❯ Charmed and Dangerous – Barbie & Ken ( Chapter 5 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Cassie went down stairs, and stared outside at the Impala, Luke and Shayla were out there. Luke was actually fixing the car, and Shayla was commentating, as usual. Cassie snorted. She walked towards the kitchen, and her phone rang. She reached for it and flipped it open
“What the hell did you do to my brother?” it was Dean.
“Hold on a sec,” She said, “Krista!”
“What!” came the shrill reply from the kitchen; someone hadn’t had their morning coffee
“Your boyfriends on the phone”
“I’m not here”
“I didn’t do anything to Sam” She said into the phone, walking into the kitchen. Krista let out a sigh of pleasure as she took her first sip of coffee, “Who’s on the phone?”
“He passed out last night, and the first thing he said when he woke up was Cassie” Dean argued.
“Maybe he was having a wet dream?” She offered, “Oh, by the way, Krista says hi.”
“To who?” Krista asked, “I say hi to who?”
“Everyone” Cassie said, and waved her off, “now see, Krista woke up this morning and the first thing she said to me was ‘My god’ and that doesn’t mean that God himself did something to her while she was sleeping. Dean Winchester, maybe your over reacting?”
“How do you know my last name?”
“Oops. Hey, you know what I just realized; I have your cell phone number. I have to go, bye.” and she hung up.
“How’d you figure out their last name?” Krista asked.
“Sam told me,” Cassie said, pouring herself a cup of coffee, “how long has Luke been here?”
“A few hours,” Krista said, “Krista Winchester, Krista Halliwell-Winchester. Oh, I like that one, s’got a ring to it.”
She was here while I was asleep? Oh god” Cassie groaned. Her phone rang
“Don’t you dare hang up on me again!” Dean sounded really mad. Deciding it was too early to deal with negative energy, Cassie hung up.
“I’m going to bug her, wanna come?”
“Hell yeah”

“YO! Shay-Lo!” Krista yelled once she step foot off the steps. Shayla spun around, machete in hand. The nice old lady who lived in the house next to the manor, not Mrs. Higgins house, but the other side, named Ms. Murphy, smiled when she heard Krista’s yell, picked up the paper, which was the reason she’d went outside in the first place, waved, and walked back inside. Krista and Cassie waved back.
“Listen here, you degenerate-” she began
“Luke, I can’t believe you let her play with that,” Cassie said, “Sweetie, why don’t you put the brain back where you found it, hm?”
“Oh My God!” She waved the Machete around for a minute, but then put it back in the case.
“So Luke, how’s it coming?” Krista asked, leaning on her unfixed car, frowning
“Mr. Fix-It has no idea what he’s doing” Shayla said, “it’s just a dent, pop it out”
“I’m the man here, Shay” Luke said
“Some of us beg to differ” Cassie whispered to Krista as she stood next to her
“I’ve figured out all I need to do is just pop the dents out”
“No shit” Shayla said, taking the machete out again and slicing the air
“Go get me your nail glue, baby”
“No way, get your own nail glue” Cassie’s cell went off again, and with a sigh, she answered it
“Hey, Cassie? It’s Sam”
“Yeah, I realized that when I actually got to finish saying hello”
“umm . . . How’s the car coming?”
“Well, we just need some nail glue, and we should be all set. Hey, “she said, putting her cup down, “did you know that fake ID’s are illegal?”
“I am aware” he stated monotone
“Well, that’s good, always know your law.” She paused, “you haven’t told him, have you?”
“told who what” Krista asked
“No, I haven’t” Sam said
“good! That’s good. I can trust you. Where were you last night?”
“Bilks Road”
“And why were you there?” Krista choked on her coffee, suddenly remembering something.
She pulled on Cassie’s sleeve “Hey, Cass?”
“We were trying to find his body”
“Cass, I need to tell you something” Krista said, still pulling on her cousins’ sleeve.
“He’s not buried there” Cassie said, smacking Krista’s hand away, who made a hurt face, but continued to pulling.
