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[ P - Pre-Teen ]
The next day, the entire group headed to the park for the Cherry Blossom Festival. Since it was a cultural event, everyone was dressed up, even the boys. « This is my favorite time of the year. » Raye said. She was telling the others about it. « Everyone in the country gets to go to a park to see the Cherry Blossom flowers in full bloom. »

« I know what you mean. » Yumi said. « It’s really special because these rare pink flowers only bloom on trees. »

« I heard that some old friends of ours are going to be performing at the festival. » Darien said.

« Really? Who? » Rini asked.

« One is a pretty and talented violenist and the other sometimes accompannies her on the piano. » Darien hinted.

« Since when are they back in our part of town? » Mina asked.

« I thought they left. » Serena said.

« I heard they came to participate in the festival. » Darien explained. « Someone from my school told me. »

« Oh, and by the way, thank you Raye. » Yumi said. « If you hadn’t let us borrow these traditional outfits, we would’ve looked really bad. »

« Thanks. » Raye said. « I’m just glad I’m not the only girl in red here. » Raye and Yumi were both wearing red kimonos. Aelita and the Moon girls were in different shades of pink. Lita was in a green kimono, Mina was in an orange one, and Amy was in a light blue one. The guys were all wearing casual outfits.

« I thought you said that black was your color. » Ulrick said.

« Well, to be honest when we were fighting back on Lyoko, I actually liked having some extra color in my outfit. » Yumi confessed.

« Here we are. » Darien said.

« Wow. » Rini said. « These flowers are so beautiful. » A soft wind blew through the air.

« That breeze feels nice. » Mina said.

« Hey, does anyone else hear that? » Serena asked.

« I don’t hear anything, Serena. » Raye said.

« Just be quiet and listen. » She said. Then they all heard a faint melody playing in the distance.

« It sounds like someone’s playing a violen. » Aelita said.

« It does. » Yumi said.

« That song is beautiful. » Aelita said. « I wonder who it is. »

« Wait a minute. » Serena said. « I’ve heard this song before. »

« She’s right, it sounds so familiar. » Lita said.

« Hey, now there’s someone playing the piano too. » Jeremy pointed out. Everyone listened.

« Someone who’s good with keyboarding… » Mina said.

« And a talented violenist. » Serena said. The scouts looked at each other as if they were thinking the same thing.

« Come on, let’s go see where its coming from. » Rini said.

« Rini, wait up. » Serena said.

« Rini’s right. » Odd said. « We need to find the source of the music. I studyied it with Aelita when we were working on improving her sound. »

« We were. » Aelita said.

When they caught up with Rini, they found themselves in an area of the park where a stage had been set up. There was a girl with really short blonde hair at the piano. « Hey, look at this painting. » Serena said.

« Oh, it’s beautiful. » Yumi said.

Then the violen started up again. The entire group turned to see a beautiful girl with long, aqua colored hair playing the violen. She was wearing a kimono in the same color as her hair. (By now you should know who she is.)

« She’s really pretty. » Yumi said.

« I know, she’s so amazing. » Serena said. When the song was over, everyone clapped and the girl made her way off the stage and towards the crew.

« Hey, Serena. Long time, no see. »

« Hi, Michelle. » Serena said. « I didn’t know you signed up to play at the Cherry Blossom Festival. »

« It was a last-minute thing. » Michelle explained. « We signed up to donate money to an orphanage. »

« We? » Aelita said. « You mean your partner over there? » She pointed to Amara.

« Yeah, she’s my cousin Amara. » Michelle said. « We’ve been friends ever since… »

« Michelle, were you about to tell these outsiders our secret… » Amara started, then stopped when she noticed Serena and the others. But she didn’t recognize the other five kids. « Who are these guys? » She asked.

« Relax, their my penpal and her friends. » Mina said. « They decided to take a break from school to visit us, they got the principal’s permission. »

« I’m Yumi. »

« My name’s Jeremy. »

« I’m Ulrick. »

« My name’s Odd. »

« And I’m Aelita. »

« Nice to meet you. » Michelle said.

« Well, we have to go and make sure everything’s going okay. » Michelle said. « We’ll see you later. » The two of them started to walk away.

« Michelle, wait! » Yumi said. « You dropped this… » She fell silent. She noticed the aqua colored wand had a star on it with a symbol. « Power stick? »

« It’s a toy wand for my sister. » Michelle covered quickly.

« A toy wand with the Neptune marking on it? » Jeremy asked.

« How do you know that? » Odd asked.

« We had astronomy last semester. »

« It’s just a coincidence. » Amara said.

« It’s okay, Michelle. » Yumi said. « We can keep a secret. »

« Yeah, you can trust us, Neptune. » Aelita said.

« Wait, you know about us? » Michelle said.

« Wait, Amara too? » Odd asked.

« Yeah, Sailor Uranus. » Amara said. « How did you guys figure it out? »

« Well, we fought along the other Sailor Scouts yesterday. » Aelita said.

« Raye, is it okay if my friends and I head back? » Yumi asked. « We forgot something important. »

« Sure. » Raye said. « We’ll meet you back here tonight for the dance. » The group left the park.

« I wonder why they decided to leave. » Serena said.

« Maybe they just need some space. » Amara told her.

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