❯ Charmed and Dangerous – Girl from his dreams ( Chapter 3 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Sam had been having a very bad day.
He woke up late, Dean took all the hot water, he got in a car crash, and met the girl he’d been dreaming about for the past month.
He was now standing in the Halliwell Manor, with one crazy caffeine addict, and the said girl from his dreams. She just didn’t know it.
“Ok, so everyone, this is Sam & Dean. That’s it. No last name. Just Sam & Dean.” Krista said, smiling at them. “Boys, this is my cousin Cassie, my dad, Wyatt, my Uncle Chris, my grandfather, Leo and my brother Luke. He’s the one who’s gunna fix your car.”
Sam was still staring at Cassie, but hadn’t really noticed that she was staring at him, and Dean. Dean noticed though.
“Do I have something on my face?” Dean asked, wiping his cheek with his hand.
“No . . .” Krista said, “Why?”
“’Cause she keeps staring at me.” He said, pointing to Cassie.
“Pointing’s rude.” Cassie muttered.
“So’s staring.” Replied Sam.
“Well, Piper and I were making dinner. ‘Fly, your friends are welcome to join us if they’d like.” Gramps said.
Krista turned to Sam and Dean and raised an eyebrow.
Cassie was shaking her head, but Sam shrugged and Dean smiled.
“All right then.” Wyatt said, “They’re staying.”
Cassie groaned disappointedly, but followed everyone into the dining room, and sat down.
Piper and Leo sat at the head of the table. To Leo’s left, it was Wyatt, Chris, and Luke. To Piper’s right, it was Krista, Cassie, and Sam. Dean sat opposite Piper.
Piper stood up to serve, and Krista and Cassie followed her. While the girls were in the kitchen getting the food, Cassie kicked Krista in the shin.
“Shit! What the hell was that for?” Krista asked, as she bent over to rub her shin. “Well, that’s gunna bruise.”
“Why did you make me sit next to him?” Cassie asked.
“’Cause he’s cute, and you sure as hell can’t sit next to Dean.”
“What? Why not?” Cassie asked.
“I call him.” Krista smiled sheepishly.
Cassie looked at her dumbfounded, and turned around to leave. She spun around quickly and smacked Krista upside her head before continuing into the Dining Room. After the two girls finished setting the food on the table, Cassie took Krista’s seat. She smiled triumphantly. Krista smiled back, picked up her plate, and went to sit next to Dean. Cassie rolled her eyes.
“Sam, why don’t you move next to Cassie. It will be easier for you to reach the food.” Krista said, with a smile.
Cassie groaned again. “I think I’ll eat in my room.”
“Don’t be rude.” Piper scolded.
Cassie sighed, as Dean leaned in towards Krista. “Am I sensing a little hostility?” he asked, and winked at her.
Suddenly, he had a spoonful of mashed potatoes, with gravy, smeared across his face. He looked back and saw Cassie drop her spoon, and point to Sam.
“Cassandra! What’s gotten into you?” Chris asked in a harsh whisper.
“It’s not a problem. If someone could point me towards the bathroom . . .” Dean said politely, though he was seething.
“I’ll show you.” Krista volunteered cheerfully.
As they walked by Cassie she whispered, “Keep your pants on.”
“Make me.” Was Krista’s response.
After the two of them left, there was a long, awkward silence.
“So, how did you two meet ‘Fly?” Piper asked Sam politely.
“Um, ‘Fly?” Sam asked.
“Krista. She means Krista.” Cassie clarified.
“Oh. Um . . . I bought her a latte.” Sam answered.
“She’ll be your friend forever.” Luke joked.
“Why do you call her ‘Fly?” Sam asked.
“Her first word was butterfly, but she said ‘bu’Fly’ so we all just sort of started calling her ‘Fly.” Wyatt answered.
“Oh. Do you have a nickname?” He asked Cassie.
She glared and said, “Eat Me.”
“Strange nickname.” Dean said as he and Krista reappeared.
“We call her Firefly.”
“Why?” Sam asked.
