. Brett set her down outside of the infirmary; he got down and kneeled beside Blair. Jesse was starting to become very concerned with Brett’s lack of self preservation; he was saving his friends but he was suffering. “Brett are you ok? Seriously you took on a Blue Eyes and a Red Eyes at the same time. And now you seem to have wings; what’s going on?”
Brett only was not sure him self; “I’m not sure but it is not important right now. These wings are going to help us; the gym is still safe, if so then that is our destination.” Then a large explosion came from the infirmary; pushing Jaden out into the hall. The roof in the infirmary collapsed trapping who ever was still inside. Jaden slid over beside Brett, and Jaden looked at Brett before speaking like his usual self. “Nice new look, what we doing now.” Brett looked down the hall and he began to speak in a determined voice. “We are going to get to the gym, where you will be safe. And we shall take the second level to avoid trouble; I just hope it is a better route.”
Song Tetsujin
Jesse summoned his Topaz Tiger to carry Blair; they turned to go down the nearest hall. Brett led the group with a quickened pace; he turned down the hallway he saw a shadowed figure approaching. “You have come this far, but you shall go no further; by order of my master.” The Master Monk appeared before Brett; his voice was strong and powerful. Brett motioned his friends to stay back; he loosened up tucking his wings in behind his back.
Brett’s hand stretched out; slowly motioning the monk forward and the monk nodded with delight. He was waiting for a new challenge; this would be an amusing fight. “I will enjoy breaking you all; especially you Brett.” Brett grit his teeth; you are not going to break me because you will fall.”
A brief moment happened were everyone was dead silent; Brett took one last breath before he ran forward making the first move. The monk launched fists at Brett; he dodged and the fighters continued to trade rapid blows. Brett punched and made contact with the opponent’s fist; he jumped up landing on the wall. His foot found a suitable hold he was able to push off and spin; kicking the monster causing the creature to explode into a dust cloud.
Brett landed and he quickly moved down the next hall; he motioned Jesse and Jaden to stop and wait till Brett made sure it was clear. Brett walked forward and he saw a gun by the exit to the main hall’s upper portion. Brett wondered where the gun came but just shook it off as Brett grabbed the gun. Brett quickly familiarized him self with the gun studying the details; Jaden yelled “Is it safe too come out yet?” Brett shook his head shouting Jaden that he did not know yet. Brett moved into the main hall to see three new Robotic knights across the gap all with there guns pointed at him.
“Crap!” Brett shouted as he dodged behind a pillar close by. Strangely no shooting had happened yet; Brett sat there and wondered where the weapon fire was. He looked out from around the corner as the knights began to fire, chiseling away at the pillar with rounds of bullets. Brett dodged behind the pillar as bullets ripped through the air. “It is not safe just yet Jaden! You might just want to stay back for a few more minutes.”
The bullets stopped as he took a deep breath before running from behind the pillar and the firing resumed. Bullets ripped through air; Brett could feel bullets passing by his head and body. Brett traded shots across the gap as Brett noticed he had a laser gun. Weapons fired and shots ripped through the air at both sides. Brett rolled behind another pillar; “I do not like gun fighting.” Brett turned as he ran to the wall jumping off of it launching himself across the gap.
Brett landed on the other side of the hall as he turned firing the gun as a laser shot through a robotic knight’s head. The knight just stood there not exploding but just waited for a moment. The headless robotic knight swung it’s sword; Brett ducked and shoot it again and destroyed it. The other two turned to Brett but Brett dodge rolled firing two more shots, into the other Robotic Knights. The shots tore the robots apart and soon they were destroyed. Brett got up and noticed across the hall stood a Dark Jeroid and it was heading towards Blair and the others.
Brett took a running jump across the gap; he shot the monster in the back, and it screamed in pain. The creature turned and hit him with a claw, knocking the gun from his hand. The creature followed with fast swipes with its other appendages. Brett ducked and dodged each blow by mere inches. With one final swipe he flipped backwards grabbing his gun; he aimed and shot through the creature ten times before the creature finally fell.
Another explosion occurred; sending dust and debris at Brett. Soon the blast faded and Brett yelled out to his friends; “safe now, but I would prefer to take the lower level. So were taking the lower level. Someone really is trying hard to get rid of us.”
Pause to let song End
Jaden and Jesse came to Brett; he told them the top level was not working out well. Jaden and Jesse looked out into the hall to see the destroyed hallway. “Guez Brett leave some school still intact;” Jesse said while he rubbed the back of his head. Brett did not answer and grabbed Blair; he stretched his wings telling the guys to follow him. He flew to the lower level and gently so not to disturb Blair. Jesse, Jaden and the tiger jumped to the lower level; Brett set Blair on the Tiger’s back. Brett relaxed for a second and took a sigh of relief. Jaden looked down the hall as he said; “ah, Brett we have a problem.”
