Fist Of The North Star Fan Fiction / Naruto Fan Fiction ❯ Chapter 4 ( Chapter 4 )

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Chapter 4

Sasuke was bored. As of yet, he’d only seen this Gaara kid as a worthwhile opponent. He hadn’t bumped into Rock Lee or Neji, and Orochimaru had pulled out. Had the timeline remained normal, he would have been bitten by a pedophilic skin walker looking to harvest his eyes.

But, this time, things were different.

Naruto was sitting in the windowsill of his apartment, ignoring the way Sasuke looked like he was wasting him time. « Oi, Sasuke, what’s wrong with you? » he challenged.

For his part, Sasuke threw a burning kunai at NAruto.

Naruto grinned seeing the paper tag sizzle and threw it back. Thus began the game the boys called explosive tag.

Sakura smiled up at her mom. neither of her parents were ninja, but they were proud of their little girl all the same. Right now, Sakura was in the middle of cooking a meal alongside her mom. The sound of two ninja roof-hopping, explosions following their path told her exactly what her crush and third-wheel were upto. « Explosive tag, aye? » she whispered under her breath.

« what was that? » asked Mrs. Haruno.

Sakura merely shook her head, and continued rinsing her vegetables.


Orochimaru was a bit miffed. He’d returned a day early only to find his campsite empty. He as certain that he’d parked his caravan here… But, as he looked, there was no sign.

The wind blew a loose sheet of paper across Orochimaru’s view, before it too was gone.


Hana’s first thought was grabbing a knife or sliver of wood and driving it through the man’s back. But even though she was free f the earlier genjutsu, she couldn’t bring herself to take an action. Deep within she tried reasoning that it was fear holding her back.

Raoh turned to face the young Inuzuka. « Here, take it and kill me, » he demanded tossing the girl a sheaf of kunai. Hana caught the weapons and immediately moved to stab Raoh. As soon as she got within arms distance, his aura made her freeze. She saw herself being attacked and rent into pieces. Instinct had her leap back to safety. She was checking herself for any missing bits

« What was that? » she puzzled to herself. « I’ve never felt kill intent like that… Was it a genjutsu? » Expecting no answers, she wasn’t surprised that no one replied. After taking a moment to steel her nerves, she lept forward again, kunai held at the ready to slash. When her blade met flesh, she fought away the queasy sensation and tried to draw blood.

It came as a surprise to her that her kunai snapped in half, and not a drip of blood came from the man. Raoh, looking down upon the woman, took her wrists in his hand and lifted her in the air. « I’ll give you one more chance to kill me. If you fail the next then I will kill you in a very painful way, » he promised.

Hana, while not an encryption specialist, understood the meaning. She would live until the next time she tried to attack him.


Sarutobi took a long drag from his pipe. His gaze was looking out of the window, but his attention was on the handful of ninja within the room. Kakashi, Asuma, Itachi, Anko, and Maito Gai were all in various states of standing.

« So it seems that we only have two teams from the leaf village, a single sand genin and a whole lot of dead bodies. Is that correct? » He inquired. It had been an accusation, but the proctor had already h ad the death waivers signed. So she merely preened.

Itachi stepped forward, taking Kakashi’s book as he did so. « Sir, my team is full of genin ready for the Jounin exam, much less this exam. »

Gai, eyes burning stepped forward. « I can feel the fires of youth burning in Itachi’s heart! It’s warming even kakashi’s cool aura! » he declared, noting how irritated Kakashi had seemed to be. He was just getting to a good spot in his novel.

Ignoring the outburst, Sarutobi pointed at the wall which had a list of fighters and their opponents. « Well, for your sake, Itachi, I hope nothing untowards occurs. This tournament is going to be a huge spectacle. We have ninjas and bidders from across the five great nations coming down just to see the Uchiha and Hyuuga boys’ fight. » he surmised, finishing by taking another drag.

Kakashi nodded and vanished, followed by Gai and Asuma. Itachi felt Anko slither up along his side. She affectionately nuzzled into him. With a small mile, Itachi placed his forehead to hers and before he could place a kiss on her lips, they heard the sound of someone’s voive clearing.

« if you don’t mind, » began the Hokage, »GO GET A ROOM! » he shouted, chasing the two amorous young adults away.

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