“’Cause she hates it.” Krista answered.
“Uncle Wyatt, you did have the talk with Kris, right?” Cassie asked.
Krista gasped, and Luke laughed. “I doubt it.” Krista glared at him.
“Can we eat please?” Piper asked. “In a reasonably civilized manner, if you don’t mind?”
“Yes Grams.” Krista, Cassie, and Luke all answered, looking ashamed.
Sam and Dean blinked and looked surprised, but knew the difference between a suggestion and an order. They started eating, along with the Halliwell family.
“This is delicious, Mrs. Halliwell.” Sam said, and Dean nodded, as his mouth was full of food.
“Why thank you, Sam, Dean. I’m glad you enjoyed it.” Piper said, smiling.
Luke stood up, “Gramps, Grams, may I be excused?” he asked.
“Sure, Luke.” Leo said.
Luke looked at Sam and Dean. “When you two are through, I’d like to take a look at that car. I need to go home sometime tonight. You know, back to my girlfriend.” He said, glaring at Krista.
She and Cassie both snorted. As he left, Krista muttered, “Lovely girl.”
“So, Boys,” Wyatt asked, steering away from his sons girlfriend, “what do you do for a living?”
Sam and Dean exchanged looks, then Dean answered “we’re freelance reporters”
“Is there a lot of money in, you know, freelance reportering?” Krista asked, staring at Dean.
“Mom, Dad, If you’ll excuse us all, we’re going to look at the cars” Wyatt said, suddenly serious. Cassie glanced at him, noticing his sudden change in demeanor. She said a quick prayer and through her hands up, and time froze.
“Yes!” she said, when nothing went wrong, Krista looked at her.
“What was that about?”
“Something’s wrong with your Dad.”
“No there’s not.”
“Yeah, there is.”“He’s my dad, if there was something wrong with him, I would know.”
“Girls!” Chris scolded, “Wyatt? What’s wrong?”
“Hey, Firefly? You remember that talk we had at Magic school?”
“The one about how I’ve got whitelighter in me? Yeah,” She paused, because Wyatt had a small grin on his face, “oh, no, no, no I don’t want anymore charges.”
“Charges? Cool, Always liked them, they bought me Lattes,” Krista said, smiling at the memories, then laughed, “hey, Cass, remember that one guy, Adam-”
“Shut up.” Cassie growled, “where are we going with this Uncle?”
“You’ll see,” He said, and time unfroze. Sam and Dean both stood quickly, and Krista followed suit.
“Hey, Cassie, wanna see their Car?” Krista offered, even while she dragged her cousin to her feet and out the door, “You’ve always had a thing for cars.”

“Oh My God, what did you do to it?” Cassie demanded, crouching down near the damage to the Impala, she through a glare over he shoulder at Krista.
“What did I do to it?” Krista asked, shocked, then pointed at Sam, “he’s the one who crashed into me! What ever happened to sticking with your family?”
“You can’t even try to pull that one on me,” Cassie said, looking back at the damaged car, “I’ve seen you drive.”
“Can you fix cars?’ Dean asked, crouching down beside her. Cassie got up and walked over to the trunk.
“No, and even if I could, I wouldn’t fix yours” Cass paused in her inspection. On the trunk were symbols. She recognized then from The Key of Solomon in Magic school. They were Demon wards, making anything they were on demon proof. Well that rules out demons.
“-shouldn’t take more than a few hours of work” Luke was saying. Apparently he had come out of the Manor. She snorted at the thought, because everyone knows Luke’s still in the closet.
“Hey, Space Case! You in there?” Krista yelled. Right in her ear. Cass jumped back and turned to glare at her, “you’ve been staring at. . .” She trailed off when she noticed the marks.
“Kris, I’ve got to tell you something” Cassie whispered. Krista walked over to her, and Cass yelled “AHHHHHHHHH!”
“Nice one, Firefly,” Luke said, smirking at Krista’s slightly pained expression.
“Keep it down!” Yelled Mrs. Higgins, the mean lady, coming out of her house.
