D. N. Angel Fan Fiction ❯ Chapter 7

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Chapter 7:
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“Well, we’re Guardians,” Krad began, but was waved into silence by Dark.
“I know what you are, I just want to know why you’re here. It’s hardly the centre of evil, after all. It’s just a sleepy little town with a couple of idiots here and there, but not a bad place at all.”
Krad glared. “Will you let me finish?” Dark stared back, bristling. Daisuke eyed them warily, waiting for a fight to break out. Finally, the journalist leaned back into his chair and took a gulp of his drink, looking at Krad all the while.
The blonde huffed and continued. “Yeah, that’s what we thought too. But, the Council gets to decide who goes where, not us.” At Dark’s interested look, he smirked to himself. “So Daisuke and I got posted here. In order to blend in, we had to attend the university here in order not to look too suspicious. I’ve been snooping around the back alleys for any word on what the Council felt was dangerous here, but so far the furthest we’ve gotten is an ugly presence residing in the newspaper offices.”
Dark blinked. “That…was a lot more boring than I expected,” he dryly commented.
“Please,” Krad retorted. “Do you think this is some cliché little thing where I start pouring out both of our life stories on the spot because I feel so open? Forget it.” He was about to say more, but Daisuke prevented him from doing so upon seeing that the pair were only going to antagonize each other further.
“Anyways,” he hastily interrupted before either of the two older ones could burst into protests, “we can’t tell you what’s after you, because we don’t know what it is either. Krad’s been working very hard already, and…” Krad shot his partner a look. Me? The blonde thought incredulously. Last night you were shouting at me for not doing enough! What are you playing at here, Daisuke?
Dark sighed, holding up his hands to staunch the flow of words coming from Daisuke’s mouth. “No need for verbal diarrhoea attacks,” he observed, a small quirk of his lips accompanying the comment. Daisuke immediately clamped his mouth shut, his face flushing slightly. The journalist turned to Krad. “Care to continue what your friend started?” He must have sensed uneasiness from the blonde Guardian, as he looked at him calmly. To his shock, Krad actually found Dark’s gaze more sympathetic and gentler than before. Wonder if that’s how he gets stories, the Guardian mused before countering Dark’s attack.
“So,” he conversationally started, “What did this dog of yours look like?”
Dark blinked. “Um…big, black and ugly.” Daisuke choked slightly on his tea and Krad turned to look at him. The three sat in an awkward silence, which was pierced only moments later by the sound of the phone ringing. The Guardian raised an eyebrow as he noticed that Dark looked somewhat worried before he hurried off to answer the phone, excusing himself as he went. A second later, the device was dropped to the floor and Dark was moving away from it hastily, his amethyst eyes wide with shock and fear. Daisuke had shot out of his chair as soon as he heard the crash of the phone falling to the ground and he hurried over to the distraught journalist, gently soothing him. Krad, on the other hand, grabbed the phone and held it to his ear. A dead line met his ears.
Dark couldn’t believe what was happening. As soon as he’d picked up the phone, that voice was on the other end, whispering. This time, the threat was real; it had been whispering, “Blood, red blood, so pretty to look at…come and let me see your blood, taste your blood, rich redness dripping down your—“ He’d dropped the phone at that point, unable to stand things any longer. He was already frightened from the morning phone call and the chase down the alleyways of Azumano, and this was the last straw. He knew he probably looked pathetic, but there was no way he was able to take any more of the constant fear and anxiety in which he now lived. He took shallow breaths, ignoring the warmth that surrounded him, choosing instead to look at the phone that Krad was now holding. The blonde’s face held an expression of bewilderment and irritation as he stood there, looking at the piece of machinery as though it would brow fangs and start attacking at any minute.
Daisuke tried his best to soothe Dark without the use of his power; it was difficult though, seeing how agitated the man really was. It was as though the shouting match and the events leading up to his and Krad’s being present here were all combining to make the journalist collapse. The redhead gently hugged Dark, whispering softly into his ear and rocking him gently. Looking at Krad over the shock of purple hair, he raised an eyebrow when Krad almost hurled the phone back onto its hook with a muffled curse. Just as Krad walked over, the door swung gently open as though it was pushed by a breeze, even though all three of them were sure that it had been locked and closed properly not a minute ago.
