❯ Child of Darkness, Child of Light – One-Shot

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Author’s Note: Another angsty poem, this time from the POV of young Arshes after she was abandoned by the dark elves.

Child of Darkness, Child of Light

What have I done to earn their wrath?

What deeds have drove me from

This place of fear and on this path,

So far away from home?

The only haven, small and few,

Is now forever gone.

They didn’t want me, that I knew,

But now I have no one.

For days and nights, alone and cold,

I wandered through the trees.

As my last strength slipped out of hold,

I fell upon my knees.

And then I saw the shadows part,

A light of silver hewn.

The darkness threatened its depart,

Like clouds behind the moon.

Just at the sparkling river shore,

He stood their tall and proud.

His shining eyes saw through my core.

My sole to his was bound.

I tightly clutched his velvet cloak,
And he gazed down at me.

Inside my heat, a spirit woke,

There was something he did see.


Author’s End Note: This poem is not finished. I need your impute on how to end it. I just have no inspiration right now.