Hellsing Fan Fiction ❯ Chapter 42 ( Chapter 40 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Chapter 42
“Presenting our dark mistress, Queen of the Seven Hells, consort to the Great Dark Lord Himself and Mother of all vampires, Lilith the betrayer of Adam!”
Lillian felt her heart stop. “Im…impo…possible…” Lillian gasped out. The wind in the alley picked up and Lillian felt her hair blow around her face. The laughter stopped and a voice, so sultry, so smooth, so soft and yet menacing answered out,
“Impossible, but true. And it is all thanks to you my dear Little Hellsing.”
Lillian stood frozen where she stood, she couldn’t utter a coherent sentence, and her mind was becoming a jumble. Queen Lilith was before her, in all her unholy glory. Adorned in a simple black dress that hugged her ever luscious curves in just the right places, her long golden blonde hair shown out in the darkness and her ghostly pale skin added its own illumination. The Queen, the Queen of the vampires was here and on Earth! Bishop Theodore voice echoed in her mind, `This year marks her millennium.” Was that what he meant, that this was the year Mother Dearest would return? But how? She was banished-
“Banished and now I’ve returned to finish what I’ve started.” The Queen whispered out, her blood red lips widening into a toothy grin. Lillian’s eyes widened, the Queen had just appeared before her and caressed her cheek. Did the Queen just read her mind?
“Yes.” The Queen continued to grin as she caught a hold on Lillian’s chin. Lillian found her eyes staring into two somehow familiar soulless black depths. The Queen turned back to the side, her vice grip still on Lillian’s, “Are you sure this is the one Darien? This little wench seems hardly to be one of the infamous Hellsings I’ve heard so much about.”
Darien still bowing lowly answered out, “Yes my Queen, I assure you she is the last of her line, the last Hellsing.” The Queen turned back to Lillian,
“I despise the Hellsings. Not only do they dare to kill my children but your ancestor took something very precious from me, something that did not belong to him.” The Queen seethed. “And do you know what that was little Hellsing?” the Queen asked. Lillian attempted to shake her head.
“Think hard mortal, think really hard. What do you have that does not belong to you?” The Queen questioned. Lillian could feel a cold wind beating down upon her and what scared her the most was that it was coming from the Queen. The Queen’s grip tightened on Lillian’s jaw even harder.
“I could break and smash your jaw in an instant and ruin that pretty face of yours. But then I wouldn’t be able to hear your screams properly and oh, how do wish to hear your screams.” The Queen grinned sadistically.
The atmosphere became too tense; Lillian couldn’t stand it any more it was all too much for her. She screamed the one and only thought in her head, “ALUCARD!”
“That’s it scream for me! Scream again and again for me and for him, because he can’t help you and you want to know why?” the Queen spoke gleefully.
Lillian’s face was a mask of fear and as the Queen slowly forced Lillian to turn her head. Lillian saw on the other side of the alley a wall of black shadow that slowly drew back to reveal Alucard chained by darkness around his hands and feet.
“Alucard?” Lillian gasped. Alucard slowly opened his eyes, only to suddenly widen in shock,
“Pheft, so that’s what they call you now my Little Prince. Alucard.” The Queen spat out as she glared across at him. “It is almost as bad as that other name you took upon yourself. So they simply reversed it did they? What simpletons.”
Lillian’s mind was racing, when did Alucard get captured, how did he get captured? Would they even get out of this mess alive? Man, I wish I had my guns. The Seals, Lillian then thought if she released the seals on Alucard to level one, maybe they had fighting chance? Lillian prepared to open the seals when the Queen’s anger flared and the wind picked up menacingly.
“Oh no you don’t girl!” the Queen bellowed and threw Lillian across the alley to hit the opposite brick wall hard. Lillian slid down slowly to her knees and then collapsed to the floor, her mind at the brink of losing consciousness.
“Lillian!” Alucard shouted and attempted to break free of his unnatural bonds. The Queen suddenly appeared before Alucard,
“I can’t have her interrupting our little reunion, can I my Little Prince?”
“I’m not your Little Prince anymore, nor will I ever be again.” Alucard sneered down at her.
“Oh, my prince, look at what they’ve done to you. Look how they have corrupted you against me. Me, your Mother, your lover and your Queen. Just look at what you’ve become, they took your wings from you; they bard you from reaching me.” The Queen spoke softly as she caressed Alucard’s cheek gently.
Alucard turned away from the touch and retorted, “I devoured my own wings, not they. I would do anything just to get away from you and your `reach’.”
“Watch what you say child, I have no time for lies and my patience is not infinite.” The Queen warned.
“I speak no lies. I devoured my own wings, sending them back to Hell. Abraham found me afterwards.”
“And look where that got you! He and is pathetic family bound you to them and now you, a No-life King I fashioned to perfection, serve them as a mere servant. I can see what they did to you, how they changed you. Unforgivable!” the Queen bellowed. “A first class vampire without his wings, how pathetic, no how shameful.”
“Yes, a No Life King I am but you turned me into a monster. I had a life, an existence a purpose, a mission before you found me and took me against my will!” Alucard retorted.
