Hellsing Fan Fiction ❯ Chapter 43 ( Chapter 41 )

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Chapter 43
Disclaimer: I do not own Hellsing or any of its characters; this story is not making any money and is only written for personal enjoyment.
Lillian heard another voice yelling at her. She knew this voice though; it was familiar.
“Al…u…card?” she whispered and attempted to look up while opening her eyes. However, instead of seeing Alucard she found herself staring into two black soulless pits instead. What else could she do? She screamed.
“No vampire of any kind can resist my call,” the Queen declared as the wind picked up speed in the alley once more, the veins at the Queen’s temples throbbing while her golden locks whipped around her shoulders and head.
Lillian couldn’t look away from the eyes that were black bottomless pits. No longer was she in the alley, the alley had been encased in darkness, she was falling instead, falling as she continued to scream, feeling her mind being brutally evaded once again.
“Lillian! Don’t forget, remember who you are! Lillian!” Alucard called out in attempt to reach her.
“Shut up!” Darien bellowed and backhanded Alucard across the face again numerous times, letting out all of his hatred of the older vampire with every stroke. “You don’t even deserve to be in her Majesty’s presence! So don’t speak dog!” he declared as he smacked Alucard once again.
Alucard glared into Darien’s eyes, “One day soon I’m going to make you eat those words of yours,” Alucard promised.
“Don’t make promises you can’t keep,” Darien answered him, before he punched Alucard hard in the face once again.
However, for Lillian, Alucard’s prior words did not even register in her mind, she was too far-gone; the darkness had completely enveloped her.
Moving closer to Lillian now, the Queen positioned her head against Lillian’s and whispered in her ear, “Well my dear let’s see if you answer…”
Suddenly Lillian stopped falling and landed flat on her face. Slowing pushing herself up, she took at look at her surroundings. Complete darkness surrounded her, however, it was strange that she could still see herself, her hand, her clothes, she could see herself perfectly as if she was looking at herself in daylight.
“What’s going on here?” she mumbled to herself as she stood up. It was then that she began to hear it, a voice calling out, echoing from the distance.
“Who is there?” Lillian called out. The voice began to get louder and closer with each second that passed. Lillian could finally place that it was a female’s voice, soft and seductive as it echoed its whispering message. However, the message wasn’t in English, nor was it in any language she knew of.
The voice soon became thunderous now, as if swiftly approaching Lillian and suddenly Lillian became very scared, there was something wrong about that voice, something malicious that promised no good upon her. The voice was almost upon her and so Lillian did the only thing she could think of, she ran.
Lillian ran as fast and as hard as she could into the darkness, totally blind to her surroundings, but still the voice followed her, there seemed to be no way to escape it, it was all around her Lillian noticed as she began to spin around, trying to find a new direction where the voice could not follow. Lillian had to stop abruptly, a painful ringing sound was heard in her mind and Lillian had to hold her head in her hands in attempt to make it stop. However, it was futile, the ringing only grew stronger as the voice now bellowed around her, its voice demanding now.
Lillian fell to her knees; she couldn’t take it anymore, the pain, the bellowing voice, she just wanted it all to stop, to end. Lillian suddenly felt one her hands go cold against her head. Opening up her eyes Lillian looked at her hand, in which she next had to let out an involuntary sound of shock. She couldn’t see her hand anymore; from her elbow down was only complete darkness, her hand was gone.
“What’s happening to me?” Lillian gasped out. The darkness was swiftly growing up her elbow and her arm, making its way to her shoulder. The voice Lillian noticed had finally stopped and the searing pain in her head subsided somewhat. Lillian felt a few moments of utter peace before pain flared throughout her entire body and she fell completely to the ground. Her body began to spasm against her will and she felt something begin to rise within her, flooding her system. She couldn’t fight it, her body was becoming cold, and she knew she was slowing disappearing and yet she could still feel her whole body, still feel something well up from deep within her in attempt to forcibly take control from her. Something deep inside her told her to fight it, and fight it she did but in the end it was a futile battle, she was losing…
Back in the real world, Alucard could not tear his eyes away from Lillian. Lillian was shuddering all over, screaming in agony. Alucard could see her front canine teeth slowly lengthen somewhat and her eyes, her normal cobalt blue eyes had red flecks in them, the red slowly taking over the blue. The Queen, Mother Dearest was forcing the vampire part of Lillian to the surface and so was bringing the change to Lillian’s normal human form.
