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Cinnamon and Mistletoe
Chapter 7

The power was still out when Kagome got into bed. She waited for her mother to come back from the bathroom with the flashlight before putting out the candle on her nightstand. Pulling the covers over her head, she waited for sleep to claim her.

“I’m sorry your night ended so soon” her mother apologized. “You were having so much fun” she continued when Kagome didn’t answer. “The two of you were so cute.” This earned her a little grown that just encouraged her. “And to think you were just under the mistletoe when the lights went off…”

This time Kagome reacted. She turned on her side, facing away from her mother and pulled the covers tighter around her. She didn’t want to talk about it.

“I didn’t think you’d be that disappointed about it. I was just teasing”

“It’s nothing, mom” Kagome’s voice was muffled by the thick covers.

“Shiori and I were having a good time and you two were very cute together. I didn’t really expect you two to-”

“Really, mom, nothing” the girl cut her off. “It’s just… I chase after youkai almost every day”

“I know. That’s why I thought you and Shuichi could-”

“And there’s Inuyasha”

“Oh. I thought he wasn’t…”

“He isn’t but he’s still a part of my life.” She wanted to add she didn’t need another youkai in her life, least of all a part of her time, but she didn’t want to go down that path. There were thing better left untold for now.

Still, she couldn’t understand how she’d missed it. She was supposed to tell when demons were around. Until this evening she had even though she’d gotten better at it. Nice way to be proven wrong. She’d even blamed it on the wine. So much for the competent miko speech she’d been preparing for when she got back.

It dawned on Kagome that she was running out of air if she stayed under the covers any longer.

The room was dark and warm and her mother’s snores were keeping her company as she tossed and turned trying to find sleep.

At least she couldn’t sense any danger. Come again, she hadn’t sensed the demon either.

No, she wasn’t going to think about that again. Not tonight. She’ll just ask him about it. That was what normal people did, right? They discussed things. They didn’t go around time and feudal Japan fighting demons and looking for pieces of mystical jewels – that only happened in manga. OK, manga and her personal life, but she was the exception that confirmed the rule.

Shiori on the other hand was human. It wasn’t even a question of extra senses. She was just human, as human as her own mother.

A particularly loud and complex series of snores issued from the other bed.

So maybe the last point was debatable.

Even so, he should be at most a half-demon. That would explain why she couldn’t tell at first sight. There was still the blackout – that was what gave him away or when he gave himself away. The brusque release of energy she felt then was stronger than any half-demon she’d ever met could manage.

She should be getting some sleep by now. There was something planned for that morning – a ski outing she remembered. They had to drive to another mountain because there were no usable ski slopes on this one and they were supposed to get an early start.

What time was it, anyway?

As the first rays of sunlight pierced the sky, Kagome was finally falling asleep; resisting her mother’s every attempt to wake her.

“It could be jetlag” Shiori offered over breakfast.

“She was pretty tired already; flying half-way around the world and all the excitement must have taken their toll on her. I’m sorry she won’t get to go skiing, but she’ll be better off with the extra hours of sleep. I tried to wake her and the only response I got was ‘Five more minutes, I’ll go back to math’”

“At least she’s OK. I think Shuuichi caught something. He’s been more quiet than usual and he said he can’t come skiing”

“Well, I can stop worrying about Kagome being alone after she wakes up” said her mother.

Shiori raised one eyebrow. “You don’t think they planned this, do you?”

“We can only hope…” She didn’t bring up the talk she’d had with her daughter the previous night.


It was late morning when Kagome finally woke up, alone in her room. Once the initial moment of confusion passed, she managed to pull her body through its morning routine before heading down for breakfast. She hazily remembered being awoken by her mother, though she couldn’t remember why, and she had a feeling she was skipping something. It couldn’t have been school; she ruled that out once she realized she wasn’t at home.

Since there didn’t seem to be anyone around and the table in the dining room had been cleared, she headed for the kitchen. Here she found she was in luck. The woman from last night, the owner’s daughter if Kagome remembered right, was there, standing guard over an old kettle left to boil on the stove. She noticed the girl just as she shut the door back behind her. “You’re still here?” she asked “Didn’t you go with the others on the ski trip?”

So that’s what she was missing. “I overslept”

“Then you’ve missed breakfast” the other sighed. “Sit down and I’ll make an omelet” she offered.

Kagome sat at the kitchen table and watched the woman scan the fridge for something to put in the omelet. “Do you want some cheese?” the woman asked from the fridge. “Sure” Kagome answered.

“I warn you, I’m not known for my cooking skills” She was slicing some cheese and bread. “Here, this should hold you until I’m done murdering these eggs”

“Thank you”

“Ana. Call me Ana. And you’re…”


“OK , Kagome. What were you up to all night because you don’t look like you’ve been sleeping at all? You were thinking of that boy, right?” she teased. Then she jumped and turned to the stove where the coffee was poring over the kettle in rich, foamy waves “Shit! Shit! Shit!” she intoned, trying to save what was left of the precious liquid. “Want some coffee? I think there’s enough left for two” she offered, already poring two cups.

“Um, sure”

The coffee was thick and rich and smelled of cinnamon and chocolate. Ana grinned. “You’ll probably want some milk with that” she offered the carton to Kagome. “It’s better than hot chocolate and, the way I make it, stronger than your usual coffee.”

Kagome sipped her milk, chocolate and cinnamon coffee and nodded in agreement.

She was staring into her cup, not thinking about anything in particular and waiting for Ana to finish whisking the eggs, when the kitchen door creaked open again.


Kurama was stalling. He didn’t want to talk to Kagome just yet, not really sure what to talk about. She knew something, that was certain, but he’d wait until everyone got back from the ski trip before asking her. That was after all the easiest way to see what she knew.

There were however simpler problems to be solved. Right now, they mostly involved breakfast so he headed for the kitchen to see if he could wrestle something up. Interesting how their hosts, when not overly hospitable, gave them the all clear when it came to the kitchen.

He opened the door and found someone was already there. He recognized the woman from the night before and Kagome who was as surprised to see him as he was.

“Oh, hello!” Ana chimmed. “If you’re here for breakfast, you’ll have to wait a bit”

“Thank you” he said hesitantly, still standing by the door.

She waved it off. “Anyone else decided to stay in on this wonderful day?” Ana looked at the two looking at each other. “You know what? How about you two go wait in the dining room until I’m done here and I’ll bring everything over when it’s done”

“Are you sure you don’t need a hand?” Kagome asked.

“It’s an omelet, how badly can I screw up? Now shoo! I can’t work when there’s too many people around”

Kagome hesitated but sat up. “If you insist…”

“I do”

The two teens left the kitchen in awkward silence.

End Chapter

This chapter was awkward. Really. I’m not very pleased with the writing here, but I guess I managed to get the point across.  I’m as uneasy about the talk as they are, but I hope I’ll manage to do a better job on that chapter than on this one.

That being said, I’m happy to say there are only about 3-4 chapter left.

So… love it? Hate it? Leave a review 😀 except about how weird it is, I already know that (or you could just drop a line and tell me why it’s so weird)

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