Brett looked towards the gym; there were a hundred duelists who now stood in their path. Brett turned back the other way as he saw zombie duelists coming from behind him. All chanting the word duel; they summoned their monsters to the area. Soon hundreds of monsters blocked their path. Jesse looked around; “Brett what are we going to do, were surrounded.” Brett simply looked at them as he spoke; “we will make it. Just stay close to me, and don’t worry; I’ll only hurt them a bit.”
Song Wings Of Words
Brett tossed his gun to Jaden; he quickly collapsed his wings and took one last deep breath. He paused for a few moments; letting him self prepare for the coming fight. Brett stretched his limbs while he closed his eyes. Brett waited for moments; letting the all of his enemies draw closer to him. Then without warning; he let his wings burst creating a torrent of wind out. Hundreds of feathers flew everywhere when his wings stretched to there maximum extent.
The feathers floated gently down and Brett lifted his hands and opened his eyes, causing most the feathers to fly around his hands creating twin blades of light. While the other feathers formed shields behind Jaden and Jesse. Brett took one last look at his friends before shouting out loud; “remember stay close! We will make it through this; I promise to all of you!”
Brett leapt forward into the army of zombie duelist; monsters came down on him from the front. Brett simply jumped back readying his blade with a look of determination in his eyes. He fought back slicing at enemies, while the shields behind his friends kept the other enemies at bay not letting anything through. Nothing would happen to his friends no matter what.
Brett slashed fiercely sending zombie duelist flying; monsters exploded causing him to squint but still he did not let anything through. Brett noticed enemies coming from the side, and he immediately span around sending his blade through every enemy. The blade gently passed through his friends not harming them, but it still sent duelists flying and crushing monsters. He cleared a path slicing through enemies and the path to the gym slowly opened. But soon the monsters started to come at him faster and faster; Brett simply sped up his pace. He desperately tried to keep up with the heightened pace of attacks.
Brett continued to parry and slice while his shields created a perimeter; pushing back monsters without fail as his strikes continued to increase in speed. More duelists in the back of the horde summoned new flying creatures; Brett took off as he created more shields to continue defending his friends. Brett flew above them; crushing the flying monsters for they stood no chance against Brett’s blades of light.
He let his wings collapse as he dropped coming down on monsters; trying to gain some advantage. More and more duelist’s monsters attacked with no relent in their pace. But Brett was not about to give up; he was not going to let his friends suffer. He made his wings flap pushing the army back; more feathers flew into the air from Brett’s wings. Brett summoned them to his hands; he could feel the blades effect getting stronger and stronger. He quickly resumed the attack and he swung his blades with renewed determination in his heart. He span around and his blades extended making it easier to reach opponent and clear a path quicker.
Then a Familiar Knight came down close to Brett; the knight’s blade cut the side of Brett’s leg. Brett simply sliced the creature destroyed out of rage from the pain. Brett looked up to see monsters coming down on the group; he beat his wings and Brett let more feathers fly creating a shield above them.
The monsters hit the shield and the shield pushed them back into the air. Brett renewed his attack against his enemies but; he slashed, he created long blades of light that shot out into the army creating explosion that cleared a large portion of the hall. Slowly the group crept closer and closer to the gym and Brett did not let up. He was determined and never gave an inch to the opposing force.
His friends were depending on him and letting them down was no option. Brett continued to fight his way though the crowd; he sent more slashes made of light out into the crowd to aid in his goal. Few monsters came close to Brett; he tore into the other monsters with his blades and none could come even close to Brett. He was focused and in control of his power. He jumped high into the air using his now much smaller wings to hover; he spun around creating a circle of light in the air. The slash plowed the area around the shield clearing the area of duelist and monster alike.
Brett dropped down and slammed his blades into creating a wave of light energy; wave of light easily cleared the remaining path to the gym. Monsters exploded all around them from the intensity of the wave. The zombies were battered and bruised, but still got back up; all of them were still chanting the word duel. Their was no obvious way to end this but he had one last trick.
Brett, Jaden, and Jesse arrived at the gym with Blair safely on the back of the tiger. Brett looked at the army of duelists in front of him. He was ready at last to unleash a greater power; his shields, blades, and his wings exploded sending thousands of feathers into the air. Brett moved his hands and he commanded the feathers to fly out. Each pure white feather turned to white energy and they passed through every duel monster and duelist under Yubel’s control. Everything that opposed Brett became enveloped in light; Brett lifted his hands while everything enveloped in light rose into the air. Brett jumped forward sending everything he now controlled far down the hall.