“Doesn’t her screams just sound like the sweetest thing you’ve ever heard?” Darien grinned at Alucard as he pulled Alucard’s chin to face him instead.
“She’s mine!” the Queen declared triumphant in her victory.
Returning to Lillian’s mind, she lay there almost completely lost, enveloped in darkness. Tears had formed in her eyes as despair gripped her. There was no more pain; she was beyond pain right now, her body felt dead.
“Somebody help me…” she whispered out. “Somebody please help me…” she cried softly. But who could she ask for help? Her mind was slipping and she couldn’t recall who she really was anymore. Should she call out to her parents? But then what were her parent’s names? Her friends perhaps? But then she couldn’t recall who she was friends with? Who did she even know? Her mind was a complete blank; she couldn’t even recall anything or anyone of importance for that matter. She felt like everything she knew or had, was slipping away from her, as if she was cupping water in her hands and have it swiftly disappear from her grasp.
“Somebody help me…somebody please help me!” she called out to the darkness, sobbing as the tears continued to freely fall.
“Help me please! I don’t want to be alone…please don’t leave me alone here in the darkness. Somebody please help me! Help me!” Lillian began to scream with the last of her strength. It was then that somewhere in the darkness her pleas were answered. A light as bright as a star broke through the dark, bursting through and enveloping it instead. A being swiftly approached encased in light and Lillian could only look at it in awe. Lillian couldn’t stop crying; however, the tears were tears of relief this time,
“I knew you would come. I…can’t…I just can’t… hold on anymore…” Lillian whispered to it, a small smile on her lips. But the being quieted her, its own small but sad smile on its own lips. Reaching down it embraced Lillian and as it held her the darkness receded from Lillian’s body that had once almost encased her. Lillian calmed and as she looked up into the eyes of the majestic being of light before her, Lillian’s mind closed down finally into a blissful sleep. While she was in the arms of her protector she could sleep, rest finally, if just for a little while.
Back in the real world the Queen was laughing manically.
“I’m going to make your precious one pay dearly and suffer every second of pain I bring.”
Darien joined in on the Queen’s laughter, turning to Alucard again he whispered,
“Only fools and dead men disobey their Queen.”
Forcefully making his jaw reline so he could speak, Alucard answered him smirking, “But we are all dead men…”
“I’m talking about the ones that stay dead fool.” Darien shot back angrily raising his hand to hit Alucard once more, who was still laughing softly at him.
“I really am going to enjoy sending you to hell…” Alucard softly laughed out.
“What did you say!?” Darien demanded.
However, before Darien could say or do anything more, the Queen suddenly said, “What? Something is wrong. What’s happening? This shouldn’t be happening!”
“My Queen, what is wrong?” Darien asked anxious because the Queen had began to back away from Lillian. Turing to see the human he noticed that her skin had began to glow and she was standing on her feet, unsupported.
“Lillian…?” Alucard whispered.
“It’s impossible you can’t be!” the Queen bellowed just before Lillian seemed to explode with light, shining as if a star and forcing the occupants of the alley to close and shield their eyes. The Queen forcing her self to not succumb to this, forced her eyes open and looked towards Lillian once again, witnessing as Lillian slowly levitated from the ground a few inches, drawn up as something began forming at her back before suddenly bursting forward, two magnificent grey wings. When the wings came forward, so did a gush of wind and with it power, power that forced the vampires back and affectively knocking out anyone in the alley apart from the Queen.
The being that was supposed to be Lillian slowly raised its head and the light that emanated from it dimmed, the light now only slightly coming off its glowing skin. The Queen spat in its direction,
“This is impossible! The girl is tainted she belongs to me!”
“Silence!” the being bellowed, its eyes shining a fiery cobalt blue, not a speck of red to be found. The Queen held her tongue. “I forbid you to harm my host, this girl belongs to me!” the being declared to the Queen. The Queen raised her head to look at the being she despised before her, its kind was worse than the angels in heaven. It was then that the Queen noticed the being’s wings. While the right one was perfectly fine, the left however, seemed decayed or dying. Feathers were missing and its grey colouring had black shadows in places. The Queen allowed her lips to curve up into a vicious smile.
