Beyblade Fan Fiction ❯ Chapter twelve: Too much said… ( Chapter 12 )

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Warstock: … He’s… he’s…
Red Dux: I guess he didn’t go out of his mind yet.
Setsuna-chan: No, but it’s coming.
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Setsuna-chan: Yeah!… Do that.. please…
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Chapter 12: Too much said…
-“Let’s just say her lips and her skin taste good!” smirked Ryo.
Takato’s eyes widened in horror. Looking back to when he spotted her outside on the veranda the previous night, he suddenly remembered her pained look mixed with bitterness and fear. He now understood what it was. This time Ryo went to far.
-“Don’t get the wrong idea! I didn’t rape her! I’m not that kind of man. I just kissed her lips and the crook of her neck.” told Ryo.
-“But it did cross your mind! Anyway! I’ll never forgive you! I’ll allow no one to touch her in any way without my consent. They’ll have to go through me first! And you, you’re going to pay!” roared Takato.
-“What exactly can you do for her? Nothing, Takato. She’s way better off with me than being with someone like you!” declared Ryo. “But if it suits you, let’s make a bet: whoever wins, he gets to kill the other and he can have Setsuna.” he added.
-“You sound like you’re treating her like some kind of trophy. But I’ll go along with your idea. I’ll protect her from you!” replied Takato, determination clear in his voice.
-“Good! Then it’s settled! Get ready to hand Setsuna over and die, Takato.”
-“That’s my line!”
Both teens fixed their beyblade on their launcher. Takato forced his hand to grip de ripcoil and winced in pain as he released his blade. They circled one another and went for the attack. None of them let the other gain ground. Their blades collided fiercely with the intent of smashing it to pieces. They wasted no time into calling their bitbeast.
-“Wing Flame! Attack him, now!”
-“Kieffer, stand your ground!”
A mighty phoenix deployed its wings as it came out. On the other side, a dragon hissed with bloodlust, narrowing its red eyes at the bird.
-“Wing Flame! Double slam!” ordered Takato, and his bitbeast obeyed immediately.
Ryo sent Kieffer into counter attacking Takato’s blade. Both beyblades, using the same pattern of attack, slammed into one another, giving distance between them.
-“Kieffer! Crystal Blast!”
-“Oh no, you don’t! Wing Flame, use Fire Shield.”
The black dragon shouted out of its mouth crystal spears, flying toward the mighty phoenix. Wing Flame melted his opponent’s attack with a wall of fire. Then, the beyblades collided again and again. They kept at it for a very long time, clashing into the other, evading attacks, using special moves and slamming some more.
Both Takato and Ryo got tired of that little game. With just one look, they knew they both thought the same thing: end this fight, using their ultimate move.
-“Kieffer! Time to get serious! Icy Storm!” yelled the black haired teen.
-“Let’s end this! Fire Spin!” commanded Takato.
Kieffer howled fiercely as it created a huge blizzard with pieces of hail. Wing Flame lashed out a tornado of fire and entered the blizzard. The mix of fire and ice came clashing into each other with great force, sending both bladers flying meters away. When Takato and Ryo finally go up from the shock, they directed their gaze to where their beyblades collided. The blades were still spinning at a low pace, until one of them completely stopped, soon followed by the other.
Takato and Ryo looked dumbfoundly at each other. Defeated, Ryo walked toward his enemy and kneeled in front of him.
-“A bet’s a bet! You won!”
Takato looked at Ryo. Sure he wanted him out of his life, but not necessarly dead. But he did want some kind of revenge for Setsuna.So he landed a punch on top of Ryo’s head and kick the black haired teen to the ground.
-“That was for kissing her! As much as it is appealing, I’m no murderer. I’ll let you live. But I warn you, stay away from Setsuna. I don’t want you near her.” Takato started to walk away, then paused to pick up his beyblade. He then turned toward the black haired teen and added: “ Cause if you do, you’ll suffer a great deal! That’s my reward for winning against you!”
