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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

It has recently come to my attention that I should have posted this story in the tv crossover section. Well, I didn’t want to. So for all those who are confused at to what Charmed is, or was, because it ended, after eight seasons( I pray Supernatural has such a good run), this should help. If not, tell me! I’ll fix it.

Prue Halliwell: power: telekinesis: the ability to more tings with her mind),
Astral Projection: The ability to create a duplicate of your body/physical form through the astral plane.

Piper Halliwell: Power: molecular immobilization ( the ability to slow down molecules to the point where they stop, causing whatever is targeted (living or not) to « freeze » for a time and be unable to move.)
Molecular combustion (the power to speed up molecules inside a being or object so that they effectively explode.)
Living. Married to Leo Wyatt
Children. Wyatt, Chris, Melinda,

Phoebe Halliwell: Power: Clairvoyance(the ability to see into the past as well as the future)
Levitation: the process by which an object is suspended against gravity)
Empathy: one’s ability to recognize, perceive and directly experientially feel the emotion of another
(her clairvoyance also allows the ability to project herself into the future. This is not mentioned in the story, neither are levitation or empathy, because she lost them)

Living. Married to Coop, a cupid
Children: Three known children. All girls, the only one referred to is the oldest, and she’s known as Ladybug.

Paige Matthews: Born on August 2, 1977 after a secret love affair with her Whitelighter Samuel Wilder, the Charmed Ones’ mother, Patty Halliwell.
Power: Paige’s birth power was telekinesis, but because she was part Whitelighter this ability combined with her natural orbing to create telekinetic-orbing
Orbing: the magical form of teleportation used by Whitelighters and Elders
Telekinetic-orbing: This power manifests itself as a hybrid version of two combined powers; telekinesis and orbing. The ability is defined as accessing telekinesis, the ability to move objects with your mind with concentration, through the whitelighter ability of teleportation known as ‘orbing.’ Depending on the object one with this power wishes to move telekinetically, they must use a vocal command to cause the intended object to orb from one location and appear within another. Although some with more experience with the power do not need a vocal trigger to use the ability.
Healing: self explanitory, but unlike in this story, it can only be used to heal someone they love or deeply care for
Living: Married to Henry Mitchell
Children:Twin Daughters and Henry Jr

Wyatt: Born .the day of the Wiccan Festival of Lights, as part of an ancient prophecy telling about the birth of a special, ‘twice-blessed child’ on the day when three planets would align, during a Wiccan sabbat, during the Aurora Borealis where all magic everywhere would cease to exist for one day. As such he is one of the most powerful magical beings ever to walk the Earth. Wyatt is destined to wield the powerful sword Excalibur, but Piper wants to keep her son away from the sword for as long as possible, until he’s at least 18 years old.

Powers: As a prophesized twice-blessed child, heir to Excalibur, and the first male born to a Halliwell, Wyatt possesses a multitude of amazing powers, both witch and Whitelighter, these include:

* Force field bubble: a barrier made up of energy to protect a person
* Telekinesis
* Telekinetic Orbing
* Orbing
* Projection: The ability to alter reality
* Conjuring: he act of summoning one or more spirits with a predetermined purpose by means of a charm.
* Firestarting
* Sensing: The ability to hear and locate charges.
* Healing
* Ability to wield Excalibur
* Energy balls: The ability to throw balls of energy, high or low-voltage.
* Energy blast: a mass of energy in the form of a projectile that has destructive effects when it strikes an object
* Molecular combustion

(In our story he’s not this strong, because he’s like. . . perfect. And he’s just not like this)

Chris: He is the second son of Leo Wyatt and Piper Halliwell, younger brother of Wyatt Halliwell on the show. He is the third known « Whitelighter hybrid » on the show

Powers: As an adult he has the powers of Telekinesis and Orbing. He can, because of his witch ancestry, cast spells.He is shown to have a wide variety of Whitelighter-specific powers, such as the ability to orb to the heavens or hear the call of his charge, which in one episode he commented on having « put on mute ». His future incarnation told Paige that he has yet to develop the power to heal. Chris is more powerful then the average witch only because of his mother having Charmed status.Besides the basic powers of a magical witch, such as scrying and spellcasting, Chris possesses the powers of:

* Telekinesis
* Telekinetic orbing
* Orbing
* Sensing
* Limited telepathic (The ability to read thoughts) communication with charges

Now My stuff:
Wyatt’s wife: Sarah, you’ll find out about her, and why she’s not around.

Children. Matthew Wyatt Halliwell(almost cannon)-30
Luke Halliwell: made up.-27 Girlfriend: Shayla Provenzano-24
Wyatt Jr.: Made up. 23
Krista Lee Halliwell: Made up. 23 Wyatt Jr.’s twin.

Powers: they can all orb and summon items, freeze time and blow things up. They can cast spells, They don’t get premonition.

Chris’ wife: Angela.

Children(all made up) : Cassandra Jean Halliwell: 23
Jamie 15
Jennifer, 14
Jessica, 13
Jeffery, 13

Powers: Cassie has all the powers, but a lot of them don’t work for her. Her ability to freeze and blow things up are spotty, her orbing is rather sufficient, if she concentrates. She can heal and her telekinesis is fine. She’s rather do with out the premonitions. Her siblings can orb well, and have no difficulty with their other powers.

Other stuff:

Elders: A group of people that oversee good magic. Elders mainly keep track of witches, watching from the Heavens

Whitelighters are « guardian angels ». They watch over their charges and intervene when necessary to help them along their path and keep them safe; they can also be called by their charges. They can constantly hear the lives of their charges in their heads, and if one of them calls their Whitelighter’s name, he/she can usually show up at a moment’s notice. If struck by a power that would usually kill a mortal (for example, an energy ball or particle acceleration), their bodies will explode into orbs then reform relatively unharmed; they can, however, be knocked unconscious. After becoming a Whitelighter, the person’s DNA will have three helices that of like witches and demons, not just two like normal humans.

Whitelighters have the ability to orb. Healing is another special ability granted to Whitelighters, and is used when their charges have been injured. other powers of Whitelighters are levitation, invisibility, and « cloaking » their charges (making others unable to sense them). Whitelighters can also empathically feel what their charges feel (which, if not controlled can actually hurt them), knowing if they are hurt or have been killed. They also have the ability to speak the language of their charges, whatever it may be, and their own sort of glossolalia( claimed by some to be an unknown mystical language). Leo is also seen « healing » household appliances, light bulbs, and pipes, and making Phoebe’s tea hot again and refilling her water.

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