Satoshi ran fingers distractedly through his hair, eyes holding a distant look in them. He was finally allowed to go home and as a result, he was a lot happier now. He decided to stop over at Dark’s place, just to see how his friend was faring both at work and at home. He knew that there was something on his friend’s mind; his personality had been somewhat toned down in the last few days and Satoshi was determined to find out why. He knew that it wasn’t work; Dark never let work eat away at him. He had a feeling it was something to do with either Daisuke or that friend of his, but he couldn’t be sure. After all, he knew that the pair had argued early on and as a result neither wanted to see the other again. Or so Dark had said.
He arrived at the apartment in good time. Looking around to make sure he wasn’t being followed-this part of town was notorious for the number of crimes that took place in it-he walked into the dingy building. Two minutes later, he arrived at the apartment. To his surprise, the door was slightly ajar and he could hear voices from within. That’s odd…Dark would never leave his door open here. Especially not at this time. He walked over to the door, never seeing the object lying on the doormat. Without warning, the door was pushed wider open and he blinked as he came face-to-face with a pair of golden eyes. “Who are you?” The blonde asked. Satoshi raised an eyebrow.
“Satoshi Hiwatari, Dark’s friend and colleague. And you are…?” The other man merely rolled his eyes but moved to let him enter. Satoshi was horrified to see Dark sitting on the floor in Daisuke’s arms, pale and distraught. He knew that the other was a tough man; he’d proven that when he’d questioned a known serial killer for an article-but something much bigger was in the works. He brushed past the stranger, forcing himself to walk calmly towards Dark. A delicate eyebrow shot up into the blue bangs as he saw that Dark was leaning into Daisuke. “What happened here?” Krad turned around and shot Satoshi a dirty look, golden eyes filled with disdain.
“He had a bit of a breakdown,” he coolly replied. Blue eyes narrowed.
“Don’t be an idiot,” Satoshi snapped, his temper barely restrained. “Dark’s not that weak. He wouldn’t succumb to something unless it was really painful.”
“Maybe it was,” the other man answered, toying with something underneath his shirt.
“Guys, please don’t fight,” Daisuke pleaded from the floor. “Dark’s already agitated and you two won’t help.” Krad snorted but said nothing, resorting to silent threats. The other journalist didn’t bother responding; instead, he crouched on the floor and eyed Daisuke warily.
“I thought you hated each other,” he dryly remarked. Daisuke just shrugged, mumbling something about misunderstandings. The older one blinked before shrugging it off. “What happened to him? It’s probably best if you tell me now, when I’ve seen crazy things happen.” The redhead eyed him suspiciously.
“Don’t be stupid,” Daisuke wearily responded. “I would do the same for anyone.” Satoshi rolled his eyes but said nothing, joining the other on the floor. He place a gentle hand on the other’s shoulder, knowing that he liked the comfort from the touch.
“Hey Dark, I’m out of hospital.” A watery chuckle sounded from somewhere in Daisuke’s shoulder and the purple-haired man turned towards him, giving a watery smile.
“Aw man, they let you out of the hospital? What about the rest of the clinically insane?” Dark smiled weakly at his own joke.
“They decided I was the best out of all of them,” Satoshi deadpanned. Dark snickered and dramatically threw a hand over his forehead.
“What has the world come too?” He exclaimed, pretending to faint. Daisuke, meanwhile, smiled a little at the journalist’s antics and wondered whether he should steal some tips out of Satoshi’s book. The blue-haired man seemed to be quite at ease, cajoling his friend into a better mood in front of his friend’s supposed ex and someone who he’d never before met in his life. As soon as Dark was back to his normal, dramatic self, Satoshi stood up and pulled his friend after him. Dark looked around him, amethyst eyes momentarily darkening at the sight of Krad standing at the door. Then he looked down, and for the first time seemed to notice Daisuke’s wet shirt.
“Geez, what happened to you?” He exclaimed, as though he didn’t know. Daisuke blinked, puzzled, then hastily smoothed out his features when he noticed Satoshi standing behind Dark, shaking his head and mouthing at him to `go with the flow’. Daisuke pretending that he’d spilled something on himself in the kitchen. The purple-haired man shook his head and dragged him into the bathroom, cheerfully calling out to Krad and Satoshi that he was just going to get Daisuke a dry, clean shirt, leaving the other two in the living room alone.
