Love Hina Fan Fiction ❯ Chapter Five ( Chapter 5 )

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Chapter Five
Several days had passed and the repairs to Hinata House started without any incident. After all, Naru, Motoko and Kitsune would not try and invoke the wrath of their new landlords, and decided to make the best of it.
Unfortunately, that was not the case.
The chores that Keitaro had done with experienced ease were hard on Naru, who had led a mostly sheltered life before moving to Hinata House. Motoko, however, her body toned from her kendo training, saw it only as a challenge.
At Haruka’s teashop, Kitsune was forbidden to drink while she was on the job. And knowing full well of Haruka’s wrath (which she unleashed upon Keitaro whenever he calls her aunt, or if Kentaro had slacked from his job), Kitsune was forced to sober up.
Suu, Shinobu and Sara had no problems with Ryu or Chun Li. If anything, Shinobu was grateful for the extra help through Suu and Sara. Ryu and Chun Li had to only mildly chastise Suu once concerning her mad experiments which put the dorm in danger, not mention her ‘greeting dropkicks,’ which also caused damage to the dorm. After that, Suu promised (in exchange for a crate of bananas from Brazil) not to cause any damage to the dorms while Ryu and Chun Li worked on the repairs.
Of course, to Naru, Motoko and Kitsune, it had appeared to them that the once easy-going dormitory had fallen under a virtual dictatorship, with Ryu and Chun Li having absolute authority.
Ryu and Chun Li worked out an effective system for the chores. Every other day, Naru and Motoko were to clean the dorms, while Kitsune worked nine-hour shifts at Haruka’s teashop Monday through Friday, and a five-hour shift on Saturdays. Ryu and Chun Li worked on the dorm repairs while Naru and Motoko were at school and Kitsune was at Haruka’s shop. Upon arriving at the dorm, they were to do their chores before anything else.
This was more than Naru, Motoko and Kitsune could stand. Kitsune, being the fox of Hinata House, decided to use her feminine wiles to try and convince Ryu into not letting her work for Haruka.


Kitsune found Ryu in his room. Chun Li was still in the baths. Wearing only an oversized dress shirt which was slightly opened, revealing her chest, and several choice pieces of lingerie underneath, Kitsune entered the landlord’s room.
Ryu was half-naked from the waist up, dressed in a pair of pajama pants. He turned around and found Kitsune inside. « What is it? » he asked.
Kitsune sauntered over to him. « Well, I wanted to talk to you about the…arrangement with Haruka, » she replied. « Chun Li won’t listen to reason, but you seem like a reasonable fellow…and buff too, » she added, trailing one fingernail across Ryu’s abs. « Why don’t you come to my room and we can discuss this over some sake, yes? »
She was surprised to see that unlike Keitaro, Ryu wasn’t the least bit affected by her advances. « I don’t think that you’re my type, Kitsune. And I am a very happily married man. »
Kitsune was even closer now. « What does your wife has that I don’t, huh? »
« One thing is that she is extremely jealous if she sees someone flirting with me, » Ryu replied, « and I am just about the same with her. »
« She doesn’t have to know what goes on between us, » Kitsune rasped.
« I think she does, » Ryu replied matter-of-factly. « She’s right behind you. »
Kitsune’s eyes became completely open after that statement. Ryu slowly moved from Kitsune as the fox turned around and found herself looking a very furious Chun Li. The Chinese woman, having completed her bath, was dressed in a yellow nightshirt, and had basically seen Kitsune’s attempt at seducing Ryu, and was currently cracking her knuckles, preparing to deal out some serious pain to the hussy.
« If you ever go near my husband, » Chun Li warned in a low voice, « I will kick your ass to high heaven and throw you out in the streets…and it won’t be in that order. »
« Sorry, » Kitsune squeaked out before running past Chun Li.
Ryu looked at the scene with an amused expression as Kitsune retreated to the safety of her room.


