❯ Charmed and Dangerous – So that’s why it’s called morphine ( Chapter 4 )

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“That was her,” Sam said, for what seamed like the hundredth time after arriving at their room, “Cassie, she’s the girl from my dreams.”
“You have kinky dreams, Sammy. She hate’s you,” Dean said, “which is a good thing, considering I hate her.”
“Why?” Sam sat down on his bed and pulled out the news articles they’d cut out, ignoring the nickname.
“First, she knew way too much about those disappearances,” Dean said, pulling out a shirt from his bag, smelling it, he made a face, “and secondly, she through potatoes at me!”
Sam snorted, and then something dawned on him, he paled, “Hey, Dean?”
“Did we really leave the Impala at their house?”
It seemed to dawn on Dean as well, “y . . . yeah, we did.”
“And we didn’t empty the glove box or trunk”
“Do you think maybe they’ll notice?”
“Those girls noticed the Demon wards, it’s kinda hard to overlook a trunk full of weapons”
Dean sat down on his own bed, “This is all your fault”
My fault? That crazy caffeine lady crashed into me!”
“Krista? . . . it doesn’t mater, you were driving my Car, and you crashed, If that hadn’t happened, we wouldn’t need to get it fixed, and they wouldn’t find the weapons” Dean paused, “It was kinda worth it , though, the red head was hot.”
“Dude, you just said her name was Krista,” Sam said, throwing a pillow at him.
Dean threw it back, then grabbed an article, “these never mentioned how they were killed”
“And we’re back to that”
“She put the pattern together, she knows how they died, she hasn’t done anything, and she hates us,” Dean had been counting these facts off on his fingers, “She’s our suspect”
“I don’t think so,” Sam got off the bed, and got the Journal, opening it to some random page, “If she was doing this, she probably wouldn’t tell us, and if she did know what was doing this, she might . . .” Sam trailed off
“She might what, Sam?” Dean asked, “What have you been dreaming about?”
“Her, doing things. Saving people, cooking dinner for her siblings, babysitting.”
“So, what is she? A hunter?”
“Yes. No. I don’t know, Dean” Sam said, lying down on his bed, “I don’t know, I’ve been seeing her life for a month, and I don’t know and for some reason, that scares me.”

“So . . . this is interesting” Luke said, staring into the open trunk of the Impala.
“That’s one way of putting it,” Wyatt said, looking over his sons shoulder
“I think it’s creepy” Shayla Provenzano, Luke’s girlfriend, said, playing with a machete she found. She had chestnut brown hair and blue eyes, about 5’4’’ in flats, with what Krista and Cassie have called a “J-Lo Butt”
“Give me that” Cassie said, grabbing the Machete, “so what do you think?”
“They could still be demons, stole the car, and didn’t know about the weapons” Luke said
“So explain the box of fake ID’s” Krista pressed, going through said box.
“They brought it with them”
“You are determined to see them into the Astro plane, aren’t you?” Krista asked setting the box aside to grab another machete. She and Cassie proceeded to ‘sword fight’ with them.
“You know, we never got their address,” Cassie said, dodging one of Krista’s lunges, “or what room their staying in”
“We could go find them,” Krista offered, a sly smile creeping onto her face.
Cassie stopped fighting, stepping out of range of Krista, “I can’t believe you”.
She put her machete back into the case, and through it into the trunk, she grabbed the box of ID’s and put them back into the glove box. Krista sighed and put her machete away, shutting the trunk. Shayla looked longingly at it, but rose and stretched.
“Firefly, you go to the Tree Top and find them, ‘Fly, Luke, you come with me to round up the rest of my kids,” Chris said
“Why can’t I go find the boys?” Krista said
“I don’t wanna go, Shay’s here” Luke said at the same time
“Listen to your uncle” Wyatt said, staring at the wards, frowning.
“And besides, we all know Firefly will keep her pants on” Luke smirked
“You don’t need to take your pants off, you know” Krista muttered, glaring at her brother.
Cassie snorted, “Only you, Kris, only you” and with that she orbed off to the Tree Top motel.
Ending up behind a dumpster, she frowned and started towards the main lobby, but froze when she herd Deans voice
“Sam! Sammy, can you hear me?” his voice was rough with worry.
“It’s Sam” Sam’s voice had traces of pain.
“Yeah, yeah, are you alright? What did you see?”
