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Disclaimer: I don’t own Yami no Matsuei or Black Jack. Yami no Matsuei is owned by Yoko Matsushita. Black Jack is owned by Tezuka Ozamu. However, I do own the husband, wife, and niece who have appeared in this story.
Please forgive me if I get anything wrong. I have not read them both from start to finish.
This is my first fanfiction, so I hope it’s not too bad.
Warning: This story might contain spoilers and there is violence in this chapter.

Well, enjoy!
It was morning. It was the morning after Pinoko got food poisoning and Black Jack was getting ready to leave the house. He had already collected his doctor bag and his diagnosis. (1)
Right before he was about to go, a sudden thought struck him, “Pinoko is still sick. Maybe I should leave a note explaining to her and Tsuzuki where I am going and ask him to take care of her.”
And so he rushed back into the house, grabbed a piece of paper and a pen, and started scribbling madly.
The finished note said the following and was addressed to Pinoko and Tsuzuki. Once you wake up you might wonder where I am. Don’t worry, I am only going to visit the hospital to check on a patient and drop off a diagnosis Tezuka asked me about. Tsuzuki, please take care of Pinoko for me until I get back. I should return by evening – Black Jack.
The doctor then took the finished note and put it on the kitchen table in plain sight. “There, they shouldn’t miss that” he thought as he walked away, a smile on his face.
Black Jack then got in his car and drove to the hospital. Once he was there he took his diagnosis and bag out and went in. And once inside he asked the nurse at the front counter if he could talk to Dr. Tezuka.
The nurse let him pass; after all, she did recognize him as both a friend of Tezuka and as the infamous genius doctor Black Jack.
Black Jack was able to locate Tezuka shortly after being allowed in. To get his long time friend’s attention, he said, “Tezuka, I have that diagnosis you wanted.”
“Arigatou, Black Jack.” Tezuka said before looking at the diagnosis.
“Well, I’m off to check on a patient of mine who was transferred here yesterday. By any chance do you know what room she’s in?” Black Jack asked Tezuka.
Tezuka looked up. “Are you talking about that coma patient that came in yesterday? They did say that you were the one who operated on her. She’s in room 33.”
Black Jack called out as he left the room, “Arigatou, Tezuka.”
He then went off to find his patient. “She’s in room 33. Okay, let’s see. 10, 20, 25… 33.” Black Jack thought as he went past the doors of the patients’ rooms.
Black Jack then went in room 33. And there inside lay his patient, awake, talking to her aunt and uncle. Upon hearing his footsteps, everyone turned around to see who it was.
“Ah, Dr. Black Jack. Are you here to check up on my niece? She’s doing fine thanks to you.” The man said and then he turned to his niece and explained, “This is the man who operated on you yesterday.”
The young girl looked up at Black Jack and said, “Arigatou, sensei.”
“It was no problem; anyways you should thank your uncle for paying for the operation.” He said as he walked over to her bedside. “Now, I have to give you a medical check up to see how you’re doing.”
“Hai, Sensei.”
The doctor then proceeded to do as he said. He started with taking the girl’s blood pressure and ended with checking her temperature. When he was finished, he gave her a reassuring smile and told her, “You’re recovering just fine. You should be able to leave the hospital in a few days.”
He then proceeded to write her medical chart up and also wrote instructions for the nurses to follow to help in her recovery.
When his work was done, Black Jack left the hospital and went back to his car.
“It’s only around 1:00 right now. They don’t expect me back for another few hours. I wonder if I should get them something.” Black Jack wondered as he got in his car.
And so Black Jack drove to the best cake shop he knew. After all, it was the only place where he could think about finding something for both Pinoko and Tsuzuki (Black Jack doesn’t know what Tsuzuki likes except for sweets, Pinoko also likes sweets).
Once he went inside he ordered something for himself (Black Jack decided he may as well get something as well). What he ordered was a slice of strawberry cake.
After he was finished with his food, he went ahead and got something for both Pinoko and Tsuzuki and left. A slightly smaller slice of strawberry cake was for Pinoko and a humungous slice of chocolate cake was for Tsuzuki. (2)
Black Jack arrived back home at around 3:00. He grabbed the cake and his bag and went inside.
Inside, Tsuzuki and Pinoko were waiting for him while playing poker. (3) When he stepped inside, they finished their game and came over to greet him.