Brett pulled his hands back to his body; he summoned all the light back to him. The light circled and surrounded Brett enveloping him in light. Light swirled in circles before launching away from Brett; it created a barrier of light around the gym. Brett turned back to the gym before he pushed the doors open with a single push. He had now achieved his goal and led his friends to safety. He smiled as he looked at them make their way into the gym; “told you we would make it.” They entered the gym and they put Blair in a make shift bed; he smiled upon the sight of Blair finally being safe.
(Pause and let song end)
Brett was glad Blair was safe; he turned to the door. His vision focused on the army that was returning back towards the gym with the same force they had before. Brett looked back at his friends; he did not want to make this choice but he had to. Before looking to the exit and beginning to walk towards the exit; he spoke under his voice. “Now is the time. I will finish this madness so no one else must suffer; this must end now before more innocents are claimed.”
“He seems to have finally truly awakened; a shame but not unexpected. Yubel prepare you’re the monsters I gave you to be summoned, and make sure we finish him off this time. For now the real battle begins and we will use everything we have.” Yubel turned to 2, before Yubel began to speak. “Do not forget your magic; I want the world to watch and you too Jaden.” 2 looked back and he exited the room, “I have not; you shall have the perfect view of this amazing battle.” The door to the library shut leaving Yubel to prepare.
Chapter 10 Awakening
Song Fulfilled Desire Begin
Brett started to move for the exit; Blair, Jaden, and Jesse were safe, but there was still a battle to be fought. Brett was not going to let any one he cared about face such evil. Jaden saw Brett leaving and he ran in front of Brett blocking his path. “Where are you going? You cannot be going back out there? What about Blair?” Brett nodded as he responded to Jaden’s concern. “Jaden those monsters were after me, not the school. Something else is here trying to destroy me, and it will destroy all of you to get me. This is my fight and I entrust Blair’s safety to you. I’m afraid I’m the hero this time;” Brett smiled at Jaden upon finishing his speech.
Brett reached out taking his deck back from Jaden; he took only a few cards back from his deck before giving it back to Jaden. The others gathered around while Jaden yelled at Brett; “but come on! You cannot leave Blair or the rest of us.” Brett moved his hands up around his; he took off his necklace giving it to Jaden. Strangely he was still smiling showing little concern for the fight ahead; “Give it to Blair. Tell her I do not need luck on my side. I have no intention of dying today Jaden; I’ll be right back after I finish this.”
Jaden knew there was no stopping him. Jaden reluctantly took the necklace, and then Brett started to walk past him when Jaden grabbed his arm. Jaden handed over a single card to Brett; “take this. You might need it but make sure you bring it back ok? That way it is like I’m out there helping you.” Brett nodded and he continued past Jaden stopping behind him. “Thanks guys, I promise I’ll be back.” Everyone was now silent as Brett continued onwards; slowly moving closer to the exit. He muttered under his breath one final statement; “you guys are the best friends anyone could ever ask for. That’s my reason to live.”
Alexis ran up to him and she spoke with a weak voice. “Just remember who you are and where you belong; ok?” Brett looked to her to see she was almost in tears. He put his hand to her face, and he spoke gently to her. “I know who I am, stop worrying. I will not forget that.” He held her face in his hand as he comforted her.
Brett was smiling right to her face; he saw Britney run right up to him with a cheerful expression. Britney put her hand on Brett’s shoulder and gave her smile slightly faded. “I know you’ll be fine Brett; there’s just always been something special. Blair is lucky to have you but do not break her heart.”
All of his friends except for Blair were standing around him. Jaden smiled and gave a few last words to boost Brett’s spirits. “Be careful and get your game on out there.” Brett simply nodded, before he turned back to the doors; he lifted his right arm to the barrier. The barrier came crashing down like a mirror breaking; the light turned back to energy and returned behind Brett. His wings regenerated to there original glorious form and shown with pure glorious light.
Brett walked out the doors as they closed behind him; a single feather slipped through the doors before they closed shut. It gently flew through the air; traveling like it had its own mind. It traveled slowly till it landed on Blair’s fore head; enveloping her in a gentle blue glow. The feather melted and was absorbed into Blair; she slowly opened her eyes. She sat up to see her friends standing by the gym door; she beheld Jaden holding Brett’s necklace and her heart sunk. The doors closed and Brett was now in the main hall; starring down the army. “Sorry I could not do more for you Blair; Jaden please take good care of her.”