“But not for long. Because the girl is tainted she can’t support you and soon you will have to find a new host. The decay has already been set in place-”
“I said silence scourge of Adam!” the being bellowed out again. The Queen held her tongue but fumed in fury. “You have no reason to be on Earth, leave or face my wrath. Stay, and face judgements’ call.”
“You wouldn’t dare, you can’t touch me!” the Queen shot back, trying to cover her sudden fear she felt and put as much assurance in her voice.
“I will say once more scourge of Adam, leave, now.”
The Queen decided not to take her chances, she was of course on mortal soil now and who knows where the other eight of nine could be and so she left in a small tornado of wind, dragging alone with her Darien and the vampires that had accompanied him. She would go after Alucard and his half-breed later, when she was stronger and able to face the winged being that somehow resided in the child.
“This is not over yet Deathwing! Earth is mine, I will not be denied what is rightfully mine again!” the Queen shouted back before she disappeared with her vampires out of the alley and into the night.
The being that resided in Lillian let out a sigh of relief and a small but sad smile crossed its lips, before the pain set in and it couldn’t take it anymore. Revealing itself like this had put too much strain on it and its host. Going back to wherever it had came from, Lillian’s eyes and skin stopped glowing and returned to their normal state with lastly the wings folding in on themselves before disappearing as well. Lillian’s face went slack and she fell to the alley floor, unconscious.
When Alucard awoke, he found himself still in the alley but now on the floor and not tied to the wall as he had been. What had happened he didn’t know. What had knocked him out; he had no idea, and as for where Mother Dearest and her lackeys were, not a clue. The last thing he could recall was a blinding flash of light and then nothing. His next thought however, was solely centred on Lillian. Getting quickly up onto his feet, Alucard began to desperately search the alley for her with his eyes and senses. The seals were still upon him so he knew she was still alive.
Alucard’s eyes quickly descended on a small form with platinum blonde hair,
“Lillian!” he called out and rushed to her side. Bending down to pull her body into his lap, Alucard checked her over. She was still breathing and quite steadily, as her rise and fall of her chest was not laboured, nor did she show any other such difficulties; he could actually hear her heartbeat quite well, strong and steady. Alucard then began to check her over for wounds in which surprisingly he found none. Alucard was sure he had seen Mother Dearest bash Lillian into the wall, causing her a serious head injury but there was no wound. Lillian’s hair was dirty with dried blood and the alley floor, but there was no wound to speak of. Alucard was shocked beyond belief; Lillian didn’t seem injured in any bodily way.
“Lillian, Lillian it’s time to wake up. Wake up Lillian,” Alucard said as he slowly began to shake her in which Lillian soon began to stir.
“Hmm? What? What?” she finally murmured as Alucard woke her from her stupor.
“Lillian wake up! We need to get out of here before Mother Dearest returns,” Alucard urged. That had got Lillian’s attention and she bolted up awake in Alucard’s arms, her head twisting from left to right to check the surrounding area before she quickly but unsteadily got to her feet.
“Where is she? Where is the Queen?” Lillian questioned apprehensively. Alucard stood by her side surveying the alley with her.
“I don’t know. I can’t feel a trace of her in the vicinity. I was hoping you could tell me what had happened.” Alucard answered.
“I haven’t got a clue. I don’t remember what happened.” Lillian answered after a few moments of thought, turning up nothing. Her mind was a complete blank.
“What’s the last thing you recall?” Alucard insisted. Lillian began to slowly piece to together her memory of the night and began,
“The alley, Darius, then the Queen, being pushed up against the wall and black piercing…soulless eyes and…the memories, such painful memories…” Lillian slowly answered, organising her thoughts as she ignored the memories and the hurt she felt in recalling them. Trying to get a grip on reality Lillian tried to remember after the memories. However, she couldn’t remember a thing after and no matter how she tried all she got was a black hole in her thoughts. It was then however, that Lillian realised something, something she couldn’t keep down or bottled up, something she couldn’t handle. Her heartbeat sped up and she began to breathe quickly,
“Oh my dear God Alucard, that was Mother Dearest, Mother Bloody Dearest the Vampire Queen!” Fear shot through every fibre of her body and her breath caught tight. “We can’t defeat her; we’re going to be killed!” Lillian squeezed out, her mind racing, her thoughts pulled to the ultimate extreme as she began imagining Alucard’s, Seras’s, Vincent’s, everybody’s including her own slow painful death.
