Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan Fiction ❯ Chapter 5 : Arrival ( Chapter 5 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]
Valley of Dragons
Chapter 5: Arrival

Jono, Yugi, and Ryuu flew all day and night long until they started to approach two moutains so close to each other which the walking path was hidden by fog and clouds.
« We willl have to continue the rest on foot. » Yugi explained to the Eygytians as they were told to hold hands and never let ho until they were on the other side.
They all griooed each other hands and they began to walk through the dense; thick fog, trudging carefully with each step. Step after step and a thick silence surrounding them all. They slowly heard the sounds of music which made the Egyptians were confused but didn’t say a word. They finally saw a clearning and it seemed that there was tons of buildings small marked and a gate that stood before them.
Yugi stepped inside the gate first and instantly everyone turned to face him giving Yugi giving Yugi all of their attention.
« Everyone I have great new Ryou and I come with our beloved Black Dragon Jono! » Yugi annouced.
The place interrupted into screams as both Ryou and Jono stepped forwards when their names were called.
« Big brother! » A voice called out happily as a teenagegirl ran into Jono’s waiting arms.
« Shizuka! » Jono screamed, lifting the girl up into the air tossing her lightly.
Shizuka clung to her brother in a bone crushing hug.
« Everyone we have brought guest as well. Meet Pharoh Atem and Higgh Oriesr Seth, Suke, Mafik, and Afekia. » Yugi introduced them all/
All of Yugi’s people stared wearily at the strangers before letting out small cheers.
« Come on. » Yugi said as he beckoned the Egyptians to follow him which he led to a castle.
It was an traditional castle made of carved stone and cement. Shizuka kept glace back at the Egyptians as they walked down the marked space.
« Why do you keep looking at us? » Afekia asked Shizuka startling the girl siightly.
« I’m sorry, it’s just that… » Shizuka started but before she could finish a loud yell piecrced through the air.
« Yugi! Jono! Ryou! Come here now! » The voice screamed.
Ryou looked over to see Yugi’s grandfather waiting in the council room.
« We shall see you later, Shizuka. Do you think take them to Marik? » Yugi asked.
Shizuka nodded her head eagerly as they walked over to council room.
« Lets go. » Shizuka said as she bgean leading them through the castle filled of paintings, flowers, nobles, and peasants alike.
Soon they appeared inside the royal garden.
« Marik, you here?! » Shizuka yelled as she entered the garden.
« Ahh Shizuka welcome back, who are they? » A man with slicked back hair asked.
« Meet Seth, Atem, Duke, and Malik. » Shizuka introduced them,
« Man, he sure does look like Marik does’t he except this one looks less crazy. » Honda saida as he let out a laugh but soon stopped as soething flew at his however he easily caught with his hand.
« Don’t talk about people Honda behind their backs idiot! » A man said with tan Egyptioan man with brown hair.
Honda eyes looked at a meer image of Marik
« Wow Honda was right you do look like me doppleganger. » Marik said.

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