“Awe, not your pathetic `Holy cause’ again Hermes. What do the humans say, ah yes, get over it. I made you better than what you were. I made you powerful, invincible and beautiful. How many souls have you now consumed my Little Prince, souls that should belong to me and yet I can not touch them. How it ire’s me so. Your form now pains me so, I feel as if I should cry.”
“You are incapable of tears Lilith.” Alucard stated almost sorrowfully.
“Tears are a stupid human emotion, I have no use for it.” The Queen retorted. The Queen moved closer to Alucard, her arms incasing his body as she hugged his middle section. “But it is okay my Little Prince. I’ll forgive you, we shall raise Hell together and I will return your beautiful wings to you and we can conquer the world, you by my side as I take back Earth and my rightful place as supreme ruler over man.” The Queen purred.
Alucard began to laugh, “That’s it isn’t it Lilith, you can’t take that I left you. That I abandoned you and found someone else, that I am not your perfect creature you created anymore.” The Queen abruptly let go of Alucard and took a step back, hissing intently up at him.
“Yes, you can’t accept the fact that it was I who left you, that it was I who bard myself from your touch and your control. You hate the fact that I have a new master now and you know that you can’t order me anymore, you can whisper in my mind and stir up my bloodlust but you can not control me and as you stated the souls I carry within me. How I must scare you my Queen.” Alucard sneered.
The Queen took a step forward once again and slapped Alucard hard across the face. “No one leaves me!” she spat, “No watch your tongue Prince or I will rip out your heart.”
Alucard turned his head back around to face Lilith once more, his cheek red. “You took out my heart a long, long time ago Lilith.” Alucard replied solemnly.
“Then I think it is time I do it again then, My Little Prince!” The Queen declared and raised her hand which suddenly became a claw like talon and prepared to strike.
“Stop! Don’t you dare touch him!” Lillian shouted as she stood unsteadily, leaning heavily on the alley’s wall.
“Stay out of this Lillian!” Alucard ordered.
“No, you belong to me now Alucard, you’re my family. I will not let her hurt you. I don’t give a damn who the Hell she is.” Lillian panted as he glared in the Queen’s direction, ignoring the trickle of blood that flowed form the top side of her head.
“Well, well, what do we have here? I thought you half dead after the hit you took; humans are so fragile after all.” The Queen stated as she lowered her hand which turned back into a normal hand, the claws vanishing from sight.
“You know what, I’ve just thought of a better punishment for you my dear sweet Prince. I’m going to torture and kill this master, this `family’ of yours right before your eyes and you will not be able to do a thing about it. Darien, watch him.” The Queen ordered and phased right before Lillian once more.
“Stop! Don’t you dare touch her Lilith!” Alucard bellowed as he began to fight against his bonds profusely.
“Do not dare order me child!” Lilith bellowed back and the wind suddenly picked up and hit Alucard hard. Alucard felt like he was just hit by a semi trailer, his skin felt dried up and his lungs had burst inside him. If he was human, he would be dead now. Blood spluttered from his mouth and there were slashes all over his skin, his clothes shredded in some parts.
“Alucard!” Lillian screamed as she attempted to take a step forward to aid him in some way. The Queen however blocked her path and grabbed Lillian by the chin again, forcing Lillian to look at her face and eyes.
“I think it’s time for you to receive your just rewards little hunter. First I’m going to bring your deepest fears to surface and make you relive your most worst memories.” The Queen whispered in Lillian’s ear. Lillian closed her eyes tight; she did not want to remember her past, to relive those harsh and cold memories. She had to fight mother dearest somehow but her head ached in pain still from her previous collision with the wall.
“No…I don’t want to, you can’t make me.” Lillian stated defiantly.
“Stop…it! Take…me instead! It… is me…the one…you want…want to…punish! It… was…my wrong!” Alucard declared gasping out through partially healed lungs. The Queen looked in Alucard’s direction and nodded her head once to Darien.
“Silence!” Darien exclaimed and backhanded Alucard across the jaw hard.
“But you will be punished my dear Little Prince. No one leaves me, no one! I’m going to allow the bond between you and your little master to reopen just a little and you will feel all her pain, all her suffering and will not be able to do a thing about it.” The Queen sneered.
“Lillian…fight…her! Don’t…let her…in your…mind; you have…the power to force her out!” Alucard declared his lungs now just about healed.
“Shut up!” Darien bellowed and once again backhanded Alucard across the jaw, this time hard enough to break it. Alucard’s jaw was hanging crooked, blood coming from his split lip, cheek and mouth. This pooled with the blood dripping from his nose and from her previous wounds as it continued its way down his chin to drop to the alley’s floor. Darien grinned toothily, “Now you will remain silent.”
“I won’t even give her the chance.” The Queen stated before she lifted her arm up and straightened her palm, the tips of her fingers pointing towards Lillian’s head. The Queen’s pale skin began to glow and become translucent it was then that she grinned and struck. The Queen’s hand went part way through Lillian’s head, it was if she was using her hand as a key to unlock Lillian’s mind and with a turn of her wrist she succeeded.
Lillian screamed, her eyes flew open only to see the Queen’s palm imbedded into her forehead before her vision blurred and everything became darkness.
“Let’s see what is in that little head of your hmm?” the Queen inquired. “Show it to me, show me all.”
