Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan Fiction ❯ Chapter 4: Leaving the Palace ( Chapter 4 )

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Valley of Dragons
Chapter 4: Leaving the Palace

That morning Atemu, Seth and two other Priest named Duke and malik as well as Akekia stood there as they watched Yugi, Jono and Ryou strip themselves of there clothes and tansformed into thier Dragon forms. They stayed slosed to the ground as they waited for there passengers to climb ontop of thier backs. Catiuosly they climbed onto there backs and sat near thier neck as instructed earlier.

Once they were on securely, the dragon slowly began to rise in altitude. Soon after they were high enough in the air that the priest could touch the clouds they bagan to fly away heading towards the Valley. Seth stared in awe as the arrived in the desert so quickly. Atemu smiled at his Cousin lose for words as himself he was suprised as well.
Akekia Clung onto Ryou scally neck as they began to pick up speed. Duke and Malik looked down at the desert. After ten minutes they finally started to see green grass appear and the Sun began to set on. The dragons began to go fly downwards to the ground. Once they where just a meer three feet off the ground they priests and Atem got off there backs .
Once they were off the shifted into there human forms. Seto handed them there clothes and they quickly got changed. « We will rest here for tonight. » Yugi said as he sat down on the grassy floor next to Ryou. « I will go find some fire wood and some food. » Jono said as he walked towards the forest. « So, Yugi, Ryou how did you meet Jono? » Atem asked.
Ryou and Yugi exchanged glance and let out a small laugh. « You would not believ it but we meet Jono as an Consort for Yugi. » Ryou said as Yugi blushed a little. They all looked at Yugi suprised. « Yugi and Jono really hit it off, but when Yugi asked why was he here Jono said that he was supposed to marry the prince even though they never meet. » Ryou explained.
« So they never knew who each other where? » Duke asked. Ryou nodded his head. « So I went to talk to my grandfather about this and told him I couldn’t marry Jono he was a very good friend and that I wanted to choose who I wanted to marry. » Yugi told them as he ran his hand through his hair. « Not long after Jono appeared shocked to find out Yugi was the Prince. » Ryou said.
« Since the Concil thought Jono didn’t serve any other purpose than being my husband wanted him to leave but I didn’t allow it to happen so I made Jono my personal gaurd. » Yugi informed them. « The Concil was furious and said that Jono had to pass a series of test before he was aloud to be my gaurd. » Yugi continued. « At the last event Jono was order to take his dragon form but Jono had never done it before. » Ryou told him.
« So when the test took place, the Concil tried to have him assainated but due to his life being in danger he was able to transform into one of the Sacred, He transformed into The Red eyes Black Dragon. » Yugi informed them. « After that Jono was allowed to be Yugi gaurd. » Ryou said giving them a small smile. « You guys are telling them my life story now? » Jono said as he came back with Firewood and 10 fish.
« We were not Jono. » Ryou retorted. « So if we continue at this pace when will we arrive at the Valley? » Malik asked. « We planned to fly throughout the night tommrow so we could arrive there on the Morrow. » Jono told them as he began to make a fire and stick the fish in the flames core. « I see. » Malik said as he looked at the small fire.
« Jono I bet you can not wait to go home so you could see Shizuka. » Yugi said. Jono nodded his head and gave a huge smile. « Who is Shizuka? » Seth asked looking over at Jono who looked up at him and smiled. « Shizuka is my little sister, I miss her dearly. » Jono said as he stared into the blazing flame. Seth smiled slightly and they waited for the food to finish cooking.

Preparing to leave
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