The duelists had now summoned many new monsters, and were waiting for Brett to be ready. Each duelist had at least three monsters each and the hall seamed completely filled. 2 looked on through the hole in the roof “so now the real fun can begin!” He snapped his fingers and smiled deviously.
Slowly on the back wall of the gym turned into a TV style projection; everyone was now able to see Brett standing in the hall way. His bright white wings shown with light and her looked like a hero. Soon the effects traveled to the real world, and every piece of electronic equipment displayed Brett standing there facing down the army. Giant screens appeared in the sky and everyone was now able to see one of the world’s most famous duelists; standing down an army of duel monsters. The effects of the magic covered the entire world; no one was going to miss this performance.
2 smiled with great joy; he threw away his cloak revealing his purple eyes and long white hair. He reached down and grabbed his single long katana blade; he held it at the ready with a fierce look. “Let the plan commence! There shall be no dawn for you weapon! Your sinful existence ends here! The Weapons must be exterminated; to save the future!”
Brett stood there as he readied himself, breathing deeply; he knew he could do this. The question was for how long. Brett gave out a battle cry before he ran forward summoning his swords of light. One blade appeared in each hand as he continued to run at full speed. The monsters took their cue and they ran in to begin their assault.
Brett jumped in slicing through monsters; he began to parry and slice when necessary, through dozens of monsters. More jumped into the battle and Brett cut one down with little effort. Brett cut one down on each side before slamming the two blades together; creating a beam of light that shot forward into the horde. Monsters exploded as the beam traveled forward; knocking duelists to the sides.
Brett did not give pause as he continued to dodge more attacks. He jumped forward coming straight down slicing a creature in half, before moving on with no break in between; he continued to dodge as he continued to slice; ripping apart creatures. Brett jumped back past the monsters behind him; he ran in again, slicing. The attackers started to encircle him and cut off any maneuverability. Soon he took off and flying monsters gave chase. Brett turned and sliced through attacking creatures, before dismissing one of his swords. He took a card and shouted its name to his opponents; “Raigeki!”
Lightning ripped through monsters as Brett landed on the ground. He pulled another card out shouting; “Twister!” The spell activated with furious winds forming from nowhere. The winds blew duelists cards and the twister ripped through the small army. Cards were sent flying as a few monsters came flying from above; ripping apart the two cards in Brett’s hand. Brett quickly went to work as he sliced through them; more monsters continually appeared.
The new creatures ran in attacking and Brett dodged backwards, before swiping his blade. A blade of light flew from it destroying the group of new monsters. Brett looked around as he saw smoke and no duelists left to contend with. He sensed an evil presence on the roof, and he immediately took off heading towards the hole from earlier. He shot through it and he landed by 2; both warriors starred one another down.
Blair was now fully awake; she sat next to Jaden holding the necklace from Brett. Jaden had brought her up to speed about what had happened while she was injured. Blair was dumbfounded about what he had done for her but still she was smiling. “Brett did all that for me; I’m going to have to repay him when he gets back. It’s just like Brett; whenever I’m in trouble he would come to my aid without fail. I just wish he did not have to in the first place, but he would find other ways to impress me.”
Jaden laughed at her comment; “yep that’s Brett. He has been like for a while always trying to be the hero. I know he will be back Blair; he cares way too much about you to fail. I just wish he could have told us about all this from the start. I mean it is so cool he has wings on his back.”
Blair looked up at the screen displaying Brett on the roof; she spoke in a quiet voice. “It’s because he never knew he had them. Brett told me once that he never knew anything about his past; so I think he just does not know about it. I hope he comes back to us safely; I do not want to lose him.” Blair clenched her hand which held the necklace while she finished her statement.
Alexis sat behind them and put her hand on Blair’s shoulder in an effort to comfort her. “Blair he will be back, because he made a promise to us. Brett use to seem to be two people rapped up into one, but I think he has changed. He seems determined and focused like he will never lose. We just have to believe in him and his safe return. Brett will come back because he has a strength we will never understand; and he will use it to keep us safe.”
Brett stood on the roof staring down his new opponent. 2 swung his blade to his side while a single wing appeared behind him. Brett readied his blade and 2 did the exact same thing. “You shall survive no longer Brett; today I finish the mistake that she made so long ago. Your creator made you to destroy everything and gave you the power to finish this goal.”
Brett looked at him with determination in his eyes; he spoke with passion in his voice. “You have tried to kill me and the people important to me; I will no longer allow this to continue. I am not some tool of destruction; I am not who I was created just to destroy. I have casted that destiny away from me; I will never allow my power to destroy any thing.”