“You could have told us”
“You didn’t ask”
“Cassie, seriously, I have to tell you something”
“So where is he buried?”
“No idea”
“CASSIE!!!!” Krista shouted so loud Cassie dropped her phone.
Shayla picked it up and said, “Hello? Oh, hi, um, we have to go now bye” and hung up
“Oh, that is it, little girl, I am so going to rip your dolls apart” Cassie swore starting towards Shayla
“Cassie” Krista said again, orbing in front of her, “Mom said the boys were dangerous and we’re not to tell them anything” she nodded her head vigorously.
“Oh, to late. And don’t do that, your acting like my sisters”
“Oh my God. I can’t believe you just said that,” Krista said, looking stunned, “I am nothing like your sisters. . . wait, what?”
“You WHAT!” Luke nearly shouted; nail glue hanging out of his mouth, Shayla’s purse in his hand
“Oh, hey, you found some!” Krista said, excitedly.
“That’s MINE!” Shay shouted, jumped on him
“Get off me women!”
“oh, them’s fightin’ words” Krista said, then frowned, “I’m out of coffee”
“And off they go!’ Cassie said, “She’s got his hair”
“Barbie’s got Ken in a Headlock.” Krista said, in a fake commentating voice.
“Ken’s putting her in a sleeper hold.” Cassie added.
“Barbie bit his ear.”
“Kens crying like Kelly.”
“Ooh, she wouldn’t.”
“She wouldn’t!”
“She’s not gunna!”
“Oooh! She did!”
“What do you think, Kris?”
“Let’s see a replay!”
Luke glared at them, his face still purple.
“He’s gunna be singing soprano for weeks!” Cassie said.
“So much for being the only female in the family.” Krista finished.
“Shut up, both of you!” Luke squeaked out.
They both doubled over with laughter.
“Dude, Barbie kicked your ass!” Cassie laughed.
“Well now we know who wears the pants in that relationship.” Krista added.
Cassie’s phone rang again, and Krista grabbed it from Shayla.
“What the hell are you talking about, nail glue? If you put nail glue on my car I’ll-”
“DEAN!” Krista shouted over the phone.
He stopped. She continued.
“This is Krista, not Cassie. And if you EVER yell at me like that again, you will no longer possess the necessary parts to reproduce. Do I make myself perfectly clear?”
“Krista? Oh. Hey? How are you? Can I talk to Cassie please?”
“Sure. Cassie, phone.” She said smiling, and handed her the phone.
“Yes?R 21;
“What the hell are you talking about, nail glue? If you put nail glue on my car I’ll-”
“DEAN-” Cassie shouted.
He stopped. She continued.
“How do you like it?” Cassie asked, and hung up the phone. She walked back into the house.
“FAMILY MEETING!” She screamed. It was amazing how fast the Halliwells can gather.
“WHAT!” ten thousand people yell back at her, or that’s what it seemed.
“When Sam or Dean Winchester call me, or this house, I am not talking to them. Ever. That is all.” And everyone left.
“I feel so alone” Krista said, going for the coffee, “Hey, they took it all, lousy no good. . . family”
Jessica was still there. She shook her head at her cousin, and then turned to her sister, “your so immature”
“Your Thirteen!”
“DADDY!” and she orbed upstairs. The phone rang
“OH MY GOD!” Cassie shouted, throwing her hands up. It stopped. Cassie looked around suspiciously, “what did I do?”
~else where~
“My sister Cassie said that ‘When Sam or Dean Winchester call her or this house she is not talking to them. Ever. That is all’. So, who’s this?” Jessica asked
“This is umm. . . Alexander, Alexander DeGrate, I need to talk to Cassie, please”
“Okay, hold on” She went into the kitchen. If she had been paying attention, she would have heard, “Where the hell did you get from, Dean?”
“Cassie, it’s Alexander DeGrate” She said, holding up the phone. Krista snorted, spilling the coffee grounds, “ph, shit!”
“Hang it up” Cassie said
“But it’s not Sam or Dean Winchester, It’s Alex”
“fine” she hung up the phone and went back into the living room.