The silver haired teen walked away, hoping to find his captain before she gets herself into trouble.
Bewildered, Ryo stared back at Takato.
-“Hitting me, heh? Small injuries for kissing her. But it was worth it!”
Getting mad at him for not standing up to the bet by killing him, Ryo stood up and balled his fists. Insulted, he left to find his teammates, swearing he’d never give Setsuna up to Takato and that he would do whatever it took to make her his.
As for Setsuna, she followed Aria to a nearby opened space, that seemed like a huge park at the edge of town with few buildings. These two teens were, without a doubt, the biggest rivals of all the members. Simply because they knew each other the longest, compared to the others.
It all started with their parents. More specifically their mothers. Aria’s mother was from the notorious Thompson family. Her name was Cheryl, a redhead with a badass personality. As for Setsuna’s, she was Evelyn Fuller. A serious and studious young woman and the only heir to the prestigious Fuller family. Both family had a successful company, known around the world and both known as fierce competitors. The two women attended the same school and, needless to say, they couldn’t stand each other.
The Fullers had found the perfect man for their heir: Maguri Tachikawa. But that man was also convoited by the Thompsons for Cheryl. It got worse when a huge fight broke between the two company, leaving the two young women as sole survivors and they became the new heads of their respective company.
The young Maguri Tachikawa had already set his eyes on Evelyn and eventually married her. The Thompson heir never accepted his choice and did all she could to break them, to no avail. Finally, she married Robert Nussey, a very successful doctor. When both women gave birth to their children, Aria for the Nusseys and Setsuna and Takuya for the Tachikawas, they both made sure that these children would never be in good terms with each other.
When the three of them met for the first time, they were 5 years old and they already hated the other party. The encounter resulted in the four parents’ death, two companies sold to the governments and three children to the orphanage. That’s when Lain and Reynolds came into their life. Aria shared Lain’s view, thus ended up leaving Canada for Australia. As for the twins, Reynolds wanting to give back the company to the rightful owners, adopted them. Even far apart, they always kept track of each other.
Aria and Setsuna looked down on the other, waiting to see what their rival would do. But nothing came. They stood there, eyes locked, waiting. Finally, one of them made the first move.
-“Let’s settle this, once and for all, Setsuna!” told the redhead. “Let’s see which of us, you or me, is the strongest!” she added.
-“I guess it’s not about Kai or our respective corporation! It’s about family honor!”
Both girls lifted their launcher, clipped on their beyblade and took a stance. Without a word, they released their blades. Both blades circled each other, waiting for the right time to attack.
-“Zephira! Attack her now!” yelled Aria.
-“Don’t let her, Ember!” replied Setsuna.
Taking his morning walk, a bluenette took in the fresh air and mostly the silence of his surroundings. He enjoyed this kind of atmosphere more than the company of his noisy teammates. Frankly, Kai started to wonder why he still kept being with that happy bunch. Then again, he couldn’t deny that their friendship was what’s keeping him from turning bad or follow bad influences, like his good-for-nothing grandfather. The stoic teen walked aimlessly the street when he heard grinding sounds in the distance. Sound that he knew all too well as colliding beyblades.
-`Who in the world beyblades at this hour?” he thought, rushing to where the noise came from.
-“Zephira, evade her attack!”
-“Ember! Keep at it! Don’t leave her a chance to defile herself.”
Kai came to a stop when he heard the familiar voices. He slowly walked behind a building to find the objects of his demise: the only two girls who didn’t seem to know how to leave him alone. Kai sighed and prepared to walk away and stopped in his tracks when he heard:
-“Ember, Blazing Gig!”
The bluenette turned fast on his heels and saw the greenhead’s bitbeast: another phoenix! But that’s not what surprised him most. It was the fact that she had the ability to use the same attack as him.
-`What the…? That’s Dranzer’s… But how?’ thought Kai.
-“Zephira! Use Tornado Blast to counter her!” yelled the redhead.