Meanwhile, Naru and Motoko were watching the scene from the former’s room. Pulling the wooden board back wide enough to see the exchange, they were shocked to see that aside the fact that Ryu wasn’t the least bit interested in Kitsune, but the fact that Chun Li had walked in and was pretty close to maiming the offending fox.
Naru, as quietly as she could, slid the board back over the hole. « So much for Kitsune, » she said. « What’s wrong, Motoko? »
« I could sense Chun Li’s ki, » Motoko replied. « It was filled with so much rage and anger. »
« What did you expect? » Naru shot back. « Kitsune did try and flirt with Ryu. »
Minutes later, Kitsune entered Naru’s room, having calmed down from her confrontation with the female landlord.
« I thought Chun Li was going to attack you, » Motoko said. « If she had done that, then you wouldn’t possibly survive. »
Kitsune huffed at that. « So Ryu has a jealous wife. On top of that, she knows her way around the law. What gets me is that Ryu didn’t react the way Keitaro does when I scam him. These two can be a problem, and I don’t know if I can handle working for Haruka any longer. »
« We need Keitaro back, » Naru said. « But how do we get him to come back? »
At that moment, Kitsune flashed a foxy grin. « I got an idea. I call this one Operation Strikeout. »


In order to get Keitaro back as manager, they planned to undermine Ryu and Chun Li’s authority. The three girls planned to go on strike.
The next morning, after breakfast, instead of doing their chores, Naru, Motoko and Kitsune, instead of going down to Haruka’s shop, they left the dorm, heading into Tokyo.
Chun Li appeared. « Where are you three going? » she asked. « All of you have work to do. »
Kitsune turned to face the interim manager. « We’ve decided that enough is enough. You worked us like slaves for the past three days and enough is enough. We want Keitaro back and we won’t do a lick of work unless you and Ryu resign and bring Keitaro back. » She gave the Chinese woman a cool grin. « We’ll see how far you can get, Miss Manager. »
With that, the three residents left, leaving a slightly fuming Chun Li behind. « What’s wrong? » Ryu asked as he appeared from the dining room.
Chun Li’s expression changed from anger to that of a smirk. « So that’s how they want to play, huh? » she said. She turned to Ryu. « Looks like the older girls don’t like how we run the dorm, so they went on strike. I got a plan for them. »
She walked over to the phone and dialed Haruka’s shop. After several moments, Chun Li told Ryu of her plan and Ryu had to agree.
It was evil and devious, even for Chun Li, but it had to be done.

It was nighttime when Motoko, Naru and Kitsune had returned from Tokyo. As they approached Hinata House, they felt that something was wrong. Upon entering the building, they found the common area empty.
It was when each of them returned to their rooms they found that their doors were barricaded with several wooden boards, barring them from entering their rooms. Almost immediately, the three girls searched for the managers. They were in the dining room, as if they were waiting for them.
« Why can’t we get into our rooms? » Naru demanded as the two older adults sipped their tea. « You have no right in doing that! »
Ryu gave them a small smile. « As a matter of fact, we both do, Narusegawa. You think that by pulling this little stunt makes you better than us? I don’t think so. »
« As a matter of fact, » Chun Li continued, « since you three feel as if you are an exception to the rules by not wanting to help out with maintaining Hinata House, then you don’t deserve to live here. »
« WHAT?! » the three girls screeched.
« As of this moment, » Ryu decreed, « the three of you are trespassing on private property. Until you come to your senses, you are banned from Hinata House. » He tossed them two camping backpacks. « Get out. »
« You’re bluffing, » Naru said. « You don’t have the courage to throw us out. »
She would find out just how wrong she was.

The door to Hinata House was abruptly slid open. First Motoko, then Kitsune who were held by their necks by Ryu, and last, Naru being manhandled by Chun Li, were tossed out of the house like yesterday’s garbage, the two camping backpacks were the last things to be tossed out before the shoji door slammed in their faces.
After a few moments, the realization had set in for the three girls. The unthinkable has happened. Aside from being thrown out, Kitsune’s plan had backfired in the most extreme way.
Unfortunately for Motoko, her sword was still inside. She considered going back for it, but after witnessing the combined strength of Ryu and Chun Li, that would be an unwise move. Even worse, for Kitsune, she couldn’t get to her sake stash.
Naru was livid. She charged for the front door, but Motoko and Kitsune held her back. « This is not a battle we cannot win, Naru, » Motoko said. She looked at the sky, where storm clouds were forming. « There is a storm coming. We need to get out of the open before the rain comes. »
They decided to head over to Haruka’s teashop. Maybe Haruka would allow them to stay with her until this whole thing blew over.
Unfortunately, they were wrong.
It was closing time when the girls attempted to enter Haruka’s teashop, but Haruka had stepped into their path, barring them from entering. « So what happened today, Kitsune? » she asked, glaring at the oldest girl. « Why didn’t you show up for work today? »
Kitsune backed away from Haruka’s glare.
« We need a place to stay, » Motoko said. « Ryu and Chun Li had forbid us to enter Hinata House. »
« Why? » Haruka asked.
Naru thought of lying to Haruka, but decided against it. « We went on strike in order to get Ryu and Chun Li to bring Keitaro back, » she confessed, « and they threw us out. »
« And what makes you think that I’m going to let you three in? You three made your bed. Now lie in it. » With that, Haruka slammed the door in their faces, effectively ending their conversation.
To make matters worse, it had already rained earlier, and as they walked along the sidewalk, a speeding truck sped by, splashing them with water as they passed a puddle, drenching them completely.
Somewhere in the back of Kitsune’s mind, she wondered if this was a bad idea in trying to test their managers.

