Love Hina Fan Fiction ❯ Chapter One ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Chapter One
Hinata House
In the living room of the Hinata House, Haruka Urashima is holding a meeting with the tenants of the Hinata House. Even though her face was in her usual deadpan expression, complete with her cigarette sticking from her mouth, Haruka couldn’t help but to feel angry at the three that pushed her nephew to the breaking point.
« Keitaro has called to say that he’s taking some time off as manager, » Haruka announced. « He will be back here tomorrow. »
« What that perverted baka should do is just quit! » Naru butted in, her anger rising. « He disappears and suddenly decides to take some time off from running this place? He is the landlord, for crying out loud! »
« I agree with Narusegawa, » Motoko said coldly. « Time and time again he has proven to be unworthy and neglectful of his duties. He should just resign and we can ask Granny Hina to come back. »
Fortunately for the two girls, they didn’t notice Haruka’s hand balled into a fist as she lit her cigarette.
The other girls were worried about Keitaro, particularly the blue-haired Shinobu Maehara. « I hope Sempai is okay, » she said. « He did look stressed out earlier today. I hope he feels better. »
« Ara, ara, » Mutsumi nods in agreement.
« Like anything can hurt that dork, » Sara snorted.
« So who’s going to come and take over while Keitaro’s away? » Kitsune asked.
« Keitaro had called in a favor to some family friends, » Haruka replied. « He will be arriving tomorrow. »
« It’s just like Urashima to call in another male, » Motoko seethed. « If he is just as perverted as Urashima is, I won’t hesitate to deliver justice on him. »
« Like I said, he will be arriving tomorrow, » Haruka insisted. « But his wife will be coming later on today. Keitaro and her husband will follow tomorrow. And for all of your sakes, I hope you show the both of them the respect and courtesy you DON’T show to my nephew. »The last sentence had a bit of hardness to it, showing that Haruka was getting annoyed with Naru and Motoko using Keitaro has a human punching bag. Both girls caught the tone and immediately shut up.
Haruka had intentionally left out that both the new co-managers were martial artists, as well as that Keitaro was originally going to evict most of the girls and turn the place back into an inn.
As the female Urashima turned and walked out of the dorm, Naru noticed the evil smile she had on her face.
‘Just what is that baka planning?’ she wondered.
Later on in the day, Haruka was back in her teashop. Business has slowed down, since it was late in the afternoon. Her mind was currently on the last conversation she had with Keitaro over the phone.
In an attempt to make the tenants appreciate him more, he called in Ryu and his wife, who ran a dojo on the other side of the prefecture. In Keitaro’s words, they will be wishing for him to come back as manager before the two months is out.
« Excuse me…Haruka Urashima? »
Haruka looked up. Standing before her, in casual clothes – a red-and-white Chinese-style top, denim pants and tennis shoes – was Chun Li. At her feet, was a sports bag. On her face, was a pair of reading glasses.
Haruka looked at the younger woman, giving her the once-over. « You’re Ryu’s wife? » she asked.
Chun Li extended her hand and Haruka shook it. « Chun Li Xiang. Keitaro’s told me a lot about you. »
Haruka motioned to an empty table. Chun Li took a seat as Haruka got out a pot of tea and two cups. After pouring out cups for herself and her guest, Haruka sat down across from the Chinese martial artist.
« So you’re Ryu’s wife, » Haruka said sizing the other woman up. « Never thought I’d hear him getting married and settling down. Last I heard, he was in Brazil training. So where exactly is my nephew? »
« At our dojo on the other side of Kanagawa, » Chun Li replied. « He will come with Ryu and his student tomorrow. »
« Keitaro has told you about the girls? »
Chun Li nodded. « He told me everything I needed to know about them, yes. I have seen worse back in Interpol, so this shouldn’t faze me too much. »
Haruka asked Chun Li several more questions until it was time to go. The Japanese woman stood up. « Well…are you ready? » she asked.
Chun Li nodded. « Let’s go. »

Haruka led Chun Li up the massive flight of stairs that lead up to the dorm. Once they were inside the building, Haruka called the girls into the common area. They thought that Haruka was bluffing when she said that a woman was coming, expecting a man.
What they didn’t expect was a Chinese woman with a curvaceous frame that made Naru and Kitsune jealous standing before them.
« Girls, this is Chun Li Xiang, one of the two interim landlords that will be taking over for the next two months, » Haruka introduced.
Suu was the first to get over her shock, jumping on the couch, shouting, « New playmate! New playmate! »
Motoko, meanwhile, was watching the Chinese woman with a martial artist’s eye, sensing her ki levels. ‘Hmm…she may be a martial artist…interesting. I’ll have to look into this further.’
Naru blinked. « Two managers? Keitaro hired two managers? »
« Actually, I’m here in my husband’s place, » Chun Li replied perfectly in Japanese. « He will be here with Keitaro tomorrow. »
« I’m going to leave you all to get to know Chun Li better, » Haruka said, heading for the door. « I’ll see you guys later. »