It was unfair; it was all unfair suddenly to Lillian. Thoughts of `why did this have to happen to her?’, `she was only seventeen for god’s sake; she shouldn’t have to deal with things like this!’ swam through her head. It was all becoming too much to grasp, to handle, to pretend to be the strong one when all she was doing was running away from a sordid past; running away and hiding behind a fake mask, and now she was going to die because of it.
Alucard looked down on Lillian in shock once again. Lillian was holding on to him tightly, her breath ragged and tight, she was beginning to hyperventilate. Alucard had to stop this now. This wasn’t Lillian at all, he couldn’t help but think, was she…cracking? Alucard did the only thing he thought appropriate in these types of situations. He raised his hand and slapped her a good one on the cheek. Immediately Lillian shot her head up, her eyes blazing with anger as she instinctively raised her hand to her now stinging, flaming red cheek. Her morbid thoughts ceased and she took a slow deep breath.
“What the hell was that for!?” She then demanded vehemently.
“To get you some self control back,” Alucard growled.
“Yeah well you bloodsucking bastard, you didn’t have to hit me that hard, it bloody hurt!” Lillian whined. However, it was then that something occurred to Lillian, there was no pain, apart from a still stinging cheek she felt physically fine, but she should be in pain right now, not even able to talk, let alone stand right now.
“Alucard I was hurt. I remember getting hurt, my head against the alley wall and… and…” Lillian touched her face, “there is dried blood on my face,” Lillian then felt her hair which was loose from its ponytail and felt it mattered and what she was looking for, “and in my hair. Why am I all healed? Apart from the memory loss I feel totally fine.” Lillian turned around to face him, looking up at his face. “Did you heal me Alucard?” Lillian questioned; recalling on how he had healed her during the battle at the Globe theatre.
Alucard had a dark look on his face. “No I did not Lillian.”
“Then how?” Lillian said out loud, puzzled.
Alucard bent down and sniffed her neck. Lillian’s blood still smelled the same and so he knew Mother Dearest had not tampered with Lillian.
“It’s nothing, I was just checking something but it’s fine.”
Deciding to drop it for now Lillian went to her next line of questioning. “What is the last thing you recall? What happened after I got bashed into the wall?” Lillian now grilled him.
Alucard was silent for a bit as he organised his own thoughts and on what to tell Lillian. Should he tell her about the light that radiated from her? Or about how Mother Dearest was trying to summon the vampire in Lillian out and into the open? No… definitely not. He couldn’t afford to, and besides, he didn’t know what that light was, but now he was starting to have suspicions about something, pieces were starting to come together, something he would keep to himself until it was confirmed.
“There’s not much to tell. The Queen tried to ransack your mind and bend you over into slavery. However, in doing so I believe something happened that prevented her from accomplishing this. Being still too weak from taking mortal form on Earth she decided to flee for now and regroup as you humans say. Perhaps it had something to do with the marks, the seal that binds us? After all, I was affected too, knocked out myself.” Alucard smoothly lied.
“Oh?” Lillian sighed. However, with the mention of Mother Dearest again, Lillian’s’ prior thoughts came rushing back. Grabbing a hold of herself as she held her crossed arms close to her chest, Lillian finally asked the question she was dreading to ask. “Alucard, what are we going to do?” Lillian finally whispered.
“I… I don’t know. I honestly don’t know Lillian. Lilith is the mother of all of us vampires, my creator, my…never mind. However, I do know that the Vatican and their servants managed to banish her a very long time ago and although it brings me great pain to say it, perhaps they could be of some assistance to us in information about how to banish her again?” Alucard answered almost growling in annoyance at how low they would have to go.
Alucard knew he could not stand a chance against Mother Dearest. Yes, he was a bored old vampire and loved any form of a fight but a battle with Mother Dearest was total suicide and Alucard did not wish to go back to Hell just yet. Also Mother Dearest stirred up some painful memories Alucard had hoped he had forgotten.