The next thing Lillian knew she was twelve years old again. She had just been rushed from Grace’s house back to the Hellsing Manor. The Hellsing Organization had just been attacked. Vincent was waiting for her at the door.
Begin Memory
“Vincent, Vincent what has happened? Please tell me.” She demanded as she rushed up from the car to meet him at the front door. Vincent’s eyes were red and sore with past tears; his face was a mess and his clothes in disarray. When Lillian noticed this she hesitated and climbed the steps slower.
“Vincent, what has happened? Where is your father Mr. Dornez? Where is my mother?”
Vincent let out a choking sob, unable to hold it in any more. “I’m so sorry Lillian. There’s been an attack…” he cried.
“Attack?” Lillian questioned. Her eyes widened. “Mother!” she yelled and rushed past Vincent into the Hellsing manor and up the stairs screaming out,
“Mother! Mother, where are you?!”
No answers came. The people she rushed past would not meet her eyes and everywhere she looked she either saw drying blood, bullet shells and bullet holes in the wall as well as the occasional dead corpse, some wearing the Hellsing uniform.
After finding her parent’s bedroom empty she ran to her father’s office, believing her mother might be there. Instead she found her father staring at the security system from his office chair.
“Father!?” she declared, astonished. The last she knew of her father was that he was away on business up north and wouldn’t be back until tomorrow afternoon. After catching her breath she moved closer into the room.
“Father, where is mother? I can’t find her any where.” She stated. When she moved closer to her father she finally noticed in the dim light that he was covered in blood.
“Oh my God, father, are you alright? There is so much blood.” She rushed forward to touch him, to check his body for wounds. Her father’s eyes finally met her own and Lillian froze in fear. His eyes she thought were red and not only red but held such fury that was indescribable it stopped her in her tracks. He blinked and suddenly it was gone, his eyes were blue and empty it seemed.
“Your mother is dead Lillian. She was murdered in the raid. Vincent’s father, Mr. Dornez is dead as well.” His voice was emotionless as he stated this. It was if he was recounting yesterday’s weather, not the death of his beloved wife and childhood friend.
Lillian’s hand went slowly up to cover her mouth, “W…h…a…t? That can’t be! Tell me it isn’t so father! It’s a lie! It has to be a lie!” Lillian demanded. The next thing Lillian knew her father had stood up and grabbed her by her hair and was dragging her to the viewing screen in his wall. “Father, you are hurting me.” She whimpered as she was dragged along.
You want proof? You will watch this Lillian. Watch the price paid for your future!” her father spat out. He positioned her directly in front of the viewing screen and ordered the videoclip played back. Lillian noticed immediately that it was the surveillance security system she was watching.
It was a group of fifteen freaks with ghoul support that had infiltrated the Hellsing Manor. Some how they had gained the intelligence that the Master Hellsing was away on business and because it was the holiday season, he had allowed most of the troops time off for some R & R. This had left the Hellsing Organization vulnerable to attack.
Lillian observed the Freaks as they tore through what few men were on site. When she saw Vincent’s Father approach the freaks for combat, she already knew the outcome.
“Father, I don’t want to watch this, please.” She pleaded; she didn’t want to watch one of her protectors and tutors slaughtered. She began to turn around but her father’s strong hands suddenly clamped down tightly onto her shoulders and turned her back to the screen.
“You will watch this. You owe it to him to observe his final brave moments in life.”
Lillian felt her eyes began to water, why was her father being so cruel? Mr. Dornez was currently making short work of the ghouls before him. He even took out a few freaks in the process with his needle thin micro fibers and vicious determination. It almost seemed with his hard cold demeanor and skillful ability that he would best the freaks. However fate was not so kind. One of the remaining freaks who was injured beyond help still it seemed had enough strength to lift a gun and point it at Mr. Dornez’s back.
Lillian gasped, she wanted to warn Mr. Dornez, to shout out `behind you!’ But she was too late. She was hours too late and the bullet fired and hit its mark as the freak became dust.
Mr. Dornez was only hindered for a second from the shot‘s impact, but a second was all that the remaining freaks needed to get the upper hand on him. He put up a valiant effort but they were too much for one man. He had destroyed the ghouls however the Freaks had defeated him in the end, although he sure did take a few of them with him. He died protecting and serving Hellsing. Lillian didn’t want to look, through her blurry eyes she could still make out the scene before her. She even considered closing her eyes but somehow her father knew and he growled,
“Watch it. Do not dishonor the man.”
And so she watched. She watched, prayed and cried for the man whom she had considered a dear friend to her, a man she had known all of her life.
After they had finished with Mr. Dornez’s corpse the remaining eight freaks moved on. It wasn’t long before they found the person they were looking for. A young woman with golden blonde hair was found cornered in the dinning room.
Lillian choked, “Mother!?” she turned back to her father, her tears streaming down her face, “Father please, I don’t want to. Please don’t make me watch. Please, I don’t want to see her die, I don’t want to see mommy die, daddy please, please daddy please.” She begged. However when she looked up, all she met were cold hard eyes. Her own father raised his hand a slapped her across the cheek. Lillian stood gob smacked in shock. Her father had never slapped her before.
“You will do as you are told. This is the price paid for your life.” Her father stated and turned the audio on.
