❯ Charmed and Dangerous – Chance meeting ( Chapter 2 )

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Cassandra Halliwell looked through The Book of Shadows, pondering her latest vision. The youngest female in the current generation, she hopes to inherited most of her family’s grand powers; her grandmothers’ power to freeze time, her great aunts Phoebe and Prues’ powers of clairvoyance and telekinesis, and some of her fathers’ whitelighter powers, such as summoning things, orbing, and healing, like her great aunt Paige.
All she knows is that she has visions, and this vision had been about a man, who was trapped in a room, no a sewer, tied to a chair. He had longish brown hair and hazel green eyes. He was confused, and kind of scared, and he was staring at . . . something.
And that brings her back to the present, trying to find out what that something was. Her cousin’s weren’t helping.

“If you don’t know what it was, The Book’s not going to help you,” Matthew said, leaning against the railing of the attic.
“That’s why I’m looking in The Book, because if I knew what it was, I wouldn’t need to identify it,” Cassie said exasperated. That was the fifth time someone’s said that.
“So what was it again?” Her Father asked, looking over her shoulder.
“It was something that it wasn’t,” Cassie said, for the second time.
“What are you talking about, honey?” Her grandmother, Piper, asked, placing cookies down in front of them all.
“You don’t believe me,” she whispered, looking down. Matt nodded vigorously, but Aunt Phoebe shook her head
“That’s not it at all, love, but we need you to me a bit more specific, if you can,”
“I told you! There was the man, he was tied up, he was scared and he was in a sewer, he was staring at someone that wasn’t who he was looking at!” She shouted and jumped off her fathers lap running downstairs to her room. Chris shut the book and sighed.
“This is the seventh vision she’s had about this guy, each of them with different monsters, in different places. Maybe she’s making it up,” Chris said.
“I hate to say this,” Phoebe said, “but I think I agree, the first vision I had, I can still remember.”
“Well at least she has an imagination,” Wyatt said, “Your kids can’t have every power, Chris.”
“She’s probably just jealous. Phoebe’s Ladybug has clairvoyance, and we all know how Cassie idolizes her. She is only eight,” Paige added, grabbing a cookie, referring to Phoebe’s oldest daughter, Helene.
“You’re right,” Chris said, standing up, “I’ll put this away, and go talk to her about telling lies.”
“She’s not lying,” Phoebe said, “But she’s not seeing the future, make sure she understands that.”
“Yeah. Thanks.”

~15 years later~

Cassandra flipped through a notebook, not really paying attention to her uncle as he explained the importance of protective circles to his class. She was only there to tell him that her father wasn’t going to be home tonight, but she had been warned against interrupting anyone, because God knows she did it enough when she was younger.
“-and then you light your candles and your done, so, any questions? Good, I’ll see you tomorrow,” Wyatt finished. His class filed out of his room at a relatively fast pace. When they all left, he turned to his niece.
“What’s up, Firefly?”
Cass made a face at the nickname, “Dad wanted me to tell you that he and mom were going out to dinner to night.”
“Yeah, I know. It’s their anniversary,” He looked up from his notes and smiled at her, which made Cassie uncomfortable, because when ever Uncle Wyatt smiled, he was up to something.
“You grew up so fast.”
“Yeah, well someone had to play grownup while everyone was out destroying evil stuff.”
Wyatt nodded, still smiling, “You grew up well, too.”
“No one said I didn’t. Where are you going with this?”
“You know your part whitelighter right?” Still with the goddamn smile.
“Yeah. Oh, God, don’t tell me I have another charge? The last one tried to kill me!”
“No, no nothing like that,” Wyatt waved his hand, his smile increasing at the memory. The future Elder she’d been assigned to had gotten so freaked when Cassie had shown him her power that he shot at her, twice.
“So what is it that you want?”
“Nothing, just saying.”
“You want something, I know it,” Cass pressed, rather annoyed that her uncle wanted to draw this out.“I don’t want anything, really.”
“Whatever. Well I told you what I was suppose to, and you went all weird on me, so if we’re done here, I’m leaving.”