Lillian slowly exhaled, “It had to be the bloody Vatican. I’m sure they will be a big help to us after our last little encounter.” Lillian said out loud, however, internally contemplating that she really shouldn’t piss people off because she could, who knows when it might come back and bite you on the ass.
“They will share the same threat as us, and so could be more willing,” Alucard reasoned.
Lillian sucked in a breath, “Well as the old saying goes I suppose, what is pride if you’re dead?”
“But then of course what is a man without pride?” Alucard countered.
“You’re not helping Alucard…” Lillian answered between clenched teeth.
Alucard was about to offer another sarcastic retort when a soft moan echoed throughout the alley. Both Alucard and Lillian turned their heads to the direction of the sound.
“Grace!” Lillian called out immediately before rushing to her friend’s side. Bending down Lillian tried to help Grace upright and into a sitting position. “It’s okay Grace, I’m here, everything will be alright now,” Lillian said softly. However, when Grace’s vision cleared and she recognised Lillian’s voice, she suddenly began to struggle, hitting Lillian’s hands away from her.
“Don’t touch me! Don’t you dare touch me Lillian!” Grace shouted out. Lillian’s heart ached at Graces behaviour and harsh words.
“Grace, why?” Lillian whispered to her.
“Ha! Don’t play dumb,” Grace scoffed at her, “You are a liar!”
“Grace, I don’t understand, I am your friend, Lillian.” Lillian insisted.
“Friend? Friend? Ha, I don’t even know you Lillian. All these years, you’ve lied to me, I thought we were best friends, but you betrayed me, threw that all in my face. Vampires? A family of vampire hunters? How could you not tell me? I’ve shared everything with you, everything!” Grace sobbed, as tears began to stream down her face.
“Grace…I…” Lillian was dumbfounded, struck dumb, and her chest hurt.
“Shut up! Just shut up! I can’t handle you, I can’t handle this, I can’t handle vampires, I can’t, I can’t handle you. I just can’t, I can’t, I can’t-” Grace’s sobs escalated, her breathing quick and tight, Grace was holding her head, knees drawn tight to her chest as she began to quickly rock back and forth, muttering the same word’s `I can’t’ over and over again between tight breaths.
Lillian’s hands were shaking, her own breathing tight as she fought back the tears that were forming in her eyes. “Alucard?” she called out.
“Yes, Lillian.” Alucard answered as he walked up behind her.
Lillian closed her eyes. “Help her,” she whispered out, clenching her fists together to try to stop the shaking.
“What would you like me to do,” Alucard answered, wanting clarification.
Lillian exhaled. “Help her. Put her to sleep and wipe her memory of tonight. Replace it with thoughts that she got massively drunk and enjoyed her night out. Make her forget about all…this,” Lillian finished.
“Are you sure?”
“Yes I am sure.” Lillian barely whispered. However, it was all Alucard needed, he went forward and began his work on Grace.
“Grace look at me…” Alucard whispered to her in a voice that could not be denied.
Lillian couldn’t look. Was she being selfish? Perhaps. Perhaps this was necessary to keep Grace from losing her mind. Perhaps it was so Lillian didn’t lose her one and only childhood friend? Perhaps it was both. Lillian turned and walked away a few steps, swiping at the tears that had fallen from her eyelids on to her cheeks.
She was bad person. This was all her fault. Lillian’s mind flew back to the past and to the memories Mother Dearest had reawakened, resulting in a well of despair engulfing her. Everything was her fault. Only misfortune and pain followed those who were close to her. Her mother, her father, Vincent’s father, Grace, it was only a matter of time before it claimed the others too. Lillian hated herself in that moment and wished she had never been born.
“Lillian it is done.” Alucard stated as he turned to face Lillian, the sleeping Grace in his arms as he held her effortlessly. Lillian however did not turn to face him, instead she said,
“Take her back to the manor. I’ll be there shortly. I’m not leaving my bike here, so I’ll be riding back.”
“Lillian that is not wise, Mother dearest could still be out there, we don’t know what had happened.”
“I don’t care!” Lillian yelled out in response. “I just need some time to myself, time to think about some things.” Lillian finished softly.