`Where is little Lillian?’ a freak tormented her mother. Lillian had one of the moments when the realization finally hit her. It was like she was caught in slow motion when she solely turned around to face the screen once more.
“Yeah tell us where the little bitch is and we might let you live.” Another stated, laughing.
“Go to hell!” her mother screamed.
“It’s because of me.” Lillian stated. “It’s all because of me. They were after me.” She whispered, the horror of it all washing over her.
“Well then, since you are not going to tell us, we are just going to have to make you then aren’t we?” The first one sneered. Her mother quickly grabbed a knife from the dinning table and held it up to protect her,
“Stay back you fiends!” she demanded.
“Oooh, look Gary, she’s got a knife. I’m soooo scared!” one of them laughed.
“What to we do with her boss?” one asked. A freak stepped forward and answered,
“Well first we take it from her, then we are going to beat her and then we are going to have a little fun with her until she tells us where her precious little daughter is. What do you think of that boys?”
“Oh, I like that idea Will. Can we all have a little fun with her?”
“Why not. I’m first though.” The leader answered, grinning from ear to ear as he pulled his fly down. Lillian began to hyperventilate.
“Look at this Lillian,” her father began, Look at this and see our enemy. Hate them and destroy them. Every freak must be punished. Every freak must be destroyed. Mercy and weakness must never be shown. The price your mother and Mr. Dornez paid must not be for nothing.”
“They paid the price for my life;” Lillian began “I’m only alive because of them.”
“Stay back! Leave me alone!” she heard her mother cry out. Lillian’s resolve shattered. She began to beg her father once again to not allow her to watch it, after all what child would want to see their own mother tortured before their very eyes, knowing that it was they, the enemy was after.
Lillian’s tears knew no boundaries, nor did they show any signs of stopping anytime soon. Watching her very own mother beaten, manhandled and…raped. Nevertheless her mother still would not submit, and still she would not tell. Her golden hair stood out the most to Lillian though, but it wasn’t golden anymore, it was white as bone like her own that night. Blood had turned it dirty, some of it now missing as the freaks had ripped it off her head. Many times did Lillian try to turn away, not wanting to look, but her father would slap her and command her to look. Did he blame Lillian for her mother’s, his wife’s death? Lillian didn’t know.
End Memory.
Laughter sounded throughout Lillian’s head and suddenly Lillian was a seventeen year old girl once again. The memory faded and Lillian was surrounded by darkness once more. Shaking profusely at the realistic memory that Mother Dearest brought back to life, Lillian couldn’t stop the tears from streaming down her face.
“I have no doubts that your father did blame you. It was your fault after all. It was only because of you that they came at all. You are to blame for it all, all those lives lost, that heavy price paid by them just to let you live.” The Queen stated with delight.
“It was all my fault. It was all my fault. I am to blame. It’s all my fault, I am to blame.” Lillian said over and over again, hugging herself tightly as the tears streamed down her face.
“Yes, you had to live on to protect your precious family bloodline and that delirious mission from God of yours.” The Queen scorned. “However I know that there is something more hidden in the back of your mind. Memories you want to forget, more memories that concern your father. Show me your father! Submit and show them to me!” the Queen demanded.
Lillian held her head in her hands, fighting as hard as she could to keep the Queen back, her will was wavering. “No, no, no! You can’t make me! Get out! Get out! Get out!” she screamed as she fought back.
“Do not presume that you have any power over me! You will yield because I say you will yield.” And with that said the Queen pushed back. Lillian didn’t have a chance, her mind didn’t have a united front and Lillian felt she had to yield to the Queen, she could not disobey. And so the memory came flooding forward and Lillian found herself reliving her past once more.
Lillian was twelve years old again. He father had only turned off the surveillance screen when Lillian had seen her father enter the manor and begin the counter attack.
Little Lillian stood there in shock as she witnessed her father seem to be like a monster as he killed anything in his path without mercy. When he had found Vincent’s father’s body his rampage was even more fueled with such fury, Lillian couldn’t believe it was her father she saw on the screen. It couldn’t be, she thought to herself, he looked inhuman, the howls of fury and his battle technique, the way he moved as he hit, shot, bashed and sliced the enemies before him.
The freaks had attempted to escape when they knew he was coming. However when he had finally reached Lillian’s mother, he was too late. Lillian watched as her mother died in her father’s arms, he wasn’t able to save her, she was beyond saving now.
When Lillian saw plainly the way her mother died did her father finally turn off the screen. However not before Lillian heard the most frightening thing in her young life, her father’s howl of grief was inhuman.
What Lillian didn’t know until days later was that after her mother died in her father’s arms and the freaks supposed escape was that the freaks did not escape. Lillian’s father had somehow captured them all. All remaining eight of them, alive.
He kept them imprisoned down in the dungeons for torture in retribution for Lillian’s mother. For many nights did he persecute them horrendously.
Lillian had only heard later of this from some of the remaining men. One man could not take it in particular and he vomited everywhere. Little Lillian just couldn’t believe the lies they spoke of her father and the acts he had supposedly committed. She had deluded herself into thinking that the way her father acted towards her that night of the attack was because he was in shock himself and that also that he needed to make her emotionally strong now more than ever. He had to give her a reason to hate and despise the freaks she was to kill in her later years.