Krad shifted uncomfortably under Satoshi’s even blue gaze, feeling much like a child caught doing something naughty. Is this guy a police officer or something? He uncomfortably thought. Finally, Satoshi spoke. “Who are you?”
“Krad,” The Guardian replied without thinking. “And you are…?”
“Satoshi Hiwatari.”
“Oh.” They sat in awkward silence, neither knowing what else to say. Satoshi took another stab at conversation. “Are you a friend of Daisuke’s?”
“Yeah.” Feeling obliged to say more, Krad asked, “How long have you known Dark for?” Satoshi’s eyebrows shot up and the senior wondered whether he was going to be shouted at. The arches lowered and Krad blinked.
“Not a long time. Ever since he started working here.”
“Oh.” Krad was stumped. Focussing on the corridor leading to the bedrooms, he was surprised upon hearing nothing. No shouts, no screams, no nothing. The silence unnerved him. The hairs on the back of his neck prickled, a sign that he was being watched. He looked away from the doorway to find a pair of thoughtful blue eyes resting on him. Krad decided to examine the other party, considering that he was being looked at as well. He started from the head downwards. Hmm…blue hair, blue eyes but dark brows. Did he dye his hair?
“No, it’s not dyed.” The other man’s voice held a tone of weariness to it, as though many others before Krad had questioned his hair colour. The aristocratic senior blinked. “Nice crucifix; may I please see it?” Satoshi’s voice had changed from weariness to mild interest and golden eyes narrowed. How did he…?
“Everyone wonders the same thing,” Satoshi drawled out. “And I can see the outline of your necklace underneath your shirt.” Without another word, the student gently fished the pendant out from underneath his shirt and was about to pass the crucifix over when Dark and Daisuke entered the room, the latter now wearing an oversized black tank top.
“Ladies!” Dark yelled happily as he bounced in. Both Guardian and journalist jerked upwards, fingers brushing briefly. Unfortunately, Dark decided to make the most of this, as he rarely ever saw Satoshi anything other than calm, and because he hadn’t forgotten his near-interrogation in the hospital ward. “Oh!” He placed a hand over his mouth in mock surprise. “I am ever so sorry. I’ll just leave you two to your love then, eh?” He winked roguishly, ignoring the vein pulsing in Krad’s forehead and the `You-are-deader-than-dead’ look on Satoshi’s face. Dark happily turned to the redhead, who looked slightly overwhelmed. “Come now, dear,” he cooed as he slung an arm around the younger one’s shoulders. “We don’t want to bother the lovebirds, do we?” He winked, causing Daisuke to blush. Cackling to himself, the purple-haired journalist ushered the redhead out of the room, ignoring the younger one’s protests.
Satoshi and Krad were once more alone. Then the blue-eyed journalist reacted. “DARK!” He shot up off the couch, taking off after the laughing man. Krad was still too shocked to do anything, so he sat ramrod-straight in the couch, staring ahead. A stray thought skittered across his mind: Why me?
Dark yelped as he dashed into his bedroom and realized that he was cornered. Amethyst orbs flickered around, desperately looking for some means of escape. Windows? No-it hurts when you fall. Door? Yeah, sure, and run into Satoshi. Cupboard? Hm…it’s worth looking into. Before his partner in crime could say anything, Dark had shoved them both into the tiny walk in closet and slammed the door shut. Daisuke squeaked as he was almost crushed by Dark, as the closet was incredibly small and not built for holding more than one person at a time.
Satoshi walked into the bedroom, rolling his eyes. He didn’t even need to think before guessing where Dark was hidden. Strolling over to the walk in closet, he knocked on the door and was rewarded by a muffled curse and another squeak. Hm…his glasses glinted in the darkness, catching the tiny points of light and reflecting them. Rapping briskly on the glass paned door of the walk-in, he called, “Hey, Dark, don’t molest the poor guy! You’re scaring him!” True to the other man’s nature, the door shot open and a very disheveled pair rolled out at Satoshi’s feet. The blue-eyed man looking down at Dark, the corners of his mouth twitching ever so slightly as he said, “You know, from up here, that looks horribly wrong.” A squawk came from the pile and a muffled yelp was heard as Daisuke hastily tried to scramble out of the mess that was him and Dark. Turning on his heel, Satoshi walked away.