The girls found themselves at the park where Keitaro had made his promise as a boy. Storm clouds were gathering and the wind was starting to pick up. Naru, Motoko and Kitsune hastily used the camping packs to build two tents. Unfortunately, one of the tents was done wrong, forcing the three to share a tent, which only had room for two.


Back in Hinata House, the storm was starting to pick up as Ryu, Chun Li, and the other Hinata residents, along with Keitaro sat down for dinner. Through Keitaro, who was present at Haruka’s cafe when his aunt refused the girls entry, told Mutsumi and the others about what had happened, which explained why Suu’s latest invention had done the work that Motoko and Naru was supposed to do.
« I hope they are all right, » Shinobu said as she set the last plate down and took her seat.
« As long as they follow the instructions on how to build a tent, » Ryu replied, « they will be fine. »
« You mean these instructions? » Chun Li asked innocently, holding two folded pamphlets in her hands. « I took them out after we bought those camping packs. I want those three to suffer for this offense. I want them to come crawling back here after this is through. »
« That’s mean! » Shinobu said, « But after how they treated Sempai after all he has done for us, they deserve it. »

The night in the park was hell for Naru, Motoko and Kitsune. Worse yet, the tent had torn open and the girls were drenched to the bone. Neither had any money, since they had spent it during their trip into Tokyo.
If Keitaro had seen the hell that Chun Li and Ryu had put them through, he would have most likely be grinning form ear to ear.
The old saying was indeed true: revenge is a dish best served cold.
And unbeknownst to the girls, this was just merely the beginning.


The next day, Naru, Kitsune and Motoko, hungry and exhausted from their night out, their clothes muddy as well as their faces, dragged what was left of the camping bags up the stairway. Apparently, hunger, being cold and a severe lack of money had pushed them past the breaking point. Swallowing their pride, they decided to return to Hinata House to beg for forgiveness from their managers.
Upon reaching the summit, they found Haruka, Ryu and Chun Li waiting for them, since Haruka was visiting the dorm and Keitaro had phoned her when he saw the girls head for the stairway. Deep down, he was jumping for joy. He had done the right thing in hiring those two as the managers.
« Do you three have anything to say for yourselves? » Haruka asked in her monotone voice.
« We…we give up, » Naru mumbled. « Please…let us back in. »
« Do you three promise that you will follow the rules and perform your chores from now on? » Ryu asked, arms folded.
They all nodded.
« One more question, and we will let you go, » Chun Li said. « Whose idea was it to strike? »
The three adults knew that it was Kitsune’s idea, but decided to see if they were really sincere about them coming back to the dorm.
Kitsune limped forward. « It was me. »
« At least all that sake you drink didn’t affect your brain, » Haruka spat out.
« However, you three will be punished for this stunt, » Ryu said. « Narusegawa and Aoyama, since young Maehara, Suu and Sara have volunteered to complete your chores which you failed to do yesterday; your workload is doubled for one week. » He turned to Kitsune. « As for you, Konno, you are forbidden to consume alcohol on the property. You will also work a double-shift for one week at Haruka’s tea shop, and we have confiscated all of your sake bottles, including the ones hidden in your room. If we see you with any kind of liquor on the premises, you will be evicted from this dorm and banned for life. Is that clear? »
Neither girl was in the mood to argue. It was either accept these terms or face permanent expulsion from the dorm. They nodded in the affirmative.
The three adults moved to the side. « Get yourselves cleaned up. You three have the day off to rest, » Chun Li said. « Because you’re going to need it tomorrow. »
Without a single word, Naru, Kitsune, and Motoko shambled inside. Even though they were happy that they were allowed back into the dorm, it was bittersweet, since the two landlords had clearly gained the upper hand on them.

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