-`No way! That’s Tyson’s … Phantom Hurricane! No, but it is very similar.’ Kai thought, eyes widening. `How can these two use so easily attacks we took months to perfect?’
The two attacks connected with a huge blast, sending both girls to the ground. But they got back on their feet, yearning for more. Their beyblades kept attacking the other with brute force.
-`When they said they were enemies, they weren’t kidding!’ thought the bluenette, looking on the fierce battle displayed before him.
The girls didn’t let space for the other to attack them and kept countering whenever necessary. As their beyblades continued clashing, the girls kept glaring at one another, heavily panting. They were getting exausted, but they both refused to give up. Without a word, the two teens decided to end the fight with one final move.
-“Zephira! Blue Typhoon!” commanded Aria.
-“Time to test it, Ember! Use Volcano Strike!” ordered Setsuna, with sheer determination.
Aria’s beyblade started to spin faster until it created a typhoon mixed with acid particles. Everything touched by the drippling acid started to melt. Zephira launched toward Ember, wanting to reduce its beyblade into droplets of melted metal.
As for Setsuna’ blade, it spun in high velocity, waiting to reach the correct speed. Once it reached it, Ember lashed out of its beyblade a mix of lava and petrified rocks in a tornado shape. Ember speeded toward Zephira and the two blades collided and the ground shook under the impact. The attacks mixed together created an immense tornado of wind, fire, rocks and acid. The girls covered their heads with their arms, peering once in while, to see if the other would fall. Both teens got burned by the acid and got cut by falling rocks. But they kept going.
-“Keep it up, Zephira!”
-“Don’t give up, Ember!”
Kai watched, from a safe place, horrified, as the two girls kept standing, watching their beyblades colliding again and again.
-`It’s getting out of hand. They both are seriously injured.’ he thought in concern. `Maybe I should intervene… wait.. what’s happening out there?’
A huge explosion came about, sending both girls flying to the ground, pieces of streets raining down on them. Kai was about to come out of hiding when he spotted Setsuna and Aria getting up, in a slow pace.
The teens scanned their surroundings and spotted their beyblades, completely stopped from spinning, half melted.
-“It’s a tie! You really are better than that idiot twin brother of yours. Takuya didn’t last this long against me, in every single way!” laughed Aria.
-“Don’t you dare speak of the dead. My brother was a good blader and a good kid!” replied Setsuna.
-“Hehe! Well, to me, it doesn’t seem that way. After all, he died while fighting me!”
-“More like you killed him after unabling his beyblade. You had won! His beyblade had stop spinning and you had your bitbeast attack him. Why didn’t you just leave?”
-“My!My! It is true! I did all that! But getting rid of him was the only wise thing to do and fun on top of that. He was worthless and an eyesore!” sniggered Aria.
Not thinking about her injuries, Setsuna ran toward Aria and punched her. Aria got back on her feet and was about to punch Setsuna when a hand caught her wrist.
-“That’s enough!” crimson eyes glared at Aria.
-“Kai…” whispered Setsuna. “I’m sorry but this has nothing to do with you! Get out of our way!” she told him.
Kai glared at her and she flinched under his gaze. He then turned to look at Aria, who was still grinning. When she noticed him looking at her, she sheepishly smiled and said:
-“Normally, I would agree! But I’ll call it off for now. We’ll end this conversation and this fight some other time, Tachikawa!” freeing her hand from Kai and walked away.
-“Get back here! It’s not over yet!”
-“It is!” replied flatly Kai, grabbing the green head’s wrist, preventing her from chasing after Aria.
-“Let me go!”
-“I said let me go!”
Setsuna tried to fight her way out of Kai’s grip, yelling to him to release her. But the bluenette moved swiftly behind her, both hands securing hers tightly, holding her against him to make sure she couldn’t do anything to free herself. Setsuna struggled as much as she could. She was obviously tired, her entire body hurt and it didn’t help that her idol was stronger than she was. Her legs gave away and both teens sank to the ground. Having let go of her arms, Kai held her close as he supported her while she cried, tears running down her cheeks.