“If only you knew about the truth about your destruction rampage; but I’m not here to teach. I was sent here to kill you and that is all; you will need all the power you have to stop me.” Brett growled at his opponent; “I will not let you make me doubt my self. Too many peoples’ lives are counting on me. I know that I will win against you cause I’m fighting for something real and not some illusion.”
“Very well; you are my primary target, but after I’m done I shall destroy your friends and this school as well. I will make them all suffer beyond what you are capable of imagining.” Brett yelled while he began to walk forward; 2 had gotten to him with his last sentence. “You shall try, and you shall fail! My friends are down there, and they have supported me for a long time. I will never let any piece of trash hurt them. Your group keeps telling me that I should not exist; that you will do anything to destroy me. Your judgment is now at hand!” Brett built up to a run; he leapt into the air coming down on 2 with his blades.
Song end
Song Akuma no Keiyaku
Brett came straight down right through the air as his blades sunk into the roof of the school. But there was no blood, no swords clashing, and no enemy. Brett looked up as he saw feathers floating in the air. 2 had flown high into the air with a single trust of his single wing. “The fact is, I’m not evil. I may sacrifice the weak, but in the end I shall save everyone else. You are the greatest danger ever, which is why I must destroy you. You were created only to destroy, for that reason I will destroy you. Come forth and aid me in my fight. Let us see how well you fight against the dragons you love so much!”
Lighting crashed in the skies as six summoning circles appeared. Each circle was five times the size of the school. Archaic symbols were all across the summoning traveling towards the center. Brett immediately new that something large was about to happen. This was a trap and it had been planned for a while; this was starting to become an impossible task.
Each began to spin; all of the circles began to spin in the same direction. Their speed built up to an incredible pace; and then smaller circles closer began to spin. Each circle that was smaller began to spin in another direction that opposed the larger one above it. Speed built and energy sparked between the portals. The light from the pure energy lit the dark night sky.
Brett then heard the terrible roar of multiple dragons from the six portals. He braced himself for the worst outcome; but he was never ready for what was about to come at him. The six summoning circles shot six burst of light that stopped around the school. The faded to reveal six of the most powerful dragons in the game he had played with such enthusiasm. The dragons appeared around Brett; hovering in mid air with their teeth and claws fully visible to Brett. At that very moment Brett realized how difficult the task before him was.
Around the school now flew the Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon, Dragon Master Knight, Blue Eyes Shinning Dragon, Five God Dragon, Red Eyes Darkness Dragon, and the Chaos Emperor Dragon. “You shall never live out your future of destruction! I will not allow you to ever live that destiny out!” 2 shouted as he landed on the back of the Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon. The dragons roared and snarled and Brett stood there as he felt a slight bit of fear control his heart.
Song Gaia x Chaos x Abyss
Brett took off with a downwards beat of his wings; he flew up into the clouds with a single beat of his wings. All six dragons gave chase flying at their top speeds; they all had one target and Brett was it. Brett flew above the clouds; he tried to get out a card, but was forced to run when the six dragons appeared behind him. The dragons began to shooting blasts of energy at him forcing Brett to dodge. Brett dodged each one as the dragons swarmed from behind him; while extraordinary powerful blasts that were barely dodged by Brett.
Brett knew there was little way out and if he did not think of a plan this was going to be quick. He began to fly downwards to the clouds below him; the dragons flew down as well not wanting to lose their target. The six dragons came through the clouds but they lost sight of Brett. He was nowhere to be found in the area and 2 cursed the dragons for losing Brett. Then they heard a battle cry from behind them; Brett emerged with the Sword of the Dragon’s Soul.
Brett flew at the Dragon Master Knight at top speed with a fierce cry that he never knew he could muster. He gave the creature little time to react and Brett immediately plunged the sword into the creature with no second thoughts. Turning away, he flew out of the area leaving the swords effect to take place and gain a slight advantage. The Dragon Master Knight exploded seconds after the sword was plunged through the creature. Brett did not wait and returned into the clouds; four of the remaining dragons followed Brett.
2 waited on the back of the creature he had chosen. “I think it is time we showed him we are not as dumb as he thinks us to be. I’m starting to think about taking things up another notch.” 2 gave a smile before he waved to dragon, and the dragon took off in the direction motioned.
Brett led them on for a bit, before turning summoning his blades of light back to his hands. He turned around and launched multiple blade beam slashes at the dragons that easily dodged each one. Red Eyes and F.G.D. attacked from afar using more energy beams; while the other two flew around him slashing with there claws and biting.
