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Please forgive me if I get anything wrong. I have not read them both from start to finish.
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Warning: There might be spoilers.

Well, enjoy!
Watari came into the hospital room. His charge was still asleep. And next to his charge was Pinoko, her head resting gently on the bed in sleep. It seems as if she had fallen asleep while sitting next to him.
Watari sighed and put the medical books Black Jack had asked for on the table next to his bed. Then Watari quietly walked out, thinking, “Let them sleep while there is still peace and quiet here. When Tsuzuki comes in, they’ll be awoken by his noisiness.”
Pinoko shortly awoke after that, and looking around, saw the books on the table. Ever so curious, Pinoko decided that she should take a look while her chenchei slept. After all, she was studying to be a doctor herself so as to be able to better help Black Jack.
Black Jack awoke to find Pinoko closely studying a medical book. Or so it seemed that way at first. On further inspection, Pinoko was actually shown to be asleep.
Black Jack sighed and reached down to take the open medical book away from the sleeping girl. Looking at the title, he read, Influential Doctors of the Nineteenth Century.
“Now why in the world was she reading that? Oh, it must have been one of the books Watari brought.” Black thought as he glanced over and saw the stack by his bed.
He then put the book back and looked through the others. The other two titles were, The Supernatural Encyclopedia of Poisons, Curses, and Creatures and How to Cure a Variety of Diseases. (1)
Black Jack sighed. Only one was a real medical book. The other two were on the history of medicine and on the supernatural; maybe Watari had thought he’d be interested in them.
“Then again,” he thought, “I should probably look at that book on the supernatural. After all, it did say it talked about poisons. And I was poisoned recently. Maybe I should check up on that.”
And, thinking that, he reached for the book on the table, looked at the table of contents, found the section labeled poisons, and found where it said demons. He looked at it and read:
Most creatures can’t stand demon poison for long without an antidote. Humans are no exception. If they are poisoned and do not take the antidote, they’ll die within 24 hours. Even if they do take the antidote, they will be unconscious for 3 days, bedridden for 2, and it is really suggested they use a wheelchair for 4. If they don’t use a wheelchair then they are liable to have their legs collapse on them. The ingredients for the antidote are…
Black Jack stopped reading. He didn’t want to know what was in the antidote he had taken. After all, he might barf if he did.
He sighed. Watari was right. He was going to have to be in a wheelchair for four days.
Black Jack then closed the book and put it back. He might as well look at that medical book. Who knows? Maybe he’ll learn something he didn’t know before. And so Black Jack picked up the third and final book, opened it, and started reading.
Tsuzuki had encouraged Hisoka to get to know their guests. And so it was that Hisoka had decided to visit them.
When Hisoka walked in around noon, he found Black Jack reading and Pinoko sitting on his lap. So intent on his reading was Black Jack, Hisoka thought he could walk up and wave a hand in front of his face and he would not notice.
Alas that was not the case. As soon as Hisoka approached him, both Black Jack and Pinoko looked his way. Hisoka introduced himself to them, “Hi, I’m Kurosaki, Hisoka and am Tsuzuki’s partner.” He extended his hand to Black Jack and they shook in greeting.
“I’m Black Jack and this is Pinoko.” Black Jack responded. Hisoka could tell that the man was genuinely interested in what he was saying and hoped to be his friend.
“What were you reading a moment ago?” Hisoka asked. He already knew of course, however, he wanted to know how the man would react.
“I was reading How to Cure a Variety of Diseases. It’s a book Watari got from the library for me. I had asked him to get me some medical books. It’s the only one that actually has to do with medical techniques, unlike those other two.” Black Jack answered honestly. At the last part he had been pointing to the other two books.
Hisoka was surprised. “The doctor was answering as honestly as he could!” he thought. Maybe they could get along after all. He did seem like a decent person to Hisoka right then.
“Anyways, I’ve been meaning to ask. Why shouldn’t we eat or drink anything Watari gives us? Tsuzuki had said that, but had never given an explanation.” Black Jack stated.
Hisoka laughed. At their puzzled looks, he explained, “Watari sometimes slips potions and such into the food and drinks. If you want to have something, then you should really make it yourself. You never know what’s safe here.”
Black Jack smiled and meant it. “Arigatou, Kurosaki-san.” He said.
“Black Jack certainly was nice. However unlike a certain someone, he isn’t annoying about it. Hai, I could definitely get along with him.” Hisoka thought.
And so, “Would you like to go to the library tomorrow with me Black Jack? That way you could find some better books to better occupy your time.” Hisoka offered.
“Hai,” Black Jack answered, “That would be great.”
“Well then, see you tomorrow Black Jack.” Hisoka said as he left.
“Can I come too Chenchei?” Pinoko asked pleadingly after Hisoka left.
“Sure, if you’re quiet.” Black Jack responded.
(1)I’m not sure if any of those books are real.
I hope everyone has enjoyed this story so far. I’ll try to update soon!
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