So that following night, at a very late hour Lillian had snuck out of her room and went into the dungeons. Surprisingly all she had to do was follow the screams. It was the will to see the very beasts again that killed had killed her mother with her own eyes and to prove to herself the most of her father’s innocence to such lies the officers had told each other that had kept Lillian going.
However cruel fate had struck again. Lillian had successfully snuck up to the torture rooms and the sight she saw no doubt emotionally scared her for the rest of her life.
Begin Memory
`I don’t care what those stupid soldiers said. I don’t believe them. My father is not like that. He…he just isn’t.’ Little Lillian thought to herself as she descended the stairs into the forbidden dungeons.
The further she walked Lillian could hear petrified screams echoing off the walls of the hall that lay beyond her. Still she walked on though, her steel will for the truth allowing her to take the next step, one after the other. Lillian was glad in a way for the screams, they hid the sound of her own footsteps on the cold hard stone.
She was wearing her favorite summer gown she wore as nightclothes. It was white with strawberries and pink little flowers on it. Her mother had bought it for her years ago; it was most treasured to her.
`Mother’ Lillian sobbed as she paused for a moment. The cold harsh memories of seeing what was done to her, how she died hit Lillian’s mind and she felt like collapsing in grief and pain, allowing the tears to engulf her. However Lillian could not allow this. She was on a mission. A mission to discover the truth. The truth that it was a Freak in the background on the tape that let out that inhuman howl, the truth that her father was not like the monster the men had described.
Lillian choked back the ominous next sob and wiped away the tears that threatened to fall from her eyes and continued down the hallway more resolved than ever, her hands now clenched as fists.
The screams, Lillian noticed were closer and she knew she was near. It wasn’t until a few more steps later did Lillian smell an awful, putrid stench. Lillian fell to her knees gagging on it. She couldn’t breath, she felt like she was choking, she wanted to yell to scream but knew that if she did, she would be found out. Lillian crouched there on the cold stone, on her hands and knees and attempted to breath past it. She had gotten so far; she was not going to let herself be beaten by a stench of something she could not name.
Lillian got up and began breathing through her mouth, moments later wishing she hadn’t as the smell seem to stick to her tongue at the back of her mouth. Still she did not give up though, her determination held through, her will final.
Lillian knew she was deep down in the dungeons now; the air was stale, the stench not helping it. Lillian turned a corner and found her destination. A door was open further down the hall; a weird light coming from the doorway, Lillian knew that could only be caused by firelight. Lillian approached the door quite as she could be and paused. Suddenly she heard a loud cracking noise Lillian figured that was a whip, following an agonizing scream.
Lillian’s hand uncontrollably went to her mouth, as she stood there gripped with fear. After that scream she didn’t know if she go on. However what frightened her more was what she heard next.
“Please, oh God, not again! Please! I’m begging you, I’m begging you. I’m sorry, so sorry! I was only following orders. Please forgive me, I didn’t want to! Forgive me…” A man’s voice cried, whimpered and pleaded.
“How dare you ask for forgiveness! (Whip) How dare you beg before me! (Whip) How dare you pled and attempt to pass judgment for the sins you have committed! (Whip) You killed her! (Whip) You…Killed…Her! (Whip, whip, whip.) Not God or the Devil himself shall save you now…” Another man’s voice answered in turn, harsh and final.
Lillian fell to her knees at the edge of the doorway once more. Her back to the stonewall, the door beside her. She was in shock. It couldn’t be, she told herself over and over again. It just couldn’t be. The second man’s voice was, was… her fathers.
Lillian refused to believe it. It wasn’t true. She had to know. She had to see. Lillian’s strength returned to her and she stood up from her position on the ground. Lillian readied herself, turned and looked through the door.
The room was big, big and long in diameter. In it were objects and instruments Lillian couldn’t even begin to name. However the room screamed out one thing to her. It was a torture chamber.
Lillian counted nine bodies in the room, if you could still call them bodies that is. Some she noticed were either chained to the walls or bound to a table. Some were not moving, others just twitching slightly. Of the nine, seven Lillian had counted she was oblivious to and ignored. There was only two that held her full attention. One was chained to the far back wall. Lillian could see that blood had fell from his body to the floor, the wall also covered in it. The body in a shape of a man in front of the body on the wall, it held a whip in its hand and began to whip the body on the wall again without mercy. Its screams Lillian recognized from the same being she had heard before.
Lillian couldn’t see the body properly in such poor light and from the distance she stood. Suddenly her feet began to move on their own accord, leading her further into the horrific room.
Lillian then stopped when she was halfway into the room. The one that was whipping the poor being had not noticed her entrance it was so engulfed in its punishment it was performing. Lillian could see the body on the wall more clearly now, however what Lillian saw through her eyes, her mind had refused to process. Lillian just couldn’t work out what she saw. It was her mind’s last defense against something it shouldn’t be seeing. However it never lasted long. Slowly her mind let go of its failsafe and pieced together the image she saw.
The body that was once before a man was no longer. It was a body in bloody ruin. Most of its skin had been flayed off; gashes tore across its entire body leaving devastating wounds. Something was hanging from a wound in its middle, which Lillian recognized moments later were a part of its intestines.