Brett dodged the attacks of F.G.D. He flew upwards before seeing Red Eye’s blast coming towards him; Brett was forced to improvise using his blade to block the blast. The attack hit Brett crushing the blade of light; the blade exploded and shattered into the shards that gave Brett slight cuts. Brett decided to retreat off and away from this hopeless situation; this fight was wearing him down quickly.
The dragons continued there assault of energy attacks; Brett could only dodge the blasts. He pushed his wings harder and harder; trying to escape from the assault that he could not fight against. He flew away from Duel Academy; leading the dragons deep into the dessert. Suddenly the four dragons stopped there assault; Brett looked back to see the four dragons nearly stalled like they gave up.
Brett breathed a sigh of relief before turning back to see the Blue Eyes Ultimate burst up through the clouds. The dragon had already charged its attack; it burst through the clouds and hit Brett enveloping him in the light of its positron blast. The blast faded and Brett was consumed by a blast that crippled his body. Brett began to fall through the sky; his clothes even more singed then before. He fell through the sky with the feeling like his body was nothing more then dead weight.
Song Kakusei Shin Asuka
Brett fell downwards as his wings felt useless and irrelevant in the fight. His entire body had failed him completely. There was no longer anyway for him to win this battle; his mind wandered; each second felt as long as a full life time. He began to ask himself, was this the end of his life? Was this how he was going to die? Had he failed all of his friends?
Tears formed in Brett’s eyes; he was a failure. He had condemned them all to death upon his failure. Soon he would be dead; but then the happy times with his friends came back. Brett screamed to the heavens; then Brett pictured his friends and remembered their lives were at stake as well. He did not want things to end this way; there was still so much he wanted to experience along side everyone he cared so deeply about. Brett clenched his fist as he thought; I’m not going to let it end this way. I’m going to win this and make it back to my friends.
Brett continued to fall; he let spread his arms out as far as possible in a t formation. His wings snapped back out; they stopped Brett from falling like gravity became non-existent. Brett let out a fierce battle cry while light emerged from his body; covering the entire dessert dimension in white light.
Brett emerged now with four wings along his back. Two on each side of his spine; and the two on each side emerged from his back. Each wing was a pure white that emitted its own gentle glow. Brett also held two long broadswords in each hand. His body was fully healed and he had more then enough energy to send himself up into the sky with ease.
With a single thrust of his four wings Brett shot up at incredible speeds; he burst through the clouds, leaving cloud a trail behind him due to his intense speed. Brett flew high above the dragons; he rolled in the air coming down through the air and he readied his blades. The dragons began firing at Brett upon 2’s command.
Each beam did not even come close to him; his burst of power drove his speed beyond belief. Brett easily dodged thanks too his new found speed; all five dragons continued to assault but soon feared this new fierce opponent. The dragons began to move out of the way of Brett’s path with fear actually driving their retreat. The F.G.D flew upwards but found it difficult because it was heavy. It could not maneuver fast enough and fired one final shot at Brett; which Brett easily evaded.
Brett pushed his wings down and he went upwards tucking his wings behind his body. Brett traveled up high while he flew towards the dragon. His blades lengthened and began to fall down through the air. He came down with amazing force upon the dragon; cutting off all five of the dragon’s heads. Brett jumped forward off the dragon taking his sword with him. The creature exploded behind Brett while he took off again through the air.
Brett flew away from the battle scene and he continued to lead the rest of the group far into the desert. Brett landed in the desert with the remaining four dragons flew high above; hovering in mid air. They looked down on Brett bearing their fangs and snarling with malicious intent. 2 jumped off his dragon and flew down landing gently in the sand. “So, you have proven you have some skill against my dragons. It’s no wonder my boss says you must be destroyed now, but this time I will partake. I under estimated you, never did I think you would evolve in the midst of death. This time you shall have my full wrath upon you.”
“You’re not going to win; I still have a few more tricks up my sleeve. I activate Jaden’s Skyscraper card!” A large portion of the desert turned into a giant city; filled with civilization. The city was nothing but skyscrapers and streets as far as the eye could see. Lights from buildings gave light in the dark city. This was Brett’s last gambit and it took a lot out of him to create this city.
Song One Winged Angel
2 looked at his opponent with a frightening smile across his face. “So you’re friends have chosen the place where you shall die. This is proving too be way too amusing for me to handle. You just don’t understand why you must die, and I’m not in the mood to explain to you. My plan may have failed, but I have a back up plan, and I doubt you can handle its intensity.”
2 leapt forward slashing at Brett who dodged backwards. “You are good at dodging, but I doubt you can handle a few hundred years of sword fighting experience. I’m the last of my race; and for me to die is not an option. I must survive for my races sake. We are in a league of our own here today; no one can truly aid you in this Brett; the Weapon of Light” 2 said while he raised his hand to the sky. Lightning began to tare the sky apart; with thunder that was almost painful to hear.