“Lillian-” Alucard began,
“Alucard! Don’t make me order you!” Lillian cut him off. She took a deep breath, lowering her voice now, “Please, just take Grace home.”
“Very well, as you wish.” Alucard complied, turned away and began walking towards the shadows.
When he was gone Lillian fell to her knees and began to cry, allowed the tears to pour out until she couldn’t cry any longer. Inside Lillian felt like she was cracking under some awful weight, she was no Atlas, she didn’t literally hold the world on top of her shoulders. Nevertheless, what she did hold up, what responsibilities she had to endure, deep down she knew, if she lost it, if she cracked under the weight of it all, under the growing pressure, in the end she would lose herself.
“Heaven help me…Hell will be after me…” Lillian finally mumbled out in prayer.
After a few minutes of silence, Lillian made her way around the club, found her bike and rode straight home. Lillian admitted to herself that she didn’t want to go home, that she really only wanted to ride, ride on forever. Running away sounded so good right now, but she knew that she could not, and really, she didn’t want to find that she had it in her. To be a coward, a person who gives up, who couldn’t take it when the going gets tough.
Lillian knew there were things to do. Time was of the essence, as she knew they wouldn’t have enough of it. Preparation was integral and as soon as possible, she would have to contact…him.
Lillian finally rode through the gates and parked her bike in the garage, heading straight for her office next. Touching the inter-house com, Lillian hastily informed Vincent that she was not to be disturbed, that he would be fully briefed soon. That was the same for Alucard as well. She still felt she needed time alone, time to think, to sort some things out. But, first things first.
Lillian reached her office, sat down at her desk and took a deep breath. It was doubtful that he would talk to her, a long shot that he would even consider listening to her. So calling him through normal lines would be folly, she would never get through. Luckily, she always had a backup plan.
Turning on the computer, she brought up his file and therefore revealing his personal, private com-line link. Vincent was good, damn good, Lillian thought as she grinned. Taking another deep breath, Lillian patched a link through. A full thirty seconds later the connection was made.
“Bishop Theodore,” a tired voice answered.
“Don’t hang up, it’s a matter of Global security,” Lillian quickly answered.
“Global security? Huh? Wait a minute, I know your voice. Hellsing! How dare you use my personal com-link! How did you get it?” Theodore questioned, fuming at the invasion of privacy.
“That’s not important, I need to speak with you, it’s vital to the future existence of the human race,” Lillian hastily answered.
“What are you babbling on about woman? I don’t what you have to say you English. Don’t use this link ever again!” Theodore further yelled.
“Please, don’t hang up!” Lillian quickly responded, knowing what he was about to do.
“Give me one good reason…” Theodore darkly threatened.
“I can give you one good word-Lilith,” Lillian answered. There was silence on the other end for a moment before Theodore finally answered,
“What do you know of the Unholy Mother?”
“Don’t play dumb with me Theodore. That last hint you gave me, `this is the year of her millennium,’ no shit Sherlock! She is free Theodore. Roaming the earth- England, unchecked and in full bodily form.” Lillian explained.
“Are you quite sure? How do you know?” Theodore urged to know.
“Theo, I saw her tonight with my own two God given eyes. She attacked Alucard and myself!” Lillian stated incredulously.
“And you still live?” the bishop questioned disbelievingly.
“Thanks for the vote of confidence Father,” Lillian grumbled.
“It’s just too unbelievable-and don’t call me Father,” Theodore chastised.
“That, you grill me for, well whatever. The main point is-what do we do?” Lillian shot back.
“We? If I heard correctly, the unholy mother is in England and therefore a Protestant problem. Your, problem to be exact. You made abundantly clear to me last time that my operatives are not to step one foot on Protestant soil on threat of being fed to your pet vampire,” scoffed Theodore, still remembering the last time Lillian had spoken to him.
Lillian took a deep breath, pride wasn’t everything, pride didn’t help a dead man and her pride would not save England.
“I was hoping we could overcome our petty differences, overcome our squabbling and join forces together to defeat a common enemy. I admit to you now, in all honesty that I was wrong, that my pride, my arrogance overcame me and I, apologise for that Bishop Theodore.