The whip sounded and cracked again, Lillian seeing it now, it had a weird end. Heavy she could see and sharp. She had no doubt in her mind it was this that had flayed the flesh from its skin, that it was this instrument of pain that had made the gashes across its body. The being cried out in agony again and again from the pain it endured. Lillian couldn’t believe it still lived.
Fear, shock and horror engulfed her and she began to step back, away from the room. She wanted to be anywhere but where she was now. Given anything to leave. Yet she could not turn away and run from the scene she was witnessing.
“Holy Mother of God, forgive me…” she whispered out, her hand covering her mouth, eyes wide open in disbelief. As she moved back her other hand hit something and it went crashing down to the floor making the loudest noise she had ever heard in her life. The sound echoing off the walls.
Lillian’s eyes flew back to the figure with the whip; fear prevented her from breathing while she watched in horror as the figure began to slowly turn around to face her. It stopped and stared at her, Lillian couldn’t see the face properly before the positioning of the light the fire produced around the room. Lillian could have sworn its eyes were red as it looked at her. Moments passed as they both continued to stare at each other; it had felt like a lifetime to Lillian as she waited for what the monster with the whip would do next.
“Lillian…?” It questioned in doubt.
Lillian’s eyes seemed to widen even further when it spoke her name. Lillian knew that voice. Lillian’s hand gripped the table that was beside her tightly, fearful that she would collapse once again.
“Father…?” She whispered in disbelief. The hand that was gripping the table, Lillian felt her skin touching something wet and sticky, Lillian quickly withdrew her hand and raised it up to her face. It was covered in blood. She began wiping it onto her clothes, anything to get it off her skin.
Her eyes then flew to the table to find a body to which she recognized moments later had been fully skinned, alive because it still continued to twitch. Lillian gasped in horror. She started to move back again from the room, turning from side to side finally noticing the remaining six bodies in the room.
Some had gun shot holes riddled through their bodies. Another she saw on a different table had been cut into pieces, others that were on the wall had silver pikes imbedded through their bodies. Some were still twitching.
She knew some of these faces. She finally recognized that they were the freaks from the tapes. The freaks that had killed Vincent’s father, her own mother and many of the Hellsing soldiers. All through this she was whispering over and over again,
`Oh my God, oh my God…’
“Lillian!” The monster called out in her father’s voice. She looked to him.
“Monstrous…” she whisper out to him and turned to run. However she didn’t get far. A strong hand suddenly gripped her arm and prevented her from running any further. She looked up to beast that had a grip of her and swore its eyes were burning red. It was the same look she saw on her father’s face when she first met him in his office the night of the attack.
“You’ve been a very, very, naughty little girl Lillian…” it spoke.
Lillian looked back. It was bent over and Lillian could see its face. The light had changed and Lillian saw it was her father. His eyes were blue however hard and empty and what Lillian also noticed was that they had flecks of red in the iris. This was swiftly fading though into his normal blue. She saw that her father wore the same suit she had seen him wear that day, however now it was drenched with blood. The blood of his victims.
“Forgive me father,” She pleaded. “The soldiers had said awful things about you. I had to know for myself that they true or false. It’s just monstrous. Why father? Tell me why!?” she demanded, hot tears trailing rapidly down her face.
Her father, Michael Hellsing bore the name of an angel however Lillian could only see the devil in her father now. His cold blue eyes bore into her and suddenly he grabbed hold of her other shoulder harshly and faced her outwards towards the room. Her eyes once again seeing the horrific images before her. She closed her eyes to shut them out. Her father shook her fiercely,
“Look at them Lillian. Look at them.” He ordered. She obeyed.
“These creatures are not human. Therefore the human laws of punishment need not to be obeyed. They received what they deserved. Their sins punished. What did they do Lillian? What were their sins?” he questioned darkly. Lillian could not speak. Her mouth could only open and close like a goldfish.
“Answer me Lillian.” Her father demanded.
“They killed Mr. Dornez, Vincent’s father.” She whispered out.
“Many of the Hellsing loyal soldiers.”
“And.” Her father now twisted her around to face the freak that he had been whipping for the last few hours. Lillian closed her eyes, another hot tear coming out.
“They murdered my…mother…” she croaked out, barely whispering.
“That’s right. They killed your mother. They killed my sweet Lorianna. Do they not deserve their death Lillian? Do they not deserve eternal punishment for their sins?” Lillian then had felt a calming presence wash over her. Words leaving her mouth before she even thought of them.
“But who gave you that right? Who gave you the will to induce judgment? ” Lillian questioned, her voice empty, the saddest smile a child should have to wear on her face.
Lillian’s father did not notice the change in Lillian, “God gave me the right Lillian. God did. It has been the Hellsing’s order, right and curse to fulfill our fate and destiny. You were given this same fate and destiny as I the day you were born. It’s time you accepted that and take the first step.”
“Are you sure it is God and not your own madness within you Michael?” Lillian asked her tone still empty. Lillian’s father spun Lillian around once more, she now facing him and stared into her eyes.
“Don’t you dare look at me like that! Don’t you dare look at me like that with those bright blue eyes. You are just like my mother Integra Lillian! I am what my mother made me to be! I am what I am and I am what I’m born. Those eyes have no business here!” he yelled and slapped Lillian across the face repeatedly.