“Cassie, she was sitting in her house” He began, breathing fast. Cassie recognized the breath pattern, Sam had a vision.
“Call me crazy, but that’s not so out of the ordinary” Dean again.
“She had the book, she was looking through it, and then something attacked her, shadows, oh, god.”
“Shadows? Like Davas?” Worry again, thick. Cassie remembered the Davas, they were in one of her Visions, shadow demons from the early centuries. They tried to rip apart Sam, Dean, and their father before Sam’s quick thinking and a really bright flair saved them all.
Cassie hesitated, then knocked on their door. She thought she heard a gun cock, and a second later
“Who is it?” that was Dean
“It’s Cassie Halliwell, my cousin’s repairing your car,” She said
The door opened and Dean came out, closing it behind him, “What do you need?”
“Well, we finally realized after you left that we didn’t have anyway to contact you, or vise versa, so My Father said to give you our number.”“You found us easily enough,” He said, defensively
“Heard you talking, your brother has a very distinct voice,” Dean palled
“What did you hear exactly?” He forced out.
“Nothing much, but maybe you should by a night light, if he’s afraid of shadows,” She smiled at the obvious relief that flooded his features, “so, our number, you want it?”
“Oh, yeah, what is it?” He got out his cell phone.
“657-555-8734, that’s the home phone, someone’s always home,” She said, then throw a thoughtful look at the door behind Dean, “but if their not, my cell number is 617-345-5543.”
“Thanks. How’s the car going?”
“Umm . . . it’s going,” She said, slowly
“That’s good” He said, “Listen, I gotta go back inside . . . tell Krista I said hey,” And he went back inside.
Cassie stayed outside the door for a few minutes, seeing if they said anything else, but when she saw the handle move she orbed back to the manor.
“Alright!” Chris yelled at his four youngest. The oldest of them was fifteen, then fourteen, and thirteen.
“HEY!” She shouted, everyone looked at her, “we have serious problems.”
“Oh, great, she’s home,” Jessica, the youngest, said, rolling her eyes.
“What problems?” Krista asked, coming in from the kitchen, a plate of cookies following her.
“Oh! Cookies!” the youngsters nearly screamed, running over each other
“Cookies” Cassie said, and the appeared in her hands, “now you don’t get these till you do what dad told you too” The children groaned, but climbed the stares.
“I though you weren’t going to be here tonight” Wyatt said, coming down stares
“I wasn’t, Angela said she couldn’t get the night off” He sighed, then turned to his eldest, “What do you mean?”
“Sam had a vision”
“Are you serious?” Krista said, looking shocked
“He saw me, looking through The Book, and then I was attacked by shadow demons”
“Shadow Demons?” A feminine voice asked from the doorway, Cassie looked up and smiled.
“Aunt Sarah! Mom!” She jumped up and ran to them, hugging her mother. It was the first time in two weeks she’d seen her.
“What kind of shadow demons, Firefly?” Angela asked when they sat down.
“They said Davas, you know those demon pit bulls from the early centuries” she said, rubbing her head, “I’ve had a really long day, can I go to sleep now?” She looked at her Mother, who nodded.
After she climbed the stairs, Krista turned to the older people, “Sam has visions about her, she has visions about him” She threw her hands up and shrugged simultaneously, “Anyone else noticing a connection?”
“There could be a connection,” Wyatt said, “He could be her new charge.”
Krista laughed, “Oh, she’d just love that . . . that would mean he’s a good warlock, or a future whitelighter or an elder or something?”
“I’m going with or something” Sarah said, “From what I can gather, he could be Hunter”
“A what?” Krista said, “Mom, what are you talking about?”
“To make up for the horrors Pandora unleashed on the world after opening her box, the gods created a race that could deal with them, their minds wouldn’t make them rationalize what they saw. They were, are, called hunters. Their Humans, average everyday humans, who travel around the country searching for evil. They find it, and kill it.” Sarah looked at them all.
“Someone should tell Firefly” Chris said, when it sunk in, “dealing with these men have suddenly become very dangerous, we don’t know how they’ll react to witches”
“Dad said he could be Cassie’s new charge, did hunters have whitelighter’s?” Krista asked, always respectful in front of her mother, worried or not.
“I don’t know” she said, resigned, “but I’d be careful, Butterfly, they saw you too”
“Yeah, I know” She yawned, “I’m going home, see you later” and she orbed off.