Wyatt chuckled as his oldest niece walked out of his classroom. Cass was going to be a headache for everyone forever. That’s just the way she was.
Orbing back home, Cass pondered what her uncle meant, “Hm, ‘pondered’, that’s a good word.”
Suddenly she was assaulted by blinding light and staggering pain. Then she saw the same man who had been haunting her imagination since she was eight. He was in her home, with her. They were going through . . . everything.
“Are you sure it’s here?” the man asked.
“Yes, I told you that it couldn’t leave the house,” She said.
“But you said you left the Book right here,” The man said, throwing his hands up, “If it can’t leave, where is it?”
“. . . I don’t know.”
“Oh, okay. . . what?!” The man looked a little freaked, “It’s your Book, and you don’t know!?”
“Don’t look at me like that, Bashful,” She said sarcastically, “I left it right here.”
“Don’t call me that. Could someone have taken it?”
“It’s a possibility.”
The man’s face went from surprised to deadly in 1.2 seconds. There was more blinding light and Cass found herself back at home, on the floor. She sucked in breath as if she hadn’t been breathing, and her father orbed in milliseconds later.
“What’s wrong?” He asked, his voice rough with worry. He knelt down beside her, placing a cool hand on her feverish skin.
“I saw him.” Cass whispered, slowly regaining her breath, “He was here, looking for The Book of Shadows.”
Her father swore and called out to the family through their telepathic whitelighter connection. The first one to arrive was Krista, Wyatt’s’ only daughter. She was two years older that Cass. Her red hair, green eyed, 5’5’’ hourglass build, was a sharp contrast to Cassie’s black hair, violet eyed 5’8’’ Athletic build. All of the Halliwell family was close, but Kris and Cass were best friends because Krista had no sisters, only older brothers, and Cassie’s siblings were so much younger than she was.
“What happened?” Kris demanded, her worry showing as anger, like usual.
“I don’t know, all she said was ‘it was him’,” Chris answered. Wyatt was next, followed by his three sons, Matthew, Luke and Wyatt Jr. Almost a second later came Jamie, Jennifer, Jessica and Jeffery, Chris’s other children. He ushered them into the living room, instructing Krista to “get her something cold” while he went to get Phoebe.
“So, Cass, what’d you see?” Krista sat down next to her, as soon as Chris left the room.
“The man, the one I’ve been seeing. I saw him . . .”
“Oh! Was it the shape-shifter Vision again, or no?”
“No,” Cass said, smirking, she remembered trying to explain the shape shifter to everyone when she was eight, “I’ve never had this one before, or one this powerful. . . . he was here, and . . . he was looking for The Book.”
Krista was suddenly serious, something that usually meant bad news, “Do you think he’s a warlock, or a demon?”
“For all I know he could be a Vampire!” Cass said, rubbing her head, “Weren’t you supposed to be getting me something cold?”
“Oh, your fine, you baby,” She said, “Besides, you don’t like cold things.”
“Yeah, yeah. Help me up.”
Kris rolled her eyes, but helped her cousin to her feet.
“Honey, are you alright?” Phoebe had arrived. She placed a wrinkled hand on Cass’s cheek, looking in her eyes, “What did you see?”
“The man from my dreams. He was here, looking for The Book,” Cassie said, “but I’m just making it up, right? Because I’m not clairvoyant.”
“None of your dreams had ever been while you were awake, and besides, this was powerful, I felt it all the way across town,” her father said, “So maybe you are.”
“Have any of you actually cared to notice all of her visions have to do with this one guy?” Krista said, getting defensive again as they all walked into the living room, with the rest of the family, “Maybe he has something to do with us, or her, and we shouldn’t just ignore it.”
“Typical ‘Fly. Such a drama queen.” Wyatt Jr. Krista’s twin brother said with a smirk.
Krista glared at him and threw her hands up. Suddenly the chair Wyatt Jr. had been sitting in blew up, and he fell on his butt.
“Kris!” Wyatt yelled, looking at his only daughter. “Seriously! You need to knock that off.”
“I’ll replace it.” Krista answered.
“You better! That was my favorite chair!” Cassie said.