Lillian seemed to awaken to herself, the calming presence gone. She fell to the floor, her hands to her cheeks where she had just been countlessly slapped. Her eyes were wide in disbelief. Grandmother Integra? What did her grandmother have to do with this? Lillian’s mind was a total blank for what had just transpired only moments ago.
`Did I say something?’ she questioned to herself. She had felt such grief grip her that her chest hurt it was so tight. Lillian stopped smiling. Tears were threatening to fall again.
“Get up.” Her father ordered. Lillian slowly rose to her feet. A gun was in his hand outstretched to her.
“Take it Lillian.” He commanded.
“I…I don’t want to.” She stated, a pleading look in her eyes. Lillian’s father’s face showed no emotion. It was cold and empty.
“I said take it Lillian. It’s time you fulfill your destiny, bow to your fate and know what it means to be a Hellsing. Now take it.” Lillian took the weapon. Her father turned and faced the flayed but still alive freak and pointed.
“Shoot him.” Her father commanded. The freak began to whimper again, his pleading sounded once more, more urgent and desperate for his life, what was left of it anyway. Lillian stared at her father in shock and horror.
“I…I… can’t.” she stammered.
“What are you Lillian? What blood runs through your veins!?”
“I…I… can’t.” still she whispered.
“This freak killed many of our soldiers. He helped in the slaughter of our beloved retainer, one of your teachers. Vincent’s father is dead because of him. He murdered your mother Lillian. He violated her. He beat and tortured her. You will never see her again because of him. Why does he not deserve death? His sins should be punished! Now, what are you?” Lillian began to raise the gun toward the freak. She could feel anger and realization running through her veins now.
“A Hellsing.” She whispered in answer.
“And what is our mission?”
“To search and destroy.” Her voice growing stronger. She was now in a two handed stance. The gun leveled. The freak was before her. She had blocked out his screams, pleads and whimpers completely.
“We must show no mercy. We must never give up on our mission and suffer whatever the cost. Fulfill our duty and pride. No mercy Lillian. Show no mercy.” Her father quoted.
“No mercy…” She echoed.
“Now say it.” Her father commanded.
Lillian’s finger was on the trigger, the safety off, her sights aimed. Her mouth opened and she began to speak the words drilled into her from birth.
“I am a Hellsing. My mission from God is to search and destroy. In the name of God all impure souls of the living dead shall be banished into…into…”
“Finish it Lillian, finish it.” Her father urged her on.
“Into eternal damnation. Amen…” She finished.
“Please don’t kill me, I’m begging you. Please, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry. Please, have mercy, don’t be like him. Spare me. Please, oh God please…” The freak continued to plead.
“Now shoot him Lillian. Kill him. Shoot him now! Shoot him!”
Blood spluttered Lillian’s face, arms and her pretty white dress with strawberries and pink flowers.
A part of her separated from her subconscious that night and a new part was formed and grew from that night on.
End memory
The next thing Lillian knew the memory ended, like a mirror shattering before Lillian the real world surrounded her once again. Her breath was coming in short tight pants, she was having difficulties breathing.
The Queen’s hand was no longer in Lillian’s head but back to her side. The Queen’s other hand held Lillian in place by the alley’s wall. Silence sank into the alley as Lillian held her breath, the dark aura she could feel emanating from the Queen was pulsing in a slow but precise way. Lillian couldn’t see the Queen’s face as her golden blonde hair covered the Queen’s face as she had her head lowered.
Lillian had a disturbing feeling about the calm before the storm, and she was right. Suddenly the Queen’s head shot back up and her eyes were once again boring holes into Lillian’s skull. Veins throbbed at the Queen’s temples, her long golden hair blowing fiercely about her as the wind in the alley picked up speed and force.
“Your father wasn’t human, tell me wench, what was he?!” the Queen bellowed, her grip now around Lillian’s throat as she began to lift Lillian up in a strangle hold.
“I… have…no…idea…what…you…are…talking… ;about.” Lillian gasped out. The Queen’s grip tightened,
“Don’t you lie to me mortal! In your memories, your father’s eyes! The dark aura, his howls, his strength, speed, his…his…hair!” The Queen’s eyes widened even further as if she just realized something. Abruptly, the Queen then slammed Lillian’s head hard on the brick wall once again, dropping Lillian as if she was a rag doll before the Queen immediately disappeared, only to reappear before Alucard, screaming like a banshee from hell.
“YOU!” she seethed at him.
Lillian currently lay limp and lifeless on the cold floor. Her vision nothing but grey spots that contrasted with the black darkness. The only thing she could hear was the blood pumping through her body as it rushed through her head. Her mind couldn’t even register that it was bleeding slightly from the back of her head. Lillian fought as hard as she could not to fall unconscious, for she feared that she would never wake up. Lillian was beyond nausea, she didn’t even recognize that she was shaking faintly; fine tremors that were running up and down her body.
All of the Queen’s attention was on Alucard as he still stood there upright against the wall tied by darkness.
“What have you done?” she seethed up at him. When no reply came from Alucard the Queen’s anger intensified. “Answer me!”
“He can’t my Queen, his jaw is broken.” Darien stated, his voice slightly shaking with fear at the reaction of his Queen.