After unpacking her clothes, the girls showed Chun Li around the building. Meanwhile, Motoko was slightly troubled. Chun Li had reminded her of Tsuruko, who was the original heir to the Shinmei Ryu School before she relinquished her position in order to get married, leaving Motoko to inherit the dojo when she comes of age.
« Excuse me, I need to get started on dinner, » Shinobu said, leaving for the kitchen. Suu ran off to her room to work on one of her gadgets.
« She cooks? » Chun Li asked, an eyebrow raised.
« She is the resident chef here, » Kitsune explained. « Before her parents divorced, they ran a restaurant together. She learned to cook from them. That’s how she pays her rent here. She cooks and does laundry. »
« You got any family? » Naru asked.
Chun Li stiffened slightly. « My mother died when I was still a child. I was raised by my father. He was a police officer in Hong Kong. » Her expression darkened as she remembers that fateful day when she received the news. « He died when I was fifteen. That was ten years ago. »
« I’m sorry, » Naru said, realizing that she had brought up a real sensitive subject up concerning the Chinese martial artist.
« So what do you do? » Motoko asked.
« I used to be a detective working for the I.C.P.O., » Chun Li explained. « Now I’m going into business with my husband. »
« Doing what? » Kitsune asked.
« We’re opening a martial arts school on the other side of Kanagawa. Two martial arts disciplines under one roof. The school’s located near Red Sparrow Castle. »
« I knew it! » Motoko interrupted. « I knew by your ki that you are a fighter. »
« You’re right, Motoko. I practice Chinese martial arts, but I use mostly Kempo and Wushu. My husband and his student practice an ancient form of Karate. He also practices a form of Shinjutsu based off his karate style. From what I’ve seen, it looks like a combination of Battojustu and Iaido. »
Chun Li remembered seeing Ryu out in the courtyard when she first came to Japan, practicing with his sword. He was full of surprises, she surmised. Aside from Ansatsuken, he was – he told her later on – that he was the master of Ansatsuken style of Shinjutsu. The sword he used was a Masamune (think Vergil’s Yamato sword Devil May Cry 3), an heirloom that was centuries old and was considered indestructible.
Chun Li watched in shock as Ryu used a destructive ki attack on a practice dummy, reducing it to sawdust. She then remembered Ryu saying that his style of Shinjutsu was the diametric opposite of Motoko’s Shinmei Ryu style, whereas the Shinmei focused on ki attacks, Ansatsuken Shinjutsu was mostly physical attacks. Ryu, however, had managed to find the balance for the two.
« I don’t see you as the person who would get…married, » Motoko said, pronouncing the last word with disgust. « You seem so independent. Men are vile, perverted beings who want only control and to violate a woman’s chastity. »
Chun Li turned to the female kendoist. « Motoko, not all men are perverted or trying to get into a girl’s pants. I’ve dealt with some of the most sadistic men on the planet and some are women as well. But there are men who are honorable and look out for those that can’t defend themselves. »
As Chun Li said this, her mind raced back to the aforementioned sadistic men. A claw-toting, snake-tattooed Spaniard whose face was hidden behind a mask, but more importantly, the dreaded man in red with that insane grin.
« So it’s just the ones I know then? » Motoko replied, trying to make a point, but at the same time, not trying to piss Chun Li off. « From what I’ve seen, the only thing on a man’s mind is getting power and control over a woman. If not that, they are vile and perverted beings. Once I gain control of the Shinmei Ryu Dojo, I will bring back the honor of the samurai. The Shinmei Ryu School will once again be respected. »
« You mean feared, » Chun Li said. « There is a fine line between defending innocents and attacking innocents under false pretenses. When I was in Interpol, I had to walk that line everyday, and that included crossing paths with some of the world’s most evil men. »
« So why’d you quit Interpol? » Naru asked.
Chun Li scoffed. « Quit? Who said I quit? I resigned. Just like any other law enforcement enmity, several of its members were corrupted. People that came into the organization with me had become puppets for criminals. I became disillusioned, so I left, promising myself that I would never be a puppet of someone else. » She looked at Motoko as she added, « Men and women alike can be bought if the price is right. But some people – like me – cannot be bought. »
Kitsune saw that this conversation was starting to get dangerous. Even though Motoko was a master in the martial arts, she wondered what chances she had against someone who was more experienced in the martial arts. She had seen her and Seta fight to a standoff, and she wasn’t interested in seeing Motoko get her ass kicked.
« You speak Japanese very well, » Kitsune noted.
« I used to spend summers up here when I was a kid, » Chun Li explained. « Japanese, English, Mandarin Chinese, and a little Korean. Same with my husband. His student can also speak English. »
« So what’s his name? » Naru asked.
« His name is Ryu, » Chun Li replied. « He, along with your landlord, will be arriving tomorrow. »
Chun Li then excused herself, leaving the girls to their own thoughts about their new female landlord.

Chapter Two