Sailor Moon Fan Fiction ❯ Christmas ( Chapter 14 )

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Fire Under The Mistletoe

Disclaimer: I do not own Sailor Moon. If I did then I wouldn’t be writing this. Naoko Takeuchi owns Sailor Moon.
Crystal Tokyo
“Momma! Papa!  Wake up…’s Christmas!”
The future princess commenced the start of Christmas by pouncing on her parents.  When they wouldn’t wake up fast enough, she pounced harder, eliciting a soft grumble from them.
“Rei….your daughter’s awake,” Serenity mumbled.
“Why is she my daughter when we are sleeping?”  Rei asked, rubbing her eyes.
“Papa….wake up!”
Serenity pointed.  “See? She wants you.”
Papa Rei looked at her daughter.  “Sweetheart, your mother and I are tired.  Just give us a couple of more hours of sleep, okay?”
Chibiusa pouted and stomped out of the royal couple’s bedroom.  She bumped into Minako along the way.
“Chibiusa, what’s wrong?” The goddess of love asked.
“Momma and Papa don’t want to wake up just yet.  They told me to wait a couple of more hours.”
Minako chuckled.  “You see Chibiusa, the first rule when it comes to your parents….especially Rei is to never listen to, them.  Give me a minute.” Minako went into her room and came out with an air horn.  “This will wake them up.  Follow my lead.”
Chibiusa tiptoed into her parent’s room with Minako by her side. The couple appeared deep in their sleep once more. The goddess of love motioned Chibiusa with her fingers.
R 20;Three”  
The sudden noise startled the royal couple.  They had no time to adjust as Minako immediately pounced on Rei while Chibiusa pounced on her mother.  Minako continued to blow the air horn while playfully pushing Rei’s head into the pillow.
“WAKE UP PAPA REI, WAKE UP!” Minako screamed.  Chibiusa was dishing out her own wake up call to Serenity.
“Okay! OKAY! We are up!” Rei yelled.
Minako rolled off of Rei and high-fived Chibiusa while she got off of Serenity.
“I told you we could wake them up, Chibiusa!”
Minako noticed that Serenity and Rei both had an unpleasant look on their faces.
“Um, Chibiusa….go down stairs….and run!”  the nervous Minako commanded.
“But Minako….”
“Just run!  Save yourself!”
Chibiusa obeyed and left out of her parent’s room, leaving Minako to endure the incoming wrath.
Rei questioned her friend’s antics with sleepy red eyes. “What the hell, Minako?”
“Ummmm, Merry Christmas? Hehe,” Minako chuckled nervously.
Merry Christmas was not a good enough answer for Rei or Serenity.  The couple glanced at each other before slowly making their way towards Minako.
************************ ******************************************************
“Are you okay, Minako?  That’s a long spiral of stairs to tumble from.”
“I’m fine, Chibiusa,” a dizzy Minako said while picking herself up from the bottom of the stairs.  “You’re parents said they will be down here in ten minutes.  Then, they tossed me out.  Now excuse me while I go get some ice to put on my head….ow.”
After ten minutes, Serenity and Rei came down stairs in their robes.  
“Merry Christmas, Chibiusa!” the couple cheerfully said.  The earlier looks of anger on their faces seemed to have disappeared.
Chibiusa boggled over the towering Christmas tree with presents filled from left and right.
“Momma…papa…can I open the presents right now?!”  
“First you have to answer the knock on the door,” Rei said, smiling.
“What knock?”
Chibiusa soon heard the knock on the door Rei mentioned.  When she opened the door, her mouth widened.
“HO! HO! HO! Merry Christmas, Chibiusa.
Chibiusa looked at Rei.  “You didn’t tell me you knew Santa Clause, papa!”
“Well….he owned me one, from a long time ago.”
Chibiusa looked past Santa only to see an abundance of gifts on his sleigh.
“Are those all my gifts, Santa?”  
“Yes they are, little one.”
“Chibiusa, go find Minako and have her bring the extra gifts in,” Rei ordered.
“Okay, Papa!”
When Chibiusa disappeared, Rei handed Serenity her gift.  
“Merry Christmas, Serenity.”
Serenity opened the gift and saw that it was the same golden crescent moon necklace that she had given her over a thousand years ago and just like back then, she placed the necklace around her neck.
Serenity wrapped her arms around her soulmate. “I love you, Rei.”
“I love you too, Serenity.”
As Rei leaned in to kiss Serenity, she was tackled by a Ruldoph who began licking her face.
“Arrrrgh, stop it, Rudolph!  I’m not even dressed like Santa this time!”
“I think Rudolph’s jealous,” Santa said.    
Serenity chuckled. “I will leave you two alone and find Chibiusa and Minako.”
“Wait Serenity, don’t leave!”
Rei looked up at the deer and had a few words for it.
“You just can’t stay on your leash, can you?  You made my wife go away.  What do you have to say for yourself?”
Rudolph gave Rei an open-mouthed smile while flashing his glowing nose.  Rei just sighed and laid her head back in defeat.
“Of course you would say that.  I love you too, Ruldolph.”

The Greatest Christmas Gift