“Then I’ll fix it!” the Queen declared as she shoved her fist right through Alucard body. The Queen then began pumping power into Alucard, commanding through force of will his body to heal. Alucard’s body regenerated completely in mere seconds. The Queen removed her fist, grabbing a hold of his coat she pulled him down to her level,
“What is my number one law?” the Queen spat in his face.
“A vampire must never produce an offspring with a human.” Alucard answered.
“That’s right; you don’t fuck and make babies with your food. You have broken my first and primary law Hermes.” The Queen continued to seethe at Alucard. Alucard gave a small smile before he answered,
“I have done no such thing.”
The Queen’s grip on him intensified as she attempted to calmly state, although shaking with fury. “Then explain to me who sired the abomination in her memories. You both share the same black hair, a strong genetic trait.”
“If you are implying that I was the one who fucked and made babies with Lillian’s grandmother as you so blatantly put it, the answer is no. The abomination is dead now anyway so why should you care.” Alucard sneered back.
The Queen slapped Alucard across the cheek hard with the back of her hand. “Your insolence is getting on my nerves Hermes. My patience is at an end. Admit to me your sin you have committed or I will rip the truth from your mind. Remember my dear little prince, just because I can’t control you now doesn’t mean I can’t invade you mind.”
Alucard began to softly laugh again, looking back up he said filled with anger and remorse to Lilith, “The only sin I’ve committed was allowing myself to be swayed by you.”
The Queen let out an exasperated sound. “Not this again Hermes. Will you get over it already. I’m so sick and tired of your sob story you keep spouting to me.”
“You didn’t even give me a choice!” Alucard bellowed.
“No I didn’t, so what. You were there for the taking and I took you. I don’t understand this whole choice thing you make a big deal about. I granted you a prestigious gift, a new life, made you better and stronger than you ever were before. It was because of me you were able to defeat your enemies in the years after and it was because of me you became that glorious No Life King that made you legendary throughout the world. You were a perfect being, my true counterpart and how did you repay me? You left me and devoured your own wings! No one leaves me!” The Queen began to bellow herself.
“That’s the one thing you can’t handle isn’t it my dear sweet Lilith, that I left you of my own freewill and went to such extremes to be free of you.” Alucard chuckled.
“No one ever truly leaves me my little prince. I still and will forever be your sire and your Queen. Have you forgotten already? As I said before, just because I can’t fully control you doesn’t mean I still can’t have some fun. You’ve already experienced before just how playful I can be.” The Queen moved even closer to Alucard now and began to slowly rub her body against his whispering seductively,
“Perhaps I should awaken your bloodlust once more. I know you’ve been keeping it locked up unsated inside you for decades now. It would be fun to watch you let loose upon that dear little master of yours. How long do you think she’ll last? Would you only drain her of her precious virgin blood? Or perhaps you might even rape her as well?” the Queen giggled.
Alucard looked horrified as he glanced from the Queen to Lillian who was still lying on the alley’s floor in semi-consciousness. “You wouldn’t dare.” Alucard whispered but knew it was stupid to say. Looking into the eyes of the Queen he saw the evil and the heartless glint of maliciousness and depravity and he knew that the Queen would do what she said and take a sick pleasure in watching.
Alucard sighed in defeat. “Fine, you win. The abomination as you put it in Lillian’s memories is my blood child.”
“I knew it!” The Queen seethed.
“However I never touched his mother. I am not his biological father as the humans put it.” Alucard continued.
“What?” the Queen exclaimed.
“I did not sire the child. There was an incident during his mother’s pregnancy, she was mortally wounded and so I was ordered to give her my blood for her to survive but she did not turn. We expected the unborn to die but he did not. The child was born two months later with some vampire genetics. But as I said before the abomination is dead now so why should you care.” Alucard finished.
“Why should I care Hermes you ask? To have a son of Adam or a daughter of Eve sharing my bloodline is absolutely unforgivable, intolerable. The children either become fully mine or they remain theirs, there is no middle ground and no damphires! I care Hermes because that abomination later gave birth to another child.” The Queen pointed to Lillian now, “That means that this wench shares vampire genetic traits she acquired from her father who acquired them from you. If this is true then this means I can lay claim on to her.”
“What?” Alucard questioned now confused. The Queen left Alucard and began to walk once again towards Lillian.
“I want to see just how much this wench is part vampire. All vampires must answer to me and my call in some way shape or form. I have a little theory to test.” The Queen grinned as she bent down and picked Lillian up by the shoulders.
“No you can’t!” Alucard pleaded, now realizing what Lilith was referring to. “Her mind won’t survive it!”
“I don’t care.” The Queen answered callously as she now began to shake Lillian. “Wake up wench and look at me!” The Queen ordered.
Lillian felt her mind stirring. Someone was yelling at her but she couldn’t concentrate much because her head was throbbing in pain. Slowly she began to open her eyes.
“No Lillian! Don’t look! Don’t listen! Don’t look into her eyes!” Alucard shouted.
“Darien, keep him quite but conscious. I want him to see his master suffer before his very eyes and unable to do anything about it.” The Queen grinned.
Lillian heard another voice yelling at her. She knew this voice though, it was familiar. “Al…u…card?” she whispered and attempted to look up while opening her eyes. However instead of seeing Alucard she found herself staring into two black soulless pits instead. What else could she do? She screamed.
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