Love Hina Fan Fiction ❯ Chapter 5

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Chapter 5

“W-A-A-A-A-A-H-H-H-H ! ! ! !”

Keitaro screamed as he dropped out of orbit. He passed right through the stratosphere. Hitting the atmosphere jarred him a little, and he began to trail flames as the heat of re-entry scorched all around him, as Comet Keitaro came hurtling towards the earth. As he descended, the plastic T-Rex in the toy store on the other side of the mall shuddered, as if remembering something terrible. There was a deafening “CRASH!”, followed by a surprisingly soft “thud” as Keitaro made splashdown in the “3 for $10 Panties Sale” bin. In the ensuing explosion of silk and lace, many fine undergarments lost their lives, but Keitaro Urashima was spared.

“Ow!’, he said, holding his jaw. “Why’d she have to go and hit me again? It’s not like this was my idea or anything”, he complained. “Then again, seeing Motoko like that — I should probably thank Naru — I don’t know how much more of that I could take!”

As Keitaro stirred, he noticed a clearance rack with a big red sign that happily proclaimed that all swim wear was now 75% off. Keitaro sighed.

“I’d love to be on Parara — Para-para — whatever the heck that one island was! It’s so cold –” he said, taking an orange bathing suit off the rack.

‘Oh wow! I’d love to see Naru in something like this!” Keitaro said to himself, looking over his shoulder, fearing that she would somehow read his mind and punch him just for thinking it.

Suddenly, as if he wish had been granted, the bathing suit began to take shape. The top filled out before his very eyes.

“Wha? I must be dreaming!”

“Why Keitaro, what are you doing here?” Mutsumi asked, as she peeked over the top at him. “Oh — are you buying that for Naru?”

“Huh — wha? This? No way!”

“Fu – fu – fu — Maybe it’s for me then?” Mutsumi giggled.

“Well you see, it’s a long story, I–”

At this point Keitaro suddenly realized he was still laying in what was left of the panty sale bin.
“It’s not what you think!”

“How disappointing”, Mutsumi giggled again. “But they are having a great sale today — see what I found? It’s a bikini, and the top is printed to look like watermelons!”

She held the top up to herself to demonstrate. Keitaro’s eyes became as big as watermelons themselves.

“Oh no, he fainted!”


« Yep, this is just what I need for my little snag Keitaro plan », Kitsune said, eyeing herself in the mirror. « You sure you don’t mind, Naru? »

« I TOLD you, I’m not interested in HIM!! »

Kitsune gave her friend a sideways glance, then turned back to the mirror, and smoothed the pale blue corset around her waist.

« One look at me, and he won’t stand a chance — the poor thing –« 

Naru looked down, suddenly finding the floor very interesting.

« Well, that is to say, I — uh . . . »

There was a loud crash from inside the changing room.

« Damnit, this thing’s riding up my — Kitsune! What’s the point of all these stupid frills and lace!? »

« Why to be pleasing to the eye, of course! » Kitsune said, turning to the side to admire herself from a different view.

“Who cares what it looks like!”, Motoko went on. “No one’s ever going to see it anyway!”

“Oh, someone might one day”, Kitsune said. “But that’s not the point. A woman should never dress up or make herself look pretty JUST for someone else. It’s not about who sees you, Motoko. It’s about how you see yourself. A young lady should dress up because SHE thinks she is beautiful”, Kitsune said, then added quietly, “Even if, deep down, sometimes she’s afraid no one else sees her that way . . . »

Naru looked at Kitsune wonderingly.

“Come on Motoko, aren’t you ready yet?”

The bouncy fox-girl had returned.

“Argh. Just a minute.”

“Well you aren’t getting these clothes back until you make up your mind.”

There was dead silence. And then the squeak of the changing room door. Motoko was standing in the doorway in a bra and panties. In true miko fashion, the bra was white, with solid cups, and a piece of translucent lace that went between them. The panties were red, and edged with red lace, with roses embroidered at the top. Together the two gave her a sense of elegant allure which, while it didn’t seem the least bit out of place on her, one could tell it was something Motoko wasn’t altogether comfortable with.

“So — um — what do you think?”

Kitsune and Naru were both silent.

“Yeah, I didn’t think so either — I’ll uh, just go get changed –”

“Why Motoko!” Kitsune said. “You’re beautiful!”

“I’m sure anyone – cough – anyone would think you look lovely”, Naru said guardedly.

“So it’s settled. Satin Miko Motoko is a stunning success!” Kitsune said. “Now are you sure they’re not too GIRLY for you”, she teased. “I mean, those little flowers are awfully cute and all –”

“They’re on sale”, Motoko said smugly. “And they are easy to care for. A samurai values frugality and practicality”, she said stoicly. And then she added quietly to herself, “And it might be okay if they were just a little bit cute . . .”

“What was that?”

“Nothing!” Motoko coughed.

“Personally, I would have gone with the ones with the removable crotch”, Kistune said. “But as long as you’re happy with them. Do you need anything else while we’re here? Maybe one of those little riding crops?”

“Well that corset top did provide excellent support — I’m sure that would be useful in battle –”

“Would you like me to hand it to you while you’re back here?”

“Maybe another time.”

Kitsune nodded agreeably.

“Okay then, we’ll wait out here.”

Kitsune waited until Motoko had gone back into the dressing room before opening one of her fox eyes. She chuckled to herself.

“And now for the REAL test.”


“Keitaro! Come quick! There’s a pervert trying to get Motoko!”

“A pervert? Where!?” Keitaro shouted as he got up from the pile of panties and went running into the women’s dressing room.

“Oh me, oh my” Mutsumi said. “Keitaro is going to save Motoko from the pervert — but who is going to save the pervert from Motoko?”

“Motoko! I’ll save yo — uhh– ”

Keitaro stopped short. Motoko’s was facing away from him. Her arms were behind her back, where they had just unfastened the clasp of her new brassiere.

“Motoko — I –”


“Wait, I can — “

“Secret technique: PERVERT SPLITTING SWORD!!”


“Hmm”, Kitsune said as she bent over Keitaro’s lifeless body. “That was a full force whack, and yet you didn’t kill him — I’d call this a successful test. Why, he barely even has a scratch.”

Keitaro groaned.

“That’s because the injuries are all internal . . .”

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