“Ah, you’re finally back. Hmmm… what’s that in your hands? Is that chocolate and strawberry cake?” Tsuzuki predicted.
“Yeah, how did you know?” Black Jack responded (slightly surprised) while setting down his bag and taking the cake to the table.
“Oh, they always put the different kinds of cake in different boxes. I’ve gone there often enough to know.” Tsuzuki replied, a grin splitting his face in two. “So, what’s the occasion?”
“The chocolate cake is to thank you for looking after Pinoko, it’s yours. The strawberry cake is for Pinoko, she can eat it once she’s well.” Black Jack stated.
“I’m well now, Chenchei! Also, don’t you have any cake for yourself?” Pinoko asked him.
“I had some cake at the shop. Well, dig in you two.” Black Jack replied as he sat down to watch them.
A few minutes later, Tsuzuki was almost finished (this fact amazed Pinoko and Black Jack; after all, who could eat that fast?) and Pinoko was only half done. At this time the door bell rang.
Black Jack told them that he’d get it. However, once he opened the door, he saw no one there. He did feel a flurry of air pass him though. And shortly after, he heard Pinoko scream in fright.
Black Jack rushed to the kitchen, a scalpel in hand (he was able to quickly get one from his cape).
The scene he saw once he got there is as follows. Pinoko was backed into a corner, unharmed, and shaking in fright. Tsuzuki however, was down, a thing (that looked almost like a human) clawing at his throat. It was a miracle that he wasn’t dead yet. (4)
“If I don’t do something, Tsuzuki will die!” the doctor thought.
And so thinking that, Black Jack aimed at the thing, not to kill, only to inflict a fatal wound (as a doctor, Black Jack can’t just kill). He aimed at the thing’s neck and the scalpel landed right where he wanted it to.
The thing, however, was only distracted; after all, human weapons can’t hurt it. The thing was also very angry at the human who had dared to attack it. And so the thing turned around and attacked Black Jack and did a number on his leg. The human safely disabled, the thing turned back to Tsuzuki.
Tsuzuki however, was ready. With a summoning fuda in hand, he called out, “Byakko” and then Byakko came to help his master.
The thing was then chased out by Byakko. The white tiger shikigami then asked his master, “Are you ok Tsuzuki?”
“Yeah, I’m fine, you can leave now. Arigatou, Byakko.” Tsuzuki replied.
With that, Byakko left, leaving them once again alone.
Now then, back to Black Jack. Black Jack’s eyes had widened quite a bit at this exchange, so that his eyes were literally as big as saucers (Pinoko’s eyes were also that big).
Tsuzuki now turned to Black Jack to check on him. “You’re hurt.” He told him, “You should probably get cleaned up, I’ll explain later.”
“He’s right, I’m badly hurt. I wouldn’t think this wound would hurt this much just by looking at it though.” Black Jack thought, shocked. He then called out, “Pinoko, would you be so kind as to prepare for an operation, and Tsuzuki, will you please carry me to my operating room?”
They did as they were asked, and in no time at all Black Jack was ready to operate on himself. He was using a mirror so he could see the damaged part of his leg.
The first thing the doctor did was ask Pinoko to disinfect the wound and to apply local anesthesia to his leg. This she did quickly. Then he started to sew up his leg.
“This is pretty bad. The muscles and nerves are torn and one of the veins is ripped open. This is a hard surgery for most doctors. Not to mention that I’m operating on myself and am in all this pain.” Black Jack thought as he worked.
Once he was done, he bandaged his leg and thought to himself, “I’m about to faint, it’s a good thing I was able to finish the operation.”
And faint he did, right after he finished bandaging his leg.
(1) I am talking about the diagnosis mentioned in the last chapter.
(2) After seeing Tsuzuki use all that maple syrup in chapter 3, he decided to get the most sugary sweet cake there. The slice is one third of a chocolate cake.
(3) In case you were wondering, yes, Pinoko does know how to play poker. She has played it with Black Jack before.
(4)This is a miracle in Black Jack’s opinion. In Tsuzuki’s opinion, it’s just fact. Black Jack doesn’t know about Tsuzuki being a Shinigami yet. Also, the thing that attacked Tsuzuki was a demon (Black Jack didn’t know that and so called it a thing in his head, hence the description as it is in Black Jack’s pov for this chapter).
I hope everyone enjoyed this chapter. Well, I’ll try to update soon!
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