2 closed his eyes; he laughed and he looked up at to the sky high above him. The clouds began to rain hard; leaving both fighters to become quickly drenched with freezing cold rain. “I have been slaughtering those who should never have existed for thousands of years. I belong to an organization that stopped me from aging, and given me immortality. I’m over thousands of years old; I have long since traded my humanity for power. Do you even know what is going on out there? No you don’t; how could you. I have fought better and you shall not be the one to defeat me here today!”
2 stood there for a second before dashing forward; he began to slash with intensity at Brett. Brett blocked with each of his blades as their blades locked together. 2 simply stomped the ground sending Brett the necessary inches off the ground. 2 pushed him back through the air with the blade. Brett flew backwards and he landed on his feat. He looked up to see 2 coming down on him with his blade ready to strike; Brett quickly moved to the side.
The sword fight continued as both fighters continued slashing as rain pored down on them. Brett went on the offense this time countering 2 slashes. 2 was twice as fast and twice as strong as Brett. The remaining force from each slash came of the blade creating more small cuts in Brett’s apparel and skin.
Brett continued to fight as the dragons began launching attacks at the skyscrapers; crushing them in the area surrounding Brett and 2. Regardless of the explosions the two fighters continued while the sound of explosions and sound of buildings collapsing filled the air. They remained focused on ending the battle as they continued to fight. They parried and stabbed at each other; hardly landing any severe blows to the other’s weapon. “So you can adapt quickly, but I wonder just how quickly. Brett is it?”
2 teleported around Brett; 2 slashed from different places at a remarkable speed that Brett attempted to match. Brett sensed 2’s movements through the light surrounding them. It was the way Brett was able to dodge 2 and see. He had trouble viewing amongst the rain that continued to fall. Slashes came at Brett from all sides and Brett continued to parry each one without fail. 2’s blade whipped through the air, while the rain slowly came to an end allowing Brett to see again.
2 was laughing when he stopped teleporting; returning to just attacking normally with his long katana blade. Brett was getting worn down by the constant barrage of attacks. Brett sacrificed 2 of his wings; they changed to energy that caused his blades to be filled with the power of light. The blades glowed bright white and Brett continued on.
2 began rotating his blade as it cut up the pavement bellow; each time the sword traveled at Brett cutting the ground below. Brett used his blades to divert each of them away from him. 2 double handed his blade; strengthening his next attack; it came up as Brett crossed his blade. Brett blocked the attack, but the strength caused him to fly in the air.
2 just stood there; he summoned an aura around his blade before he began swinging his blade as if fighting with the air around him. Each slash created a long crescent shaped beam that flew towards Brett. Each slash hit and forced him higher till he was well above the city. The dragons had stopped there assault. “I told you we were in a league of our own, and I know you were looking forward to a simple sword fight. But I just want you to have the best experience possible before you die.”
2 stood amongst the almost ruined city; “I know I said sword fighting, but you will never experience this again!” 2 spread his hands out and couple of the surrounding skyscrapers glowed a dark purple aura. 2 made a fist with his free hand as the buildings were crushed into huge size chunks. “Ready?” 2 before lifting his hands to the sky; the chunks of the crushed skyscrapers flew upwards toward Brett.
Brett readied his blades; he flew downwards dodging and slashing thought the slabs of building. Each was hard to cut through and Brett quickly changed plans; he began dodging through openings between the slabs of concrete and metal. 2 watched a while before flying upwards into the debris after his target.
Brett continued flying through the slabs of building; 2 appeared before him before they locked their blades together. They forced each other back through the air; they rebounded of slabs of building. Launching back at the other with malicious intent; passing each other while the swords clashed. They rebounded and clashed before rebounding again of slabs of debris.
This time they stopped in mid air upon impact. They tried to pummel each other with blows from their sword, and they found them selves matching one another, blow for blow. Brett was getting quickly stronger and 2 was not going to let him get any better; 2 decided too split them up. He used his free hand to push them apart and away from one another.
2 landed on a slab pausing for a moment; he waved his hand causing the debris from the skyscrapers to begin to fall towards the ground. He teleported behind Brett grabbing him by his collar of his shirt; he used his strength to throw Brett out of the falling debris. Brett crashed into the top of the last remaining skyscraper; he slowly got up off the ground from the impact site.
Brett stood a top the building as he was breathing heavily; everyone including Yubel still watching with their attention never being diverted. Brett held his swords tight, whila he watched the ruble come crashing down. There was no sign of his enemy anywhere; the dragons still hovered in mid air waiting for a command.