“Well, why would you want to sit in it now? Dubz probably farted in it anyway.” She said smiling sweetly at her twin.
“So, um, why are we here, exactly?” Matt asked, looking bored. He wasn’t exactly known for his patience. Or tact.
“Because there could be a serious threat to the Book of Shadows and we need to figure out what it is.” Chris answered.
“It’s not like you were invited.” Krista said.
“Neither were you.” Matt shot back.
She stuck her tongue out at him.
“Real mature.”
She flipped him off.

Krista left a few minutes later after making sure Cassie was all right. She orbed back to her apartment, grabbed her coat, purse, and wallet, and headed to the mall. En route, she stopped at Starbucks, for her usual, a large triple caramel iced latte with whipped cream. She climbed back into her car and pulled out.
Out of no where some scumbag side swiped her because apparently, he was in a rush.
“Shit! Look at my shoes!” she complained when she looked down at the ruined Jimmy Choo’s she’d been wearing. Then she climbed out of the car and went to look at the damage, “Shit! Look at my car!” She screamed. She was pissed.
“Your car? Lady, I hope you know how to repair cars ‘cause my brother’s gunna flip when he sees what you did to his car!” The scumbag said, looking at the damage to the front end of his car.
“Your brother? I hit you? Are you nuts?!” Kris practically shrieked.
“Yes you hit me! If you hadn’t been so busy drinking you coffee-
“-this never would have happened.” Just then Scumbags phone rang. He looked at the Caller ID and paled. “Shit.”
“Lemme guess. Brother?”
He glared at her and answered the phone.
“Hello? Hey Dean. Yeah, everything’s fine. Why? What? Look across the street, why would I . . . Shit.”
Krista whipped out her phone right as he picked up his and called Luke.
“Luke? Hey, it’s me. Listen, I’m gunna need a speck of assistance. See this scumbag sideswiped me, and now I have a dent the size of your girlfriend’s ass in the front of my car. Can you fix it for me? Hello? Hello? Are you shitting me?!”
She hung up her phone and threw it into her purse.
“You’re in for it now Lady.” Scumbag whispered.
“What the HELL happened to my car, Sam?” this guy asked. He looked ready to shit himself. Or kill someone. As long as ‘someone’ and ‘scumbag’ were the same person, Krista thought she’d be set.
“I don’t think you should let him drive your car. He doesn’t know what the hell he’s doing.”
“I don’t know what I’m doing? You’re the one-”
Krista’s phone rang in the middle of his sentence and she picked it up, completely ignoring him.
“Hello? Yes of course this is Krista. You called my phone. Who is this? Aunt Paige? Hey how are you? I’m fine thanks. No I’m not busy right now-” Just then Scumbag grabbed her phone and shut it.
“Are you shitting me? That was my great aunt. Who knows how much longer she’s gunna live!”
“Don’t care. You need to explain to Dean why you hit his car.”
“Are we back to that? I didn’t hit his car. You hit my car with his car. If it’s really that big a deal, and you’ll stop crying about a stinking car-”
“This is not a stinking car, and it is worth crying over. Do you see it?”
She looked at ‘Dean’ and then looked at the car. “It’s just a car.”
He went all red in the face and started walking towards the trunk. “That’s it . . .”
“Dean! She was about to offer to fix it, weren’t you?”
“Not anymore. Don’t tell me what I was about to do. Scumbag.” She muttered, and went to walk back into Starbucks. “I need caffeine.”
“Wait! How about I buy you another coffee-”
“-if you’ll fix the car.”
“I don’t know how to fix a car.” She said. ‘Sam’ sighed, and ‘Dean’ looked mad again. “But my brother does. I guess you’ll have to come home with me. He might seem a little rude at first, because I recently made a rude comment about the size of his significant others rear end, but he’ll get over it. I’m his favorite sister.” She said with a smile.
“What kind of coffee do you want?” Sam said as he grabbed his wallet.
“Large triple caramel iced latte with whipped cream.”
“And I thought your coffee’s were gay.” ‘Dean’ laughed as ‘Sam’ rolled his eyes and went inside.