In a final attempt, Setsuna put her hands on his chest and pushed him away. Kai looked at her, bewildered at her sudden move.
-“This… this was my chance to get back at her! You don’t have the slightest clue of who I am and what I’ve gone through. You absolutely had no right to interfere.” said Setsuna, in a not-so-friendly tone.
-“You’re right! I don’t know you nor know what you’ve gone through. But it isn’t a reason for me to allow it to go on. One, you surely would have died. From what I’ve seen and heard, it was going out of hand. Two, as a blader, this kind of fight was uncalled for. No one should battle for revenge, it doesn’t bring anything.” replied the bluenette, getting irritated.
-“So? Nothing to do with you! You have no idea what it is to see your family die before you or to hold the only person that meant something to you as he let out his least breath. I.. I do! And… and it’s all because of her! That… that girl is nothing but trouble, a murderer. She doesn’t give a damn about anyone, so why would I try to be nice to her?” replied venomously the green haired girl.
-“Because you’re not like her?” attempted Kai.
Setsuna got up and glared at Kai, whom flinched at the cold eyes she gave him. She wasn’t the girl he met in China. Something told him that there was more to the story than what he’d heard so far.
-“In any case, I’m warning you. Stay out of my way! I will allow no one to keep me away from what I want to do to her, not even you! You cross me, I’ll fight you!” she said, walking away.
Kai got up and walked up to her, grabbing her wrist so she’d turned to face him. Sestuna turned, her eyes settling on his. Kai was taken back by her red eyes that seemed to be void of all emotions, except for revenge and hatred. He seriously started to be scared of her. Taking a minute to collect himself, he finally said the words he wanted to tell her:
-“Than I’ll be the one to stand in your way! I’ll keep you from hurting yourself more than you already are!” he said, gazing at her with the determination of keeping his words. “I’ll make sure to bring you into the light, the light you seemed to have forget!”
-“Than you better be prepared!” replied the girl with venom.
Watching the scene from afar, Tsubasa Elite’s jaws drop. Not only did they finally learned what happened to their captain’s brother, they had seen what they thought impossible to happen: Setsuna actually being pissed off at her idol, Kai. Not only that but they also caught Kai being scared to death. A Kai that usually never showed his emotions. But what caught them off guard the most was the fact that the bluenette declared he’d be there for her.
-“This isn’t good! Not good at all!” stated Satoshi.
-“Noooo! What made you say that?” said Takato with sarcasm clear in his voice. “This is the end of the world! The sky will fall on our heads!” he added.
-“Don’t be ridiculous, Takato! It already has! The minute she got mad at Kai, it came down. Still, Aria is very dangerous. I mean, she actually is not afraid of killing. No wonder Setsuna’s pissed off. I can’t blame her.” replied Reanne.
-“Yeah! Cause there’s no way Setsuna could get mad at Kai no matter what he’d do or say!” retorted Takato.
-“Maybe there’s hope that Kai can change her. He did say he’d protect her from herself. Do you think he’s realised he’s starting to fall for our captain?” told Satoshi.
-“I don’t think so! But I know of a way to have him realise it and have him do what he said he’d do. A way that will get Setsuna back to her usual self. And maybe change her mind about how she her own past. An event is coming soon. I’m sure you know what I’m refering about!” planned Reanne.
-“Yeah! Her birthday!” sigh Takato, knowing full well Reanne had something in mind to unite the stoic captain of the Bladebreakers and their own captain.
Takato started to wish Reanne would take in consideration his feelings for Setsuna. Than again, it was all about making the girl happy. Although he wished that he’d be the one to show her the light, Takato settle for Reanne’s idea. Kai could certainly identify with Setsuna more than he did, for the simple reason that the bluenette had his share of darkness within him.
-“Operation `Let’s make Kai fall in love with Setsuna’ begin.” sniggered Reanne.
Takato sighed and slapped his forehead. This was going to be like hell.
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Chapter eleven: Where it all began