“Sorry Mrs. Higgins” Wyatt yelled over, and then turned to glare at his daughter and niece.
Mrs. Higgins glared at them all, then turned and went inside.
Chris turned to Sam and Dean, who were staring at the girls, “You’re going to have to leave your car here, we’ll call you a cab, okay? Where are you staying?”
“Um, the Tree Top Motel.” Sam said
“Okay, you guys wait here.” With that the Halliwell men went inside.
“These are interesting . . .” Krista said, pointing to the markings. The boys paled slightly.
“Sam’s an artist,” Dean said quickly, “we ran out of paper.”
“So you substituted with you car,” Cass evaluated, nodding, and looking down at the markings “make perfectly logical sense, you know, in a . . . crazy sorta way.”
“So what are you reporting on?” Krista asked suddenly, looking up at them.
“The disappearances, up on Bilks Road, know anything about them?”
“I know about them,” Cassie said, not looking up, “Last nine years, someone disappears. First five, all men, last four, all women”
“We know that,” Sam said, “but we think there’s something causing these disappearances. Someone who’s copying local legends, for instance.”
“You mean Dead Fred?” Cass asked, her head shot up, eyes flashing.
“Dead Fred?” Dean asked, looking confused, “who’s that?”
“He was a creeper,” Krista said, shivering. She was one hell of an actress, “one of his victims blew his head off.”
“Anything more specific?”
“I don’t know,” She turned to Cass, “you were more into the local stuff.”
“Fredric Jonathan Strish,” she said, “He lived alone, in a wooded cabin in the 1900’s, just off Bilks Road. He worshiped pagan gods. He sacrificed things. At first it was chickens, then lambs. He moved on to white goats-”
“As opposed to the gray ones . . . ” Krista said slowly, raising an eyebrow at Cassie.
“Human sacrifices,” Sam offered, looking repulsed.
“When his wife left him, first it was men, and then women, every five years,” she continued, “then one night, one of the women he abducted got away from him, she got his gun and shot him.”
“Good for her.” Krista mumbled.
“Do you know,” Sam began, softly, “What he did to his victims?”
“Slit there throat and sliced open their stomachs, to make sure all the blood was out.”
“That’s just gross.” Krista said.
“How do you know all this?” Dean asked, obviously suspicious.
“I’ve lived in the manor for my entire life, I’ve heard about almost every urban legend that even might have happened in the area.”
“What about you?” Sam asked, looking at Krista.
“I don’t know the local stuff, I’ve never lived over here. After my dad married my mom, they moved to a two level across town. Now I live in an apartment downtown with Dubz.”
“Is that your . . . boyfriend?” Dean asked.
“Ew. God no. He’s my twin brother.” Krista answered with a pained expression.
“Your Mothers,” Sam started, looking a bit awkward, ‘are they still. . .”
“Alive? Yeah. Here? No,” Cassie said, “Their kind of in love with their jobs.”
“What do they do?”
“My Mom’s into . . . um, protection, hers is in . . . er, guidance.” Krista said, glancing at Cassie, “but their always there when we need them.”
A cab pulled up, and Wyatt came out of the house and handed money to Dean, “This should cover the fair.”
Dean nodded, and grabbed his bag out of the Impala
“I’m sorry,” Sam said, motioning to Krista’s car
“Me too” Cassie said, Sam looked at her, cocking his head to the side, she nodded towards Dean, “about the potatoes.”
“Don’t worry about it,” he said. The boys both got into the cab and it drove off.
“You don’t regret anything,” Krista whispered to her
“Let them think I do,” She whispered back, “You remember, ‘enemies closer’ and all. . . Your mom’s into protection? She guards Pandora’s Box.”
“Yeah well, yours is a Guardian Angel, try explaining that,” Kris laughed, then paused, “that means we’re going to see them again, doesn’t it?”
Cassie rolled her eyes, walking towards the Manor “Could you think with, oh, I don’t know, your brain, for like 3 second, please? I feel like I’m talking to Estrogen personified.”
“Where’s the fun in that?”

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