Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan Fiction ❯ Chapter 6: Gramps! ( Chapter 6 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]
Valley of Dragons
Chapter 6: Gramps!

Marik eyed his doppelganger in curiosity.
« Shizuka, how did you fine them? » Marik asked, poking Atemu in his arm making sure that they were real.
« You will have to ask Jono that Marik. » Shizuka answered, laughing as he was poke the priest.
« Stop poking me damn it! » Malik snapped, smacking Marik’s hand away.
« Oh feisty but like the mutt though. » Marik said as something was instantly thrown at him hitting him aside his hand causing him to fall to the floor.
« Who do think you calling a mutt, psycho? » Jono asked, growling ay the fallen Marik.
Marik jumped back onto his feet before glaring at Jon.
« Don’t fight, please we have guest. » Ryou said glaring at them.
Honda ran over to Jono pulling the male into a hug giving him a nuggie.
« Who told you to get yourself caught? » Honda asked, drilling his knuckles into Jono’s skull.
« Let me go yah bastard! » Jono yelled, breaking free of Honda’s hold.
Jono punched Honda playfully in the arm.
« It’s great to see you to Handa! » Jono said, grinning at him.
« I see you already met Honda and Marik, my grandfather wishes to see you. » Yugi told them.
« As you King wishes. » Atemu said as he and his priest were lead to the throne room.
« Gramps! You in there! » Jono yelled as they looked the room to see Solomon was sitting on the floor with Tort cards on floor.
« I’m right here! » Solomon said calling them over.
« So you must be Pharoh Atemu, High Priest Seth, Thief King Bakura, Priest Malik and Duke, I welcome you all to valley. » Solomon said giving them a smile.
« You must be tried from your journey, we will talk more tomorrow. » Solomon tells them before looking at Yugi, Jono, Ryou, and Honda.
« Take them to guest rooms. » Solomon added.
« Alright. » Yugi responded.
« This way. » Ryou said as he lead the way to the guest rooms.
« What lesson was he talking about Yugi? » Atemu asked.
« It just my leader ship, diving, flying, writing, reading, dance, and language lessons. » Yugi told him giving him a small smile.
« Why must you learn some many things? » Seth asked Yugi.
« He next in line usually Yugi would have more time but Solomon time on this world is coming to soon, so Yugi must learn to rule our Valley before he passes. » Ryou told them.
« Here we are, » Jono said he opened the room door to see sheds and food ready for them.
« You guys will stay here for tonight. » Yugi tells them giving them a smile.

Chapter 5 : Arrival