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Disclaimer: I don’t own Yami no Matsuei or Black Jack. Yami no Matsuei is owned by Yoko Matsushita. Black Jack is owned by Tezuka Ozamu.
Please forgive me if I get anything wrong. I have not read them both from start to finish.
This is my first fanfiction, so I hope it’s not too bad.
Warning: This story might contain spoilers and violence.

Well, enjoy!
Tsuzuki was surprised. He hadn’t expected the demons to come here to attack.
Speaking of surprises, he definitely hadn’t expected Black Jack would be able to operate on himself so well. With a wound like that, with the possibility of poison, and operating on himself, how did he do so well? Even Watari wouldn’t be able to treat something like that normally. Tsuzuki thought.
Right now, Black Jack was bandaging his leg. And while he did that, Tsuzuki was coming up with a plan.
“I’ll probably have to bring him back to Meifu with me. And I think Pinoko will have to come too. There’s the possibility the demon might have poisoned him. And he definitely did get the demon angry at him, so once the demon isn’t scared of Byakko anymore, it might come back to kill him-”
Tsuzuki’s reverie was cut short as he heard Pinoko ask worriedly, “Chenchei, what’s wrong?”
Tsuzuki rushed back into the operating room, just in time to see the doctor faint and fall off the operating table. Luckily, Tsuzuki was able to catch him before he hit the ground.
The purple eyed man quickly checked Black Jack’s pulse. It was abnormal, one of the signs of the demons’ poison. He quietly announced to Pinoko, “It seems as if he was poisoned by the demon. It’s a miracle that he was able to retain consciousness long enough to operate. We need to take him to get treated. Luckily I know of a place that has the antidote. You’ll have to stay there a few days just to be safe; after all, the demon might come back. Grab all the stuff you think you and Black Jack will need. Pack as if you’re going on a trip for a few days and then follow me.”
“Hai, Tsuzuki.” Pinoko quickly responded and rushed around the house looking for the pre packed bags that they always kept ready (Pinoko knew that there wasn’t a minute to waste).
Pinoko shortly returned with two bags full of clothing (one for her and one for Black Jack) and Black Jack’s doctor bag.
“Well, that was certainly fast. How did you pack so quickly?” Tsuzuki asked, astonished.
“I didn’t, they were already packed. All I had to do was find where they were.” Pinoko replied smugly.
“Well, anyways, hold onto my arm. I’m going to teleport us to Meifu’s hospital room.” Tsuzuki said as he hefted up Black Jack.
Pinoko rearranged the baggage so she could carry it in one arm and then grabbed on. Once Pinoko was done, Tsuzuki teleported them to Meifu. And once they were safely landed in Meifu, Pinoko promptly fell over, losing all her baggage in the process and startling Watari who was in the room.
Then the very startled Watari said, “Hey Tsuzuki, who is this little girl?” And on further inspection Watari noticed that someone was in his arms and asked, “Is that a patient for me to treat? Hey wait, someone has already treated him.” Watari said that last part after noticing the bandage on his leg.
To answer Watari’s questions Tsuzuki responded, “The little girl is Pinoko, and yes, that is a patient for you to treat. I don’t need you to treat the wound on his leg though, that’s already taken care of. He also managed to get poisoned by a demon; that’s what I’d like you to treat.”
Watari sighed and responded, “Hai, hai, I’ll see what I can do. I am really curious though, who treated his wound?”
Pinoko, having recovered, answered, “Chenchei operated on himself.” And then on a higher note told them, “Also, who’re you calling a little girl! I’m 20 years old!” (1) At their doubtful looks she added, “Really, it’s the truth, ask Chenchei once he wakes up.”
At around this time, others, hearing the commotion, began to wander in. Among them were Tatsumi, Hisoka, Terazuma, and Wakaba. All of them were shocked when they found Tsuzuki with two strangers in the room. One an unconscious man and the other was a little girl who had just claimed to be 20.
Tatsumi quickly asked, “Tsuzuki, you’re back early, what happened? And who are those two?”
Tsuzuki replied while handing Black Jack to Watari, “It’s a long story. I’ll explain once he is treated.”
Watari, curious as everyone else as to what had happened, quickly administered the antidote to Black Jack and put him in bed.
Once Black Jack was in bed, Tatsumi asked, “Well, what do you have to say for yourself Tsuzuki?”
“It’s my fault. I was staying at his house while learning to cook from Pinoko (when he said this he pointed to the little girl sitting worriedly next to the man) and a demon attacked me while I was there. Once he saw the demon on me, he threw a scalpel at it. Unfortunately for him, normal weapons don’t hurt demons, and so the demon attacked him and then turned back to me. By that time I had managed to summon Byakko and the demon was chased out.” Tsuzuki admitted.
“Also, just out of curiosity, who is he? I mean there can’t be that many people out there with black and white hair; a scar across their face; and two different colored skins.” Tatsumi asked while he walked over to Tsuzuki.
Watari replied, “I think I can answer that one. Given your description and that he treated the wound on his leg perfectly; he sounds just like a doctor one of my friends described to me.”
Hisoka looked up at that. “A doctor?” he asked, “What’s he like?”
“Well, according to my friend Tezuka (2), Black Jack is a genius surgeon who is able to treat almost anything, however, he charges a lot for his surgeries usually. I won’t mention how much he charges, I believe Tatsumi will very much faint if I do. Tezuka also told me that Black Jack happens to be unlicensed. I don’t know about his personality, you’ll have to ask Tsuzuki and Pinoko over there.” Watari responded.
When Watari had mentioned that Black Jack was unlicensed, most of the people standing in the room managed to fall flat on their faces. And by that I mean everyone except Watari who just chuckled when he saw what happened.
“Now then, what is his personality like?” Hisoka asked Tsuzuki after recovering.
“Despite what Watari said, he is actually a very kind person. He just doesn’t always show it.” Tsuzuki replied.
“Yep, that’s totally true.” Pinoko seconded, startling most of the adults in the room who had forgotten her presence.
“Well, then. It seems like we’ll have guests for a while everyone. Please treat them with respect. I’m going to tell Chief Konoe about our guests now.” Tatsumi called out behind him on his way to the Chief’s office.
Everyone dispersed except for Tsuzuki, Watari, Pinoko, and Black Jack. The latest obviously not being able to leave the room and Pinoko was determined to stay by his side. And Tsuzuki was relating all that had happened to a quite fascinated Watari.
(1) For those of you wondering, it’s true, Pinoko is really 20 in this fic. This happens somewhere two years after the doctor (meaning Black Jack) saved her.
(2) I’m not sure if Watari knows Tezuka or not (probably not, different worlds you know). However, I’m certain he does have some contacts in the world of the living.
Well, thank you to all of you who have taken the time to read this fic so far. I hope you have enjoyed the story so far. I will try to update again soon.
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