Daisuke winced as his face was mashed to the ground. His legs were somewhere above his head and there was an insistent weight on top of him. Ugh…he breathed deeply through his mouth and squirmed uncomfortably, trying to move. Above him, Dark was also struggling to move, muffled noises coming out of his mouth. After another two minutes Daisuke felt Dark get off him and he sat up, relieved. The journalist and the student stared at each other. Daisuke looked at Dark more carefully this time and noticed that despite his cheery demeanour and cocky smirk, there was a hint of insecurity in those violet depths. Just as he leaned in for a better look, that strange aura flared up around the journalist again and Daisuke wondered what it was. It was now brighter than before, and pulsed with life strength. Without warning, a vision swept in front of his eyes, his own power latching onto it.
The dog mauled the child savagely. Daisuke immediately realized that this was Dark’s memory of his encounter with that hellhound, or as they called it, Canis. He saw the creature rip off a part of the child’s hand and suddenly his legs were moving and he was moving closer towards the monster. He tackled the furry thing and both went flying. His hands were moving with skilled ease, landing ferocious punches all over the place. The dog howled angrily as a punch caught it in the soft part below its ribs and using brute strength rolled him over, so that he was on the bottom. It leaned down to tear into its throat but was stopped by the fingers jabbing into its eyes. Daisuke winced at the thought but pushed it aside. The dog continued to attack, its slavering jaws coming closer to his throat and face with every passing minute. Daisuke winced and shut his-no, Dark’s-eyes more tightly. A feeling welled up inside of him and it was all the redhead could to not to shriek in realization as his hand came up and a flare of white-hot heat burst through. Darkness slowly closed in on him as he heard shouts…
“Woah there. You all right?” Daisuke looked up to find himself lying on a bed, a wet towel placed on his forehead and a pair of amethyst eyes staring deep into his own. He blushed and then remembered the white-hot heat.
“Yes, that’s my name.” Daisuke shook his head.
“You didn’t tell me about that heat!” he accused without thinking. Dark’s eyes widened and Daisuke cringed. Way to go, he sarcastically congratulated himself. Now he’s going to start asking more.
“There wasn’t any heat!” Dark snapped defensively. His tone immediately made the hairs on Daisuke’s back bristle and disregarding the towel on his head and his smaller, lighter stature, the diminutive Guardian shot up, off the bed, and promptly sat on the other man’s chest. Dark flailed wildly as he lost his balance and landed heavily on the floor. Daisuke scanned what he could see of the darker one’s face and skin, but there was nothing. He even grabbed Dark’s hands and turned them palm up, checking the wrists and palms for anything. The skin there was smooth and unblemished; no sign of any marks there. Meanwhile, Dark was struggling half-heartedly on the ground beneath him, as he did not want to hurt anyone. Without warning, Daisuke saw his aura suddenly flare and he tried to move, but he could not avoid it. A bright heat surrounded him and he covered his eyes, his own Power forming a shield. Tendrils of the other light snaked out and wrapped themselves around him. Struggling, the redhead tried to break the ropes of light, but it was all to no avail. He found himself floating gently back onto the bed, where he was unceremoniously deposited. Opening his eyes, he stared in disbelief at Dark, who looked away. Before Daisuke could say anything, the journalist had walked into the bathroom, holding the little white washcloth that he’d used for Daisuke’s forehead.
Living Room:
Satoshi scowled as he walked back out into the living room after seeing that the bedroom door was firmly shut. Someone doesn’t want to be disturbed, he thought to himself, smirking slightly. Oh well. All the more fun for me. Looking at the blond man sitting on the sofa, he sighed to himself. Okay. Time for some more idle chit-chat. He’d never been a fan of small talk, but it seemed appropriate this time. Before he could say anything, though, Krad turned to him and asked, “What part of the newspaper do you contribute to?” Satoshi blinked.