Cassie fell asleep not long after lying down. That in and of it’s self was unusual. Her dream was even weirder. She was on a high-rise, looking out at the cityscape.
“What the hell?” She turned around, Sam was there, he was wearing the clothes he had on during the time he was at the Manor, only dirtier, “Where are we”
“So this isn’t your thing?” She asked him, then, “are you asleep too?”
“No, I was with Dean . . . and then here I am” He through his arms out wide, “this your doing?”
“Does it look like I’m Morpheus((
“I know, I’m just a little freaked here”
“Your not the only one” she laughed, “this is crazy. I’m asleep, and your having a vision, great”
“Wait, why aren’t you freaked that I have visions?” He asked his eyes squinted, suspicious.
“I heard you earlier, at the motel. You think a Dava’s after me?” She asked him, sitting down.
“How the hell do you know what a Dava is?” He demanded, still standing.
“Sam!” Dean’s voice echoed through the dreamscape.
“Dean!” he yelled back, looking around, “where are you?”
“I don’t think he can hear you” Cassie said, looking at her fingers.
“You didn’t answer my question” He said, finally sitting down across from her.
Cassie looked at him, her violet eyes studying him, “if I tell you, you have to promise not to tell your brother-”
“I don’t like keeping secrets from him”
“-And you have to tell me your last name”
“Why?” He demanded, looking uncomfortable.
“Because I don’t trust you, and the information I’m about to tell you could convince you to kill me, so I want leverage”
“What leverage would my last name give you?”
“I tell everyone I know, and if I end up dead, they will hunt you, your brother, and your Father down and kill you in the most painful way possible” Cassie was completely serious, “And you have seriously underestimated me if you think I’m lying.”
“It’s Winchester” Sam said, after a long pause.
“Thank you. It started 15 years ago,” Cassie started, “I’ve been dreaming about you, having visions. Your in a crib, a women over you, on the ceiling, on a bed, another women on the ceiling, in a mind shaft, cutting down your brother, on a plane, with a demon blond, doing an exorcism, bleeding from your eyes. My personal favorite was when you were facing the shape shifter that stole the likeness of your brother in the sewer”
Sam sat in shock as she rattled off all the events that had happened to him in the last year, and even before.
“What are you?” he demanded after she finished.
“Sam!” Dean’s voice rang out, softer now, than before.
“I’m a Witch” She stated simply, Sam jumped up.
“You’re a what?!”
“I’m a witch, you know, save the innocent,” Then she saw He didn’t believe her, “what? You’ve never meet a good witch?”
“The only witch I’ve ever met tried to kill me, twice!”
“You really should sit down; I don’t think we’re going anywhere anytime soon” she paused, “Oh! Now I remember the witch. You met that kid Michael.”
“Yeah,” he sat further away from Cass than before
“How long have you been having these Visions?” Cassie asked, her voice gentle
“I got them about a year or so ago, before” he choked up, but continued, “before my Girlfriend . . .”
“Jessica” Cassie said, “Ya, I saw, and I’m sorry . . . You know my youngest sister’s name is Jessica. She has a twin brother, Jeffery; they both have my mom’s blond hair and blue eyes”
“I didn’t know you had siblings,” Sam said.
“Liar. I’m eight years older than them. Jamie’s 15, Jen’s 14, jess and Jeff are 13. Continue with you story”
Sam smirked when she caught his lie, “at first it was just nightmares, and then I started getting them during the day. The last month I’ve been dreaming about you”
“I’m flattered” She said, “In your latest Vision, what was I doing?”
“You were looking through a big book. Everything about it said powerful.”
“The Book Of Shadows,” She said, “it’s the Halliwell spell book. I can’t tell you how many Demons and Warlocks tried to get it. The books bound to the manor, it can’t leave”
“Hm,” Sam said, “how do I know your telling the truth?”
“You’ve seen what I do, you tell me,” Cassie said, “how do I know your telling the truth?”
“Ha, ha” Sam said,
“You can’t tell your brother about this dream” She said, looking at him straight in the eye, “he’d think your crazy.”
Sam looked at her like he wanted to say something, then clutched his head, and groaned “oh, God.”
“Sam?” Cassie’s worry voice was drowned out by Deans. The dreamscape shattered around them and Cassie woke up in her bed. It was morning.

Charmed and Dangerous – Girl from his dreams
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