“I love him” Krista said, “yes I do. Krista and Dean sitting in a tree”
“Shut up!” Cassie said, following her sister. She thought she heard the phone ring
“My sister Cassie said that ‘When Sam or Dean Winchester call her or this house she is not talking to them. Ever. That is all’. So, who’s this?”
“This is Paul, I need to speak with Cassie”
“Okay, hang on” she held the phone out, “Cassie, Paul’s on the phone. You know, all your friends sound the same”
“Give me that!” She grabbed the phone, “let me guess, Bundy?”
“Very funny. If you stopped hanging up on me, I wouldn’t need to do this”
“Well, would you look at that, I actually finished a sentence”
“Shut up”
“HI DEAN!” Krista said. Apparently she had the other phone.
“Hey, Krista, how are you?”
“I’ve been better. My stupid family stole all the coffee. . . hey you wanna buy me a latte?”
“Krista, shut up”
“I feel sooo Alone”
“You should be nicer to your cousin” Dean said
“Shut up”
“No body likes me”
“I think you’re a very . . . interesting person”
“Gasp. . . he hates me” She hung up
“So what is it that you want, Paul?”
“Where’s my car?”
“Outside?”“Why are you asking a question?”
“Because I thought you knew where your car was, you left it here”
“Shut up”
“Would everybody please stop saying that” Krista walked by, with the other phone. . . and the coffee grounds.
“Your car will be fixed by . . . soon. Barbie and Ken are having a lovers quarrel. Ken has no idea what he’s doing, but Barbie knows, and she keeps telling him what to do, but ken won’t listen. That’s men for ya, ya know?”
“. . . What? . . . Never mind. If you knew he didn’t know what he’s doing, why did you volunteer him?”
“It tickles me,” Krista said into the phone. Cassie turned to see her staring out the window, pointing.
Dean laughed.
“Are we done here?”
“Don’t leave me” Krista said.
“I just want my car”
“And everything in the trunk and glove box” Cassie added
“OMG! What a coincidence, so do we! It’s a date, meet me a Starbucks today, lets say noon? And we’ll talk about how you feel about me”
“Your done” Cassie said, grabbing the phone, “bye Paul” she hung up
“Jess, listen closely, do not answer the phone, ever” Cassie instructed. She put them down. Two seconds later they rang. Cassie swore and through her ands up in the air. The phones exploded
“That wasn’t very nice” Krista said, shaking her head, “No it was not”
“Oh my god, are you five years old? I need intelligent conversation!” Cassie screamed orbing away.
“She’s not a very nice person” Jessica said, shaking her head
“I know, I know” Krista said, “hey, wanna learn to make coffee? It’s loads of fun”

Dean through the phone a cross the room, “What the hell where they thinking, nail glue?”
Sam hit him in the head, “Alexander DeGrate? Paul? What the hell were you thinking?”
“Sam, A little freaked out here” Dean said, jumping up and pacing, “First you pass out in then middle of the woods, then you wake up the next Morning and say Cassie. And now they know about the Trunk and ID’s . . .”
“I know, but it doesn’t mean they’re evil, or bad, or anything like that. I think we would be able to tell if they were evil. You know? I mean, you like Krista.”
“I wasn’t talking about Krista. I meant Cassie. Bad news, that one.”
“Oh get off it!”
“You like her!” Dean said, smiling. “Cassie and Sam, Cassie and Sam . . .”
Sam threw a pillow and hit Dean in the head. He threw it back. Then Dean’s phone rang. He ran over to where he’d thrown it, and picked it up.
“Hello?” Dean asked.
“So, I was serious about the Starbucks thing. You’re game, right?” Krista asked.
Dean laughed. “Yeah, I’ll be there.”
They hung up, and he tossed the phone on the bed, smiling.
“And just like that, you’re going on a date with her?” Sam asked, incredulously.
“I can’t believe you.”
“Yeah, you can.”

Charmed and Dangerous – So that’s why it’s called morphine