“I do some of the cartoons,” he replied, raising an eyebrow and waiting for Krad to make a mean comment about how he looked like the type who couldn’t draw to save his life.
“Really?” Krad looked genuinely interested. “Which ones?”
“Occasionally I do the political cartoons, but there will be some days where I work on the funny pages,” Satoshi told him, lips quirking upwards slightly.
“Wow,” Krad grinned. “Were you the one who did that wicked cartoon about Elroy’s comment on women’s rights?”
Satoshi nodded, looking pleased. “Yeah,” Krad continued. “I was laughing so hard at the `Hausmann’ jab,” he chuckled. Satoshi nodded, remembering the cartoon all too well. However, the questions were getting closer and closer to home, which he didn’t like. Casually, he leaned forward.
“So,” he asked conversationally, “Got any plans as to what you’ll do after you’ve left University?” He knew that it was a cliché question, but it was much better than `What are you studying?’
“Uh…I’m not really sure, hehe.” Krad carefully avoided Satoshi’s gaze, nervously chuckling. The cartoonist shrugged.
“That’s not a problem, although it does make life a little more difficult. Still, it means you have an unbiased mind,” Satoshi pointed out. Krad nodded, not really sure on what to say. The awkward situation was soon remedied by the reappearance of Dark and Daisuke, both wearing inscrutable looks on their faces. Satoshi and Krad raised an eyebrow at their respective partners, who looked at each other and then away.
“Shut it,” Dark growled at Satoshi, who was about to make an observation. Then he noticed the looks on their faces.
Wearing his special shyt-eating grin, Krad asked, “Was it any good?” Daisuke squawked in horror and embarrassment, whilst Dark choked.
“Better than you,” Dark tartly replied. Krad turned up his nose in distaste whilst Satoshi merely placed a hand to his face, recognizing all the danger signals. A knock sounded at the door, making all four men turn towards it. Dark moved towards the entrance and flung the door wide open, only to meet with nothingness. The corridor was empty, the bright fluorescent white light illuminating the dark hallway. Frowning, Dark turned to look back at his visitors. “Did you hear a knock too?” They all nodded and suddenly Satoshi caught a glimpse of something lying on the ground from the gap between Dark’s legs.
“Hey,” he pointed. “What’s that?” Dark looked downwards and blinked. It was a beautifully crafted porcelain doll, dressed neatly in a little dress and apron. Her hair gleamed in the light and everything about her suggested that she belonged to a young child or an avid doll collector. Dark blinked when he saw the eyes; they were of exactly the same shade as his own were. Bending down, he carefully picked the doll up and examined it more closely. Something about that pale, lifeless face gave him the creeps, just like those Chinese funeral servant dolls did. She stared back. A gentle touch on his shoulder brought him back to the real world and Dark turned around to see Satoshi, his eyes holding the unspoken question.
“I don’t know,” the journalist replied. “I honestly don’t know.”
Krad, being the taller of the two Guardians, was able to see over Satoshi’s shoulder. His golden eyes widened and he hurriedly snatched the doll out of Dark’s hands, ignoring the older man’s protests. Daisuke, on the other hand, kept an eye on Dark. There was only one thing that could possibly make Krad react so violently and if he wasn’t mistaken, that something had just turned up on Dark’s doorstep.
In Krad’s hands, the doll lay limply. No one realized that she had a tiny dagger concealed in the back of her dress until the blonde Guardian gave a yelp and almost dropped her, looking at his finger in shock. Satoshi calmly took the doll from the startled senior and examined it closely, raising an eyebrow when he noticed the tiny, needle-like weapon with a droplet of blood on it. Daisuke checked that his best friend was all right before turning his attentions to the doll that Dark had discovered and his worst suspicions were all confirmed. “Sh—,” he softly hissed. Krad nodded in agreement and Dark looked in bewilderment from one Guardian to the other.
“Since you’re obviously so shaken up, why don’t you stay for dinner and we can talk some more?” he suggested. Both acquiesced. “Besides, I’m dying to know why there’s a doll on my doorstep.” Daisuke couldn’t help but look up fearfully at Dark at this point, knowing that the violet-haired man’s life was very, very close to ending. Especially now that the final warning had been sent.
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