I want to state for the record that your operative Alexandria Anderson attacked and provoked us first, of her own accord. However, I should not have acted the way I did to you and your organisation. I should not have threatened you and I hope that you can find it within yourself to put that aside and forgive me.
Bishop Theodore, of Iscariot Special operations, section thirteen, I Sir Lillian Hellsing of the Royal order of the Protestant knights, the Hellsing Organisation, is asking you for…your help. Lilith is an enemy we can only defeat united.”
Lillian paused, taking a deep breath. Silence was on the other end, when suddenly an abrupt laugh began. Clearing his throat, Lillian finally heard Theodore’s answer.
“A Hellsing apologising to me! Hahaha…You’ve just made my day Lillian. And what’s more, you’ve even admitted your error-your protestant, English arrogance. You’re soul may be saved yet. However, it is not up to me to forgive Lillian, your salvation only rests in God’s hands, in their judgement.” His amusement spent Theodore’s tired and weary sigh could be heard over the link.
“Nevertheless dear Lillian, the final decision is not up to me. Our holy father the Pope is the one and only mortal on Earth who has the authority for such a sanctioned combined effort and truthfully, if you think that after centuries of malice between our churches and the war that had occurred last time with that Nazi Germany organisation Millennium, well…let’s just say, I am not hopeful.” Theodore explained.
Lillian however, was frustrated and unsatisfied with his answer.
“Theodore, do you honestly believe that Lilith will just stop with England? No, She is determined to claim the Earth as her own. After she is finished with England, She will set her eyes on the rest of the world and this time with a sizeable inhuman army of previous English citizens. You must realise this!”
“Of course I realise this!” Theodore retorted. With a calmer tone, he then continued on. “But, we can only place our faith in God that he will protect us and guide us to our own salvation. We must hope that his superior disciples will save us from the Bane of Adam.”
“Theodore, that is foolishness, faith and hope will not win this war that is upon us!” Lillian rebuffed.
“Don’t question and criticize my faith in my God, Hellsing! Miracles do happen. You apologising to me today is evident enough of this.” Theodore remarked.
“Ha…ha, very funny Theo,” Lillian grated.
Theodore ignored her. “Besides, how can I be certain you have not fallen to the dark Mother’s side? She this very night you say has attacked you, and yet you live and seem well. What if it is your plan to divide our forces from the Vatican city and then She attacks us while we are vulnerable?”
Lillian was silent at this. What if she was somehow under Mother Dearest’s control? She still couldn’t remember what actually had occurred and she was unconscious for awhile, she realised this after checking her watch later. Mother Dearest could have done anything to her in that time.
“I honestly don’t know Theo? I can’t answer you truthfully as I do not know myself. I had fallen unwillingly unconscious for a while and I don’t remember what had happened tonight completely. Alucard believes Lilith was driven away somehow, that after only being summoned upon mortal soil she was still weak and could not force her will upon us yet. However…somehow…inside I know that, I’m alright. In my heart I believe that I am fine and that She didn’t get to me in the end. I know that might sound silly but that’s just how I feel.” Lillian answered, voicing honestly her thoughts and feelings.
“I believe you Lillian. I know you are different, seen it even.” Theodore answered, voicing his own thoughts.
“What do you mean by that?” Lillian questioned curiously.
“I speak out of turn. Never mind me Lillian. I will help you Sir Hellsing, to the best I am able. I shall approach his Holiness the Pope and inform him of our global dire circumstances. Wait for my call.” Theodore answered.
“Thank you…” Lillian answered softly.
“Don’t thank me yet, don’t thank me yet…” and with that said Theodore cut the link off.
Lillian let out a sigh of relief and settled down more into her chair. She was glad that part was over and that it had gone relatively well. The Round table conference would have to informed next and Lillian was not looking forward to that. She also needed to bring Vincent, Commander Sinclair and Captain Seras up to speed. But she still wanted a moment to herself. Thinking upon the conversation, she just had, Lillian began to voice her thoughts.
“Theodore knows something, something he’s not telling me, something about me…” Looking over to her family’s portraits Lillian felt a cold and bitter wind come over her. A chill that could only be described as a touch from the grave. Lillian then finally admitted to herself,
“I’m scared…”
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Chapter 42