He came out a few minutes later and handed Krista the latte.
“Thank you.” She said with a smile. “So, you two can follow me home, and I’ll have my brother take a look at the car. Ready?”
“Yeah. Lead on.” ‘Dean’ said as the brothers climbed into the car, ‘Dean’ driving.
She brought them to the Manor, which everyone in the Halliwell family referred to as ‘home’ regardless of the fact that most of them didn’t live there, and never had.
They parked the cars in the street, and climbed out. One of the old ladies who lived in the houses next to the Halliwell Manor, the mean one, was outside in her garden. She eyed them all suspiciously, muttering curses under her breath. Unfortunately, Krista could hear her. Also, her breath smelt funny.
Ignoring her, Krista turned to the boys, “By the way, I’m Krista Halliwell.”
“ ;Oh. Only a first name. Kind of like ‘Madonna.’ Mysterious.” Krista said, and started walking up the walkway and into the house.
She put her purse on the table, and hung her coat up.
“Wow. Nice place. You live here?” Sam said.
“Nope. This is my grandparent’s house. LUKE!!!”
“Jesus Christ, ‘Fly! No need to scream like that!”
“Sorry Gramps! I thought you and Grams were at the club with Mama and Aunt Melinda.”
“We were. We came home early. Who are your friends?”
“Oh, just friends. They bought me a latte. It was friendship at first . . . uh . . . purchase?” She said looking at them sheepishly.
“Clever.” Cassie said from the living room. “By the way, I bought a new chair. Try not to destroy this one, please.”
“I told you, I was doing you a favor! Speaking of which, is Dubz still here?”
“No he left with Matt, but Luke’s in the attic with our dads. By the way, he said he hates you.” Cassie still hadn’t come into the hallway, and Gramps was still staring at Krista, Sam and Dean, so they hadn’t left yet.
“He’ll get over it. I’m his favorite sister.”
“You’re his only sister!” Cassie yelled, as she finally appeared in the hallway. Her eyes widened. “You. Attic. Now.”
Krista turned to Sam and Dean. “Um, excuse me. I’ll be right back.”
She threw her hands up and froze time, the turned to unfreeze Gramps.
“Leo! What are you doing? I thought you were going to help me cook.” Grams said, walking into the foyer. “Oh, hi girls. Who are they?” she asked pointing to Sam and Dean.
“Piper, they’re friends of ‘Fly’s. Come on, let’s go cook.” Grams and Gramps left, and Cassie grabbed Krista and dragged her upstairs.
“What the hell, Cass? What’s going on?”
They walked into the attic, and Wyatt, Luke, and Chris were there.
“What’s going on?” Chris asked.
“That guy down there, with the goofy hair, he’s the one from my visions! The one who was here looking for the Book!”
“Is he walking around the house? What guy?” Wyatt asked walking towards the door.
“Of course not. Kris froze them.” Cassie said.
“So, why don’t we kill ‘em.” Luke asked, and shrugged.
“No! We’re not killing them!” Krista said.
“Why not?” Luke asked.
“ . . . I, uh . . . They bought me a latte. By the way, um, you need to fix their car.” Krista said and smiled.
“One day . . . One day you’re not gunna be able to smile and get whatever you want.”
“Maybe one day you’ll all stop giving it to her.” Cassie muttered.
“Keep telling yourselves that.” Krista said. “Why don’t we just treat them like strangers who buy pretty redheads lattes, and go from there.”
“I don’t like it.” Cassie stated.
“How did I know you were gunna say that?” Chris said.
“Lets get down there. Girls get back in position, and we’ll come in a few seconds later.”
“Ok.” Both girls said, and orbed to the hallway.
“Gramps! We need you for a sec.” Cassie called.
Everyone was in their spots, and the brothers unfroze.
“Why do we need to go to the attic?” Krista asked as Chris, Wyatt, and Luke walked into the foyer.
“I wanna jump your bones.”
“Right back atcha!”
“Awkward.” Dean said as Sam looked on in wonder.
Luke looked at the brothers and said, “Welcome to a day in the Halliwell Manor.”

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