Brett was having trouble standing due to the loss of blood, when he sensed 2 teleport behind Brett. Brett tried to get away and he made an attempt to parry the stabbing motion. But 2 was too close, and he plunged his sword just into the top portion of Brett’s chest; just left of the center. 2 stood there with a smile across his face; his blade firmly in Brett’s chest. 2 looked him and he said in a demeaning voice; “nothing special. You know I will just have to kill your friends too; that way no one will remember you at all. Their will be so much pleasure in taking apart your girlfriend piece by piece.”
Brett’s body surged with light, and 2 lost his grip on his blade. 2 flew backwards through the air holding his hand in pain. Brett’s eyes glowed white; his voice booming with strength. “You will never hurt my friends and especially not Blair. They believe in me and I will never let them down!” Brett dropped the blade in his left hand and he removed 2’s sword; tossing it aside.
Brett griped his blade with both hands. He let lose a terrifying battle cry as he charged forward. 2 tried to move but could not; something was holding 2 in place and this force was impossible for him to break. 2 struggled against the force holding him in place. Brett dashed forward, and he slashed what seemed like a thousand times with the light aura around his blade.
Each slash caused 2 to scream in pain. Brett gave one final slash before he let the aura disappeared. He lifted his sword and pressed his blade straight through 2’s heart. He jumped back summoning his other sword back to his right hand. “Never threaten my friends. I win this battle; maybe you can understand now why I will never give up.”
2’s blade returned to his hand as he stood their in shock and disbelief. “You can never be stronger then me; you just cannot be stronger. You have just gone and made me angry; and I hate to be angry.” 2 said with increasing tone of anger in his voice.
Brett stood a top the skyscraper along with 2; Brett’s broadsword was still right trough his chest. Brett’s body was cut and bruised; but he was still standing. 2 looked at him still in disbelief. “Why can I not kill you? I’m better then this; my plan called for you to be dead by now. I will accomplish my goal, even if I have to sacrifice the innocent to do so.”
2 motioned to the dragons with his hands; the dragons roared shaking the very desert causing the sand to shift. The Chaos Emperor Dragon moved above the center of the city and it began to glow white. Souls of dead monsters flew towards the massive dragon; the energy began to grow, it was going to self destruct. The Blue Eyes Shinning, Red Eyes Darkness, and the Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon flew off heading towards the school at top speeds.
Brett flew into the air after the three dragons, but 2 moved at lighting speed. “You are not going anywhere! You shall die right here and right now!”
Song Fukushuu – Freedom Gekiha
2 began slashing at Brett madly catching Brett off guard. Brett moved backwards and he blocked with his only remaining sword. Brett was having trouble keeping up tih the intensified pace, but he needed to get out of the area and save his friends. Brett tried to go around and 2 blocked his path; launching another wave of blade slashes. He had clearly gone mad with hate and power; he continued with more furious swipes of his katana blocking the way back to the Academy.
Brett was forced back with each swipe, and they quickly became more powerful and quick. Brett tried to summon his other sword to defend himself with; but 2 slid his blade in slicing the top of Brett’s hand. Brett reacted by using his wings to blast backwards. His left hand was too badly damaged now to use. Brett screamed in pain and frustration before he rushed forward; trying to gain the advantage, but 2 was berserk now and had crippling strength.
With one stroke of 2’s blade; Brett was sent 50 feat back. Brett slowly steadied himself with his wings. Brett opened his eyes to see 2 was moving at the speed of light. Brett readied his blade at his side. 2 looked furious and a demon red aura surrounded him. “I shall kill you. I shall erase you! I must kill you, for the future of all! The mistakes of the past shall be erased today, no matter the cost, no matter the sacrifice. For the greater good, I must prevail in this fight!”
2 flew through the air at high speeds closing the gap almost instantly, before continuing slicing at Brett. Brett was desperately trying to keep up with the pace. 2 swung all the way around knocking Brett further away each time. Brett felt something appear in his bad left hand. A card had appeared in his hand from nowhere; Brett glanced at the card, knew this card could possibly save him.
2 had teleported disappearing from his sight till Brett heard the words; “Oblivion Crush!”
Brett turned to see 2 flying towards him; his blade pure black. Brett lifted his left hand shouting to the heavens; “Mirror Force!” 2 plunged his blade into the shield of light when a massive explosion ensued. The surrounding area exploded with dust filling the air; blocking all sight of what had happened. But Blair and everyone listening to the explosion swore they could hear a mirror shattering along with Brett’s hope of returning.
Chaos Rising Chronicles of Light
Chronicles of Light Part 3